Reverend Insanity
1792 Shocking The World!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1792 Shocking The World!

A crystal mountain stood tall within Mini Southern Border.

It was pink throughout and gave off a dreamy illusory light, it was the famous secluded domain of heaven and earth recorded in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e — Dang Hun Mountain.

Right now, Dang Hun Mountain had almost fully regained its former glory.

But it was not entirely repaired yet.

Like the previous life, Fang Yuan was worried that Heavenly Court might have a method similar to Fixed Immortal Travel's killer move.

Of course, it was already extremely close to complete restoration, the decline in guts Gu production was negligible, Fang Yuan could accept it.

Rank six rockman Gu Immortal Shi Shi Cheng arrived before the mountain.

Even though he knew that Fang Yuan had guts Gu, when he saw this legendary mountain personally, he was greatly stirred, excitement flashed in his eyes with incomparable light!

"Dang Hun Mountain, guts Gu…" He muttered.

Guts Gu had an incredible significance to the rockmen.

Rockmen were all male, they had strong and tough bodies that created a huge burden on their soul. The more active a rockman was, the more damage their soul would receive. Thus, rockmen would spend eighty percent of their whole life sleeping and nurturing their soul.

After an old rockman dies, the soul and rocks they split into will form new rockmen, and inherit a portion of the old rockman's memories, or some important experiences. In some cases, old rockmen sleep too much and their soul foundation accumulates to a degree, they would split apart a portion of their bodies to form new tiny rockmen.

This unique reproduction method meant that the rockman's soul was the key to their strength.

The stronger the rockman's soul, the more rockmen they could reproduce.

However, rockmen were variant humans that possessed earth path dao marks from birth, it conflicted with soul path. Thus, soul path methods that could increase the strength of their soul were very rare for the rockmen.

But guts Gu was different, it was formed from a secluded domain of heaven and earth, even though it was a mortal Gu, its ability to strengthen the soul could affect even Gu Immortals. After a rockman used it, the effect would be quite extraordinary. Back then, when Fang Yuan had just obtained Hu Immortal blessed land, he also nurtured some rockmen.

Shi Shi Cheng looked at Dang Hun Mountain as he could almost see the rise of his entire rockman tribe, they had a way to become stronger now, how could he not feel excited?

His emotions surged intensely, he felt that the decision to follow Fang Yuan was extremely wise for both him and the rockman tribe.

Fang Yuan was observing all of Shi Shi Cheng's expressions.

He was quite satisfied by it.

This time, Fang Yuan purposely asked Shi Shi Cheng to come over while collecting guts Gu, it was to lure him and feel that the future was bright, as long as he followed Fang Yuan, he would gain an incredible amount of benefits.

After a while, Shi Shi Cheng calmed down as he started to control the formation.

Fang Yuan had formation path and soul path attainment, he did not lack Immortal Gu, furthermore, soul path cultivation was most important right now, he went around Dang Hun Mountain and set up an immortal formation.

Shi Shi Cheng was given permission by Fang Yuan to manipulate the formation.

The formation resonated, a grey-blue light was shot out, it was like fog or smoke, quickly surrounding the whole of Dang Hun Mountain.

Dang Hun Mountain shook lightly, the pink crystal mountain gave off a faint light that quickly dyed the grey-blue fog into a pink color.

The pink color spread in the fog and quickly covered the entire formation.

There was a large number of soul beasts and soul cores inside the formation.

Under the effect of the pink fog, the soul beasts and soul cores vanished rapidly without a trace.

After a while of operation, guts Gu started forming, going from single digits to the thousands.

Shi Shi Cheng expressed deep shock on his face.

"What sort of efficiency is this!"

"The number of guts Gu is still increasing so rapidly, it is reaching tens of thousands soon."

This soul path formation was created by modifying the contents of Spectral Soul true inheritance, along with Fang Yuan's own Immortal Gu, he named it soul expending myriad guts formation.

It produced at least ten thousand guts Gu each time!

This was definitely more efficient than using Dang Hun Mountain alone.

Of course, the condition was that he needed enough soul beasts and soul cores to create ten thousand guts Gu.

Fang Yuan had already prepared sufficiently.

Earlier, he had arranged cooperation with Fang clan to develop the green ghost desert in Western Desert.

This was a way to obtain soul beasts stably in huge quantity.

Even though Fang Yuan had such a terrifying appetite for soul beasts and soul cores, green ghost desert was able to fulfill his needs with great ease.

This desert was too huge, it had countless soul beasts, it was truly a soul path giant resource point!

It was a pity that this desert was inside the territory of Fang clan which cultivated formation path.

And Qing Chou was still hiding inside green ghost desert, it was a huge threat. As long as it remained, green ghost desert would have a fatal danger, it was not a safe place.

Fang Yuan did not even think of buying soul cores in treasure yellow heaven or extorting Southern Border's Yang clan, because doing that would leak some important information.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan only repaired Dang Hun Mountain a long time after now, even after he repaired it, he lacked immortal essence, soul beasts, and soul cores, his progress was greatly delayed.

This time around, not only did he repair Dang Hun Mountain early, he even had a good supply of soul beasts and soul cores, this would allow his soul path foundation to rise rapidly.

Fang Yuan's soul went into the soul expending myriad guts formation directly.

With the use of the formation to help him absorb guts Gu, Fang Yuan used ten thousand guts Gu in an instant.

