Reverend Insanity
1795 Gu as Before Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1795 Gu as Before Formation

Heavenly Court.

The project of constructing Eternal Yacht was already at its most crucial moment.

Heavenly Court rank eight rule path Gu Immortal Cong Yan took out an Immortal Gu.

This Immortal Gu was like an extremely splendid and luxurious centipede that was the size of a forearm and was completely golden, with countless thin and small spikes on its back.

It was rule path Immortal Gu — Permanence.

This Gu was used in Heavenly Court's Eternal Sand Cave but was now taken out to construct Eternal Yacht.

"The final step." Cong Yan took a deep breath as he solemnly and carefully sent permanence Gu into the incomplete Eternal Yacht Immortal Gu House.

The incomplete Immortal Gu House absorbed the Gu; its aura began to be unsteady, rising and falling before rapidly falling out of control.

Cong Yan's expression changed greatly: "Oh no!"


A thunderous explosion occurred, the incomplete Immortal Gu House shattered. Countless mortal Gu died and many supplementary Immortal Gu were damaged.

Only permanence Gu suffered no damage, it was protected firmly by Cong Yan even at the cost of suffering heavy injuries.

Permanence Gu was the core, it could not be harmed, unlike other supplementary Immortal Gu which could be replaced even if destroyed.

At the same time.

Fairy Zi Wei left Heavenly Court and descended to Central Continent, arriving at Duke Long's location.

"I have succeeded in learning shatter dream!" Feng Jin Huang raised her arms, exclaiming in joy.

Fairy Zi Wei had not thought she would personally witness this important growth of Feng Jin Huang.

She was inwardly shocked as she looked at the broken dream realm fragments that were like broken mirror fragments.

Feng Jin Huang's progress in dream path was far beyond her expectations.

Duke Long sent away Feng Jin Huang who was jumping with joy, and asked Fairy Zi Wei about her purpose for visiting.

Fairy Zi Wei said truthfully: "Lord, these last days, I have been feeling uneasy but cannot find the reason, so I came to ask for your guidance."

Duke Long nodded: "Is there any progress in deducing Fang Yuan?"

Fairy Zi Wei's brows furrowed and revealed a vexed expression: "Fang Yuan's defense in wisdom path is airtight, I have used all my strength but cannot deduce anything about him."

Duke Long comforted: "Your previous plans against him were already good, even I cannot plan a strategy like that, after all I am not a wisdom path Gu Immortal. Have you destroyed fixed space Immortal Gu?"

"The refinement path killer move on those Gu worms have yet to activate. But I have already ordered Yuan Qiong Du to be ready at all times."

Duke Long nodded: "Looks like it is not easy for Fang Yuan to plunder the Gu worms from the Gu Immortal captives."

Thinking for a bit, he asked: "Have you looked into Spectral Soul?"

Fairy Zi Wei's reply was direct: "He is only a remnant soul and a prisoner with no immortal essence or Immortal Gu. After the defeat in Lang Ya blessed land, I have paid extra 'attention' to him, there is no issue with him."

Duke Long sighed: "Maybe it is him."


"Red Lotus Demon Venerable."

Fairy Zi Wei's heart shook, she heard Duke Long continue: "How is the progress with finding Red Lotus' true inheritances?"

Fairy Zi Wei's expression turned unsightly: "Present and Past Pavilion has been in the River of Time all along, as long as Fang Yuan enters, we will definitely know. But earlier, Eternal Yacht's construction failed, we need to redo it again. I still plan to construct Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform, Shark Flow Lever, and Moment Stage. With these five time path Immortal Gu Houses, even if we cannot find Red Lotus' true inheritances, we also won't let Fang Yuan get to them!"

Duke Long replied: "The first four are okay, but the core Immortal Gu of the fifth Moment Stage is the Immortal Gu in Million Heavenly King Gallery."

Fairy Zi Wei: "This is the most stable plan among the ones I deduced."

Duke Long attached high importance to Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan would never compare to Red Lotus Demon Venerable. He said deeply: "Red Lotus' true inheritances are the greatest variable, blockading the River of Time with five time path Immortal Gu Houses is indeed a safe method. We shall go with your plan then."

"Although I don't cultivate formation path, I know the difficulty in constructing an Immortal Gu House, don't put blame on Cong Yan."

"Yes, Lord Duke Long."

Because of the defeat in Lang Ya blessed land, Heavenly Court was even more aggressive this time, and they were moving with a tight pace.

Gu Yue Fang Zheng's immortal ascension was only one aspect, Eternal Yacht was also being constructed, and they had also added the fifth time path Immortal Gu House!

This ink effect was unknown to Fang Yuan.

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

"This is the most crucial part, years flow like water Immortal Gu, go." Fang Yuan willed it and an Immortal Gu shot towards the front.

When it entered the incomplete Immortal Gu House, there was a dazzling radiance.

The radiance was absorbed and emitted, flickering between bright and dark.

Fang Yuan was controlling the whole situation with all his concentration.

Countless thoughts welled up in his mind like surging waves in the sea, his accumulated will was melting like snow.

His main body was soaked in sweat in just a short while. The time path clone was also brought here to help out, he was forcibly enduring the stress, his face was pale as paper and his body was on the verge of collapsing.

All these painstaking efforts were not in vain.

The multicolored radiance gradually merged, forming a clear and bright blue light.

The light was no longer flickering between bright and dark, it gradually stabilized.

Finally, when the blue light completely retracted and vanished, an Immortal Gu House revealed itself.

