Reverend Insanity
1797 Extorting Rank Nine Immortal Material
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1797 Extorting Rank Nine Immortal Material

Splash splash splash.

Sounds of sea waves and clear cries of sea birds entered Fang Yuan's ears.

The Eastern Sea sea area in front of him glittered with warm sunlight.

Gentle and refreshing sea wind brushed across his face.

Fang Yuan, however, was slightly dejected: "As expected, it is not time yet…"

He used jade flow pearl to arrive in Eastern Sea from Southern Border, his target was to find the blue dragon whale.

To Fang Yuan, gaining regret Gu would be a splendid matter.

Because he wanted to raise the ranks of his numerous rank six Immortal Gu to increase his own overall strength. With regret Gu, he could decrease his losses and reduce the risk of refining Gu to the lowest degree!

In fact, ever since his rebirth, he had come here several times.

This sea area was the area where he had followed Miao Ming Shen's group and seen the blue dragon whale in his previous life.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan was not successful in finding the blue dragon whale.

"Should I attack Miao Ming Shen and seize his method?"

"With that method, I can find the exact location of the blue dragon whale by myself."

This thought flashed past Fang Yuan's mind and he quickly evaluated the risks.

If he made a move, Miao Ming Shen would not be a problem, Fang Yuan could even use Chu Ying's identity to scheme against Miao Ming Shen using wisdom path methods.

The true uncertainty was Fang Yuan did not know what that method was.

It was okay if it was some ordinary immortal killer move. But if it were some bizarre method and he made a rash move, it would simply backfire on him.

According to Fang Yuan's deduction, the possibility of the latter was not small. Because in the five hundred years of his previous life, he had not heard of anyone seizing this method from Miao Ming Shen.

Eastern Sea had rank eight Gu Immortals while Miao Ming Shen was only rank seven and his method concerned a Paradise Earth true inheritance, there was no way those rank eight Gu Immortals were not moved.

But these Gu Immortals seemed to have no desire to make a move, clearly showing that the situation was not as simple as it looked.

"According to my previous life, I just need to wait patiently and follow Miao Ming Shen into the inheritance ground."

"But this has a flaw, that is the ink effect. In my previous life, Miao Ming Shen selected Chu Ying after some hesitation, will he still choose Chu Ying in this life?"

Fang Yuan used jade flow pearl to return to Southern Border.

Currently, Southern Border was the safest among the five regions. Even if Southern Border's righteous path moved against him, he had a large number of captives as his bargaining chip, he also had the most thorough understanding of Southern Border's situations.

Fang Yuan was not in a hurry to make a move against Miao Ming Shen, his carefully thought-out plans since rebirth were progressing smoothly, and even if he wanted to attack Miao Ming Shen, it would be too rushed to do so at this time.

Everything should be done methodically and when the timing is correct.

Sometimes, one needed to speed up, sometimes, one needed to slow down.

By acting too quickly and intensely, the end product might end up charred. But if one acted too slowly, they would lose their chance as a result of inaction.

Fang Yuan already had a firm grasp over the appropriate speed he should use.

His main task now was still his clone!

He needed to make a dragonman clone.

Fang Yuan had already obtained Bai Ning Bing's dragonman transformation method, and had already begun researching it.

This method was called the humans alike dragons Gu refinement method, it used the Gu Immortal themselves as a Gu material and refined together with raging wave rising dragon fire, their race would change and turn into a dragonman.

This method's success rate was very minute. During the Gu refinement process, all of the dao marks of the Gu Immortal would be affected.

When Fang Yuan had first read this method, he had exclaimed at its incredible concept.

He then discovered the flaw of this method.

This method was created by Duke Long who was proficient in qi path and transformation path. He did not have a deep attainment in refinement path and had mostly relied on qi path and transformation path to imitate refinement path.

But Fang Yuan was a refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster, he could give a huge improvement to this method in the refinement path aspect. After improving it, the success rate would also greatly increase and might even reach ten percent.

That was a one-in-ten success rate.

This was already Fang Yuan's limit, he could not improve it any further.

Because the humans alike dragons Gu refinement method was essentially a human path killer move and also involved the profundities of transformation path.

Fang Yuan's transformation path could not match Duke Long's. It was even more so for his human path attainment.

Thus, the humans alike dragons Gu refinement method was also a supreme material that could allow Fang Yuan to comprehend some essence of human path.

"The real obstacle is still raging wave rising dragon fire!"

Raging wave rising dragon fire was an extremely rare rank nine immortal material, it was the human flame among the three flames of heaven, earth, and human.

Bai Xiang grotto-heaven had one lump but it was already used by Bai Ning Bing. Treasure yellow heaven did not have it.

Announce the offer to buy it in treasure yellow heaven?

No, Fang Yuan had a better option!

Xia clan headquarters.

The hall was filled with a heavy and stifling atmosphere.

Fang Yuan's ransom letter was still sent to Xia clan first.

"This scoundrel Fang Yuan is a heinous criminal, he should be damned to death! We have to kill him!" Xia Fei Kuai shouted with a fierce expression.

The other Xia clan Gu Immortals looked ashen and had unsightly expressions.

Besides fury and hatred, these righteous path Gu Immortals also had a feeling like they were currently dreaming and nothing was real.

The grand Xia clan, a super force, was actually being blackmailed by one demonic path Gu Immortal!

And the cause of this ransom was actually the kidnapping of Xia clan's strongest expert, Xia clan's foundation, Xia clan's supreme figure of authority — first supreme elder Xia Cha!!

