Reverend Insanity
1786 A Match Made In Heaven!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1786 A Match Made In Heaven!


Fang Yuan floated in the sky, looking at the ground below him.

The huge mountain range was collapsing, five colored lights emerged, they shined dazzlingly.

But these lights did not fuse together or interfered with one another, they had their own routes.

"It is not so easy to destroy the Five Regional Mountain Range, in the previous life, Wu Yong succeeded because he obtained the accumulation of Qiao clan who had researched this inheritance for many years." Fang Yuan thought.

In order for Tao Zhu's true inheritance to appear, he needed to destroy the entire Five Regional Mountain Range.

The commotion would be huge, this was why Fang Yuan had waited until now before he acted.

Firstly, he had just won and captured the Southern Border immortals, his strength rose sharply. Secondly, the Southern Border immortals were disoriented currently, Heavenly Court's attention was also drawn there, he could act rapidly here!

The five colored lights started to dissipate and break apart, they were disintegrating at a rapid speed as they shrunk continuously.

Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

If anyone tried to change the earth vein without knowledge, unless they were extremely lucky, the lights would still exist for the most part.

Only a specific method that targeted this arrangement could succeed, to change the earth vein and cause the five colored lights to completely vanish.

After a while, the five colored lights disappeared completely.

A powerful aura suddenly emerged. Enormous pillars in five colors soared to the skies, a loud voice reverberated throughout the five regional mountain range: "Junior, you did well, you actually passed my final test of destroying the Five Regional Mountain Range. Now, my five regional inheritance is yours! Cultivate properly and you can move unrestrained and unhindered over the world in the future, don't let down my name."

In the middle of the five colored light pillars, a smoke-like will condensed into the vivid appearance of a Gu Immortal.

This was the will that Tao Zhu left behind.

Fang Yuan smiled coldly, he stretched his arm towards Tao Zhu's will.

Tao Zhu's will froze instantly, he felt a formless force restraining him.

Next, he was pulled out of the rainbow pillar like a carrot that was uprooted, he flew towards Fang Yuan and grabbed by the throat.

Tao Zhu's will was furious and humiliated, he stared at Fang Yuan: "Rank seven junior, don't humiliate me, I was a rank eight back in my day… hmm!"

Fang Yuan purposely revealed a trace of his rank eight aura, Tao Zhu's will had a change of expression after sensing it.

He chuckled as his attitude turned around entirely, he spoke with a tone of being on similar status: "So you are a rank eight friend."

Secretly, he was thinking to himself: "This young man looks talented and has great disposition, but he actually acts so viciously and domineeringly. He is a rank eight but he pretends to be rank seven, he must be up to no good. Hmm, he is not a good person!"

Fang Yuan smiled: "I am a current generation demon, Old Man Tao Zhu, I will take your true inheritance."

Saying so, his sleeves billowed and he unleashed the killer move that he had prepared.

The ground shook as Gu worms flew out of the five colored light pillars rapidly, they all flew into Fang Yuan's immortal aperture, including the Immortal Gu mixed among them.

Next, the five colored light pillars faded away, they no longer were eye catching.

Tao Zhu's will was flabbergasted.

Fang Yuan's wisdom path method could sense his inner thoughts, that was not strange.

The shocking thing was, Fang Yuan could actually take the entire true inheritance without his consent.

The main body's arrangements were completely useless against him!

"Sir, who in the world are you?" Tao Zhu's will had a change of attitude again, he looked towards Fang Yuan with curiosity and wariness.

Fang Yuan's action earlier had already surpassed Tao Zhu's own attainment, not only did he see through Tao Zhu's arrangements, he even dealt with them perfectly.

Fang Yuan looked over with a cold gaze, Tao Zhu's will felt like he was completely emptied, no, he felt like his entire body was transparent to the other party, he had no secrets left.

Fang Yuan smiled: "Old Man Tao Zhu."

"Yes, yes I am here." Tao Zhu's will felt extremely terrified by Fang Yuan's smile, he did not dare to put up airs.

"Your true inheritance is quite interesting, when I dominate the world and invade Heavenly Court, it will be very useful. To reward you, I will allow you to find a new inheritor in my grotto-heaven. I will not destroy your will, I will replenish you and allow you to live for a long time." Fang Yuan said.

