Reverend Insanity
1787 Rule Path Great Grandmaster
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1787 Rule Path Great Grandmaster

After obtaining the entirety of Tao Zhu's true inheritance, Fang Yuan left the Five Regional Mountain Range immediately.

Like the previous life, this mountain range was inevitably still destroyed. But the result was very different for Fang Yuan.

In the previous life, he set up an ambush and created a huge battle in the Five Regional Mountain Range, Tao Zhu's true inheritance has appeared unexpectedly, he had no chance to obtain it as he had to escape.

This time, Fang Yuan was wary of the ink effect, he waited until he ambushed Southern Border's pursuers, after capturing them all, the time was ripe and he came to obtain this true inheritance.

After some time, Southern Border's righteous path would agree and support Tie clan in building the Beacon Towers.

By then, it would be problematic for Fang Yuan to take action.

The scattered Beacon Towers would allow Southern Border's Gu Immortals to travel much more quickly and efficiently.

During the final battle in his previous life, Fang Yuan obtained important information about Tao Zhu's true inheritance from Wu Yong and Chi Qu You, he even set up a super immortal formation with them. Thus, he knew a lot about it, with all the deductions he made in advance, he was prepared to successfully take it by force.

"Tao Zhu's true inheritance!" Fang Yuan sighed deeply in his heart.

The methods inside this inheritance were very useful to him, they would help him greatly!

Even though Tao Zhu was just a rank eight, the importance of this true inheritance surpassed even some venerable true inheritances.

His previous life was the best proof.

Fang Yuan used Tao Zhu's methods to deal with the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, it gave Chen Yi and the rest huge problems, they were able to advance with great progress!

Tao Zhu's methods were also able to deal with the killer move heroes among people.

Due to heroes among people's amplification, Heavenly Court and Central Continent's Gu Immortals had a huge boost in battle strength.

But as long as they were inside the five colored smoke, these Gu Immortals would face greater backlash the stronger they were.

This was a mystical move that had an incredible effect!

Fang Yuan had to give it a thumbs up, it deserved all his praise.

The nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation and heroes among people were venerable methods, but Tao Zhu's true inheritance was actually able to counter them, this made many Gu Immortals' jaws drop, they were deeply shocked.

"This time around, even if I cannot find a way to break heroes among people, I can use the five colored smoke to counter it, Central Continent's people will have a hard time!"

"But the methods of this true inheritance are not too flexible. When used, an immortal formation has to be created. Even though I know this method, I do not want an immobile immortal formation, I need to modify it on this foundation."

Fang Yuan thought about it as he looked at Tao Zhu's true inheritance.

As he expected, the formation that he created with the Southern Border and Northern Plains Gu Immortals was the essence of Tao Zhu's true inheritance.

In this true inheritance, Tao Zhu named the formation — Five Regional Limit Formation.

And the good news was that other than this formation, there was another immortal killer move, it had the same value as this five regional limit formation.

This move was known as five restriction profound light qi, once activated, it could shoot out light qi made of five colors.

The effect of the light qi was similar to regional walls, within it, Gu Immortals of the five regions would face backlash, the stronger their move, the greater the backlash.

Of course, because Fang Yuan was a special existence, he was not restricted inside this light qi.

Five regional limit formation, five restriction profound light qi, these were the essence of Tao Zhu's true inheritance.

Other than that, there were two remaining Immortal Gu.

These Immortal Gu were rule path Gu worms, one was rank eight 'Region', the other was rank seven 'Limit'.

Rank eight region Gu was clearly Tao Zhu's vital Gu, it had risen to rank eight alongside him.

Tao Zhu's immortal aperture was not preserved.

According to the true inheritance, Tao Zhu was very poor then, most of his resources were used for research, his immortal aperture had barely anything.

And most importantly, before he died, he left his immortal aperture for the Southern Border righteous path so that he could conceal his true inheritance.

Fang Yuan looked at the true inheritance as he felt deeper emotions.

This Tao Zhu was a peculiar genius, he spent his entire life's time and effort on research, he invested so much manpower and resources.

In the contents of the true inheritance, he wrote about his countless experiments, he had risked his life each time in all these attempts.

Even after he became rank eight, he often went into the regional wall to experience its profundity.

This was not something normal people could do.

Thus, his immortal aperture was very poor, he could barely maintain the feeding of his Immortal Gu, it could not develop as he constantly faced backlash inside the regional wall as a rank eight Gu Immortal.

"Next, I need to manage my immortal aperture and gain the ability to feed these two Immortal Gu."


Fang Yuan was faced with a tough problem.

Should he choose the five regional limit formation or five restriction profound light qi?

Both used Region and Limit as the cores with a vast number of supplementary mortal Gu. If he created a formation, he could not use five restriction profound light qi. Similarly, if he chose five restriction profound light qi, he would not have enough time in the battle to set up the five regional limit formation.

Creating a formation had huge drawbacks, because a stationary formation needed the power of an earth vein.

Tao Zhu true inheritance had clearly stated, not only did the five regional limit formation need to be set up on the ground, it needed to be rooted to an earth vein.

