Reverend Insanity
1780 Crime Scene
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1780 Crime Scene

Fang clan's assault shook the whole of Western Desert's righteous path.

Undeniably, steal dao was a powerful weapon, at once, the entirety of Western Desert's righteous path forces were intimidated.

Fang Yuan soon received word of this battle, the details were very specific, there was a video of the entire battle.

This was naturally given to him by Fang clan.

"Fang clan has a Thieving Heaven true inheritance!" Fang Yuan was quite shocked at this discovery.

Fang Yuan soon thought of great thief Immortal Gu.

He had obtained this Immortal Gu from Fang clan.

According to rumors, Fang clan had obtained this great thief Immortal Gu by chance. A lone immortal who joined them had contributed it.

"It seems that back then, Fang clan not only obtained great thief Immortal Gu, they also obtained clues to a Thieving Heaven true inheritance."

"The foundation of a super force, truly…"

Fang Yuan shook his head.

Like Wu Yong's Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building and Fang clan's theft path Immortal Gu House as well as the killer move steal dao, these trump cards were all able to rapidly change the disadvantageous situation that they were facing.

"Undeniably, this is a huge deterrence to the other clans. Fang clan's situation is going to change because of this, it seems that in my previous life, this was the reason why the entire righteous path relented."

Steal dao could steal dao marks, once used, it could destroy a natural resource point.

The main foundation of righteous path forces were these scattered resource points.

Different from destroying these resource points, steal dao had an immediate effect, its effect could directly cripple the resource point without any way of recovering it!

With Fang clan's assault, Dong clan's first supreme elder Dong Lu Chen remained unscathed but the entire treasure moon oasis was wiped from existence.

If they truly forced Fang clan to use this method without restraint, which Western Desert righteous path force could handle their retaliation?

Even a rank eight Gu Immortal like Dong Lu Chen could not do anything!

Fang Yuan praised Fang Di Chang's decision internally.

He chose a strong enemy and attacked the location guarded by Dong Lu Chen.

This was a strong deterrence to the other forces.

At the same time, he did not go overboard.

Treasure moon oasis was a mid sized resource point, it was not even a large resource point. It bore a special meaning to Dong Lu Chen because his beloved wife was buried there, so every year at a certain time, he would go there and mourn her death.

As a result, Dong clan's losses were not severe, while Dong Lu Chen was not particularly angry. Only the dao marks were lost, his wife's grave was not touched at all.

"They really had a good grasp of the situation! By making full use of this battle result, they not only deterred Western Desert's righteous path, they also sought to intimidate me."

Fang Yuan held the information path mortal Gu in his hand as he laughed coldly.

In this Gu, Fang Di Chang also mentioned the heavenly dew, he said: There should be very little heavenly dew lost from the battle, only about ten droplets. He asked Fang Yuan to look around, he might find the remaining twenty somewhere.

Fang Yuan had taken thirty droplets earlier, he reported it to Fang clan as the loss from the battle, Ying Wu Xie had caused it when he attacked, in the future, production might also fall.

This was just an excuse, both him and Fang clan knew the truth clearly.

But Fang clan did not accommodate to this, they warned him in a subtle manner: Don't go overboard, ten droplets is enough, hand over the remaining twenty!

Heavenly dew was a rank eight immortal material after all, Fang clan did not want to give up this profit.

Of course, they were also trying to suppress Fang Yuan. You had just joined us recently but already wants to keep some profits for yourself? Control yourself! Look at this battle, our Fang clan is still very strong, you should consider the gains and losses carefully!

This was the true meaning of Fang Di Chang's letter to Fang Yuan.

Conversation among righteous path members was usually very implicit, it was not straightforward like the demonic path.

"But the truth is, this shows how weak you are now." Fang Yuan was crystal clear in his mind.

In this battle, Fang clan did not use any other Immortal Gu House, it showed that during the battle of Divine Bean Palace, their Immortal Gu Houses were heavily damaged.

Fang clan used the theft path Immortal Gu House that was clearly damaged. The steal dao killer move they used had rank eight power, but Fang Yuan could see that this move had a huge burden on the Immortal Gu House, it could not be used extensively.

And it was not stable!

If the killer move was stable and could be used often, Fang clan would have used it long ago, they would not have waited until now.

Steal dao was the trump card of Fang clan, they did not want to use it but there was no choice.

Very likely, Fang clan did not have the complete Thieving Heaven true inheritance, or maybe, they had not grasped it fully yet.

Because Fang clan was most numerous in formation path Gu Immortals, they excelled in formation path, they were not familiar with theft path.

Fang Yuan first replied to Fang Di Chang.

In the letter, he wrote that he found the twenty droplets of heavenly dew, he had been too careless earlier.

Next, a dark light flashed in his eyes: "It is time to take action personally."

Immortal killer move — Jade Flow Pearl!

During this period, he had gained control of heavenly dew oasis' formation, he even set up a formation inside this formation, not only could it create the illusion that he was inside defending the place, it could also conceal Fang Yuan's actions.

Jade flow pearl was also modified successfully, the activation speed was faster now and the aura leaked at the destination was smaller, it was not as eye-catching as before.

Fang Yuan arrived at burning firefly desert, this place was filled with weird rocks and few plants, there was a type of insect that filled this place, called burning fireflies.

There was an endless number of burning fireflies here, among them were a vast number of burning firefly Gu, from rank three to five.

