Reverend Insanity
1799 Suan Bu Jin Falls Into A Trap
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1799 Suan Bu Jin Falls Into A Trap

Western Desert.

Fang clan's headquarters.


Fang Di Chang coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell head-first onto the ground.

"Father!" Fang Yun who was at the side immediately rushed forward and supported Fang Di Chang.

Fang Di Chang's injuries were serious and after he regained his footing, he was still shaky and dizzy.

He quickly observed his condition and smiled bitterly.

His brain suffered the highest damage, there was a huge crack in it that almost split apart his brain into two. His soul was also injured and his physical body was surrounded by a strange green light that emitted wood path aura.

Fang Di Chang sighed as he looked at the giant palace in front of him.

This palace was lofty like a mountain, its green bricks and golden tiles emitted dense fragrance of plants and trees. There was solemnity but also liveliness. Carved on the plaque on the palace door were three large words — Divine Bean Palace!

"This Immortal Gu House was created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable after all, it is comprehensive with no loopholes. I tried to deduce forcefully but suffered such a backlash, I underestimated a venerable's power and was too hurried." Fang Di Chang sighed.

"Father, our Fang clan's situation is not bad right now, we can take it slow." Fang Yun comforted.

Fang Di Chang shook his head: "Although the situation is stabilized, it is still not optimistic. Those clans are restraining themselves because they are shaken by our theft path killer move, but they have never given up on pressuring us. We must grasp every second and cannot slack."

"Yes, father."

Fang Di Chang looked at Divine Bean Palace and sighed again: "Sigh, it is unfortunate that our Fang clan does not have any wood path Gu Immortal. This Divine Bean Palace's core is wood path. If there were a rank seven wood path Gu Immortal assisting me, I would have a lot more progress in deducing this Immortal Gu House."

Western Desert was filled with deserts with oases decorating them, wood path and water path were the least cultivated paths in this region.

Among the five regions, Southern Border had the most wood path Gu Immortals, while Eastern Sea had the most water path Gu Immortals.

Fang Yun said after some thought: "Our Fang clan does not have a wood path Gu Immortal, but we have another wisdom path expert."

"You are talking about Suan Bu Jin?" Fang Di Chang's gaze narrowed with a trace of vigilance flashing past it: "Did he ask you to recommend him?"

Fang Yun shook his head: "No, no, I am saying this myself. Lord Suan Bu Jin never signaled me, and in fact, after joining the clan, he has always stayed outside and never contacted me."

Fang Di Chang's face relaxed only then: "Suan Bu Jin is not of Fang clan after all, although he joined our clan, we need to keep this in mind."

"Father, you doubt Lord Suan Bu Jin's loyalty?" Fang Yun scratched his head.

Fang Di Chang narrowed his eyes: "If I had his help, there would indeed be progress. But we can know a man's face but not his heart[1], especially in front of such an unmatched treasure like Divine Bean Palace. Even if he did not show this intention before, when he is in contact with this palace day and night, it is hard to not have greed."

Fang Di Chang was still not assured, asking: "Are there any movements from Suan Bu Jin recently?"

Fang Yun replied truthfully: "There are no movements. However, there are rumors targeting Lord Suan Bu Jin that says he is actually the inheritor of Old Man Lie Shen, a demonic descendant who was recruited by our clan. It is also rumored Wan clan will investigate this matter and verify Lord Suan Bu Jin's identity."

Fang Di Chang snorted: "These people are still trying to frame Suan Bu Jin! But this excuse has some substance to it, it is at least slightly more realistic than the previous rumor that said he was the demon Fang Yuan."

Fang Di Chang sneered, having no idea that the previous rumor was actually truth, it was instead the recent rumor that was twisting the truth.

Old Man Lie Shen was a Wan clan wisdom path Gu Immortal but because of an accident while cultivating, he lost himself and became a lunatic. He had rank seven cultivation and his strength increased even further after going crazy, he caused huge losses to Wan clan and even slaughtered Gu Immortals of other righteous path forces.

It led to an uproar during that period of time in Western Desert's Gu Immortal world, several righteous path forces allied to besiege and kill Old Man Lie Shen. But no matter what they did, they could find no traces of Old Man Lie Shen, he had disappeared completely and this matter was left unresolved.

Fang Di Chang said deeply: "Suan Bu Jin has outstanding strength, he understands this kind of cheap trick. But it has not been long since he joined Fang clan, so it is normal for him to be regarded as a weakness of Fang clan. We need to pay attention to him and let him stay in heavenly dew oasis, we can't let him make any rash moves that could give the enemies a hold on him. As for his identity, our Fang clan will clear it for him and give a perfect explanation to Western Desert's righteous path."

The moment he finished speaking, Fang Di Chang's expression changed.

Fang Yun saw the change and asked: "What happened?"

Fang Di Chang's pale and weak face now had a trace of an ashen look: "Suan Bu Jin sent a letter saying he reverse-deduced and found a wisdom path Gu Immortal nearby who is likely to be the one who spread the rumors, he has already gone to catch them."

Fang Yun was stupefied: "What?!"

According to the rules, Gu Immortals who were stationed to guard resources would have to report to the clan if they wanted to move out. They could only move after the clan approved of it.

But Suan Bu Jin's action was the opposite, he moved first before reporting. Whether Fang clan agreed or not, he had left his stationed area and moved out.

