Reverend Insanity
1774 Eerie Light Under Her Eyes
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1774 Eerie Light Under Her Eyes

Southern Border.

On a nameless mountain, there was the noise of a waterfall as mist spread out widely.

At the cliff of the waterfall, Fang Yuan's main body sat on a pine tree branch as he thought deeply.

The human path inspiration came abruptly, Fang Yuan placed great importance on it, his main body and clone stopped what they were doing and thought about it together.

At this moment, inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

An army had formed.

There were a hundred thousand strength path phantoms, they stood on the grassland unmoving, like solid statues.

They all had the same faces, they resembled Fang Yuan's main body, they stood in an orderly formation with the same distance between each one.

This was Fang Yuan's myriad self army created from using myriad self Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan grasped onto that inspiration as he stopped myriad self Immortal Gu, activating myriad self killer move instead.

In a while, a larger number of strength path phantoms formed again.

Fang Yuan thought about it before using myriad self killer move for a third time. But this time, he did not use the immortal level killer move, but the original mortal killer move instead.

Rank four all-out effort Gu as the core, with the supplementary bitter strength Gu, borrow strength Gu, self-reliance Gu, refine essence spirit Gu, earth strength Gu, water strength Gu, wind strength Gu, lightning strength Gu, fire strength Gu, lurking soul coat Gu, breath concealment Gu.

Eventually creating the killer move myriad self, splitting the main body's soul into a grand army of strength path phantoms!

But because it was a mortal killer move, these strength path phantoms were far inferior to the previous phantom army.

But this was the origin.

Back then, during the Northern Plains Imperial Court contest, Fang Yuan combined six arm heavenly zombie king and self strength, using soul path, wisdom path, qi path, and enslavement path killer moves as reference, solving the age old question of combining enslavement and strength, creating this move.

Next, using the foundation of this move, he developed strength path giant hand and reverse flow protection seal. The former gave Fang Yuan a new offensive method at the appropriate timing and was his strongest method for some time. The latter was the crucial trump card to Fang Yuan's ability to fight rank eight as a rank seven!

Be they myriad self, strength path giant hand, or reverse flow protection seal, they were very exceptional, they were top tier even among top tier killer moves.

Right now, Fang Yuan gained some human path inspiration, he traced its source and modified the original version of the mortal killer move myriad self once again.

Fang Yuan's main body and clone deduced together, at the same time, his clone was bathed in the light of wisdom!

The killer move soon became modified, Fang Yuan activated myriad self for the fourth time.

This time, he created a strength path phantom army again, but different from the first three, even though this army was standing quietly, the individuals had various expressions of all sorts.

Some were crying, some were laughing, some were frowning, some were smiling, some had killing intent, some were expressionless, some were resting with their eyes shut, some had peaceful expressions, some had darting eyes, curious about everything around them, while some were sighing and grunting, looking extremely bored…

Fang Yuan's divine sense swept through these phantoms, countless thoughts sparked in his mind like lightning.

After a while, Fang Yuan and his clone abandoned these phantom armies, activating wisdom path methods to deduce once more.

This deduction took six hours.

After succeeding the deduction, Fang Yuan obtained an extremely complex mortal myriad self killer move that was many times the size of the original in terms of Gu worms.

He activated this killer move.

Because this killer move had too many Gu worms, the arrangements were too complex, even as a rank eight Gu Immortal, Fang Yuan only succeeded after a long while.

This time, the myriad self phantoms were far fewer in numbers than the original three versions, but they all had individuality in them.

Some of these myriad self phantoms were running, jumping, sitting and thinking, playing around, some were even angry and furious, attacking the surrounding myriad self phantoms and creating huge chaos.

The chaos among the myriad self phantoms grew rapidly, after a while, these myriad self phantoms were all engaged in a huge brawl. Even though some did not want to participate, they had no choice.

These myriad self phantoms did not have the same strength, some were stronger, some were weaker.

Bright light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes, he found that in this chaotic battle, the myriad self phantoms who won became stronger, while those who lost became weaker, or even got destroyed.

The myriad self phantoms fell in numbers rapidly, soon, less than ten phantoms were still fighting intensely.

Eventually, only one phantom stood on the battlefield, all the rest of the phantoms were destroyed.

This phantom was tens of times stronger than before, but it was still at the mortal level.

The phantom looked identical to Fang Yuan, but it was filled with anger and hatred. It roared at Fang Yuan's time path clone showing deep killing intent and animosity, but it did not dare to attack, it charged towards the previous few groups of myriad self phantoms.

