Reverend Insanity
1796 Pure Dream Clone
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1796 Pure Dream Clone

Fang Yuan observed his soul.

After several cultivation sessions over this period of time, his soul had already recovered to sixty million man soul!

His soul was no longer gloomy and weak like before, it was filled with energy and was lifelike. Its face was exquisite and the body size was normal, there was a light from deep within it that covered it completely and would make people feel it was solid and pure.

Thieving Heaven true inheritance — rank nine killer move ghostly concealment, it was like a silk inner garment sticking to his soul, above it was a layer of ghost official garment.

Ghost official garment used rank seven change soul Immortal Gu and rank six cleanse soul Immortal Gu as its cores, at this moment, it had already turned into a martial uniform, there was even battle armor covering his shirt, it was a grand sight.

With his current soul foundation, Fang Yuan had the confidence to split his soul.

Immortal killer move — Split Soul!

Instantly, Fang Yuan's soul left his physical body, only relying on the remaining thoughts, wills, or emotions to manipulate Gu worms and maintain split soul killer move.

As natural as drinking water, half the soul of the main body split and the main body's soul once again returned to its body.

In an instant, Fang Yuan's main body's soul fell to thirty million man soul.

The split soul was also at thirty million man soul.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and rested for a while.

When the soul returned to his body, he felt slight dizziness. This was a normal reaction because he had split half of his soul, which was a huge amount.

Immortal essence stopped moving inside his immortal aperture as all kinds of Gu worms rested with none injured.

This split soul was a success, it was actually not easy to activate this move, there was a huge risk and a high failure rate.

But Fang Yuan had diligently practiced this move before, spending a lot of energy and paying quite a price for it. All of his efforts made this attempt a success.

Fang Yuan opened his eyes, he had fully recovered and his mind was clear.

He opened his immortal aperture's entrance a little, his split soul immediately moved along with the wind and went through.

There was already a physical body waiting for the split soul inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

This physical body was none other than the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body created from a dream realm!

After the split soul entered the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body, there was some fluctuation in the aura at first before it turned silent like a corpse.

Fang Yuan was calm.

He had more or less grasped three types of Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies.

The first type was the strongest Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body, the one that was condensed by Old Man Yan Shi and also the Ying Wu Xie of back then. This Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body only had eighteen hours of lifespan, its cultivation would increase by a rank every two hours and its strength would continue to grow, becoming extremely terrifying near the end of its lifespan.

However, this Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body required many Immortal Gu as well as a vast amount of dream realms. Fang Yuan could not fulfill the requirements.

The second type was the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body with Gu Immortal cultivation. Fang Yuan had used it many times and had once used them to stall the pursuit of Southern Border Gu Immortals. He also used it to secretly trade dream realms with Chi Qu You.

This Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body had one huge flaw, it had a time limit. Once the limit was reached, they would self-detonate back into a dream realm.

The third type was the one Fang Yuan learned from Feng Jin Huang's Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body. This was a perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body, it consumed few dream realms and did not use many Immortal Gu, in which they could also be replaced with other Immortal Gu, but it was only a mortal body and did not have Gu Immortal cultivation.

The body which the split soul had merged into was the third type of Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body, it possessed an aperture and was only at rank one.

After a while, the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body opened its eyes.

The thirty million man soul was restrained and was starting to adapt to this body, this body was unable to hold the complete thirty million man soul with its low cultivation.

This was the classic case of a weak body but a powerful soul.

With Fang Yuan's split soul restraining most of its power, it was like a giant had curled up its body and was lying carefully inside a paper house.

But it did not matter.

Fang Yuan had already prepared relic Gu.

Relic Gu was a sphere-shaped mortal Gu that was thumb-sized and had an ordinary appearance. But its effect was major, it could enhance the aperture walls and advance the Gu Master's cultivation by a small realm.

Gu Master cultivation had five ranks from rank one to rank five, relic Gu also was divided into rank one to rank five.

Rank one green copper relic Gu, rank two red steel relic Gu, rank three white silver relic Gu, rank four yellow gold relic Gu, and rank five purple crystal relic Gu.

No matter which rank the relic Gu was, it was a treasure of that rank! Its price far surpassed other similarly ranked Gu worms.

For instance, red steel relic Gu was priced at eight thousand primeval stones in the mortal world, this value surpassed ordinary rank three Gu worms.

White silver relic Gu was a treasured rank three Gu, its value reaching fifty-thousand!

There would be at best white silver relic Gu circulated in mortal markets, the market for yellow gold relic Gu was controlled and they were extremely rare, often held in the hands of the higher-ups.

This situation was much better in treasure yellow heaven, after all treasure yellow heaven was the transaction area of Gu Immortals and was the largest market in the world.

In treasure yellow heaven, rank one to three relic Gu were sold in batches, there were few rank four yellow gold relic Gu, and even fewer rank five purple crystal relic Gu.

This was not because Gu Immortals were holding these Gu worms in their hands and did not want them to circulate, it was because relic Gu could only be formed naturally and were currently unable to be created by Gu Immortals.

Even Lang Ya blessed land and Heavenly Court were unable to do so.


With refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster and human path master attainment levels, Fang Yuan understood the reason now.

It was because relic Gu were human path Gu worms!

It had a fundamental effect towards variant humans and humans. Much more relic Gu would form in the areas with many variant humans or humans.

Fang Yuan's pure dream clone began to use green copper relic Gu.

His aperture was different from normal Gu Masters, an ordinary aperture was stable but the pure dream clone's aperture was constantly forming and breaking like a dream.

