Reverend Insanity
1800 Distracting Thoughts Generation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1800 Distracting Thoughts Generation

An immemorial soul beast had rank eight battle strength, and four of them appeared at the same time.

An absurd feeling rose up in the hearts of the three Wan clan immortals.

Fang Yuan commanded the four immemorial desolate beasts to guard him. He wore a black robe and had his hands behind his back. He stood on one of the immemorial desolate beasts and said with disdain: "You planned to trap me with just the three of you?"

Wan Liang Han's eyes twitched.

Wan Xiao's expression was ashen.

Wan Hao Guang's heart sank sharply.

Suan Bu Jin's strength far surpassed their expectation, all of them realized: Suan Bu Jin might have already guessed this was a trap but he still came. Anyone would be confident if they had such a trump card!

Wan clan's three immortals felt that it was too late for regret now.

"Calm down! He is a wisdom path Gu Immortal after all, he must be forcing himself to control the four immemorial soul beasts."

"Right, these four immemorial soul beasts might even be all bark and no bite."

"Even if they are real, I want to see how well his wisdom path and soul path can coordinate!"

The three immortals stabilized their morale and attacked Fang Yuan once again.

Fang Yuan did not attack and only defended.

Thus, when looked from the outside, Wan clan's three immortals appeared to be occupying the upper hand.

Wan Xiao controlled an immortal battlefield while also activating killer moves, throwing out wind spears that heavily injured or killed one ancient soul beast with every strike.

Wan Hao Guang was covered in a thick armor of light, he ran wildly amidst the soul beast army, slaughtering them as he passed.

Wisdom path Gu Immortal Wan Liang Han commanded the battle, while also constantly deducing Fang Yuan's location in the soul beast army.

As the battle continued, Wan clan's three immortals felt an increasing headache. Because even though they had killed many, the amount of soul beasts Fang Yuan was releasing continued to increase.

These soul beasts were united and covered Fang Yuan from all directions, forming tight defensive lines.

With such a densely packed soul beast army, the best method of Wan clan's three immortals was to use large area of effect killer moves.

However, every time they used such killer moves, Fang Yuan would move to disrupt the killer moves. Even if there were some attacks that went through, it did not change the overall situation.

As the area of effect killer moves were mostly ineffective, Wan clan's three immortals were forced to use single target killer moves to kill the soul beasts one by one.

They were using the tactic of beheading the leader, trying to pave a path to kill Fang Yuan.

Wan clan's three immortals had tacit cooperation, each of them was excellent in fighting and their cooperation was tight with no flaws. The three immortals supported each other, causing their battle strength to be extremely strong. Even one at peak rank seven battle strength would be in a difficult situation when facing them.

Unfortunately, they were facing the monster known as Fang Yuan.

The four immemorial soul beasts formed the core defensive line, after several rounds of attacks, this defensive line's power made Wan clan's three immortals feel increasingly hopeless.

"Damn it, there are too few chances." Wan Hao Guang called out discontentedly, he had just found a gap which could allow him to break through to the central defensive line, but many ancient soul beasts rushed to fill the gap almost immediately.

"There are too many soul beasts here. Suan Bu Jin can actually command such a powerful soul beast army, the most annoying thing is he can clearly use this strength to try and break our immortal battlefield but he chose to protect himself so tightly instead!" Wan Xiao mumbled with a dark expression.

Wan Liang Han's expression was similarly unsightly: "I had underestimated this Suan Bu Jin. If he chose to attack, we would have more opportunities. But he is choosing to guard himself, Fang clan's reinforcements are probably already on the way."

"What should we do?" Wan Xiao looked towards Wan Liang Han.

This situation was quite awkward for them.

Their plan had been to combine their strength and capture Suan Bu Jin quickly. Even if Suan Bu Jin had peak rank seven battle strength, this plan had a huge chance of succeeding.

However, when Fang Yuan took out four immemorial soul beasts, their plan was immediately shaken.

When Fang Yuan chose to turtle himself, Wan clan's plan was already destroyed.

Wan Liang Han was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, although his attainment level was not as high as Fang Di Chang's, he was extremely sharp and already had the intent to retreat.

However, it was not easy to retreat at this moment.

The immortal battlefield had been set up, if they took the initiative to cancel it, it would lead to a huge opening. Suan Bu Jin was also a wisdom path Gu Immortal, how could he give up such an opportunity?

Moreover, the current situation was not completely hopeless. Wan clan's three immortals naturally still had trump cards to use.

Wan Liang Han had a rare moment of hesitation.

Fang Yuan was calm and composed.

Were he to reveal his true strength, these three Wan clan immortals might immediately start begging for mercy.

However, he did not want to do so.

Wan Liang Han definitely needed to die, this rank seven wisdom path immortal was deducing him repeatedly and pestering him.

As for the other two, Fang Yuan wanted to see them live.

Back when he disguised as Suan Bu Jin, Fang Yuan specially prepared a set of wisdom path Immortal Gu and methods for this identity. At present, these methods had become even more plentiful.

Fang Yuan secretly activated Immortal Gu Distracting Thoughts to prepare an immortal killer move.

