Reverend Insanity
1790 Annex, Annex, Annex!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1790 Annex, Annex, Annex!

Inside sovereign immortal aperture.

Within the empty Mini Yellow Heaven, a figure was flying at rapid speed.

It came to a stop abruptly, landing before a group of Gu Immortals, it was Fang Yuan's time path clone.

"Lord Fang Yuan!"

"Sect leader!"

The group of immortals paid their respects.

Looking at them, other than Ying Wu Xie who was working in green ghost desert, Fang Yuan's subordinates were gathered around.

Bai Ning Bing, Hei Lou Lan, Fairy Miao Yin, Lady White Rabbit, Xue Er, Bing Yuan, Shi Zong, Shi Shi Cheng, and Mo Tan Sang, their immortal auras permeated the area, these talented people were all gathered here together.

These people had participated in the ambush earlier, they witnessed how Fang Yuan controlled the situation and captured the Southern Border immortals.

Thus, the immortals looked at Fang Yuan with even more heated and respectful expressions than before the battle.

Especially those variant human Gu Immortals, they had smiling expressions with a polite attitude, they were as tame as pets.

"No need to stand on ceremony." Fang Yuan glanced at them before turning to the other side.

An immortal formation was floating in the sky, it had been built by this group of Gu Immortals not long ago.

Of course, the main part of the formation was made by Fang Yuan, he had only left the minor portions to these subordinates.

Fang Yuan's time path clone observed patiently before nodding in satisfaction, this formation was operating smoothly.

This was the wisdom refinement formation, it was constructed by using the light of wisdom along with Woman's Heart and Unravel Mystery to refine other Immortal Gu. If there was the other person's will, the effect would become even more outstanding.

Initially, Fang Yuan had used Mo Yao's fake will to refine the Immortal Gu of immortal zombie Bo Qing, including change soul Immortal Gu. This crucial Immortal Gu allowed Fang Yuan to turn the situation around, snatching sovereign immortal fetus Gu during the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain from Spectral Soul.

In the previous life, this formation was modified by Fang Yuan, it had great power.

And in this life, Fang Yuan only tweaked it a little before using it, because the effect was sufficient, further modification was unnecessary.

"Alright, get into the formation." Fang Yuan instructed.

The Gu Immortals beside him started to enter the formation, they controlled the formation for Fang Yuan, maintaining its operation.

Fang Yuan turned around and looked behind him.

Behind him, there was an illusory dream realm, it was like a huge lump of rainbow clouds.

A Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body had already been formed, Fang Yuan had learned this move from Feng Jin Huang in the previous life, it was a perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body that could exist permanently.

But because Fang Yuan's soul cultivation was still low, he could not create a split soul, it was merely Fang Yuan's will that was controlling this Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body.

The will would be constantly expended until it dissipates into nothingness.

It was only a proper clone if it had an accompanying soul.

Thus, this Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body was only half a dream path clone.

But it was enough for now.

After the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body entered the dream, a Southern Border Gu Immortal was quickly pushed out.

As he had not entered the formation yet, the Gu Immortals around Fang Yuan looked and had changes of expression as they recognized this person.

After the battle, they did not idle, they were searching for the information of these captives, thus they knew a lot about these people.

"This is Yang clan's Gu Immortal Yang Ku."

"He is one of the peak representative experts of soul path in Southern Border's Gu Immortal world."

"He had once destroyed the nest of a group of ancient desolate beasts by himself, and had successfully escaped from the pursuit of an immemorial desolate beast."

Lady White Rabbit and the rest were talking.

Yang Ku's upper half was still inside the dream realm, while the lower half was exposed outside the dream realm, Fang Yuan's main body used his killer move.

Immortal killer move — Great Thief Ghost Hand!

A ghost hand descended from the sky, it quickly went into Yang Ku's immortal aperture.

As the immortals watched, in just a few breaths of time, the ghost hand came out.

