Reverend Insanity
1794 Myriad Year Flying Warship
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1794 Myriad Year Flying Warship

Practising killer moves was not easy, the Gu Immortal could suffer backlash and injuries with just slight carelessness.

The more powerful the killer moves, the greater the risks. But it was necessary to practise as well, they could not just use killer moves blindly during a battle, right? In fact, the environment during a battle was worse as there would be strong retaliation from the enemy.

There were many cases in history where Gu Immortals failed in activating their killer move and faced the backlash, suffering deep injuries and even dying.

Among them, there were plenty of cases where they died while practising killer moves.

Fang Yuan was practising five restriction profound light qi which was a very powerful killer move, so he was extremely focused and careful.

He had yet to choose between five restriction profound light qi and five regional limit formation.

The two could not be used together, it was very difficult to set up a formation when on the verge of battle. And even if the five regional limit formation was set up, it was difficult to disassemble it. During a battle, having five regional limit formation meant five restriction profound light qi could not be used.

From the point of flexibility, five restriction profound light qi was better.

But formation path had its own advantages.

Once five regional limit formation was set up, it was akin to having a prepared immortal killer move that could be used at any time, Fang Yuan would have huge initiative to go on the offensive.

An example was the recent ambush by using the years flow execution formation.

Be it the previous life or this life, this battle was the achievement that Fang Yuan was the most pleased with.

Not only because his gains were plentiful, the more important reason was that the whole battle was always in his control, he managed to steer the entire battle in the direction that he set. This was not easy to achieve normally.

Any plan seemed perfect before it was put into practice. When it was truly implemented, even Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven were unable to have control over the situation.

The most important factor that helped Fang Yuan's ambush succeed was that time path immortal formation.

As long as the formation was set, formation path Gu Immortals could often win against stronger foes!

But formation path's flaw was that it was not mobile and had many inflexible areas.

The absolute majority of the immortal formations could not be moved once set. A formation path Gu Immortal might have set up a powerful formation, but the enemy would detour around once they discover it, there were plenty of such embarrassing situations recorded in history.

Thus, Chi Qu You and Fairy Zi Wei were astonished that Fang Yuan's time path formation could be so hidden that it worked on the Southern Border immortals.

There was another point as well, setting up an immortal formation was not easy and took a long time, five to six days would be the least, two to three months was normal, there were even those that took a couple of years.

In the previous life, Heavenly Court had begun setting up the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation a year earlier. But after this formation was set up, the sub-formations could be created extremely quickly. This was the method left by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, it could not be looked down upon.

Even though it was extremely fast, creating sub-formations still required some time. In the previous life, Chen Yi's group had to come out and hold back Wu Yong's group so that the Gu Immortals behind could set up the sub-formations.

Many super immortal formations were also not something that Gu Immortals could create casually.

In the previous life's great war, Wu Yong and others were assistants, Chi Qu You, Fang Yuan, and Black Extremity were the ones in charge of setting up the formation.

The Long Hair refinement path formation in Lang Ya blessed land was also not set up by Long Hair Ancestor, he had requested long ago for formation path great expert Immortal Lady Jiu Hua to make it.

Fang Yuan estimated that if he chose five regional limit formation, he would need at least half a year to set it up.

Fortunately, he could use the difference in rate of time between his immortal aperture and the outside world to greatly mitigate this flaw.

In his plan, the new five regional limit formation would merge the earth vein, Formation Flag and Formation Spirit. With these three, Fang Yuan could first set up the formation inside sovereign grotto-heaven then take it out when he needed it.

However, Fang Yuan had yet to deduce this new five regional limit formation.

In this period of time, Fang Yuan's time path clone was deducing an Immortal Gu House again.

Immortal Gu Houses were also Gu formations, they were developed from formation path. Initially, many formation path Gu Immortals felt the inconvenience and inflexibility of formations, they did not even have time to set up formations when there were sudden battles.

In history, there were many cases where some formation path Gu Immortals and even those great experts would suddenly run into a battle and be unable to display any of their strength; it would be considered fortunate if they only lost the battle, many actually died in battle while having much grievances.

The initial concept for Immortal Gu Houses was a portable immortal formation.

Previously, the time path clone had been extremely busy managing the immortal aperture or being under the light of wisdom to deduce many things.

And Fang Yuan's main body was busy in practising killer moves and using the remaining time to cultivate his soul as well as managing his immortal aperture.

The number of killer moves continued to increase, his soul foundation also soared with every cultivation session, his immortal aperture management was also smooth-sailing. The main thing was he had an elite group of Gu Immortal subordinates helping him.

The year essence pool was important as it was the resting place of year beasts.

It contained many advantages, it saved space as the year beasts lived here, it also produced time path Gu worms, and could even control the time flow of the immortal aperture, it was a micro River of Time!

