Reverend Insanity
1776 Fang Clan“s External Supreme Elder
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1776 Fang Clan“s External Supreme Elder

Fang Hua Sheng's 'problems' and complaints were actually deliberately mentioned as obstacles to Fang Yuan.

But Fang Yuan's expression did not change, his mind was calm and tranquil.

Because he had heard of such rumors long ago.

Since he was going against Heavenly Court, he had to have great foresight. Currently, he was trying to stand above the five regions, using the entire Gu world as the chessboard to compete against Heavenly Court.

Rumors that said 'Suan Bu Jin and Fang Yuan were the same person' did not originate from Heavenly Court.

Fairy Zi Wei had no evidence, random guesses would only ruin Heavenly Court's reputation! At most, they could only suspect it and try to help spread this rumor.

The ones who came up with it were Western Desert's other righteous path forces.

Fang clan had obtained complete victory in the battle over Divine Bean Palace. They defeated Chen Yi and Qing Chou, obtaining Divine Bean Palace and even recruiting two rank seven demonic path experts, Old Ghost Bai Jun and Eagle Concubine.

Fang clan's gains were huge, after they assimilate this newfound strength, their battle strength would rise greatly, they would jump up and become the number one Western Desert righteous path force.

This would break the current balance, there would be a huge commotion that would affect the righteous path forces' benefits. Thus, they worked together and tried to suppress Fang clan.

In order to make up excuses so they could act freely, they started looking for reasons.

All sorts of random stories and old feuds were dug up.

Even historical conflicts were taken out and used as excuses.

If they could not find any reasons, what would they do?

They would create reasons.

Using all sorts of rumors and underground information, they could create commotion that sounded reasonable, but would be easily dispelled if effort was placed into answering them.

The rumor that Suan Bu Jin was Fang Yuan was one of them. There was no strong evidence, but did rumors need evidence to begin with?

These were just rules of the game that the righteous path played, they were working together to target Fang clan and needed this layer of reasoning.

Who cared if there was evidence, these reasons were sufficient!

Fang Yuan even suspected that this rumor regarding himself was the inspiration of a random Gu Immortal one day.

This Gu Immortal who created the rumor would likely never think that they had actually hit the nail on the head!

But Fang Yuan was quite sure that Fang clan would not believe this rumor.

Even though Suan Bu Jin appeared abruptly, he had a reasonable background that they could research on.

Fang Yuan made ample preparations for this purpose, he had linked Suan Bu Jin's background to a Western Desert lone immortal, Zheng Jing Shen.

Fang clan trusted the background that Fang Yuan had provided to a large extent.

Because Zheng Jing Shen had lived tens of thousands of years ago, his relationship with Fang clan was a secret, the other forces did not know it.

Fang clan would not admit that Suan Bu Jin was Fang Yuan in any case. Unless strong evidence forced them to be speechless.

It was like this in the previous life.

Because Fang Yuan's identity was exposed, Fang clan was quite troubled, Western Desert's righteous path forces found the perfect excuse and became overjoyed!

Fang Yuan knew that Fang Hua Sheng's words were simply to gain the maximum benefits for Fang clan.

Fang Yuan sneered internally, he looked at Fang Hua Sheng with a plain gaze: "In that case, forget it. I will look for the other clans to work together."

Saying this, he turned around and left quickly.

Fang Hua Sheng saw Fang Yuan's gaze and felt his heart jump, seeing that Fang Yuan was about to leave, he gasped and quickly chased: "Suan Bu Jin, wait, hold up!"

"What is it, is anything the matter?" Fang Yuan slowed down as he floated in the air.

He looked at Fang Hua Sheng with a mocking gaze, saying plainly: "Isn't Fang clan in huge trouble now and does not want to cooperate?"

Fang Hua Sheng had a bitter smile.

He understood that Fang Yuan knew the fact that Fang clan was trying to extort him through this reason.

But Fang Hua Sheng was helpless, because he was currently exposed.

Regarding this, Fang Hua Sheng was mentally prepared. Because before coming, Fang clan's wisdom path great grandmaster Fang Di Chang had already informed him.

Suan Bu Jin was a wisdom path Gu Immortal!

Fang Hua Sheng cupped his fist towards Fang Yuan: "Friend Suan Bu Jin, please don't worry, even though Fang clan is in dire straits now, our determination to cooperate with you has never wavered! Our relationship extends all the way to tens of thousands of years ago, this is really a special connection between us, we need to treasure it."

"Last time, during the battle over Divine Bean Palace, we worked together harmoniously. If not for your help, we would have had much more difficulties in obtaining Divine Bean Palace. We still owe you the reward for that battle, even though you allowed us to delay the payment, we have never forgotten about it. Before coming, first supreme elder even told me to apologize to you properly regarding that matter."

Fang Hua Sheng said a long string of beautiful words without any effort.

Fang Yuan felt disdain on the inside but he showed a faint smile, cooperating with Fang Hua Sheng while allowing this matter to end on a nice note.

Fang Yuan said: "I know about Fang clan's circumstances, you know I am a wisdom path Gu Immortal too, I vitally want to develop green ghost desert as well. I have already written the details of this cooperation, take a look."

