Reverend Insanity
1801 I Have Already Taken Your Life
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1801 I Have Already Taken Your Life

At the crucial moment, Fang Yuan suddenly turned to offense, catching the three Wan clan immortals off-guard.

"Damn it!" Wan Xiao gritted his teeth and shouted: "Quickly save Wan Hao Guang, his armor is a killer move, it won't last much longer."

Wan Liang Han felt a chill rush through his whole body, Fang Yuan had been on the defensive for this whole time, now that he moved, he directly targeted the three Wan clan immortals' vital weaknesses.

This ruthlessness and incisiveness made Wan Liang Han feel regret for the first time: "We should have investigated properly. Wan clan has provoked such a person, who knows if it leads to a blessing or a disaster!"

The soul beast army rushed like a flood and drowned the three Wan clan immortals.

The four immemorial soul beasts formed the central army and were like mountains as they moved towards Wan Xiao with an unstoppable might.

"Wan Xiao, retreat!" Wan Liang Han sensed Fang Yuan's sinister killing intent and quickly warned.

Wan Xiao was anxious: "I cannot, I need to save Hao Guang! He is trapped, he has already canceled his light armor killer move and is now using only light armor Immortal Gu."

Wan clan's three immortals were affected by distracting thoughts generation, they could not use any killer moves as it was very likely for them to fail and inflict backlash on themselves without dealing any damage to the enemy.

Wan Hao Guang realized this and took the initiative to cancel the killer move light armor, directly activating light armor Immortal Gu instead.

This Immortal Gu was the core of the light armor killer move, but it was only a rank seven Immortal Gu, its defense was far below the previous light armor killer move.

Thus, Wan Hao Guang was already in a greatly precarious situation in just a short period of time.

Wan Xiao and him had a deep friendship, Wan Xiao was trying to save him in such a dangerous situation.

"Damn it!" At the critical moment, Wan Liang Han could only cooperate with Wan Xiao and activated a wisdom path Immortal Gu — Wisdom Obstacle.

Wisdom obstacle Immortal Gu created obstacles around Wan Xiao and Wan Liang Han, protecting the two and giving them a huge assistance.

Wan Xiao and Wan Hao Guang displayed solid battle foundation during this perilous moment, the two finally reunited amidst the soul beast flood.

"Good! With the two's combined might and my cooperation, we have a hope of breaking out." Wan Liang Han showed a trace of joy, when he heard a sneer behind him.

"Are you not considering your own situation? Such a self-sacrificial spirit." Fang Yuan had actually appeared behind him!

At this moment, Wan Liang Han felt like he had fallen into an icy abyss!

Before his death, he finally realized that everything was a part of Suan Bu Jin's sinister plan.

He intentionally imposed pressure and showed killing intent towards Wan Xiao and Wan Liang Han, but his true target had been Wan Liang Han!

Those four immemorial soul beasts were still far away while Suan Bu Jin had come beside Wan Liang Han by himself. Those four immemorial soul beasts were treated as just a bait.

These four had rank eight battle strength, who could have thought Suan Bu Jin would not use them! Since the start, he had stayed under the protection of these four immemorial soul beasts, constantly giving hidden signs to Wan clan's three immortals, making them gradually develop some kind of cognitive bias.

Wan Liang Han might be able to see through this trap in his normal state, but he was also struck by the killer move distracting thoughts generation; he had been suppressing the distracting thoughts in his mind while also paying attention to the safety of Wan Hao Guang and Wan Xiao, he was unable to take notice of anything more.

"Suan Bu Jin was never a person who feared death, he can even take the risk at the crucial times! The previous scenes were all just an act…" Thoughts exploded in Wan Liang Han's mind and he wanted to counterattack, disregarding all else, to exchange for a hope of survival.

But it was too late.

How could Fang Yuan give him the chance to struggle before his death?

Immortal killer move — Wisdom Grasp!

Fang Yuan lightly pushed his palm, a 'great thief ghost hand' flew out and entered Wan Liang Han's body.

Then, the 'great thief ghost hand' flew back with its fist clenched as if holding onto something.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "I have already taken your life."

Wan Liang Han's eyes were wide open, he was already dead!

"Brother Liang Han!!" Wan Xiao and Wan Hao Guang shouted in shock, grief and anger.

Wan Xiao stared furiously while Wan Hao Guang's expression was also furious with tears flowing down his face.

It was not easy to raise a wisdom path Gu Immortal, Wan Liang Han's death was a heavy loss to Wan clan!

Fang Yuan had already achieved half his target by killing Wan Liang Han. The other half would depend on the subsequent actions of these two Wan clan Gu Immortals.

Right now, Fang Yuan did not really care about the profits he could gain from killing two rank seven Gu Immortals.

He was going after the entire Western Desert Gu Immortal world after all.

He activated transformation path methods to weaken his aura.

"This guy has suddenly become weak! So he was not that strong."

"Maybe, the killer move he used to kill Brother Liang Han has huge repercussions!"

Wan Xiao and Wan Hao Guang pleasantly found Fang Yuan's aura had weakened, his soul beast army was also spread everywhere, no longer united like before.

But shortly afterwards, Fang Yuan took Wan Liang Han's corpse and hid behind the protection of the four immemorial soul beasts.

Wan Xiao and Wan Hao Guang clenched their teeth in hatred, but realized that they were unable to kill Fang Yuan. If they continued to drag this, they might also die here.