It flew past Fang Yuan's time path clone as it came to the top of the wisdom refinement formation, its five fingers opened up and tossed the newly stolen Immortal Gu into the formation.

This was a rank seven soul path Immortal Gu!

The Immortal Gu entered the wisdom refinement formation, it was immediately enveloped by the formation, and trapped in the center.

"Activate it with full force!" The Gu Immortals inside the formation cried out.

The wisdom refinement formation shined with a bright golden light, amidst the buzzing noises, the light of wisdom also gathered on the stolen Immortal Gu, rapidly refining it.

Great thief ghost hand flew back to Yang Ku's immortal aperture, it came out after a few breaths of time, bringing out a second Immortal Gu.

This Immortal Gu was devour soul Gu.

Fang Yuan's time path clone nodded, with this Immortal Gu as the core, he could finally use the killer move devour soul.

After great thief ghost hand tossed devour soul Immortal Gu into the wisdom refinement formation, it flew back to Yang Ku's immortal aperture.

For the following two times, it stole Immortal Gu again and finally plundered all of Yang Ku's Immortal Gu.

Some of the variant human Gu Immortals who were unaware saw this and revealed expressions of shock.

Did Fang Yuan already modify great thief ghost hand so that it would always steal Immortal Gu?

If that was the case, great thief ghost hand would be hundreds or thousands of times more powerful than before!

But great thief ghost hand had indeed been modified.

After Fang Yuan gained some results in comprehending the Steal Life true inheritance, he was able to specify the intended target for great thief ghost hand to steal.

As long as Fang Yuan knew the target well, and where their Immortal Gu were, he could steal Immortal Gu every time.

And in this case, Fang Yuan was completely aware of Yang Ku's immortal aperture. Because in the previous life, he had stolen Gu and soul searched, he annexed the entire aperture, Yang Ku's immortal aperture was fused into his own sovereign immortal aperture.

A moment later, Fang Yuan looted Yang Ku dry of his Immortal Gu, using the wisdom refinement formation, he quickly refined them into his own.

Fang Yuan's time path clone took away devour soul Immortal Gu as he instilled immortal essence, activating other Gu worms as well to form the killer move devour soul.

This devour soul killer move was also modified, it was more effective than in the previous life.

Fang Yuan drew in a breath, Yang Ku's soul was drawn out.

As a soul path Gu Immortal, Yang Ku's soul was about to wake up the moment it left the dream realm, but Fang Yuan was prepared for this, he used a soul path killer move and sealed it.

After taking away the Immortal Gu, Yang Ku was like a tiger without teeth.

After his soul was taken, Yang Ku was a tiger without teeth that was having a fatal illness.

"The final step, aperture retrieval!" Fang Yuan called out as he activated his killer move, pulling out Yang Ku's immortal aperture from his body.

The immortal aperture was forcefully sealed, it was turned into a light grey lump of light.

Bai Ning Bing and two other Gu Immortals flew over at this moment.

Fang Yuan's time path clone handed this grey light to Bai Ning Bing with deep caution, saying: "Go ahead."

He had deduced everything already.

Bai Ning Bing held onto Yang Ku's immortal aperture, she and the others flew towards Mini Southern Border.

After confirming the location, Bai Ning Bing tossed, this grey-white light was fused into a certain mountain peak.

Immediately, heaven and earth qi rumbled, the grey light exploded and became larger. The area outside the grey light cracked as mountains moved, there was a deafening noise.

As the grey light expanded, it eventually turned back into the appearance of Yang Ku's immortal aperture.

"Be careful." Bai Ning Bing called out sharply as the two immortals beside her got ready.

Chirp chirp!

Firstly, a group of flower wing white bone birds emitted a crow-like call as they flew outside rapidly.

Next, the ground shook as a beast tide surged out towards Mini Southern Border from Yang Ku's blessed land.

Bai Ning Bing and the rest had serious expressions but they were not flustered.

Long ago, Fang Yuan had deduced this, he had made the necessary arrangements with great detail.

The three immortals took action immediately.