Tao Zhu's will was currently at Fang Yuan's mercy, he was like a puppet that could not move, he felt extremely bitter inside.

Back then, when the main body researched upon the mysteries of the five regional walls, he made a breakthrough towards the end of his life, he had a shocking achievement!

But the main body's lifespan was up, he had no time to become famous, he could only leave the inheritance and wait for an inheritor.

It was a huge regret.

Thus, Tao Zhu's main body set up this true inheritance that would cause a huge commotion in the Five Regional Mountain Range, he would attempt to choose and test a proper disciple to inherit this legacy. When his disciple becomes renowned in the world, he would also gain fame and reputation, that would make up for his regret before death.

But the result was?

Fang Yuan came and disrupted everything.

Not only did he destroy the Five Regional Mountain Range, he skipped all of the tests and arrived at the end, even capturing the will and forcefully taking the true inheritance, he had no politeness at all, he was domineering.

Tao Zhu's will felt deep grievance, this was not what his main body had intended for.

But what choice did he have?

He was just a will.

"If I am not wrong, even my main body is not this person's match?"

"From what he said, he actually wants to attack Heavenly Court, without sufficient strength and confidence, why would he say that?"

Thinking so, Tao Zhu's will sighed, saying to Fang Yuan: "Forget it, this is life."

"I don't care if you are a good or bad person, the true inheritance is in your hands, you might cause bloodshed and death in the future, but that will surely shake the five regions, right? This is what my main body wanted to see too. As long as you do not cover up my main body's achievements, so what if you get the true inheritance?"

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan laughed loudly.

His laughter became intense, his black hair fluttered in the wind, his eyes shined with divine light, the surrounding winds and clouds moved with his will.

After laughing, he looked at Tao Zhu's will solemnly: "Don't worry, why would I fight with a dead person over this reputation? If I cannot even let go of this, how can I surpass Heavenly Court, how can I surpass the generations of venerables and pursue my supreme goal of eternal life?"

Tao Zhu's will stared with wide eyes, thinking: 'Hmm? This person talks big! He wants to defeat Heavenly Court and surpass venerables? Is he crazy or foolish? Oh no, he can detect my thoughts!'

Fang Yuan laughed again: "If I lack even this bit of ambition, what's the point of being human? Failure is fine, just try again several times. Even if I cannot achieve my goals in the end, so what?"

Tao Zhu's will froze, he stared at Fang Yuan in a daze.

He saw Fang Yuan taking a deep breath as he looked into the horizons, his eyes were dark like the abyss, but Tao Zhu could see that within this pure darkness, there was a brilliant spark!

Instantly, memories surfaced in his mind.

The questioning and disdain of countless people…

"Researching the five regional walls? What's there to research about?"

"He is so arrogant, this question has existed since the start of time. On what basis does this Tao Zhu think he can possibly resolve it?"

"A mere rank six immortal, and even a lone cultivator at that, he is so ordinary."

The suppression of Southern Border's righteous path…

"Tao Zhu! Stop researching it." The person who warned him had high cultivation level, his face was cold as ice.

"Why? I did not provoke you!" Tao Zhu replied in anger.

"Don't you get it?" The Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortal looked at him with a deep gaze, his tone was very cold: "What is the true meaning of the five regional walls?"

"Right now, Central Continent is the strongest while the other four regions are weaker. If your research really succeeds, it will cause a huge commotion in the world, the five regions will go into war, it will be a calamity."

"For the sake of all the living beings in this world, we will be taking away these research gains of yours."



"Blind fool, if not for her, would you still be alive now?" The Southern Border righteous path Gu Immortal gave him a cold stare as he left.

The separation from his lover…

"Tao Zhu, we are not compatible, let's end it here."

Tao Zhu was filled with sadness: "Yes, I am just a lone immortal, while you are the beloved child of Yao clan's first supreme elder!"

"No, that's not the problem! Do you not get it? Tao Zhu! You are the reason! You research the mystery of the regional walls every day, how much time do you spend with me? Ask yourself this question, do you really care about me? You love your research more than you love me!" The female immortal sobbed.