Fang Hua Sheng received the information path mortal Gu, he looked into it, his face turning pale gradually.

The details that Fang Yuan wrote were advantageous to him, the conditions were neither too harsh nor too easy on Fang clan, it was right on Fang clan's bottom line.

"Friend, you are truly a wisdom path Gu Immortal!" Fang Hua Sheng felt a chill in his heart as he spoke with admiration.

Even though Fang clan obtained Divine Bean Palace, the refinement of this Gu House was very difficult, they were making little progress.

After the battle of Divine Bean Palace, Fang clan's three Immortal Gu Houses were heavily damaged, Fang clan's strength fell drastically, they were at their weakest point.

But at this moment, Western Desert's righteous path forces acted together to suppress Fang clan.

They were in a worrying state now, they needed external help.

Suan Bu Jin was an ideal reinforcement!

Because from Fang clan's perspective, Suan Bu Jin was a wisdom path Gu Immortal with methods to enslave a soul beast army, during the battle in Divine Bean Palace, he even showed the ability to steal rank eight Immortal Gu Soul Beast Token, it was simply shocking!

Fang clan was very wary regarding Suan Bu Jin, but thankfully they had a historical relationship and had worked together before. At this point, if Fang clan could gain a rank seven expert like him, their morale would rise, it would help this situation greatly.

And if they refused to cooperate with Suan Bu Jin, he might even be forced to join his enemies instead.

If Suan Bu Jin worked with the other righteous path forces, Fang clan's circumstances would be even worse.

Fang clan was wary of Suan Bu Jin, but they also needed him.

Suan Bu Jin was only a rank seven Gu Immortal, but Fang clan was not able to reject his offer to work together even if they wanted to.

Fang Yuan knew about this point, that was why he acted fearlessly against Fang Hua Sheng.

"In the negotiation with Chi Qu You earlier, I could have failed. But in this current negotiation, I have no way of losing." Fang Yuan felt very confident in this.

"Of course, if Suan Bu Jin's identity is really exposed, Fang clan would never cooperate with me no matter what. That was why I gave up in the previous life and directly extorted them."

This was the rule of the righteous path.

As for why Chi Qu You took the risk to make transactions with Fang Yuan?

The profits were too immense!

Additionally, Chi Qu You was confident that even if the matter got exposed, he could still deny it, Chi clan also had a formation defending them, they were extremely safe, in the worst case, he just had to give up some resource points.

Chi clan's circumstances and status were different from Fang clan.

Because of the two clan's differences, they could make different decisions.

Fang Hua Sheng looked at the contents clearly before returning the information path mortal Gu to Fang Yuan.

But at the same time, he handed another information path mortal Gu to Fang Yuan: "Second supreme elder has personally entrusted this to me. According to your proposal, we can definitely cooperate. But this information path mortal Gu contains another proposal filled with Fang clan's sincerity, please take a look and consider it."

Fang Yuan laughed to himself on the inside, he knew what the contents were before he even looked at it.

After taking a look, Fang Yuan's lips curled up indistinctly.

As expected, Fang clan wrote one condition, they invited Fang Yuan to be their external supreme elder!

Fang Yuan smiled secretly to himself but he showed a hesitant expression, he said to Fang Hua Sheng solemnly: "This is a huge matter, I need a few days to consider it."

Fang Hua Sheng was overjoyed, he was afraid that Fang Yuan would reject him on the spot, now that he said he would consider it, it meant that he was inclined to accept the offer.

It was not strange for him to be moved by it, back then, when Fang Hua Sheng first saw the plan to recruit Fang Yuan, he was very shocked too, to think that the clan was willing to pay such a huge price!

Fang Hua Sheng quickly said: "Please take your time to consider it, I'm sure you can see Fang clan's sincerity and foundation, even though this is a difficult time, our future is bright. The truth is, our clan already has some progress in refining Divine Bean Palace."

Fang Yuan gasped as he showed an obvious expression of being moved.

But he was rolling his eyes internally.

Fang clan's progress in refining Divine Bean Palace was definitely very slow.

The reason?

Because they did not use it to fight even during the final battle in Central Continent.

Fang Hua Sheng was simply lying through his teeth!

But that was not Fang Yuan's concern.

He decided to agree to Fang clan's request and become their external supreme elder. Given enough time, with his own information path methods, no agreements could bind him.

With this relationship, the development of green ghost desert would become even smoother. Fang Yuan would also gain a lot of cultivation resources as his reward for joining Fang clan.

These resources moved Fang Yuan as well.

But he could not agree now, if he did, it would seem like he was too eager.

That was not how Suan Bu Jin would act.

Fang clan's wisdom path great grandmaster Fang Di Chang had incredible methods and capability, Fang Yuan had witnessed it personally, he could not underestimate him.

At this point, Fang Yuan said goodbye to Fang Hua Sheng.

"Goodbye, friend." Fang Hua Sheng stayed as he watched Fang Yuan leave, he had an expression of sincerity on his face.

Fang Yuan felt a little amused: "I will agree to this in a few days. If one day, my identity gets exposed, I wonder how Fang clan would react?"


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