Reverend Insanity
1779 Killer Move Steal Dao
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1779 Killer Move Steal Dao

Suan Bu Jin was just a disguise, Fang Yuan knew that in order to join Fang clan, his biggest obstacle was Fang Di Chang.

Because he was a wisdom path great grandmaster.

Usually, only experts among rank eights had great grandmaster attainment level, they were hard to deal with.

There would be too many traces left behind if Fang Yuan tried to use wisdom path methods to deal with Fang Di Chang's deductions. After all, Fang Yuan was just a wisdom path grandmaster, he was skilled at deductions and killer move modification in terms of wisdom path.

Using the light of wisdom, in terms of deducing killer moves, he was the number one person in the world.

But dealing with other Gu Immortals and resisting other wisdom path Gu Immortals' deductions was not Fang Yuan's expertise.

After Fang Yuan joins Fang clan, it might stir some strange feelings in Fang Di Chang.

Wisdom path Gu Immortals were usually very calm, if their mental state was affected and their emotions changed, it would signify a huge problem.

Thus, Fang Yuan arranged for Ying Wu Xie to disguise as a Western Desert Gu Immortal and attack Fang clan's heavenly dew oasis.

As expected, Fang Di Chang fell for it and did not suspect Fang Yuan.

Making Ying Wu Xie attack heavenly dew oasis had another deeper meaning.

It was to help Fang Yuan 'integrate' into Fang clan more quickly.

Suan Bu Jin had worked with Fang clan to fight over Divine Bean Palace, but he had just joined the clan, Western Desert's righteous path was not familiar with him, while Fang clan held suspicion towards his loyalty.

At this time, Fang Yuan arranged for such an event, he displayed his own battle strength and to a certain extent, his loyalty towards Fang clan.

"However… Fang Di Chang's wisdom path attainment level is higher than mine, the more we interact, the more likely he would be to find out the truth." Fang Yuan alerted himself.

Dealing with a wisdom path great grandmaster was too troublesome!

Even though Fang Yuan was using familiar face killer move, he was in danger of getting exposed.

Other than that, there was another risk: Ying Wu Xie.

Ying Wu Xie's disguise method was not special, after all soul path did not specialize in that. Furthermore, legendary immemorial soul beast Qing Chou was likely still lurking somewhere in green ghost desert.

These were all hidden dangers and risks.

But compared to these risks, Fang Yuan's need for a vast number of soul beasts to raise his soul path cultivation level was greater.

He was willing to take the risk!

"Even though I joined Fang clan and they agreed to develop green ghost desert, giving me a portion of the soul cores once in a while, they are very busy now and because they have some stockpile of soul cores, they will likely hand me these accumulated soul cores during this period of time."

Fang Yuan had already expected this, he needed to rely on himself for the development of green ghost desert.

Fang Yuan had not thought of relying on Fang clan to capture soul beasts for him. In that situation, Fang clan would not try their best after all.

The truth was, Fang Yuan did not want Fang clan to overly take control of green ghost desert.

The cooperation with them was to prevent Fang clan from causing trouble. After all, there was only one clan, Fang clan, around the vicinity of green ghost desert.

Fang Yuan could not station himself in green ghost desert, he had to arrange pawns like Ying Wu Xie. If Fang clan found trouble with him, they could not deal with Fang Yuan easily, but Ying Wu Xie was an easy target.

Fang Yuan had considered many things.

In this case, he had to cooperate with Fang clan first.

Even though Fang clan did not have effective methods to use the soul beasts, they would capture many soul beasts each year and extract their soul cores, it could build up their inventory and also be sold for profit.

If Fang Yuan tried to hunt in green ghost desert alone using Suan Bu Jin's identity, Fang clan would find him an eyesore.

As the super force that was the closest to green ghost desert, Fang clan had already treated green ghost desert as their own territory.

Fang Yuan could not eliminate them entirely, he had to choose to work with them. Turning an enemy into a friend was also a way of eliminating an enemy.

From Fang Yuan's perspective, killing was just a method.

Other than killing, there were many other methods he could use.