Tao Zhu was speechless.

The female immortal wiped her tears as she breathed in deeply, looking at Tao Zhu with teary eyes: "This is the final time I will ask you, do you want me or your research?"

Tao Zhu lowered his head, he had a hesitant expression that was filled with uncertainty.

The female immortal walked closer: "Be with me, marry into Yao clan, we will live together and have our own children. Don't think about the regional walls, we will provide you all the resources you need, with my father around, you do not need to fear any calamities or tribulations, darling…"

The female immortal spoke endearingly, Tao Zhu's heart shook.

He looked at her.

The female immortal had an expectant gaze, he took a step back as if he was pushed by a formless force.

"I, I…" He clenched his fists, he gulped his saliva, he wanted to say something but no words came out.

He did not want to lie to the female immortal, he did not want to lie to himself!

The female immortal looked at him as her beautiful face turned increasingly pale.

Eventually, the hope in her eyes vanished.

She smiled lightly.

Turning around.

As the crystal tears fell.

She flew away on a cloud.

Not long after, news got out that Yao clan was having an alliance marriage with another righteous path force, the bride was that female immortal…

"He is Tao Zhu?"

"Is he stupid? In order to research the pointless secret of the five regions, he gave up on that marriage!"

"He is a lunatic. I've often seen him heading to the regional walls for his research, he often ends up injured and in a sorry state."

On the night of the female immortal's wedding, Tao Zhu stayed in a dark and tiny cave, he looked at the mortal formation in front of him in a daze.

This tiny formation was only at rank two level, but it was the research gains of his entire life until now.

He looked at the formation while thinking about the figure of that beautiful female immortal, her smile was stunning and beautiful like the moon.

He laughed to himself, his hoarse voice echoing in the tiny cave.

He continued to research the formation in front of him with overflowing tears.

All his efforts were not in vain, his stubborn nature was deeply planted into the soil that was filled with the blood of his bleeding heart, it bore fruit in the end…

Yao clan's first supreme elder came to him.

As a rank eight himself, Tao Zhu looked at him directly.

Yao clan's first supreme elder looked at Tao Zhu calmly but with a hint of pity in his eyes: "I heard that your research had some progress recently?"

"I was lucky." Tao Zhu sneered: "You are here to snatch my research gains?"

The old man shook his head: "You just became a rank eight, I do not want to bully the young and weak."

Tao Zhu's sneer turned colder: "Your words can deceive a naive newbie, but trying that on me?"

Tao Zhu shook his head, disdain was shown all over his face.

Yao clan's first supreme elder smiled nonchalantly.

"I admit." He sighed as he nodded: "I had underestimated you, to think that you could advance to rank eight. If I had known this, I would not have hindered you and my daughter's relationship in secret, I would have nurtured you and tried all ways to get you two to be together. Even if you are obsessed with this, even if you cannot give my daughter happiness, I would still do it for the sake of my clan's benefit."

Tao Zhu's expression changed, thinking about the female immortal he loved, his gaze became dark.

"However…" Yao clan's first supreme elder had a solemn expression as he added: "I will not allow you to do any research on the secrets of the five regional walls!"

Tao Zhu's eyes shined with cold light, he regained his cold demeanor as before: "Hmph, the same excuse about causing chaos and creating war between the five regions which would cause bloodshed in the world? Have you thought about it? Once we decipher the secret of the five regional walls, we can bring prosperity and hope to the world! The five regional walls are the biggest obstruction to the interaction between all five regions, if they vanish, Gu Immortals will be able to move more freely and unobstructed, we would be able to share our cultivation knowledge with each other."

"However, the possibility of war is far higher than peace, isn't that so?" Yao clan's old man interrupted Tao Zhu.

Tao Zhu was silent, he did not rebuke.

The five regions had too many differences, not just in terrain and culture, their resource allocation and population density also varied, there was also no lack of ambition people.

Unlike the current five regions that were isolated and had economic, political, and military balance, once the five regional walls were removed, this balance would break instantly!

"So, you are here to advise me to stop?" A moment later, Tao Zhu broke the silence, he snickered in disdain: "You know that is impossible."