Wan Hao Guang's vision was filled with all kinds of soul beasts.

From outside, the soul beast army looked like an overflowing blot of ink, and Wan Hao Guang's thick armor of light looked like a speck of light that was submerged in the pitch-black ink blot.

Wan Hao Guang was trapped in all directions but he showed no cowardice or intention to escape.

Forward, forward, forward!

He was like a sharp sword that pierced through the densely packed soul beast army before finally stabbing towards Fang Yuan. However, all his advances were in vain, most of the time, he would lose his momentum in the middle, and in the few cases where he almost succeeded, he was blocked by the four immemorial soul beasts.

"There are six ancient soul beasts in front, they are tall and sturdy, forming into two rows."

"There are two ancient soul beasts at the rear, they are very fast and are always trying to draw my attention."

"I cannot stop, once I stop and get entangled with them, this advancement will be considered a failure."

"But I cannot charge forward directly, the ancient soul beasts in the front are clearly the wall controlled by Suan Bu Jin, it is a thick defensive line."

"I can only change my direction."

"Right! The ancient soul beast at the front-left side looks like a mantis, this appearance means it has powerful offense but weak defense."

"I will charge through this side!!"

Wan Hao Guang was a light path Gu Immortal and had a mystical light path killer move that could create thoughts of light in his mind.

He could think extremely fast using these kind of thoughts.

It was because of this killer move, Wan Hao Guang could always think about all possibilities in an instant, he chose the most correct path to break through amidst the huge army.

Wan Hao Guang charged forward, although he suffered a heavy strike from the mantis shaped ancient soul beast, he avoided the awkward situation of being pincer attacked.

"Haha, I succeeded!"

"I can still continue charging forward!"

"In this current situation, before I retreat, there is still hope."

"I am the main attacker, I have to put a lot of pressure on Suan Bu Jin from the front. With Wan Xiao's and Wan Liang Han's methods, there will be a chance to kill Suan Bu Jin."

"The situation just now was actually quite dangerous, if this mantis soul beast did not happen to have weak defense, I would not know what to do."

"If Suan Bu Jin cultivated soul path or enslavement path, there might not have been any hope just now. But Suan Bu Jin cultivates wisdom path, he has still not shown a killer move that coordinates with soul path, he should not have such a method."

"But just by being able to control four immemorial soul beasts shows his power, this is clearly a peak rank seven expert! If he had a fitting soul path method, he might even be able to resist a rank eight Gu Immortal for several moves."

"If I can kill such an enemy, I will definitely make a huge contribution to the clan. With such a remarkable battle merit, I can even boast when I run into Lady Qi Qiao in the future…"

"Wait a moment! I am in a battle right now, how can I split my attention and think about personal relationships!"

"Thinking about it, Lady Qi Qiao is really cute. Although she does not have shocking beauty, she is kind and sensible, she is truly my ideal woman."

"But why doesn't she accept my love? Maybe, I should change my way of pursuing her… I should send one or two small gifts."

"If the gift is too expensive, it will lose its meaning. Hmm… I should weave a straw toy puppet and give it to her, would she be happy with it?"

"This is a good idea!"

"Besides the straw puppet, I can also weave a straw rabbit, a straw hat, or a straw mantis."

"That mantis soul beast just now looked like the kind of mantis I used to catch when I was a child."


A huge sound erupted as Wan Hao Guang was besieged by soul beasts.

Heavy attacks struck his armor from all directions.

Wan Hao Guang's thought process had turned chaotic and he could no longer concentrate in the battle, causing him to suffer these heavy attacks, his armor was heavily deformed and he was muddled and dizzy.

Wan Xiao saw Wan Hao Guang in danger and quickly activated an immortal killer move to break the encirclement.

But right at this moment, Wan Liang Han suddenly shouted: "Don't!"

Wan Xiao's reaction speed was slightly slower now for some reason, he had already activated the immortal killer move.

The killer move's activation failed and a violent gale backlashed, slashing his hands to a pulp.

His body shook like he was zapped by lightning, blood flowed out of his nostrils and his face was deathly pale.

"Oh… he is a wisdom path Gu Immortal after all, he finally reacted." Fang Yuan smiled lightly under the heavy protection of the soul beast army.

The killer move he had used just now was distracting thoughts generation, it could make the enemies within a certain range develop distracting thoughts.

The killer move's effect was not obvious at the start. But as time passed, the enemies would have more distracting thoughts which would disturb their normal thinking process.

Wan Hao Guang was influenced by the distracting thoughts first since he was the nearest to Fang Yuan, he split his attention in the battlefield and thought of other things, causing him to be encircled and attacked.

Wan Xiao was disturbed by this move and suddenly had distracting thoughts when he activated his immortal killer move, the killer move failed and he suffered heavy injuries.

Wan Liang Han was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he sensed something wrong and decided resolutely: "This Suan Bu Jin is truly sinister, he actually has such a peculiar method. We didn't know his details and were not prepared, thus suffering a huge loss. The opportunity is already lost now, we should now return and think of a method to break this move before we go against him in the future!"

Just as he was thinking, whoosh!

The large soul beast army moved like an opened dam, countless soul beasts rushed out like a tidal flood!


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