In the previous life, Fang Yuan had to bitterly gather the resources to form a year essence pool, but he found Xia Cha also had a year essence pool after annexing her immortal aperture!

In this life, he directly took the year essence pool which was already well-constructed by Xia Cha, but it was not good enough according to Fang Yuan's vision and plan.

Over these days, Fang Yuan and his subordinate Gu Immortals were focused on fine-tuning the structure of the year essence pool, which showed to be very effective.

Fang Yuan put his immemorial year beasts inside and they were so pleased that they did not want to come out. As far as year beasts were concerned, there was food and water here, and they felt most comfortable soaking in water of the River of Time. Most importantly, there were no enemies, they were all kin unlike in the true River of Time.

Year beasts and eagle groups had always been burdens of the sovereign immortal aperture.

Now, the year beasts' problem was solved and the aspect of eagle beasts made huge progress.

To create a food chain for the eagle beasts, Fang Yuan first created many eagle nests, then he chose grass weaving birds to be eagle beasts' food. This kind of bird was also called birds weaving grass.

This bird was rather special.

During spring, they were only seeds, once the seeds grew on the soil, they would gradually form a grassland.

When summer came, the grass would weave with each other, forming the shapes of birds. These birds flew in groups, these were grass weaving birds.

In autumn, they migrated in groups.

When winter came, they would fall to the ground, their figures would dissipate and turn back into seeds. The seeds would be buried under the snow, waiting to sprout in spring.

This species of bird was easy to raise and they reproduced quite fast. Although the eagle beasts did not like to eat these birds, the food chain was just established, and they had nothing else for food, how could they be picky?

Spring Gu and summer Gu were already refined by Fang Yuan and could be used for this purpose.

He stationed a Gu Immortal in the mini nine heavens to look after the place before activating the killer move.

He had modified two killer moves.

One was called spring sprout which used rank eight Immortal Gu Spring as the core and wood sprout Immortal Gu as the supplementary, it sprouted the birds weaving grass planted in cloud soil and quickly dyed the large patch of cloud soil green.

Another move was summer days, it used rank eight Immortal Gu Summer as the core and some light path Immortal Gu as supplementary to form blazing sunlight; the grass weaving birds started flying, their amount increased rapidly to an extremely astonishing scale.

The hungry eagle groups finally had something to fill their hunger; Fang Yuan also was free from the plight of having to purchase food from outside.

But because planting birds weaving grass led to large expenditure of cloud soil, Fang Yuan now had to purchase cloud soil. Activating killer moves also expended rank eight immortal essence, calculating everything, Fang Yuan's expenditure was slightly larger than before when he was just feeding eagles.

This was a problem which was always present when creating a food chain.

At this period of time in his previous life, Fang Yuan had not made any plans regarding the eagles. In this life, he had many assets and did not care about this cost as he could totally afford it.

This led to another problem.

The two time path killer moves changed the surrounding environment to spring at one moment and summer at the next moment. It was a great stimulation to the eagles, causing many of the female eagles to lay eggs in spring.

And, because the switch between spring and summer was too sudden and frequent, without the adjustment and recuperation of autumn and winter, the eagles became increasingly violent and there were many bloody conflicts when eagles fought over their mating partners.

During such moments, the Gu Immortal whom Fang Yuan sent acted as a nanny.

This simple food chain was just in the initial form, there would still be more parts added in the future to form a complete and stable food chain.

This was not a complete disadvantage, at the very least, Fang Yuan gained many eagle eggs.

Unlike year beasts which had the year essence pool that mimicked the environment of the River of Time, eagle beasts were much more troublesome to arrange.

A complete food chain involved all kinds of aspects where changing one aspect would alter the whole situation. Sometimes, even a tiny caterpillar might have a wide-ranging influence on the sovereign immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan still needed to consider the future.

Right now, the sovereign immortal aperture still had a vast empty space, deducing matters related to this was more difficult than deducing a rank six immortal killer move.

The amount of such deductions would become even more terrifying in future.

Stable management of the immortal aperture, annexing blessed lands, and gradually absorbing grotto-heavens had already filled so many places with resources that it surpassed most of the Gu Immortals' in the world.

Fang Yuan's time path clone deduced without rest, finally gaining success.

Immortal Gu House — Myriad Year Flying Warship!

In the previous life, Fang Yuan had always wanted to build an Immortal Gu House to explore the River of Time as well as to let his subordinates join the battles of rank eights.

Unfortunately, he tried many times but did not achieve much success. His first incomplete Immortal Gu House was destroyed by Li Huang, he then rebuilt it later, after extorting Southern Border's righteous path, he had all kinds of Gu worms and managed to build an Immortal Gu House, but it was firmly disadvantaged in the battle in Central Continent and was not of much use.

In this life, he learned his lesson and for now lowered the standard he had, conceptualizing a time path Immortal Gu House.


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