Rank eight Immortal Gu House — Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Its core was years flow like water Immortal Gu, which elevated this Immortal Gu House to rank eight!

Fang Yuan's first creation was directly a rank eight Immortal Gu House.

Years Flow Like Water's main use was to produce year Gu. The countless year Gu it produced were used to feed Fang Yuan's year beasts.

But now, there was a complete and stable food chain because of the year essence pool, Fang Yuan let the year beasts be self-sufficient inside here and could now use years flow like water Immortal Gu for other purposes.

This rank eight Immortal Gu was created by Hei Fan, it specialized in logistics and was an outstanding Immortal Gu in the aspect of immortal aperture development, but it lacked offensive power.

Fang Yuan fulfilled Hei Fan's wish by using it to form a rank eight Immortal Gu House.

Besides years flow like water Immortal Gu, Myriad Year Flying Warship's main supplementary Immortal Gu were two rank seven Immortal Gu - Precaution and Fight.

The former had been used by Fang Yuan in divination tortoise transformation along with vajra thought Immortal Gu, but this level of transformation killer move was no longer suitable for Fang Yuan currently, so he used it to increase the defensive power of Myriad Year Flying Warship.

The latter was rule path Immortal Gu Fight, but it was never used properly because Fang Yuan did not have high attainment level in rule path previously as well as having few rule path dao marks. It was only recently that his rule path attainment level had increased steeply.

Rule path was the path with the widest range of use, these two Immortal Gu perfectly coordinated with Years Flow Like Water.

Myriad Year Flying Warship had a narrow structure like a small boat and shined with a dazzling silver light. It gave a strong feeling of sharpness and toughness.

Heavenly Court had failed in constructing Eternal Yacht, but Fang Yuan had succeeded in his.

It was not only because of Fang Yuan's time path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level, but also because of his rule path great grandmaster and formation path grandmaster attainment levels.

Fang Yuan had put in his energy to cultivate many paths since long ago, and after the initial problems in the start, the benefits were already showing and these benefits would keep on increasing in the future.

"This is the first Immortal Gu House that I created, it is a completely new creation and will definitely give a huge surprise to my enemies in future battles."

Fang Yuan was joyous.

In the previous life, he had intended to build an Immortal Gu House but did not truly succeed, the ones which he built were incomplete and their power was barely passable.

In this life, he constructed Myriad Year Flying Warship and was satisfied with himself.

But this was not the end, this was only the first Immortal Gu House.

Fang Yuan had an enormous plan.

He had estimated that he would build at least three Immortal Gu Houses. In his deductions, this plan would make the most use of all the resources he obtains in this life.

Myriad Year Flying Warship was set aside, the time path clone had almost fainted while constructing this warship, he was in poor condition now. Fang Yuan could only arrange him to rest and not deduce anything for the moment.

Fang Yuan's main body was also able to rest for two days.

Two days in the outside world was multiple months inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

The time path clone had already recovered and had made another gain in his deductions.

Immortal Gu formation — Gu as Before Formation!

After spending some energy, Fang Yuan finally succeeded in constructing this formation.

Fang Yuan decided to make a move on Liu Hao now.

Liu Hao's immortal aperture was still inside his physical body, but Fang Yuan had already extracted his soul and imprisoned it in another place.

Fang Yuan took out fixed space Immortal Gu from Liu Hao's immortal aperture.

Almost in the same instance, fixed space Gu showed signs of detonating, but Gu as before formation was already activated and had started affecting the destruction of fixed space Gu.

Fixed space Gu flickered with lights as the refinement path dao marks on it were destroyed, after a while, fixed space Gu went back to a stable condition albeit with slight injuries.

Fang Yuan let out a breath of air as he held this Gu.

He finally obtained this Gu!

In his previous life, Heavenly Court's hidden methods were activated, destroying not only fixed space Gu but also the other Gu worms inside Liu Hao.

But Fang Yuan had made some gains as well. From the fragments of fixed space Gu, he had obtained the hope of conceptualizing the Immortal Gu Gu as Before.

In his previous life, he had done deep research into these fragments and had never stopped deducing about this matter.

With such accumulations, his deductions finally had an initial success in this life and he was able to create the Gu as before formation.

This formation involved millions of Gu worm; there were more than twenty Immortal Gu involved in it from refinement path, time path, and rule path.

What Fang Yuan envisioned was Gu as before Immortal Gu, so this Gu as before formation was only an initial success.

After he modifies and simplifies this large formation into a practical killer move, it will be mid-stage success.

And later, when he condenses this killer move into an Immortal Gu recipe and refines Gu as before Immortal Gu, he would then achieve complete success.

"But currently, Gu as before formation is already my limit."

"I need to increase my foundation to improve it."

"I have absorbed the Long Hair true meaning, my refinement path attainment has reached quasi-supreme grandmaster. But in the history of refinement path, there are still two other monumental figures equal to Long Hair Ancestor, Old Eccentric Tian Nan and Old Immortal Kong Jue. Most of these two's inheritances have definitely been pocketed by Heavenly Court."

"The refinement path methods Heavenly Court put on fixed space Gu might have come from these two experts."

"As long as I obtain these contents and increase my foundation, I may not be able to create an Immortal Gu recipe, but I will definitely be able to simplify this formation into a killer move and obtain mid-stage success."

Fang Yuan's eyes seemed to burn with the flames of passion.

In his previous life, he could not see such hopes and felt Heavenly Court was a deep chasm that was beyond him.

But in this life, he did not think so.

"Heavenly Court, I will invade Heavenly Court and plunder these true inheritances!"


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