Reverend Insanity
1775 Developing Green Ghost Deser
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1775 Developing Green Ghost Deser

On this night in Southern Border, the starry sky was dim, intense winds were blowing, a storm was about to start.

Two Gu Immortals flew rapidly while hiding their traces, the thick dark clouds providing them an additional layer of concealment.

"It is here." While moving, one of the Gu Immortals spoke.

The other immediately stopped.

Next, at the center of the dark clouds, an immortal battlefield opened slowly, absorbing the two Gu Immortals before it closed rapidly.

The two Gu Immortals entered the immortal battlefield and removed their disguise, they returned to their normal appearance.

The one with lower cultivation level had an ordinary appearance, but the other was a rank eight Gu Immortal with great authority and reputation, it was the famous Chi clan's first supreme elder, Chi Qu You!

If other righteous path Gu Immortals saw this, they would stare in disbelief and shout in shock.

The great Chi Qu You was actually sneaking around in the darkness, who was he meeting?

"Senior Chi Qu You, we meet again." The Gu Immortal defending the immortal battlefield had dream path aura and an ordinary appearance, he was the type that would be indistinguishable in a crowd.

Chi Qu You looked at him and said in displeasure: "Fang Yuan, I thought your main body would come. Hehe, aren't you being too careful?"

Fang Yuan was the one waiting for Chi Qu You, and this battlefield was yama battlefield.

But Fang Yuan did not come in his main body, this was a Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body that he created.

Fang Yuan's clone smiled: "I am cowardly and afraid of death, please do understand me, Senior Chi Qu You."

"Cowardly and afraid of death?" Chi Qu You's eyebrows were raised, he thought of the three rib bones belonging to Thunder Ghost True Monarch that were sold in treasure yellow heaven, and the time when Fang Yuan disguised as Wu Yi Hai, and also the recent losses that he incurred from Fang Yuan's plundering.

He smiled and said mockingly: "Fang Yuan, you are too humble. I've brought the thing that you want, let's not waste time in case mishaps occur, let's do the transaction."

This place was close to Yi Tian Mountain, the location was quite sensitive, Chi Qu You did not dare to be careless.

"Of course." Fang Yuan's clone nodded.

The two finished their transaction on the spot.

Chi Qu You obtained an information path mortal Gu, while the Gu Immortal beside him flew towards Fang Yuan's clone.

The Gu Immortal that came with Chi Qu You was also Fang Yuan's dream path clone.

After Fang Yuan and Chi Qu You came to an agreement, they first targeted several Southern Border locations and obtained the scattered dream realms, before using pure dream reality seeker transformation to turn them into Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies.

Next, using these Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique clones, he communicated with Chi Qu You and met with him.

Chi Qu You brought one of them with him as he entered the secret formation space on Yi Tian Mountain through the backdoor.

There, Fang Yuan's Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique clone used a method to convert the rest of the dream realms into Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies and stuff them into its immortal aperture.

The original Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique came from a Shadow Sect member, wisdom path great expert Old Man Yan Shi. The killer move pure dream reality seeker transformation was the greatest achievement of his lifetime's research.

The original pure dream reality seeker transformation that he had could create the most extreme form of Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, it had eighteen hours to live, and every two hours, the cultivation level would rise by one rank, at the final moment, it would have rank nine cultivation level.

But after the battle on Yi Tian Mountain, Shadow Sect's sovereign immortal fetus Gu, which was made from countless years of effort, was obtained by Fang Yuan, while Spectral Soul got trapped in the dream realm.

During the second Yi Tian Mountain battle, Purple Mountain True Monarch brought the remaining Shadow Sect forces to attack, attempting to save Spectral Soul's main body. During the battle, Purple Mountain True Monarch also used pure dream reality seeker transformation but it was the incomplete version, the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies were also flawed, they were not as strong as the original.

The version that Fang Yuan obtained was also this incomplete one, but afterwards, he got the original version from Spectral Soul's true inheritance.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, this pure dream reality seeker transformation killer move was obtained by Heavenly Court.

Fairy Zi Wei had obtained it after soul searching Spectral Soul for a long time.

Not long after, Feng Jin Huang displayed the talent of a future venerable, she actually perfected the original version of pure dream reality seeker transformation which had a huge flaw.

Thereafter, Heavenly Court obtained the perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, the eleventh extreme physique!

During the final battle in Central Continent, when Fang Yuan attacked the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, he captured the perfected Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies from Feng Jin Huang and comprehended their creation, he also obtained the method to create perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies.

Right now, when Fang Yuan did transactions with Chi Qu You, he did not use the perfect Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, he was using the incomplete killer move that Purple Mountain True Monarch gave him.

Because this incomplete version had a time limit in lifespan, it would self-detonate when the time was up.

Fang Yuan made good use of this flaw, even if Chi Qu You tried to harm him, he would not get the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body.

Before the transaction, Fang Yuan informed Chi Qu You of this flaw.

After learning that the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies would self-detonate, Chi Qu You's expression turned ugly but for the sake of the dream path research results, he had to accept it!

Seeing that the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body returned to Fang Yuan, he also let out a sigh of relief.

If this thing self-detonated around him, even Chi Qu You's formation path methods would be ineffective against it!

This transaction carried huge risks for both parties, but the rewards were too alluring, both sides were taking a gamble.

