Reverend Insanity
1777 Ink Effec
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1777 Ink Effec

Sovereign grotto-heaven.

In Mini Southern Border, a damaged mountain stood proudly on the ground.

Even though it was damaged, the surrounding mounds were still like tiny pebbles compared to it.

Different from normal mountains, it looked like it was made of crystals, it was pink throughout while emitting the colors of dreams and illusions.

It was the secluded domain of heaven and earth recorded in \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e — Dang Hun Mountain!

Fang Yuan's divine sense went around it entirely: "Dang Hun Mountain is about eighty percent repaired, this is way faster compared to the previous life."

Compared to now, his previous life was truly pitiful.

Firstly, he did not annex Lang Ya blessed land, the battle expended a lot of his immortal essence storage. Afterwards, he attacked Southern Border's areas and stole dream realms, before transacting with Chi Qu You to gain a large number of immortal essence stones, finally replenishing his immortal essence storage.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan used landscape as before Immortal Gu to repair Dang Hun Mountain, he expended a vast amount of immortal essence!

Landscape as Before was just rank six while Fang Yuan's immortal essence was rank seven, he also faced pressure from the outside, be they Heavenly Court or Southern Border, they wanted to create problems for him.

For a long time, Fang Yuan's immortal essence storage was kept at a dangerous level, he could not accumulate any as his expenditure was huge.

But now, after annexing Lang Ya blessed land, everything was different.

He became a rank eight Gu Immortal, he was able to produce rank eight white litchi immortal essence in his sovereign immortal aperture in advance, it was the same as a hundred red date immortal essence beads. That was to say, Fang Yuan's immortal essence was produced at a hundred times the efficiency as the previous life!

At the same time, Fang Yuan had rank seven Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus, while Lang Ya blessed land itself had a huge stock of immortal essence stones.

This huge foundation was sustaining Fang Yuan, he faced no problems in terms of immortal essence.

By spending a huge amount of immortal essence without concern, Dang Hun Mountain was being repaired at an extremely fast rate, far superior than his previous life!

In the previous life, at this time, Dang Hun Mountain was only thirty percent repaired. But now, it was already eighty percent repaired, given just a bit more time, it would be fully repaired.

If Landscape as Before had a higher rank, the recovery speed would be even faster.

Currently, Landscape as Before was merely rank six, using it to repair Dang Hun Mountain was like chopping a tree using a knife.

Even though Fang Yuan had rank eight Immortal Gu Advance Refinement and the Long Hair refinement path formation, he was unwilling to take the risk to refine Landscape as Before due to his vigilant nature.

Unless he obtains regret Gu and creates Regret Pool.

The success rate of Gu refinement was too low, if he failed and the Immortal Gu got destroyed, it would be a disaster.

Fang Yuan had thought of the vital Gu.

When a vital Gu is refined, no matter how many times it fails, it would not die.

But Fang Yuan's clone had Spring Autumn Cicada as its vital Gu, while the sovereign immortal body was created using sovereign immortal fetus Gu, it had no such thing as a vital Gu.

"If I can obtain a Gu Immortal's body and use split soul to turn it into my clone, I can change the vital Gu and refine landscape as before Immortal Gu using it, that would be safer."

But this plan could not be done now.

It was not that he could not capture Gu Immortals, he had a batch of them now.

But the problem was, the amount of expended soul foundation was huge, with his current foundation, he could not use split soul.

Whenever a wisdom path Gu Immortals makes deductions on Fang Yuan, emperor yama would activate and expend his soul foundation.

Every Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body that Fang Yuan creates would expend his soul foundation.

The same went for myriad self.

And exploring dream realms also damaged the soul.

With all these reasons, Fang Yuan's soul was constantly being drained.

Especially recently, Fairy Zi Wei had been deducing matters on Fang Yuan every now and then, causing emperor yama to be activated continuously, Fang Yuan was consistently pestered, his guts Gu storage was reaching its end.

Ever since rebirth, even though the ink effect gave Fang Yuan lots of benefits, there were also problems that happened.

In the previous life, his soul foundation was able to last for a long time. But now, it was terrible, at this rate, he would finish his stock of guts Gu, Fang Yuan would need to use other soul path methods instead.

These soul path methods all had their downsides, none were as useful as guts Gu.

"There is another issue, Heavenly Court has started to take over the dragonfish business."

"Heavenly Court is actually selling a large number of iron dragonfish and silver dragonfish, they seem to be able to produce golden dragonfish too, it is causing a great impact to my dragonfish business!"

"Even though this happened in the previous life as well, it occurred much later, to think that it would happen in advance now."

But Fang Yuan was helpless about this.

Spectral Soul was taken captive, Fairy Zi Wei was likely provoked by the loss in Lang Ya blessed land, she intensified the soul search on Spectral Soul and obtained the information regarding the dragonfish business.

"It seems that Spectral Soul is starting to lose his hold."

"Even in the previous life when Longevity Heaven attacked Heavenly Court, he did not show up, he was imprisoned all along."

Fang Yuan sighed, retracting his complex emotions.

He had no time to waste.

He had to use every minute and every second, who knew if this extra second would be significant during the huge battle in the future, any bit of accumulation mattered greatly.