Thus, in the previous life, Chi Qu You added in earth vein Immortal Gu.

But now, earth vein Immortal Gu had not appeared yet.

Once a formation was created, it would not be very usable, because Fang Yuan would not be able to take it out at crucial timing. Unless he used formation flag Gu or the Formation Spirit to move this formation around, but that would require a lot of modification and deductions from him, and the results were unknown.

Choosing the five restriction profound light qi was more convenient and stronger, but it could not last as long as a formation.

Furthermore, it had its weakness too.

Each time this move was used, the Gu Immortal would need to expend a vast amount of earth qi in their immortal aperture!

The expenditure was colossal, even Fang Yuan was tongue-tied when he saw it.

"However, there is a method to resolve the drawback of five restriction profound light qi… hmm? I arrived."

Fang Yuan stopped thinking as he arrived at an ordinary looking cave.

"It is well hidden, even I could not sense anything amiss." Fang Yuan nodded to himself.

Next, he let out Tao Zhu's will.

Tao Zhu's will took a few steps forward, the cave changed, a gush of true meaning permeated the walls.

Tao Zhu's will handed this true meaning to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan first inspected it, after finding no problems with it, he absorbed it without hesitation.

A moment later, he became a great grandmaster in rule path!

This Tao Zhu's true meaning could allow a person who had no foundation in rule path to become a great grandmaster instantly.

Of course, Fang Yuan had his own foundation, he was a rule path grandmaster. Even though Fang Yuan was still a great grandmaster now, his original foundation was not wasted, it was still accumulated even though he did not achieve a qualitative change into supreme grandmaster.

"It seems that Tao Zhu was a rule path great grandmaster when he was alive." Fang Yuan nodded slightly.

When any path reaches great grandmaster in attainment level, a qualitative change would occur.

Rank eight Gu Immortals were the elites of the elites.

Chi clan's Chi Qu You was a formation path great grandmaster who could use natural dao marks to create immortal formations.

Blazing Heaven Demoness was a fire path great grandmaster, back then when she made a trap for Fang Yuan, he could not sense it in the immortal materials no matter what.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was a great grandmaster of all paths, this showed how powerful he was. The lifetime achievement of many rank eight Gu Immortals would only be one aspect of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable. If not for Fang Yuan turning the situation around back then, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable would have infiltrated Heavenly Court, Shadow Sect would control the entire world.

As for why Tao Zhu cultivated restriction path but left behind a rule path true meaning?

Because restriction path was a sub branch of rule path, it was a small path that had not been fully separated.

It was like the emotion path derived from wisdom path, this path specialized in using charm and emotion to influence others.

The truth was, rule path had many smaller paths derived from it, it was truly the number one path without question in this regard.

The more famous ones were restriction path and phantom path.

Phantom path was derived from rule path, it focused on illusions and phantoms, between truth and falsity, it had not fully separated from rule path yet.

Fang Yuan had some rule path Immortal Gu, they were Precaution, Big, Fight, and others.

The characteristics of rule path could be easily seen from this.

Big, small, tall, short, fat, skinny, far, close, good, bad, round, square, curved, straight, truth, false, strong, weak, one, two, three, four, these were all rule path Gu worms.

Because rule path was a huge concept, it had many branching smaller paths as a result.

"Among all the paths, rule path Gu worms have the widest range of use, or rather, they are the most practical for usage."

"For example, rule path Gu worm 'Strong', can be used with any path to make any killer move stronger."

Rule path had another advantage, the Gu Immortal could often create their own true meaning using it.

This was the advantage of wisdom path as well.

True meaning involved the 'truth' of rule path, as well as the will of wisdom path.

Other than these two paths, there were truly very few Gu Immortals of other paths that could leave true meaning behind.

The ten venerables were exceptions.

These monsters were not confined to common sense, they were unique existences that could not be assessed through logic.

Tao Zhu's true meaning was quite a joyful surprise to Fang Yuan!

Because he knew that Wu Yong and Chi Qu You did not obtain it in the previous life.

It was not hard to understand.

Fang Yuan had already deduced much of the truth.

Tao Zhu was suppressed by the Southern Border righteous path when he was alive, before dying, he gave up his immortal aperture to lure the attention of the righteous path while he set up his true inheritance and hid his true meaning elsewhere.

Southern Border's righteous path obtained Tao Zhu's immortal aperture, they thought that his research had no results, because they could not see through the Five Regional Mountain Range, they could not discover Tao Zhu's true inheritance.

Even though Tao Zhu's true inheritance ended in the hands of Southern Border's righteous path last time, Tao Zhu's true meaning had been hidden from them.

Tao Zhu's true meaning was very useful to the current Fang Yuan, it came at the perfect timing.

Because he had just captured Ba Shi Ba.

This rule path rank eight Gu Immortal's grotto-heaven could not be annexed with Fang Yuan's original rule path attainment level.

"I wanted to undergo some transactions with Chi Qu You to get some rule path dream realms and raise my attainment level."

"To think that this would happen, I do not need to wait anymore, I can save a lot of effort."


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