To achieve his goals, he had to use the most appropriate and effective method, regardless of what it entailed.

This was different from Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable handled matters and conflict with basically one method.

That was to kill!

You do not relent? Kill!

You are an eyesore? Kill!

His own mood was bad? Kill!

He was bored? Kill!

Fang Yuan began to inspect heavenly dew oasis.

He had already seen the acupuncture trees, they were at the periphery. But he had to enter the formation to observe the lake water within it.

Heavenly dew oasis not only had a lot of water resources, they were of various types.

Commonly seen were delicate springs, jade toad drool, bitter fragrance water, more rare ones included divine strength water, black-white water, and others.

There was a huge quantity of Gu materials, with immortal materials of all kinds.

For example, even though divine strength water was a type of water, it contained strength path dao marks, it was a rank six strength path immortal material in the market.

In mortal fables, divine strength water had a lot of names, often, when mortal heroes drink this water, they would gain divine strength and be able to defeat evil Gu Masters.

And because this divine strength water was an immortal material, drinking it without food path methods would kill even a Gu Immortal just because of its strength path dao marks!

Therefore, the mortals of these stories often die themselves after taking revenge.

The most important one was black-white water.

Black-white water was a rank seven immortal material, it was situated at the center of heavenly dew oasis.

During daytime, the black-white water would be white, during night, it would be black.

Placing the black-white water there while exposed to the sky, as the days and nights cycle, the black-white water would create drops of heavenly dew.

The heavenly dew was transparent and looked like a droplet, it was round and each drop had the size of a baby's finger.

The heavenly dew could not fuse together, droplets could only be placed together but not as one entity.

The most valuable thing in heavenly dew oasis was the heavenly dew.

It was a rank eight immortal material!

Fang Yuan soon found that this black-white water region had a hundred droplets of heavenly dew accumulated here.

Ying Wu Xie attacked this place but did not reach the center, the heavenly dew that had accumulated for half a year was still here.

Fang Yuan smiled as he stored thirty droplets of heavenly dew away without hesitation.

This was the hidden rule of the righteous path.

Any Gu Immortal sent to defend the resource points would secretly keep a portion of the resources for their own cultivation needs.

Of course, this was not an outright rule.

But basically, all the super forces allowed this.

Being stationed outside to defend resource points was a tough job, it had risks. Without this benefit, who would want to do it?

In the five hundred years of his previous life, Fang Yuan had learned about these things. Taking thirty drops of heavenly dew was the limit already, this was a valuable sum, it was three months of heavenly dew oasis' accumulation! If he took more, Fang clan would not be happy, they would accuse him of embezzlement.

"It is a pity that the nine heavens shattered, only black heaven and white heaven are left."

"If the nine heavens were around, according to this heavenly dew oasis' location, this would not be black-white water but rank eight immortal material nine colored water. Nine colored water faces the sky and experiences the nine different heavens continuously, with the direct rays of the stars, moon, and sun from the nine heavens, it would produce a drop of nine heavenly star sweat every year from this nine colored water."

Nine heavenly star sweat was a rank nine immortal material, it was one of the three waters of heaven and earth, along with myriad being creation water and rising falling tide water. It had extreme value, it was rare even among rank nine immortal materials.

Different from the three fires of heaven and earth, the nine heavenly star sweat of the three waters of heaven and earth had already vanished.

Because seven of the nine heavens were already gone, only two heavens were left.

After looking at all the resources, Fang Yuan sighed in admiration, this heavenly dew oasis was truly one of Western Desert's top ten oases, he looked at the formation again.

He was tasked to guard this place, he obviously could use the formation.

Fang clan gave him the methods to utilize this formation, Fang Yuan tried activating them and comprehending the workings of this formation.

He had formation path grandmaster attainment level, he also had wisdom path methods, he quickly gained some knowledge.

Compared to Chi clan, Fang clan's defensive formation at heavenly dew oasis was not impressive. Thus, Fang clan spent a lot of effort to place the acupuncture trees here as a form of defense.

Fang clan was like Chi clan, they excelled in formation path.