"He is a lone cultivator in the end, his nature is wild!" Fang Di Chang gritted his teeth, as it so happened, he was heavily injured and could not deduce much at this moment.

He could only contact Fang clan's first supreme elder Fang Gong and let him go reinforce Suan Bu Jin as quickly as possible.

Fang Yun was slightly puzzled: "The situation might not be so bad. Aren't we making too much fuss by sending first supreme elder as reinforcement? Lord Suan Bu Jin is a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he must have definitely deduced before moving out and has confidence to handle this matter."

Fang Di Chang's expression was dark: "Suan Bu Jin is indeed extraordinary, but he is prideful and this could be used by others to scheme against him. It would be terrible if those righteous path forces intentionally lured him and set a series of traps. If he is captured or killed, those clans could forge ironclad evidence and frame our Fang clan, then further suppress our clan."

"Naturally, this is only a possibility, let's just hope it is only me being pessimistic. More importantly, our Fang clan cannot make such a mistake at this crucial time."

Fang Yun came to a realization and his expression also turned unsightly. He gave a forced smile: "It should not be that serious, right?"

But the matter was that serious!

When Fang Yuan reached the place, wisdom path Gu Immortal Wan Liang Han had a leisurely expression: "Suan Bu Jin, you finally arrived, I waited for quite a while."

The moment he finished speaking, the prepared immortal battlefield activated and trapped Fang Yuan.

"So it was a trap!" Fang Yuan, who was disguised as Suan Bu Jin, sneered. His gaze shone as he looked at the three Gu Immortals approaching him.

These three Gu Immortals were all rank seven.

One was tall and thin, dressed in a green robe, and surrounded by whirlwinds. His name was Wan Xiao. He spoke confidently: "Suan Bu Jin, how can you even be a wisdom path Gu Immortal! You actually jumped into our trap so easily."

The second Gu Immortal Wan Hao Guang's appearance could not be seen, his whole body was covered with light armor that emitted extremely high heat. The thick light armor emitted buzzing noises: "Suan Bu Jin, if you are sensible, then let yourself be captured, side with our Wan clan and expose Fang clan, we won't make it difficult for you and even treat you as an honored guest!"

The third Gu Immortal was the wisdom path Gu Immortal who lured Fang Yuan, he was Wan Liang Han. His forehead was swollen and had an ugly appearance, but was smiling right now: "Friend Suan Bu Jin, as a wisdom path Gu Immortal, you should be even more aware of the current situation. Even if you survive today, there will be endless troubles coming to find you in the future. You should not be in Fang clan at such a time."

Fang Yuan sneered with a ruthless expression.

His disguised appearance Suan Bu Jin looked skinny with long grey hair and a pair of black eyes which seemed to contain vicissitudes of life and ambition. He was trapped inside the immortal battlefield and also heard the three immortals' words, but there were no change in his expression.

This was only natural!

Because Fang Yuan had concealed his strength, not only just these three rank sevens, even if there were three rank eights, he would be fearless and even happy.

The three Wan clan immortals thought they had trapped Fang Yuan, little did they imagine Fang Yuan returned from Southern Border this time to especially deal with them and create a commotion in Western Desert!

In the recent period of time, Wan Liang Han had been repeatedly deducing Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan had emperor yama's protection that had no flaws, but this still reduced his soul foundation and it was quite annoying, so he had to get rid of them this time.

Fang Yuan immediately opened his immortal aperture's entrance and released soul beasts.

Desolate soul beasts and ancient soul beasts came out one after the other, shocking Wan clan's immortals.

Was he not a wisdom path Gu Immortal? How could he control so many soul beasts?

"No matter how many soul beasts you bring out, it is useless in this immortal battlefield!" Wan Xiao activated the immortal battlefield, a giant tornado immediately sprang up and slowly moved towards Fang Yuan.

Soul beasts were densely packed around Fang Yuan and following his gradual mobilization, the quantity kept on increasing.

"How can he have so many soul beasts?" Wan clan's three immortals were increasingly shaken, this Suan Bu Jin was clearly a wisdom path Gu Immortal but actually controlled such a huge soul beast army, wasn't he neglecting his main path too much?

The tornado's speed became even faster and neared Fang Yuan's soul beast army.

Soul beasts roared and counterattacked, but the tornado seemed to have heavenly might in this immortal battlefield. Although it was weakened, it was extremely stable.

Fang Yuan personally activated a killer move to block the tornado.

Wan clan's three immortals' shock slightly decreased when they saw the killer move.

Fang Yuan used a wisdom path killer move instead of a soul path killer move.

"It won't do like this, he seems to have an endless amount of soul beasts. I will attack!" Wan Hao Guang shouted.

"Go, we will protect you." Wan Liang Han agreed.

Wan Hao Guang killed his way through the soul beast army, he was extremely fast, fully showing the superiority of light path.

Every time Fang Yuan mobilized the soul beast army to besiege him, Wan Liang Han and Wan Xiao activated killer moves to protect Wan Hao Guang.

With their excellent coordination, Wan Hao Guang broke through to the center.

Fang Yuan's expression did not change as he let out another four soul beasts.

"Huh?" Wan Hao Guang's momentum paused violently as he blurted out in fright: "Immemorial soul beasts!"

Wan Liang Han and Wan Xiao were dazed, both calling out in an incredulous tone: "Four?"

[1] Even if you are physically close to someone, you cannot know what he is thinking.


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