The effect of guts Gu was so evident, his soul inflated like a balloon, becoming a giant in just a few breaths of time.

Fang Yuan's soul flew out of the formation, arriving at Luo Po Valley who was nearby.

Bewilderment fog covered his soul as it started to become looser.

Luo Po wind cut and sliced his soul, the wounds that it created were incomparably painful!

Pain, pain, pain!

This pain originated from the depths of the soul, it was more painful than dying by a thousand cuts, Fang Yuan was almost going berserk.

But he controlled himself, a moment later, he flew out with a heavily damaged soul.

Going back into the soul path formation, he used the guts Gu to recover as his size expanded again.

Guts Gu was the most perfect nutrient for the soul, while the cultivation in Luo Po Valley made his soul as tempered as steel, all the impurities were removed.

Like this, after three rounds, Fang Yuan's soul reached ten million man soul!

Shi Shi Cheng, who was controlling the formation became tongue-tied, he was extremely shocked, being in disbelief.

Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley were the sacred lands for soul cultivation, their reputation was deeply justified.

Fang Yuan sighed to himself, thinking: "The toughest part is finally over."

Earlier, because his soul foundation was expending rapidly, he was almost forced to use other soul foundation methods.

Even though these soul path methods were exceptional, they all had drawbacks, only Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley were perfect in their usage.

For example, it was like lifespan extension methods compared to lifespan Gu.

"Oh my heavens…" Shi Shi Cheng praised as he sighed deeply.

He had finally reacted and accepted this dream-like truth.

Fang Yuan's soul foundation rose like he was on a rocket, it almost shattered Shi Shi Cheng's common sense, his sense of value and life were also in deep chaos.

He could not express his agitated feelings in words, his fingers were trembling.

"As long as we follow Lord Fang Yuan and walk behind him, our rockman tribe will definitely reach the peak of this world!"

"With these two soul path sacred lands, we will have foundation that surpasses the five regions' Gu Immortal world."

Shi Shi Cheng had no idea that Fang Yuan was not satisfied yet: "It is a pity I do not have pacifying soul soup, otherwise, my soul path cultivation speed will be even faster and more terrifying!"

Wisdom path cultivation emphasized on three aspects of thoughts, wills and emotions. Soul path also had three aspects of strengthening, refining, and pacifying the soul.

The former two had the ultimate methods of cultivation, they were Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley. Meanwhile, pacifying soul soup from the Bewitching Lake would pacify the soul, this was recorded in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e.

After reaching a certain level of soul cultivation, the soul would gradually detach from the body, the soul (a portion) would fly out and result in incidents like blanking out or being physically unconscious.

At this time, drinking pacifying soul soup would resolve this problem.

Fang Yuan did not have pacifying soul soup, he could only use other methods instead, they were not as good as his other two cultivation methods.

This also caused Fang Yuan to only be able to cultivate soul path once in a while. Even though the efficiency was already out of this world, Shi Shi Cheng was nearly shocked to death, but if he had pacifying soul soup, he could almost endlessly cultivate without stopping.

Haste makes waste, Fang Yuan had to temporarily halt his soul cultivation.

A commotion occurred in treasure yellow heaven.

Heavenly Court started to spread rumors that Fang Yuan was reaching rank eight soon, he might be undergoing tribulation very soon, he was close to his rank eight tribulation.

Other than that, information that Fang Yuan captured the Southern Border Gu Immortals had also been spread by Heavenly Court.

Fang Yuan sneered:" This must be the work of Fairy Zi Wei."

In the previous life, Fairy Zi Wei did this too, but that was at a later time.

In this life, Fang Yuan progressed rapidly and gave Fairy Zi Wei immense pressure, she used this method earlier than last time.

In fact, this move was quite vicious.

Fairy Zi Wei would be able to borrow the strength of every Gu Immortal that feared Fang Yuan and did not want him to reach rank eight, they would pursue and deal with him.

In the previous life, during the Five Regional Mountain Range battle, Fang Yuan used this to his advantage as he made use of these Gu Immortals' intentions.

"If not for the sovereign immortal aperture, I would fall into Fairy Zi Wei's trap and she would gain initiative in this matter."

"Now that she is spreading rumors like this, it means she has not discovered the true secret of the sovereign immortal body."

"Of course, it is possible that she knew but pretended not to, spreading out rumors like this as the start of her devious plan."

Fang Yuan started to use wisdom path methods as he thought intensely.

A moment later, a sharp light flashed in his eyes, he made a new decision.

"In this case, I will not wait around aimlessly, let's expose your star cast killer move, as well as news of Chen Yi's and Thunder Ghost True Monarch's death."

Fairy Zi Wei was trying to borrow strength, Fang Yuan was doing the same.

Compared to Fang Yuan, Heavenly Court was a bigger source of wariness and fear among the four regions.

In the previous life, Heavenly Court's Gu refinement was met with the attack of all four regions, Fang Yuan's spread of information had a lot to do with it.

"This time, I will reveal my battle strength, after all, I cannot conceal the matter in Southern Border anymore."

"Since the world will be shocked by it, let's go ahead and make them fear me even more."

"This way, it will help with my extortion of the Southern Border righteous path later."

As expected, Fang Yuan and Heavenly Court exposed information about each other once more, it caused countless Gu Immortals to gasp in shock.

Information spread like wildfire, soon, the entire Gu Immortal world knew about it.

The world was shocked!


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