Reverend Insanity
1782 Comprehending Venerable True Inheritances
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1782 Comprehending Venerable True Inheritances

Fang Yuan's wisdom path methods were plentiful, he did not need mature bamboo chest and luck plan strategy, he only practised these moves to increase his understanding of the Genesis Lotus true inheritances and Giant Sun's true inheritance.

These last days, Fang Yuan's main body had been researching on Genesis Lotus' true inheritances, Giant Sun's true inheritance, and Thieving Heaven's true inheritance.

Fang Yuan had already fully grasped Long Hair Ancestor's refinement path true inheritance, it was easy to understand with his quasi-supreme refinement path attainment level.

Regarding the Genesis Lotus true inheritances, Fang Yuan had already started by creating the rank six karma divine tree killer move.

But because he lacked wood path Immortal Gu and wood path attainment level, Fang Yuan did not overly invest into it.

He placed his focus on Giant Sun's true inheritance and Thieving Heaven's true inheritance.

The former was self luck true inheritance from one of Giant Sun's three true inheritances, it allowed Fang Yuan to control his own luck.

The core of the latter Thieving Heaven true inheritance was rank eight Immortal Gu Steal Life, it involved the method to unseal steal life Immortal Gu.

Of course, both also detailed the fundamental cultivation of luck path and theft path, especially the two venerables' understanding of the paths they created, Fang Yuan benefited greatly from it.

"What was luck?" At the introduction of Giant Sun's true inheritance, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable asked this question.

Next, he answered himself: "To discuss luck, one must talk about fate!"

Before Red Lotus Demon Venerable, there was no luck path.

After Red Lotus Demon Venerable damaged fate Gu, a peculiar change happened to the world.

People first discovered luck path from a certain component of their human qi — luck.

Because heaven, earth, and human qi needed to be balanced to become a Gu Immortal, the more human qi a Gu Master accumulated, the higher the grade of their immortal aperture after they succeeded in the immortal ascension.

Therefore, by placing importance on human qi, people started to research on luck.

Soon, they found some traits of this luck.

After fate Gu got damaged by Red Lotus Demon Venerable, the paths of all beings were no longer fixed and constant, changes could occur to a certain limit.

People found out that luck and this deviation from fate had a profound but direct relation.

But what was the connection?

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable described his own viewpoint: "Fate is constant while luck is variable!"

For a normal person, what was good luck?

Good luck was a positive variable for oneself.

And what was bad luck?

Bad luck was a negative variable for oneself.

Within a person's human qi, if their luck was good, then this person would likely benefit.

Within a person's human qi, if their luck was bad, then this person would likely experience loss.

But regardless of good or bad luck, they were not part of fate.

Fate was a constant, it was fixed, it would inevitably be experienced. But luck was a variable, it was merely a probability, the actual outcome would only be decided after factoring in all the other possible influences.

If a person had bad luck but also had great strength and wisdom to turn the situation around, they could still achieve their goals or motives.

If a person had good luck but was stupid and weak, unable to make use of the opportunity, they would still fail.

Afterwards, Giant Sun's self luck true inheritance talked about the sizes, colors, and shapes of the different types of luck.

Some people had a lot of luck, some had very little.

Normally speaking, the higher your cultivation level and the deeper your foundation, the greater your luck.

The seven main colors of luck were black, grey, white, red, gold, azure, purple. But there were also uncommon colors like pink or blood red.

Luck had all sorts of shapes and sizes, it varied greatly and could be very strange. Normal people usually had common or ordinary shapes, while geniuses or champions would have greater luck that came in much rarer appearances.

For example, Fang Yuan once had the black coffin luck, his luck was black as ink, it gathered and formed a huge coffin shape, completely covering his body, it emitted a dense death energy filled with thick misfortune.

Or for example, when he observed Zheng Shan Chuan at the Refinement Path Convention, that person had rainbow luck that was incredibly dazzling, he stood out very clearly.

As for Hong Yi, Ye Fan, and Han Li, these people had special types of luck too.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left behind the self luck true inheritance, it had the ability to target one's own luck, allowing one to alter its size, shape, and color!

For example, if one wanted better fortune with the opposite sex, they could create peach blossom luck.

If they wanted cultivation resources like primeval stones, they could create wealth luck.

Or if they had bad luck on them, they could use a series of methods to change it.

Giant Sun's self luck true inheritance was very comprehensive, while Thieving Heaven's true inheritance was very simple and short.

"Theft path is not about gaining without effort, it is the path of greatest efficiency!"

"Gu Masters and Gu Immortals want to obtain Gu worms and Immortal Gu, be it Gu refinement, transactions, or loot, these methods have high costs and risks."

"Theft path targets Gu worms and steals them, one can save costs and reduce the risks, raising their efficiency!"

And what was the essence of Gu worms?

Gu were the essence of heaven and earth.

Stealing Gu worms was akin to stealing dao mark fragments.

Therefore, the killer move steal dao was created.

There was also steal life Immortal Gu, the manifestation of lifespan was simply a type of dao marks in the person's body. Steal life Immortal Gu could steal those relevant dao marks and reduce a person's lifespan.

"Don't think that theft path is shameless or vicious."

"Many things can be looked at with another perspective."

