Reverend Insanity
1778 Fang and Fang Scheming Each Other
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1778 Fang and Fang Scheming Each Other

The desert extended to the horizon, intense winds whipped up a yellow sandstorm, shrouding the world.

Fang Yuan's body moved like light smoke, traveling rapidly within the sandstorm.

An oasis with a huge area appeared in his vision.

This was heavenly dew oasis.

The oasis had a large lake that had a lot of water in it, it was almost like a small sea.

Acupuncture trees were planted all around this lake.

This tree was dark green in color, it resembled a human shape with arms and legs. Its legs were stabbed into the depths of the desert, absorbing water and maintaining its vitality. Its arms were either spread out or pointed towards the sky. Some were standing, their arms bent and their pinky fingers pointed towards their heads, as if they were picking their noses. Some were completely lying on the ground like a lazy person, the hands were placed behind their heads as they looked up at the sky.

A large number of acupuncture trees, several hundreds of them, surrounded heavenly dew oasis tightly, forming the first line of defense.

Ordinary acupuncture trees were the most numerous, they were ten to twenty feet tall, they looked like still giants.

There were also several hundred desolate plant acupuncture trees, they were even larger, at fifty to sixty feet tall, they were very grand.

There were also ten or so ancient desolate plant acupuncture trees. They were large like mountains, even if they were lying down, they were extremely conspicuous among the other trees.

At ancient desolate level, the acupuncture trees would blossom every year, the petals were snow-white. The core had rainbow colors that were mostly pink, yellow, and light blue. Each petal was a seed of the acupuncture tree, it could scatter with the wind.

The acupuncture tree was very valuable, it had great use.

Each leaf, each branch, and each root was a Gu material, it had rich fire path and wood path dao marks.

When a strong enemy attacks, these acupuncture trees would stand up like giants, waving their limbs around and moving in the desert, they would fight the enemies using their strength and sharp needles.

During normal times, they would be peaceful. When they met someone they favored, they would move their needles to pierce into them and inject some liquid.

This liquid was like spring water but it had great value, it could increase the vitality and foundation of the living being, it could alleviate fatigue and illnesses, even treating diseases. By using the acupuncture needles regularly, one could stay healthy and strong, they can even live longer.

Ignoring the more valuable lake, just these acupuncture trees surrounding it were very valuable, they made this heavenly dew oasis a giant resource point!

This oasis was famous in Western Desert, it was one of the top ten oases, Fang clan had placed much importance into this asset.

Even though Fang Yuan's dragonfish sea was a giant resource point too, it was dwarfed in comparison with this oasis.

"Recently, Fang clan has faced the suppression of the other Western Desert forces. Among all of their resource points, the small ones are being affected and even taken away. This time, heavenly dew oasis was attacked, Fang clan's limit for tolerance was touched so Fang Gong showed deep anger in response."

After a while, Fang Yuan arrived above heavenly dew oasis.

The formation of heavenly dew oasis was already activated, it was resisting a mysterious Gu Immortal.

This Gu Immortal cultivated soul path, he wore a black robe and above him, there was a dark cloud, he was surrounded by grey-white vengeful spirits that moved around in the sky.

He moved in a peculiar manner, his killer move was outstanding, each attack would emit a shrill noise that made people feel goosebumps all over!

The Fang clan Gu Immortal defending heavenly dew oasis had already activated the formation.

But Fang clan's formations were inferior to Chi clan, their strong point was in Immortal Gu Houses!

Furthermore, this Western Desert soul path Gu Immortal attacked peculiarly and ruthlessly, half the formation was already destroyed, he was rampaging in heavenly dew oasis.

Fang Yuan did not conceal his aura, he arrived in the battlefield and attacked the soul path Gu Immortal.

Boom boom boom!

The two fought as they created thunderous noises, air currents surged and created huge waves in the oasis lake.

Fang clan's Gu Immortal contacted Fang Yuan and asked him to help, but Fang Yuan only told him to defend the oasis.

The Fang clan Gu Immortal was worried because the soul path Gu Immortal was very strong, he felt very uneasy in this situation.

But Fang Yuan showed an even stronger stance.

He had many Immortal Gu, while acting as Suan Bu Jin, even with just wisdom path methods, he had a variety of different methods that could not be dealt with easily.

The soul path Gu Immortal had peculiar methods but Fang Yuan's wisdom path killer moves were more exquisite, filled with wisdom and elegance.

As the two fought, Fang Yuan gained the upper hand, he slowly obtained control over the tempo of the battle.

The Western Desert soul path Gu Immortal became more fierce in his attacks as he shouted: "Who are you? How did Fang clan find someone like you!"

Fang Yuan laughed loudly: "I am wisdom path Suan Bu Jin, an external supreme elder of Fang Yuan. I have just joined Fang clan but you jumped out to provoke me, you are simply looking down on me, I will take your life!"

Fang Yuan's display of killing intent surged as he forced the soul path Gu Immortal back into a dangerous spot.