After this first transaction, both parties were quite satisfied, they were more confident now in continuing.

Before leaving, they agreed on the second transaction location and time, they also arranged many secret and safe methods to communicate.

Fang Yuan's transaction with Chi clan had changed drastically from the previous life.

Last time, Fang Yuan used the dream realms to exchange for Chi clan's immortal essence stones and immortal materials, that was because he lacked immortal essence at the time.

But now, Fang Yuan annexed Lang Ya blessed land and advanced to rank eight, with his rank eight immortal essence, he did not lack immortal essence at all.

He lacked dream realms instead.

In the previous life, he basically explored all of the dream realms that were scattered outside. only a small portion was worth exploring because he had sold them to Chi Qu You.

Fang Yuan needed a large number of dream realms, those that were on Yi Tian Mountain.

Because he knew that Spectral Soul was a great grandmaster in all paths, his dream realm was on Yi Tian Mountain, there could likely be human path, information path, and qi path dream realms.

If he could completely inherit Spectral Soul's attainment levels, Fang Yuan would be qualified to annex every single rank eight grotto-heaven!

Spectral Soul's human path attainment level was naturally great grandmaster. Without such a foundation, how could he possibly create sovereign immortal fetus Gu?

"My current human path attainment level is at master. This is my accumulation after six hundred years." Fang Yuan knew that with his human path achievement, he could not deal with Heavenly Court's human path methods left by different venerables.

He was still too young, his accumulation was not deep enough!

Red Lotus Demon Venerable lived for three thousand years, this was the shortest among the venerables, but the truth was, due to his rebirths, his lifespan was far beyond three thousand.

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable lived for twenty-five thousand years, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable lived for nineteen thousand years while Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable lived for twelve thousand years, these three were the top three venerables in terms of lifespan.

To deal with their methods, Fang Yuan had to use dream realms to grow rapidly.

Other than human path, information path, qi path, and even ice and snow path were areas that Fang Yuan desired.

Fang Yuan's main body was near this transaction location, after Chi Qu You left, he summoned his clones after a while.

Soon, he placed the two Pure Dream clones in his sovereign immortal aperture.

The dream realms that Fang Yuan obtained this time were not human path, they were mostly qi path.

Qi path dream realms were very useful.

If Fang Yuan had great grandmaster attainment level in qi path, he would be able to annex Qi Sea grotto-heaven, his cultivation level would rise drastically!

Fang Yuan stored the dream realms, he activated familiar face, before using Fixed Immortal Travel's killer move to leave Southern Border.

At the next moment, he arrived in Western Desert, he disguised as the wisdom path Gu Immortal Suan Bu Jin again.

After flying for a while in green ghost desert, Fang Yuan saw Fang clan's rank seven Gu Immortal Fang Hua Sheng.

He was the third supreme elder of Fang clan, specialized in healing methods, he wore a white robe and had white hair, as he looked at the approaching Fang Yuan, his stern expression turned into a warm smile.

"Friend Suan Bu Jin, how have you been?" Fang Hua Sheng greeted.

Fang Yuan nodded: "Thanks for the concern. My goal in coming here is to cooperate with Fang clan and develop green ghost desert together."

Fang Yuan moved quickly and spoke openly, stating his intention without wasting time.

This was different from the previous life.

Last time, Suan Bu Jin's identity was exposed, his connection to Fang clan was cut. As a result, Fang Yuan had to extort Fang clan using his own identity. Even though Fang clan relented and gave him some resources, it was not part of Fang Yuan's original plans.

In addition, Fang clan had also promised Fang Yuan an Immortal Gu as a reward, but after he got exposed, they did not act on it afterwards.

Afterwards, when Fang Yuan repaired Dang Hun Mountain, he lacked soul beasts and could not produce enough guts Gu, his own soul path cultivation became very slow.

He had felt regret towards this loss many times.

It hindered his growth tremendously, his cultivation path was disrupted.

But now, Fang Yuan paid attention to this issue and changed it.

Even though Suan Bu Jin had used great thief ghost hand in front of Chen Yi, and also against Feng Jiu Ge in the formation space, the two situations were very different.

Without any evidence, nobody could link Fang Yuan to Suan Bu Jin.

Even though they were both theft path methods, there were still theft path Gu Immortals in the five regions.

Currently, most people thought that in the Lang Ya blessed land battle, Fang Yuan's theft path method was the foundation of Lang Ya blessed land. After all, Long Hair Ancestor had once worked with Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

Fang Hua Sheng had a grim expression as he sighed: "Ever since the battle of Divine Bean Palace, Suan Bu Jin, you have been vividly etched in our memories. We are more than happy to cooperate with you, but now…"

Fang Hua Sheng said that as he paused, raising his head to observe Fang Yuan's expression.

But he was going to be disappointed, Fang Yuan's plain face had no change of expression at all.

Fang Hua Sheng had no choice but to continue: "Right now, our Fang clan is in an awkward position, we are facing pressure from Western Desert's righteous path which is giving us problems. Especially recently, friend Suan Bu Jin, there have been rumors that you are actually the demon Fang Yuan, because you both possess a method to steal Immortal Gu and also oppose Heavenly Court!"

"That demon Fang Yuan has familiar face after all. He can conceal himself and has a vicious heart, we truly cannot defend against him. Even Heavenly Court is without means against him."


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