Reverend Insanity
1793 Little Demon Venerable
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1793 Little Demon Venerable

"So all of Heavenly Court's rank eight Gu Immortals in Lang Ya blessed land had died!"

"Unbelievable, Thunder Ghost True Monarch is a legendary character, she had once fought against Spectral Soul Demon Venerable. Meanwhile, Chen Yi is also the former first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, he possesses Genesis Lotus' true inheritance."

"These two experts actually died at Fang Yuan's hands? This is simply unthinkable!"

"Not just that, this demon Fang Yuan did not stop there, he even went to target Southern Border's Gu Immortal world. Southern Border's Xia Cha, Ba Shi Ba, and the other rank seven experts were all captured."

"How does he have such battle strength? He is only rank seven."

"Against Heavenly Court, he used Lang Ya blessed land's foundation. Against Southern Border, he used a time path super formation."

"There are too many suspicious points here, even now, I still can't believe it."

"It should be true, Heavenly Court and Southern Border did not dispute him!"

"Fang Yuan… this demon is getting increasingly scary. It has only been such a short time, yet he already killed and captured a bunch of rank seven and rank eight experts."

"Hahaha, Southern Border's righteous path has lost a lot of face this time."

"That's not entirely true, even Heavenly Court failed against Fang Yuan after all."

"Fang Yuan is only a rank seven, how can his methods be so extraordinary?!"

"I finally understand now, a person like Fang Yuan does not conform to logic or common sense."

"He has the air of a Demon Venerable! Weren't all the past Demon Venerables like this when they were still young? Easily fighting above their rank and killing rank eight experts with ease!"

"Hmm, that is true…"

"It is a pity that only Great Dream Immortal Venerable exists in the future, there is no Demon Venerable. This is not Fang Yuan's era."

"You are wrong about that, Red Lotus Demon Venerable damaged Heavenly Court's fate Gu, the future is not certain!"

"Fang Yuan is already so vicious at rank seven, he has committed so many crimes, what will happen when he reaches rank eight?"

"That's right, while he is still rank seven, we need to kill him, this is the final chance to exterminate him."

"Too difficult! Even Heavenly Court has not found his location…"

"Fang Yuan is not only vicious, he is also cunning. He is an otherworldly demon who has reborn, he has too many methods. Ordinary experts are courting death if they approach him, even rank eight Gu Immortals need to be careful and not fall into his schemes."

"But if one can kill Fang Yuan, the gains are tremendous."

"That's true, Fang Yuan has many venerable true inheritances, he has countless resources, Spring Autumn Cicada, Fixed Immortal Travel, and other Immortal Gu, he even has multiple secluded domains of heaven and earth… he is basically a super force on his own!"

The Gu Immortal world of the five regions went into chaos, Fang Yuan became the talk of all the Gu Immortals wherever they went.

Gu Immortals felt hatred, fear, and jealousy towards him, they had complex emotions.

If Fang Yuan had become renowned earlier from escaping Thunder Ghost True Monarch's assault and selling her rib bones in treasure yellow heaven, then now, with the blood of rank eight experts on his hands, and after capturing a large number of Gu Immortal experts, Fang Yuan's name now shocked the world!

He had used reverse flow protection seal in the past to fight against rank eight Gu Immortals, he was known as the number one rank seven expert.

But now, not just rank six and seven Gu Immortals, even most rank eights were wary of Fang Yuan, they did not dare to look down on him.

A new title regarding Fang Yuan gradually gained recognition among the Gu Immortals — Little Demon Venerable!

This title displayed the potential and disposition that Fang Yuan had towards becoming a Demon Venerable, he could be said to be a future Demon Venerable that was still growing.

This was a high evaluation.

In human history, through the eras, Gu Immortal experts were countless like the shining stars in the sky, but how many venerables were there?

Adding them all together, they amounted to ten.

And now, the Gu Immortal world recognized that Fang Yuan had hopes of becoming a venerable himself!

Of course, other than the discussions involving Fang Yuan, Heavenly Court was also the target of their discussion.

The things that Fang Yuan exposed, like star cast, made the Gu Immortals in the four regions extremely shocked.

Especially the righteous path super forces, they felt like they were on pins and needles.

Star cast had a huge significance in war, it allowed Central Continent and Heavenly Court to deploy Gu Immortals and attack suddenly without needing time to travel.

This gave Heavenly Court the complete initiative.

Rank eight Gu Immortals of the four regions were usually leaders of their force, they could not band together in anticipation of star cast, right?

In that case, Heavenly Court had a chance to use star cast to attack one rank eight with multiple rank eight battle strength existences.

Within Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei's expression was grim.

Even though she had expected this, when it truly happened, she still felt quite gloomy.

Fairy Zi Wei did not want to let Fang Yuan off, Fang Yuan was also not going to let Heavenly Court have an easy time.

This was an open fight that dealt damage to both sides, they were both losers.

But the person who suffered the biggest setback was probably Gu Yue Fang Zheng.

He had just advanced to rank six, he had just gained the powers of a Gu Immortal, his confidence had just risen when this nightmarish news appeared!

Fang Yuan was actually able to defeat Heavenly Court, even Southern Border's righteous path forces were helpless against him!

Fang Yuan only had rank seven cultivation level but he defied logic, even rank eight Gu Immortals were not his match!!

"I…" After hearing this news for the first time, Fang Zheng had a lot of things to say but he ended up speechless.