Fang Yuan's post-rebirth plans were progressing smoothly and gradually.

Lang Ya blessed land was annexed, he became a rank eight Gu Immortal, after which he took in the four races alliance and gained a huge foundation.

His human path attainment broke through to master level.

Chi Qu You made a transaction with him, the contents were even more advantageous to him than in the previous life.

There was also Fang clan trying to recruit him, the plan to develop green ghost desert was going to be very helpful..

All of these changes and accumulations were totally beyond his previous life!

Fang Yuan did not relax at all.

He knew that the Southern Border's leaders were going to meet and create a group to chase after him next.

On one hand, Fang Yuan's attack was a type of provocation towards the Southern Border righteous path, they had to make an active response.

On the other hand, Wu clan, Tie clan, Ba clan, and the others also wanted to gain some benefits from this and raise their reputation, they wanted to gain a larger say in this group.

"There should be some time left."

"Because Southern Border's righteous path clans will not have an easy time coming up with a plan or conclusion."

"They need to compete against each other, with the emergence of Earth Trenches, the clans need to fight for natural resources, they have a lot of conflict among themselves."

Currently, Tie clan's Beacon Tower plan had not started yet, even though Tie clan promoted it, the clans were not willing to let it start.

In fact, the Southern Border Alliance was nowhere to be seen.

Wu Yong had such ambitions, but if he mentioned it now, it would be a joke!

Fang Yuan had a lot of things to do.

Firstly, he needed to modify his jade flow pearl killer move. This killer move used rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel as the core and almost all of Fang Yuan's current space path Immortal Gu, a few refinement path Immortal Gu, and a lot of supplementary mortal Gu to construct.

He had used this killer move many times, it was already exposed.

Even though Chi Qu You was transacting with him secretly, he would definitely search for relevant information and look for other wisdom path immortals to find a way to counter it.

To prevent himself from being countered, Fang Yuan needed to modify it and create a new version just in case.

Because now, Bai Ning Bing, Ying Wu Xie, and the rest were still cultivating on the stone lotus island.

Omni-directional Travel could not be used now. Even though Xue Er, Mo Tan Sang, and Shi Shi Cheng were prospective replacements, Fang Yuan did not practise with them a lot, they were far from actually mastering it.

In terms of movement, Fang Yuan was heavily relying on Omni-directional Travel and Fixed Immortal Travel's killer move. If these two methods were unusable and Fang Yuan got encircled, he would be in trouble.

One could never be too careful, the killer move involving Fixed Immortal Travel was Fang Yuan's method of escaping if an unexpected mishap occurred.

Next, he had to repair Spring Autumn Cicada.

Currently, he was already using immortal killer moves to help the weakened rank six Spring Autumn Cicada recover more quickly.

He also had to develop his businesses aggressively. The dragonfish business was heavily affected, Heavenly Court had a deep foundation, Fang Yuan could not compete against it. Many of Lang Ya blessed land's businesses were needed by Fang Yuan himself, the rest needed to be adapted to suit Fang Yuan's current needs.

Additionally, Fang Yuan also disguised his identity in treasure yellow heaven and purchased immemorial year beasts.

As for the conceptualization of the incomplete Immortal Gu House, as well as the deduction of the killer move Gu as before, they were underway.

Fang Yuan wanted to create his personal Immortal Gu House.

In the previous life, his Immortal Gu House was constantly destroyed or damaged. These terrible experiences were precious to the current him, he had benefited greatly.

His gains ever since he was reborn were quickly absorbed, Fang Yuan made use of every minute and second to grow stronger rapidly!

Several days later.

Western Desert, Fang clan's headquarters.

"It is truly our clan's blessing that friend Suan Bu Jin could join us! From today onwards, you will be renowned throughout Western Desert, or even the other four regions." Fang clan's first supreme elder Fang Gong held Fang Yuan's hands warmly.

Fang Yuan smiled as he pulled back his hand inconspicuously.

This old man looked very valiant and up-front on the outside but was actually devious and sinister. Fang Yuan had witnessed him sneak attacking Chen Yi and beating him up in Divine Bean Palace.

"The moment I joined Fang clan, Fang Gong came to welcome me personally, while Fang Di Chang and the rest can't wait to spread news of this. It seems that Fang clan is truly in a bad state now." Fang Yuan thought about it, he looked towards Fang Di Chang as he smiled.

Fang Di Chang had a strange feeling of nervousness, he thought to himself: "What is going on? Why do I have a bad feeling all of a sudden?"

At the next moment, Fang Di Chang's and Fang Gong's expressions changed.

Fang Gong shouted loudly: "Such guts! Demonic path Gu Immortals dare to attack our clan's precious heavenly dew oasis, do they think that our Fang clan is easy to bully?"

Fang Di Chang had a grim expression as he said: "It is a complex matter, it might not be demonic path Gu Immortals but other forces instead. Especially now when elder Suan Bu Jin has just joined us, we have just released this information in treasure yellow heaven but this actually happened…"

Fang Yuan snorted coldly from agitation, he had a grim expression: "Let me handle this."

Fang Di Chang and Fang Gong looked at each other rapidly, Fang Gong clapped: "Wonderful, elder, we will wait for good news from you."


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