"Steal a hook and they hang you, steal the whole country and they make you a prince! Any clan or sect makes their members contribute towards the organization, this is an open form of thievery but is taken for granted."

"For example, Heavenly Court makes members who join contribute their immortal apertures, they are basically handing over their entire life's cultivation gains. In terms of theft path, this is Heavenly Court stealing the cultivation gains of Gu Immortals. But people think of it as a form of glory, they would die to have this chance."

"Weak mortals are also able to steal the cultivation gains of Gu Immortals, that is shown by the true inheritances left by all the different Gu Immortals. But this world treats that as a norm, it is the culture."

"Thievery is merely the most efficient way of gaining something. Creating an organization and making rules, making up honor or using emotions and culture, these are all theft path methods."

"The most powerful theft path method is — assimilation."

"When grotto-heavens or blessed lands get destroyed, the winds of assimilation will blow and turn everything into nothingness, the dao marks in the immortal apertures would be assimilated and absorbed by this heaven and earth."

"The greatest thief is this world itself!"

"It steals the cultivation gains of countless generations of peerless geniuses, it accumulates more and more dao marks, or even produces new types of dao marks. It stole me from another world, making me an otherworldly demon. It steals the lifespan of myriad beings, it ensures the death of all lifeforms in this world."

"The theft path I created imitates heaven and earth! Using the most efficient method to gather benefits and strengthen oneself…"

After taking a look, Fang Yuan felt his horizons broadening, his image of theft path had completely changed from before.

Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had a different mindset than others, he was not orthodox but he peered into the truth. He used the mentality of theft path to comprehend this world!

He had a grand vision, he carried his unique trait as an otherworldly demon.

Gu Masters cultivate, they nurture, use, and refine Gu worms, they manage their immortal aperture, they increase the attainment level of their own paths, they were simply understanding themselves and comprehending this heaven and earth.

Every path had a different understanding of the world and themselves from different perspectives.

"Steal life Immortal Gu is the first Immortal Gu in my life, I did not refine it myself."

"The more I used it, the more I understood, in the end, I put some arrangements on steal life Immortal Gu."

"Using steal life Immortal Gu normally would steal the lifespan of others, and with the killer move I created, it can increase one's own lifespan. Of course, it had its flaws, it is inferior to lifespan Gu."

"Using steal life Immortal Gu in reverse would give the user's lifespan to another target. This looks foolish but it has its own profundity. That is also the deepest essence of this true inheritance."

"Inheritor, if you are blessed enough to reach this step, you will be able to remove my method on steal life Immortal Gu and obtain the information of another corresponding true inheritance."

These were the final words of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

Fang Yuan was silent for a long time after reading it.

Even though he had theft path great grandmaster attainment level, he still found difficulty in comprehending the words of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

Using steal life Immortal Gu in reverse?

Fang Yuan shook his head, he was not confident in comprehending this mystery.

According to his deductions, he needed at least quasi-supreme theft path attainment level to be able to understand it.

Before that, if he tried to use steal life Immortal Gu in reverse, he would simply be cutting his own lifespan.

"Furthermore, I need to use this steal life Immortal Gu to deal with Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals."

"Ignoring anything else, Duke Long is especially countered by steal life Immortal Gu!"

Even if Fang Yuan used the final two opportunities and destroyed steal life Immortal Gu, he still had Thieving Heaven's true inheritance, it contained the recipe of rank eight steal life Immortal Gu.

"Even if I use up the two chances, I can still refine a new one in the future."


According to Fang Yuan's deductions, the arrangements that Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable left on steal life Immortal Gu were very valuable. If he could understand Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable and comprehend the core essence of this true inheritance, Fang Yuan's gains would be much greater than now.

While Fang Yuan was cultivating diligently, after the leaders of Southern Border's righteous path had gone through intense negotiation and discussion, they finally reached an agreement.

"We need to kill Fang Yuan, he is too lawless, last time he disguised as Wu Yi Hai, now, he directly showed up and harmed our benefits."

"The contest in the Earth Trenches is our internal conflict, this Fang Yuan is an outsider, against him, we need to unite!"

"But we need to be careful! Even though Fang Yuan only has rank seven cultivation level, he is too devious and has a deep foundation, we cannot look at him as a normal person."

"That's right, especially after he defended against Heavenly Court's attack, now that he annexed Lang Ya blessed land, I'm afraid he has gained the subordination of all the variant human Gu Immortals. Along with the Shadow Sect remnant forces that he took in… I need to remind everyone that Fang Yuan is not a lone person, he is a super force!"

"One rank eight Gu Immortal leading the group is not enough, to play safe, we should send two."

"Hmm, isn't that making a mountain out of a molehill?"

"I agree to it."

"I agree."

"My Ba clan has no objections."

"On the surface, Lady Xia Cha should lead them. The other expert should conceal his identity and mix within the group, striking at the crucial moment."

"Good idea."

"I agree."

"I agree."

Different from the previous life, because Fang Yuan annexed Lang Ya blessed land and defeated Heavenly Court, Southern Border's righteous path felt a greater threat this time.

They did not just send Xia Cha, they also sent a second rank eight Gu Immortal!

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan had no idea that this was happening.


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