This was the characteristic of dream realms.

In the previous life, Feng Jin Huang had also exclaimed that the main reason for her being able to create the perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique was due to coincidence as well as her creating the killer move shatter dream beforehand.

Regardless of the pure dream clone's aperture shattering and forming, it had a membrane of light around it that looked extremely thin but firmly kept the dream path aperture inside it.

This membrane was the aperture wall of rank one initial stage.

After one green copper relic Gu was used, the light membrane thickened immediately and the light started to circulate like water, becoming water membrane.

Pure dream clone used another green copper relic Gu.

The water membrane became even thicker and firm, transforming into stone membrane.

After using the third green copper relic Gu, pure dream clone's aperture's stone membrane turned into crystal membrane.

The Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique was a special aptitude, its green copper primeval essence might be illusory like a dream but it filled more than ninety percent of the aperture.

Fang Yuan's pure dream clone immediately sat cross-legged as it controlled its primeval essence to attack the crystal membrane.

However, before it even made a move, its aperture advanced directly; the crystal membrane shattered, turning into red steel rank two light membrane.

The Pure dream clone had become a rank two Gu Master within moments.

Fang Yuan exclaimed lightly before realizing: "Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique is the eleventh extreme physique, on the same level as the ten extreme physiques. Its cultivation can rise continuously without any obstacles."

In a Gu Master's cultivation, it was easy to advance through small realms, they only needed enough time and patience. However, every large realm had a barrier, and the higher you go, the harder it is to cross.

Fang Yuan had thought of using his plentiful experiences to advance, but he had not expected the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body to break through naturally, this was much more convenient than his original expectations.

Relic Gu were consumed one after the other, and Fang Yuan's pure dream clone's cultivation kept on rising and breaking through to the next level.

Although there were few purple crystal relic Gu in treasure yellow heaven, there were a lot in Lang Ya's treasury. They were not an issue.

Thus, in just a mere hour, Fang Yuan's pure dream clone had rank five peak stage cultivation level.

"Prepare for immortal ascension!" Fang Yuan sent the pure dream clone out of the sovereign immortal aperture.

It could not undergo its tribulation inside the sovereign immortal aperture, because this would cause a huge disorder in heaven and earth qi and greatly disturb the immortal aperture's balance.

Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture itself had a huge demand for heaven and earth qi. Were the pure dream clone to undergo its tribulation inside, there would be a huge deficiency in heaven and earth qi.

So Fang Yuan's plan was for the pure dream clone to undergo tribulation outside.

Fang Yuan intended to create a perfect pure dream clone with Gu Immortal cultivation at one go!

But just as he was about to implement the next step, he suddenly felt an intense sense of danger.

"Huh? Wait a moment!" Fang Yuan's gaze focused.

He had a deep wisdom path attainment, this strong sense of danger that came out of nowhere was not without reason, it was a certain premonition.

Fang Yuan could not ignore this feeling.

"This seems to be a hint that if I were to let the pure dream clone undergo tribulation, it will encounter an immense danger?"

Fang Yuan frowned.

Gu Masters needed to undergo tribulation to advance to Gu Immortal.

According to common logic, no matter how much heaven's will strengthened such calamities and tribulations, there would be a limit. No matter how strong a rank six's calamities and tribulations were, it would not surpass rank seven calamities and tribulations.

"But, if they are the calamities and tribulations of dream path…" Fang Yuan's gaze turned deep.

The Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body's immortal ascension would likely encounter dream path's calamities and tribulations, but Fang Yuan did not know much regarding this.

Under the present situation, even an expert as strong as Duke Long was without options against dream path methods.

Fang Yuan was much stronger than Duke Long in this because he had unravel dream.

However, unravel dream was not omnipotent.

Moreover, dream realms were primarily divided into two kinds: one was realistic dream realms, what Fang Yuan explored the most were this kind of dream realms; another were abstract dream realms where anything could happen that could not be explained with logic, even Fang Yuan did not want to encounter them.

"If I were to let my pure dream clone undergo immortal ascension, it would give heaven's will the opportunity to attack me?"

"If so, I should let it undergo immortal ascension inside the sovereign immortal aperture."

"There is no heaven's will inside the sovereign immortal aperture. Although it will extract a large amount of heaven and earth qi and damage my foundation, there are more benefits to having a Gu Immortal level pure dream clone."

However, when Fang Yuan took back the pure dream clone and wanted to let it undergo tribulation, that sense of danger still lingered although it had lessened slightly.

Fang Yuan pondered: "Does this mean that even without heaven's will, there will still be dream path calamities and tribulations when the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body undergoes immortal ascension? Moreover, it will be a great threat to me?"

Immortal ascension signified taking risks.

Was this risk worth it or not?

Fang Yuan hesitated for a while before sighing, he chose stability.

This risk was not worth it at this moment.

The crucial thing was he did not have even a little assurance. If it were other paths, it would be okay, but dream path…

Fang Yuan shook his head.

He actually had a great anticipation for this.

Because once the immortal ascension succeeds, Fang Yuan would not only obtain an immortal level pure dream clone, there would also be the opportunity for natural inspiration that could allow him to better understand dream path and have an opportunity to advance dream path mortal Gu to Immortal Gu!

But Fang Yuan regretfully discovered that the immortal ascension held way too much danger.

"If it goes bad, I might not even be able to use Spring Autumn Cicada."

Fang Yuan was progressing very well in this life, it was not worth it to take such a risk.

Blindly taking risk was not courageous but stupid.

"Forget it, I shall let it be for the moment." Fang Yuan snorted.


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