Thereupon, they removed the immortal battlefield and chose to retreat.

Wan Xiao was heavily injured by Fang Yuan during this time and fell unconscious, Wan Hao Guang tightly held on to Wan Xiao and ran off rapidly.

Fang Yuan controlled the soul beast army and acted like he was going to give chase, he then looked at Wan Hao Guang in satisfaction as he disappeared in the cloud layer.

"I should also leave." Fang Yuan did not stay behind, he looked towards the direction of Wan clan's headquarters and smiled lightly as he disappeared after putting away the soul beast army.

When Fang clan's first supreme elder Fang Gong rushed to the place, he looked dazedly at the empty desert.

There were only traces left behind that proved there had been a huge battle previously.

Fang Gong's expression was somewhat unsightly as he thought: "This Suan Bu Jin! It seems I am late by a bit, the enemies won."

While he was thinking, there was a commotion in treasure yellow heaven.

Fang Yuan used the same trick, using Suan Bu Jin's identity to publicize this battle.

Gu Immortals discussed heatedly, the Western Desert Gu Immortal world was even more shaken now.

"What kind of person is this Suan Bu Jin? He actually has the protection of four immemorial soul beasts, and his wisdom path methods are so sinister."

"No wonder Fang clan recruited him, Western Desert's righteous path has another peak rank seven expert!"

"The great era is truly coming, not only with the frequent occurrences of earth trenches, but all kinds of monstrous characters are also appearing."

Fang Gong only realized this change in treasure yellow heaven after he received Fang Di Chang's message.

Fang Gong let out a sigh of relief but was slightly puzzled: "So the victor was Suan Bu Jin! But why has he not returned yet?"

Fang Di Chang laughed: "He is a lone immortal after all and joined our clan only recently. Now, he killed Wan Liang Han who was a Western Desert righteous path Gu Immortal and a member of a super force. Adding on our Fang clan's situation, he is worried our Fang clan will give him up to protect ourself. So he is staying outside and took the initiative to publicize the battle."

Fang Gong immediately understood from this explanation: "Hmph, you wisdom path Gu Immortals simply like to overthink situations. Suan Bu Jin is putting pressure on my Fang clan by doing this, but his worries are not wrong. Wan Liang Han was killed by him, our Fang clan and Wan clan's relationship is now almost completely broken! Sigh, the newly stabilized situation has crumbled apart, Fang clan's situation has become much more difficult."

"What do you think we should choose? Give Suan Bu Jin up to maintain the relationship with Wan clan? Or give up on Wan clan and protect Suan Bu Jin? Right now, it is clear to me that Suan Bu Jin does not truly want to join our Fang clan, he is only cooperating with us for his own gains. However, Wan clan is also nothing good, they triggered a loss of their own initiative this time, they will definitely retaliate even more fiercely later on."

Fang Di Chang said heavily: "I think it is more beneficial to protect Suan Bu Jin."

"Suan Bu Jin is prideful, it is normal for him to not feel united with us. He has sufficient strength to support his arrogance. Just those four immemorial soul beasts already surpass our imagination. He also revealed two wisdom path killer moves in this battle, both are sinister and dangerous, if the enemy is even a little careless, they will fall to his vicious methods."

"This time, it was Wan clan who found trouble with our side first. If we show weakness, other forces will believe we don't have any strength and they will want to cause trouble! The result we achieved from using the theft path killer move will also disappear because of this."

"At such a critical time, my Fang clan should preserve our strong momentum and protect Suan Bu Jin. Suan Bu Jin might not be united with us, but he is a qualified ally. We have the history of a successful cooperation and the foundation for cooperation. Our clan even owes him remuneration which can allow us to use him further. What the other righteous path forces don't hope to see is him reinforcing our clan."

Fang Di Chang was indeed a wisdom path great grandmaster, his analysis immediately made Fang Gong see the situation clearly.

Fang Gong nodded, saying with a heavy voice: "You are correct. Protecting Suan Bu Jin is indeed much more beneficial than easing the situation with Wan clan. But if we do this, Wan clan will definitely retaliate heavily and our Fang clan will face an even greater suppression!"

Fang Di Chang sighed helplessly: "There is nothing we can do about this. Divine Bean Palace's information has been leaked, didn't we already predict such a situation? The current plan is still to quickly refine Divine Bean Palace, our Fang clan can completely resolve this crisis with this Immortal Gu House."

Green ghost desert.

An immemorial soul beast was completely defenseless against Fang Yuan's attacks.

After a while, it lowered its head. It was forcibly subdued by Fang Yuan.

Ying Wu Xie was standing beside Fang Yuan.

In this recent period of time, it was thanks to him taking charge of this place that there was a continuous supply of soul beasts.

After defeating Wan clan's three immortals, Fang Yuan did not return to Fang clan, instead he directly came here to help Ying Wu Xie.

Ying Wu Xie was in the process of taking in soul beasts when he encountered problematic immemorial soul beasts that he could not deal with. Fang Yuan arrived to help him clear the obstacles.

"Alright, let's go to the next area." Fang Yuan was speaking when his expression changed slightly.

Fang clan had sent a message.

"Lord sect leader, what is Fang clan's response?" Ying Wu Xie was alert and asked with concern. Fang clan's response would also concern the progress in green ghost desert.

"Everything is going as I planned." Fang Yuan smiled, he looked towards the direction of Fang clan's headquarters with a deep gaze.


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