The Fang clan Gu Immortal inside the formation felt a chill in his heart, this newly joined supreme elder of the clan was definitely not a kind or easygoing person.

Fang Yuan's eyes shined with brilliance, his face was full of sternness and arrogance.

He waved his sleeves as he attacked like raging tides, his attacks were very powerful, the spectator was deeply shocked.

After a while, the soul path Gu Immortal shouted loudly, he seemed to have used a killer move with deep backlash, his face turned pale as his aura became dim, he was very weakened now.

But his speed increased rapidly, he flew out of the battlefield like a sharp arrow.

"Where are you going!" Fang Yuan shouted loudly, chasing relentlessly.

Under the Fang clan's Gu Immortal's expectant gaze, Fang Yuan chased after the soul path Gu Immortal.

Fang clan headquarters.

In the room, Fang Gong and Fang Di Chang were discussing their plan in secret.

All of a sudden, they stopped their discussions at the same time.

"Oh? Suan Bu Jin made the strong enemy retreat, he is really fast." Fang Di Chang smiled.

"But…" Fang Gong had a low tone: "According to the information, Suan Bu Jin chased after him but returned midway. According to Suan Bu Jin, he returned in order to prevent the enemy from setting a trap and ambushing him elsewhere. What do you think about that?"

Fang Di Chang smiled: "Suan Bu Jin is a wisdom path Gu Immortal like me. He might have found some clues and sensed a scheme. Or maybe, he did not want to spend so much effort on this, forcing the enemy away was already enough to show some credit for his work. He is not a Fang clansman after all, he joined us because the rewards were plentiful, and also because he wants to develop green ghost desert with us."

Fang Di Chang's analysis of Fang Yuan was very in-depth.

Fang Gong nodded: "Suan Bu Jin has good strength, his methods are numerous. Should we rope him into this plan too?"

Fang Di Chang shook his head: "I would not advise you to do that. He has just joined us, we do not know about his background yet. Even though we have the agreement, we cannot entrust everything to it. He is an uncertainty."

Fang Gong pondered: "Then forget it, I just felt that it was a pity, he has great battle strength after all."

Fang Di Chang smiled: "Actually, even without him, our arrangements are sufficient already. Even if he does not join our secret plan, he can also provide some help."

"We should let him defend heavenly dew oasis instead, we can bring the rank seven member back to participate in this."

"In that case, we can show that our Fang clan is willing to give outsiders a chance, we can use Suan Bu Jin as a good example. With the results of this battle and our spreading of the news, he will gain huge fame, he will become an eyesore of the Western Desert righteous path forces, he will draw a lot of the attention away from us."

"Hahaha." Fang Gong laughed, looking at Fang Di Chang with deep admiration: "It is truly great that our Fang clan has a wisdom path great grandmaster like you."

The next day.

"Letting me defend this place?" Fang Yuan looked at heavenly dew oasis as his thoughts moved rapidly like lightning, he was already using his wisdom path killer moves.

"I have just joined Fang clan but they actually let me defend this place alone, they deployed the original rank seven Gu Immortal elsewhere."

"And with the battle earlier, Fang clan promoted it intensely, the Western Desert righteous path is already onto me."

"Normally speaking, Fang clan should deploy one Gu Immortal here to keep an eye on me. But not only did they not do that, Fang clan's experts are also moving in a peculiar fashion, it seems that they are going to attempt something big."

"In the previous life, what did Fang clan do?"

Fang Yuan frowned.

In the previous life, because Suan Bu Jin got exposed, Fang Yuan did not pay much attention to Fang clan.

Fang Yuan did not know how Fang clan countered the suppression of Western Desert's righteous path, what happened from now until the time Fang clan took the lead to attack Emperor City?

"It seems that Western Desert's righteous path had worked together to conceal the truth?"

"Or perhaps, something has changed in this life already, the ink effect has already spread until here."

Fang Yuan lacked information now, he could not think of any plan, for the following period, he could only wait and see what happens. On one hand, he can wait for the development here, on the other hand, he had to continue his plans.

"Ying Wu Xie, where are you now?" He contacted Ying Wu Xie.

Within green ghost desert, a soul path Gu Immortal looked at the dark sky as he moved with his head lowered: "Reporting to sect leader, I am already inside green ghost desert."

It was Ying Wu Xie!

Not long ago, Fang Yuan had secretly brought him out of the stone lotus island and gave him Yang San Mu's body, immortal aperture, his soul path Gu worms, and the modified soul path killer moves.

Ying Wu Xie had changed his appearance already.

If Fang clan's Gu Immortals saw him now, they would be enraged: "Isn't this the mysterious Gu Immortal who attacked our heavenly dew oasis yesterday?!"

"Very good, I have already handed Soul Beast Token to you, go ahead and develop the army."

"Keep in contact with me at all times."

"I already have Fixed Immortal Travel's killer move now, I can reinforce you at any time."

"Don't be careless and end up in an immortal battlefield or a formation space." Fang Yuan added.

"I understand, sect leader." Ying Wu Xie replied respectfully: "With me here, there will be an unceasing supply of soul beasts!"


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