But the difference was, Fang clan excelled in Immortal Gu Houses, because Immortal Gu Houses were a type of mobile immortal formation.

Meanwhile, Chi clan excelled in creating immobile formations, that was the mainstream of formation path.

And most importantly, Chi clan had a formation path great grandmaster, Chi Qu You!

Formation path Gu Immortals who had great grandmaster attainment level could use natural dao marks to set up immortal formations. Not only could they save on Immortal Gu, they could even use the environment to create strong defenses while helping the development of the resource point, increasing its yield.

Fang clan set up this formation in heavenly dew oasis, they used many Immortal Gu. But the formation's main purpose was to increase the heavenly dew production, it was not focused on defense.

"But Fang clan's specialty is very strong too."

"They own multiple Immortal Gu Houses, not only do they have high mobility, they can use the Immortal Gu Houses to fight rank eight enemies with just rank six Gu Immortals."

"If I am Fang clan's leader, in this situation, I would gather my people to attack one enemy, by displaying a fierce demeanor, we can intimidate and deter the rest of the Western Desert righteous path forces."

"But they would need to pay close attention to the extent of their actions, if they go overboard, they would be in trouble. If they do too little, it would deter no one."

Fang Yuan was thinking about Fang clan and Western Desert's righteous path forces now.

He had to cultivate during this period of time, processing his gains and modifying killer moves, it did not matter if he was in Western Desert or Southern Border.

Time was quite pressing.

Very soon, Southern Border's righteous path would come to agreement, they would come after him.

Flipping heaven sand sea.

Huge sand waves were rising and falling continuously. Under the rays of the moonlight, white sand looked like snow, sand waves rose to tens of feet with a grand aura, it was a famous sight in Western Desert.

Fang clan's Gu Immortals had secretly gathered, approaching treasure moon oasis within the sand sea.

"According to the intel, Dong clan's Dong Lu Chen has already arrived. Let's go!' Fang Di Chang transmitted secretly.

"Good!" Fang Gong burst out with overwhelming aura, attacking treasure moon oasis directly.

Dong Lu Chen flew up, his rank eight aura also permeated the area, he shouted with shock and anger: "Fang Gong, I did not approach you for trouble, but you are actually attacking me!"

Fang Gong roared: "Cut the crap, let's fight."

The battle of two rank eight Gu Immortals caused thunderous sounds and intense explosions.

Dong Lu Chen was in a passive spot, he was quite restricted as he had to defend the treasure moon oasis behind him.

He blocked Fang Gong's attacks as his expression sank: "Fang clan, just you wait! You dare to attack the territory of righteous path forces, you have broken the rules, in just a while, the whole of Western Desert's super forces will inflict judgment upon you!"

"Is that so? Didn't your Dong clan spread the rumor that treasure moon oasis was once attacked by our clan? Since you do not have evidence, we are so kind as to come here and give you some evidence." A strangely shaped broken Immortal Gu House flew into the sky, Fang Di Chang's voice came from within it.

Dong Lu Chen became even more furious: "Fang Di Chang, you are a mere rank seven, you dare…"

Before he finished, Fang clan's Immortal Gu House unleashed an immortal killer move.

Dong Lu Chen's anger vanished all of a sudden, replaced by deep shock and fear.

"This immortal killer move, don't tell me?!"

"Exactly, it is the killer move that Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable used to create his path — Steal Dao!" Fang Di Chang answered.

"No!" Dong Lu Chen growled, he turned to look at treasure moon oasis.

Due to the killer move steal dao, the countless natural dao marks of treasure moon oasis became exposed, they were either long or short, most were lines that weaved together, forming some sort of mysterious shape. Some were like webs while others were like balls of thread, accumulating into a mountain.

Dong Lu Chen tried to stop them but it was futile.

He watched with a furious expression as these dao marks were all drawn into that theft path Immortal Gu House that Fang clan owned.

This was the power of the killer move steal dao!

By activating this move, one could directly steal dao marks.

In the past, after creating this move, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable gathered enough foundation to trigger a qualitative change, officially establishing the new Gu path, theft path.


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