Bai Ning Bing soon dispersed the beast tide.

While the flower wing white bone birds were also drawn away by a variant human Gu Immortal to another area.

Yang Ku blessed land originally had a balanced ecology, the living beings inside lived harmoniously, but after fusing into Mini Southern Border, the balance that Yang Ku had created was broken, chaos ensued.

Ordinary Gu Immortals would definitely be flustered at this point.

But Fang Yuan was calm and composed, he used his deep wisdom path attainment and the Gu Immortal subordinates that he had to control the situation.

The chaos only lasted for a while before it vanished.

One of the three immortals stayed behind to handle the loose ends while Bai Ning Bing and another variant human Gu Immortal flew towards Mini Yellow Heaven.

On their way back, they saw another group of three Gu Immortals holding a pink lump of light as they flew towards Mini Southern Border.

Great thief ghost hand, wisdom refinement formation, devour soul killer move, aperture retrieval method…

Stealing Gu, refining Gu, separating soul from body, annexing immortal aperture, and suppressing the chaos, Fang Yuan arranged all these steps meticulously, it was done with much ease.

Mainly due to his previous life's experiences, Fang Yuan was very familiar with these captives.

Days later, Fang Yuan almost finished dealing with all the captives, only Ba Shi Ba and Liu Hao were left.

A huge dark inkstone vein was moved to the territory of the rockmen, Shi Shi Cheng was extremely happy upon seeing it.

In Mini Southern Border, dozens of mountains appeared out of nowhere.

Some mountains were even famous in Southern Border.

Interior Rain Mountain, Copper Seal Mountain, Bone Bird Peak…

The first supreme elder of the rockman tribe, Shi Zong, sighed deeply to himself: "Plundering and killing brings the most profits!"

Because they were Southern Border Gu Immortals, most of the resources were placed in Mini Southern Border, while the other half of the resources were split into the other four mini regions as well as the mini nine heavens.

Firstly, in Mini Central Continent, there was now a phantom shadow flower garden and a large fertile land filled with an enormous amount of immortal farmer soil.

Secondly, there was a huge heaven pillar wind in Mini Northern Plains.

Thirdly, a brand new sea area in Mini Eastern Sea, called wave flower sea area.

Fourthly, in Mini Western Desert, a dozen hibiscus trees were planted, every branch of this tree was an immortal material!

And his most important gain, Xia Cha grotto-heaven's year essence pool.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan did not know that Xia Cha had a year essence pool, he had constructed one himself.

Having two year essence pools did not have much use, the result was that he had wasted a lot of resources. Most of the resources that Fang Yuan extorted from the Southern Border righteous path forces were spent constructing this year essence pool.

In this life, Fang Yuan directly took over Xia Cha's year essence pool.

Fang Yuan had been troubled by the year beasts, ancient year beasts, and immemorial year beasts, he immediately threw them into the year essence pool now.

The immortals had huge waves of emotions, after experiencing much shock and surprise, they became numb.

Fang Yuan plundered almost all of these Southern Border Gu Immortals' life savings, he took everything without any wastage.

"Lord Fang Yuan truly has a comprehensive array of attainment levels, he could annex so many immortal apertures of various paths without problems."

"His grotto-heaven is grand and vast, after annexing so many immortal apertures, it is still so stable and firm!"

"This, this is simply a slaughter of livestock. These Gu Immortal experts were all like chickens falling in the hands of a butcher, their throats were slit, their blood was run dry, their feathers were plucked and they were cleaned and chopped up. This is truly…"

The immortals were tongue-tied, some could not speak.

Fang Yuan's mass annexing of apertures had caused them to feel a chill in their hearts.

It was as if these Gu Immortals were not Gu Immortals in Fang Yuan's eyes, they were livestock ready for the slaughterhouse.

Even rank eight Gu Immortals were no exception.

This had a huge impact on these immortals, especially the variant human Gu Immortals, they were much more shocked now than during the ambush earlier!


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