Yao clan's old man said solemnly: "I must admit, killing a rank eight existence is too risky, it is hard for Southern Border's righteous path to make a decision on this."

"Unless there was no choice, we would not choose to fight to the death. Thus, we are here to tell you a secret, I hope that you can keep it a secret after you learn about it."

"Why must I listen to you?" Tao Zhu laughed.

Yao clan's old man also laughed: "Because this secret involves the five regional walls, don't you want to know?"

Tao Zhu was moved, he felt a sense of anxiety in his heart but he quickly suppressed it.

The look of pity in the Yao clan old man's eyes became even deeper now: "This secret is too cruel to you, but in this situation, I need to tell you. In the future, the earth veins of the five regions will merge and become one, the regional walls will disappear by themselves."

"What?!" Tao Zhu shouted in deep shock.

This was a fatal blow dealt by Yao clan's first supreme elder!

This secret voided the goal of Tao Zhu's entire life.

The five regional walls would vanish in the future, then what was the point of Tao Zhu's research? He put in so much hard work and effort, he took all the life threatening risks and even gave up on his beloved woman… all of these sacrifices that he made, were they just cruel mockery towards him?

"This is impossible, you lied to me!" Tao Zhu's voice was loud but there was panic in his tone.

"This is a Paradise Earth true inheritance that our Yao clan inherited, the evidence is with you already. Even if you do not believe me, do you not believe in the words of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable?"

Yao clan's first supreme elder said this and smiled: "Furthermore, you researched about the five regional walls and earth veins your entire life, you must know something about it, haven't you sensed anything? All of your research gains can prove the fact that this will happen in the future, right?"

Tao Zhu was covered in perspiration, he stared with his huge hollow eyes as he fumbled backwards, he lowered his head towards the ground as his expression was full of nervousness.

Yao clan's first supreme elder smiled.

He looked at Tao Zhu, his kind old man demeanor had an extremely cold and cruel disposition!

This was all that needed to be said.

Yao clan's old man turned around to leave, before going, he said his parting words: "Don't research about the five regional walls, they will disappear on their own in the future, your research is meaningless."

"Of course, if you can succeed while the five regional walls are still intact, I am sure the moment you achieve success will also be the moment Southern Border's righteous path and all our rank eights join forces and exterminate you."

"This is all I have to say, Tao Zhu, think about it yourself."

Tao Zhu was dazed on the spot, he stayed motionless, defeat was written all over his face.

It was like a dream.

Back to reality.

Tao Zhu had died long ago, while his lingering will was grabbed by Fang Yuan at the throat.

The true inheritance was already taken away forcefully!

But Fang Yuan's words had a huge impact on Tao Zhu's will —

"If I lack even this bit of ambition, what's the point of being human? Failure is fine, just try again several times. Even if I cannot achieve my goals in the end, so what?"

"Hahaha, hahaha!" Tao Zhu's will laughed maniacally.

Years later, his main body had already recovered from the impact that Yao clan's first supreme elder dealt, he had the same kind of realization!


Even if I fail in the end and obtain nothing, even if my life was a complete failure, so what?

Even if the five regional walls would disappear in the future, so what?

Even if my research is meaningless, so what?

That is what I want to do!

You can call me crazy, you can call me an idiot, you can call me stubborn, you can call me stupid…


I am crazy, I am an idiot, I am stubborn and also stupid.

But I… still want to do it regardless!

That is how I want to live!

That is how I can find meaning in my life!

However, I still had lingering regrets in the end, therefore, I created this inheritance.

And now, this inheritance is in the hands of Fang Yuan.

At this moment, Tao Zhu's will became excited: "Fang Yuan! I will give you this inheritance, I will also give you the true meaning that is hidden somewhere else."

"My main body was not skilled at fighting, that was why I had lingering regrets. But I feel that if this inheritance is given to you, all these regrets will be fulfilled! This is truly… a match made in heaven!"

Fang Yuan's lips curled up, he showed a confident but arrogant smile.

"Then observe it yourself, Old Man Tao Zhu."

"I will make sure your true inheritance — "

"Stuns deities and shocks immortals, it will be renowned in the world!"


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