After a long while, he muttered to himself with a pale expression: "I… was truly too naive."

He smiled bitterly: "Fang Yuan… the difference between us, is it really this big?"

This pitiful younger brother still had no idea that Fang Yuan was already a rank eight expert.

The truth was, the entire world was fooled by Fang Yuan.

And it was not a surprise!

Because even Fairy Zi Wei did not know of the sovereign immortal aperture's true secret.

If Fang Yuan wants to ascend to rank eight, he would need to undergo tribulation, regardless of success or failure, important clues would be left behind.

If he was really rank eight now, the speed of growth was just too fast! Other Gu Immortals work hard and spend years cultivating like they were treading on thin ice, weren't they completely useless people if he actually succeeded?

Fang Yuan looked at the discussions.

"To think that a day would come when I am a hotter topic than Heavenly Court."

Fang Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Even though the other Gu Immortals were focusing on him more than on Heavenly Court, he did not feel disappointment.

Because Fang Yuan knew that the super forces in the four regions were now discussing on how to deal with Heavenly Court! Long ago, predecessors had already foreseen the changes in the future, for example, Yao clan in Southern Border. Now that the earth veins moved and the great era was impending, most super forces already knew that the regional walls would vanish, and that the five regions chaotic war would start in the future.

"Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, Heavenly Court, just you wait and see!"

Fang Yuan was paying attention to the discussions while noting the ink effect.

He knew that by researching these changes, he would benefit greatly in his comprehension of fate, all living beings, and the world.

"Recalling my actions post-rebirth, directly annexing Lang Ya blessed land was the best initial action I took."

"One step ahead and I will always be ahead. My advantages grew rapidly like a rolling snowball, this is the advantage of rebirth!"

"Of course, I also have the advantage of being a complete otherworldly demon."

"And most importantly, all these are thanks to Red Lotus damaging fate Gu!"

Compared to the previous life, he had much more gains this time, but disadvantageous ink effects were also taking place.

Firstly, Southern Border's rule path rank eight expert Ba Shi Ba was captured by Fang Yuan and would get annexed soon, he did not end up well.

This meant that when Wu Yong leads the Southern Alliance to fight Central Continent, they would lose one powerful ally.

During the battle in the previous life, Ba Shi Ba was one of the main pillars on Fang Yuan's side who resisted Heavenly Court's Gu Immortal Qing Ye.

Meanwhile, because Fang Yuan took away the five regional true inheritance and destroyed the Five Regional Mountain Range, the ambush battle would not occur there.

Heavenly Court's member Jun Shen Guang had been captured by Fang Yuan in the previous life during that battle, but now he was still free.

Other than that, Heavenly Court had another rank eight Gu Immortal, that was Prince Feng Xian.

"Within treasure yellow heaven, my dragonfish business is facing intense suppression, the profits are almost close to zero."

In the previous life, even though this also happened, Fairy Zi Wei had been provoked by Fang Yuan in this life, the actions that Heavenly Court took were more than ten times as forceful!

Furthermore, the dragonfish business was also prematurely targeted at this time period.

"Thankfully, I annexed so many immortal apertures, I gained a large number of revenue sources."

"But in the previous life, Fairy Zi Wei worked with Southern Border's righteous path to target my businesses."

"I wonder if this will happen earlier this time? Will they intensify their actions like what happened to the dragonfish business?"

Fang Yuan thought about it, it was very likely.

There was also another bad result that had occurred, it involved Longevity Heaven.

In the previous life, Longevity Heaven annexed Lang Ya blessed land, by giving them equal status, their reputation rose sharply, allowing Longevity Heaven to unite the entire Northern Plains Gu Immortal world, Bing Sai Chuan and the rest managed to invade Heavenly Court.

This time, not only did Lang Ya blessed land get annexed by Fang Yuan, with Longevity Heaven getting nothing, Prince Feng Xian also returned to Heavenly Court. With such a huge traitor in Northern Plains' righteous path, not only did the Huang Jin bloodline members lose face, Longevity Heaven was also implicated.

The outside world was in chaos, but Fang Yuan was not affected.

He waited and developed at a corner, moving his location constantly, his enemies had no lead on him.

His soul cultivation advanced rapidly, but he was still a distance away from using split soul.

Fang Yuan's time path clone was focused on deductions, while his main body practised killer moves!

He was very familiar with Xia Cha's killer moves, all his accumulations in the previous life were brought over through rebirth.

Fang Yuan was focusing on the contents of Tao Zhu's true inheritance.

Immortal killer move — Five Restriction Profound Light Qi!

Gu worms spiraled, immortal essence was injected, a grand light qi burst out like a fountain.

It was purple-black in color, the smoky appearance resembled light, making one think of Southern Border's miasma regional wall at first glance.

This was the southern restriction purple-black miasma light qi!

The other four were central restriction white-gold saint light qi, northern restriction jade licorice light qi, western restriction red raging flame light qi, and eastern restriction blue water light qi.

Fang Yuan had just started learning it, he could only unleash one type of light qi, he could not summon two light qi at once.

As for the other five regional limit formation, because he lacked earth vein Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan could not use it now.

According to his memories, earth vein Immortal Gu had not appeared at this point in time.

And even if he had earth vein Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan also needed to modify the five regional limit formation, he needed to add in the Formation Spirit and formation flag Gu.


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