If someone had told Xia clan's Gu Immortals this would happen before the ambush attack, Xia clan's Gu Immortals would definitely give that person a few hard slaps and even shout at them to wake up.

But at this moment, Xia clan's Gu Immortals had the urge to slap themselves: How did the situation fall to this state?

Xia clan's second supreme elder Xia Zhao was the person who felt the greatest pressure, he sighed and said: "You have all seen that mortal letter Gu, Fang Yuan is demanding raging wave rising dragon fire. What are your thoughts on this?"

Xia clan immortals looked at each other, silent.

Xia Zhao could only point out a name as he looked towards Xia Fei Kuai: "Come, didn't you shout quite loudly just before? Speak your thoughts."

Xia Fei Kuai had a irascible temper and felt extreme anger towards Fang Yuan, but he remained silent for a good while before speaking: "Even Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were unable to get rid of this demon Fang Yuan, he might just be rank seven but he is truly diabolical. If he really wanted Lady Xia Cha's life, he would definitely not have any misgivings. Maybe we can ally with other clans? Fang Yuan is blackmailing us, he will definitely blackmail the other clans as well!"

Xia Liu Pei immediately retorted: "The one we lost is our first supreme elder, how could those outsiders be relied on? Right now, they are eager for us to lose Lady Xia Cha! Since Fang Yuan will definitely blackmail other forces, did you see any of them contacting us?"

"You!" Xia Fei Kuai glared, but could not find any words to retort. After a good while, he said: "Even if we want to compromise, we don't have raging wave rising dragon fire."

"Just because we do not have it does not mean others don't."

"That demon Fang Yuan might only be putting a high price first and is waiting for us to negotiate?"

Xia clan's Gu Immortal continued to speak their thoughts.

Same as the previous life, Xia clan's most important person had landed in Fang Yuan's hand, the Xia clan Gu Immortals could only admit defeat and be blackmailed by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's reply was direct: "Don't mention other things to me, I want raging wave rising dragon fire! I don't care how you get it, but we can only discuss after you bring it over. Or else, Xia Cha's life? Hehe."

Fang Yuan was even more calm than in the previous life.

In the previous life, he had to make several probes while blackmailing Southern Border's righteous path.

In this life, he was familiar with every clan's limits, Xia clan was going to be blackmailed hard by him.

Although Xia clan and Ba clan both lost rank eight Gu Immortals as captives, Xia clan's situation was still the worst. Because Ba clan still had another rank eight candidate — Ba De!

So Fang Yuan's first target of blackmail was still Xia clan.

Xia clan did not have raging wave rising dragon fire, which was within Fang Yuan's expectations because he had already searched Xia Cha's soul and did not see raging wave rising dragon fire in the treasury.

The other rank seven Xia Clan Gu Immortals might not know about all the things in the treasury, but Xia Cha definitely knew the details as the first supreme elder.

Actually, Fang Yuan truly did not know which force of Southern Border had raging wave rising dragon fire.

It was possible for a clan to have stored it but the rank nine immortal material might be hidden so deep in the treasury that only the first supreme elder could know of it.

There was also the possibility this fire was not with any Southern Border righteous path force.

Fang Yuan did not care about this, he was going to make Southern Border's righteous path take care of this headache.

In Fang Yuan's plan, the dragonman clone was one of the important parts.

Because this clone would involve the acquisition of Dragon Palace!

Fang Yuan did not actually have clear information regarding Dragon Palace, but he was able to deduce that the dragonman clone would be the crucial key to inherit Dragon Palace.

In the previous life, Bai Ning Bing being able to become the owner of Dragon Palace was the best evidence.

Fang Yuan extorted the Southern Border righteous path while continuing to cultivate and absorbing his gains.

Not long later, he successfully improved time cutting edge, the new time cutting edge was thirty percent more powerful than in previous life!

This was because Fang Yuan had a lot more time path Immortal Gu than in his previous life.

Not only was it because he had gained Lang Ya blessed land, but also because the years flow execution formation was not seriously damaged like in previous life during the Southern Border immortals' attack, so many time path Immortal Gu were preserved.

There was another point, Fang Yuan had even calculated some time path Immortal Gu of Southern Border righteous path's treasuries in his plan.

First was Xia clan, then Ba clan and Yi clan.

Yi clan's Gu Immortal Yi Yang was blood related to Yi clan's first supreme elder, and was a successor of the clan nurtured by the first supreme elder, he was very important to the clan.

Fourth was Chi clan.

Fang Yuan's attitude towards Chi clan was quite amiable: "Brother Chi Qu You, we are really good friends! I was able to capture Southern Border immortals because of you. I will directly return your second supreme elder to you."

Chi Qu You's face was pitch-black like the bottom of a pot!

"Don't act so close to me!"

Chi Qu You felt an intense disgust inwardly.

He discovered that he was dragged in so deep by Fang Yuan that he could not get out!

These past few days, his mood had been extremely heavy.

Because he knew Fang Yuan was able to capture the Southern Border immortals mainly because of dream realms. And he was the one who had secretly handed these dream realms to Fang Yuan.

Were the Southern Border righteous path to know of this huge secret, not only Chi Qu You, even Chi clan would be in imminent danger!

The dream realm trading had become a threat to Chi Qu You, he really wanted to stop these dangerous transactions, but was it possible anymore?

The person he was facing was Fang Yuan, Chi Qu You's heart went cold at this thought.


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