Burning firefly Gu was a type of fire path Gu, it was quite high grade, with rank three being the lowest, but it had never produced a rank six Gu before.

This was a mid-sized resource point of Fang clan.

Fang clan set up an immortal formation here as well, they used the burning firefly Gu to create a fire path environment to raise a lot of other fire path Gu worms here.

A rank six Fang clan Gu Immortal was defending this place.

Fang Yuan used familiar face to disguise himself, he directly attacked.

He killed this Fang clan Gu Immortal and tossed the corpse, before destroying the formation and slaughtering all the Gu worms, the entire desert was turned into ruins before he left.

Worth mentioning was that he used earth path methods.

Within Lang Ya blessed land's inventory, there were several earth path Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan also had a large number of earth path killer moves.

After doing all that, he returned to heavenly dew oasis.

Over on Fang Di Chang's end, he smiled after receiving Fang Yuan's reply, but soon learned about the nightmare that his clan's burning firefly desert was destroyed!

In an instant, this Fang clan wisdom path great grandmaster was dazed.

His joyful emotion was gone.

A member of Fang clan died!

Burning firefly desert was not important, the important thing was, Fang clan's Gu Immortal died!

All along, Fang clan had always lacked Gu Immortals, compared to the other Western Desert righteous path forces, they were disadvantaged. Only after bringing in Old Ghost Bai Jun, Eagle Concubine, and Suan Bu Jin recently did the situation change.

But these three were outsiders, they did not have Fang clan bloodline, it was not the same.

Fang clan's Gu Immortal died, even though they were just rank six, it was a severe loss to the whole of Fang clan!

Fang Gong placed great importance on this, he quickly discussed the situation with Fang Di Chang.

After a short conversation, Fang Gong stayed to guard the headquarters while Fang Di Chang went out to find the culprit at the scene of the crime in burning firefly desert.

"The murderer killed our clan's Gu Immortal!"

"They even destroyed all of the desert's resources."

"This is clearly not a crime of greed, this is totally an act of revenge!"

Fang Di Chang used his wisdom path method, he surveyed the scene and quickly saw indications of the ruthless thoughts, hatred, and angry emotions of the culprit behind this incident.

"Earth path method… is it Dong clan's revenge?"

Fang Di Chang thought of this as Dong clan specialized in earth path, but he soon shook his head.

"If Dong clan did it, this is way too obvious, there must be other righteous path forces trying to take advantage of the situation."

"The situation is bad…"

Fang Di Chang's expression turned grim.

He was a wisdom path great grandmaster, he had made many deductions regarding the consequences of using steal dao to intimidate the Western Desert righteous path forces.

Among them was one possible situation, someone in Western Desert's righteous path forces might want to provoke him but would not dare to do it publicly, they would hide behind the scenes and use some devious plan.

Fang Yuan acted very cleanly, he only left behind the clues that he wanted them to find.

There was another element, Fang clan lacked information path Gu Immortals, Fang Di Chang was a wisdom path immortal, he did not cultivate information path.

If an information path Gu Immortal came here, they might be able to find some traces or evidence that lead to Fang Yuan.

But Fang clan could not.

Even if Fang clan invited an information path expert to help, they could not approach the other righteous path forces, that meant that there was little choice available. If they invited lone and demonic immortals, the person would need rank seven cultivation level.

But as part of the righteous path, Fang clan did not have a good relationship with lone and demonic immortals.

Even lone immortals with decent relationship or demonic immortals who have transactions with them secretly might not cultivate information path.

Fang Di Chang did not find any valuable clues, when he returned to the headquarters, his expression was very dark.

Western Desert's righteous path soon got news of this.

Immediately, a rank eight expert went to ask Dong Lu Chen.

Dong Lu Chen heard this and became very stupefied!

He breathed in deeply as he felt deep anger rising, he cursed internally: "Which bastard is trying to harm my Dong clan! Fang clan has steal dao, but they did not go overboard and target our giant resource points. Yet this bastard killed their Fang clan's Gu Immortal, that is going too far. Damn it!"

"This person used earth path methods and I am an earth path Gu Immortal, my Dong clan specializes in earth path too, they are trying to frame us! So devious and vicious, yet I cannot retort to them!"

Dong Lu Chen could barely contain the anger and annoyance in his heart.

He could not go around shouting that he was not the culprit.

Firstly, nobody was publicly accusing him, even if they suspected him, wouldn't he be showing weakness by declaring innocence?

Earlier, Fang clan destroyed one of Dong clan's mid sized resource points, if he shouted about his innocence now, wouldn't it show that he was afraid of Fang clan?

That would not only taint Dong Lu Chen's reputation, the whole of Dong clan's prestige would be affected.

Thus, even though Dong Lu Chen hated Fang Yuan and wanted to declare his innocence, towards the rank eight expert who asked him, he could only snort: "This feels great (I am very angry)! But who did this to them? I will definitely give them a huge reward (tear them to shreds)!"[1]

"Hehe." The rank eight expert replied with a meaningful answer.

Dong Lu Chen's feelings felt even worse now.

Hehe your mother!

Am I having an easy time?

My Dong clan's territory is bordered with Fang clan, they were pushed aside so they attacked my clan to intimidate us all. This time, Fang clan's Gu Immortal died, if they retaliate now, my Dong clan will face the greatest danger!

[1] The bracketed words are his inner thoughts.


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