These myriad self phantoms stood quietly and without orders from Fang Yuan, they did not move, they allowed the angry phantom to attack them.

After slaughtering them all, this angry phantom's aura grew time and again, it broke the limits of the mortal level and reached the level of a rank six Gu Immortal!

Seeing this, Fang Yuan's main body and clone both showed joy on their faces.

Fang Yuan's clone waved, the remaining myriad self army moved like a tide, surrounding the angry phantom and fighting it to the death.

The angry phantom had outstanding strength, even though it was encircled, it continued to fight without fear.

With every phantom it destroyed, it grew a little stronger.

It did not know fatigue, it was like a fighting machine that kept growing, it growled and roared, continuing to stand on the battlefield.

Eventually, after it broke through from rank six to seven, Fang Yuan's main body finally moved, activating a killer move and personally killing this strength path phantom.

This fourth myriad self killer move that Fang Yuan used created very unique strength path phantoms that had their own thoughts and personalities, even his main body could not control them.

And amazingly, all of them had terrifying potential for growth!

The angry phantom started out at rank four level, but it eventually grew to reach the level of a rank seven Gu Immortal!

Of course, only its aura and level broke through.

Its own battle strength was not too high, it was even weaker than ordinary ancient desolate beasts.

Because its body was phantom, it was not as sturdy as an ancient desolate beast. It was also limited in intelligence, it could not use Gu worms to fight, it only had battle instinct.

"Be it myriad self Immortal Gu or myriad self killer move, they both expend my soul, this is the basis of the killer move, it is a flaw that cannot be avoided."

"Precisely because these strength path phantoms originate from the same source, the souls can merge, they are able to get stronger by devouring each other."

"The final myriad self killer move that I activated is no longer just the convergence of enslavement and strength, it has progressed to become a human path killer move!"

Fang Yuan's time path clone was bathed in the light of wisdom all along, its eyes flickered with uncertainty and bright light.

At this point, the killer move myriad self had become a true human path killer move, while myriad self Immortal Gu was confirmed to be a human path Immortal Gu.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan had felt regret that he lacked a human path method or foundation when attacking Central Continent.

The truth was, he had one all along but because he had too many issues going on and things to consider, he did not notice it during the battle.

This was like the poem: The mountain resembles a range when you look from the front, it resembles a peak when you look at it sideways. The mountain shows different features at different angles near and far. You cannot see the real Lushan Mountain, because you are on the mountain yourself.

His exploration in human path had started in the five hundred years of his previous life, but he had no awareness in this aspect.

"A person's life is their exploration towards human path itself."

"Other than myriad self Immortal Gu, I also have another human path Immortal Gu. That is — perseverance Gu!"

"Wait, not just perseverance Gu, the sovereign immortal fetus Gu that I stole is also a human path Gu worm!!"

Looking at \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, hope Gu, vanity Gu, guts Gu, stubborn Gu, pride Gu, self Gu, suffering Gu… weren't all these human path Gu worms?

"No wonder \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e is known as the human path true inheritance, it truly contains the deep profundities of human path within it." Fang Yuan sighed in his heart, at this point, he could finally read \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e with a proper level of understanding.

Fang Yuan had reached this conclusion after living for nearly six hundred years!

His human path inspiration was not obtained from nurturing the variant humans, it was the crucial qualitative breakthrough that he gained after accumulating sufficient life experiences.

It was like a small pile of gunpowder that was lit by a spark, an intense explosion with a loud sound was set off, Fang Yuan surpassed his original limits and reached a new level in human path.

This was his growth after deep accumulation, progress was very smooth.

Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

In Central Great Hall.

The dense purple aura calmed down slowly, before it completely retracted back into Fairy Zi Wei's mind.

Fairy Zi Wei frowned lightly: "What is this demon Fang Yuan plotting now?"

In the battle of Lang Ya blessed land, Heavenly Court lost terribly, Fairy Zi Wei took the responsibility personally, she rapidly divulged the information regarding Fang Yuan for free.

But currently, Fang Yuan was very strange, he had not taken any action.

Normally speaking, with star cast exposed and the deaths of Chen Yi and Thunder Ghost True Monarch, Fang Yuan would definitely spread news of it everywhere to attack Heavenly Court's prestige, to make the other four regions more antagonistic towards Heavenly Court.

But Fang Yuan did not do that.

Fairy Zi Wei had a sense of unease all along, these last days, she had been paying close attention to Fang Yuan's movements, even if a slight incident occurred, she would deduce it with her full strength.

Fairy Zi Wei already knew about Fang Yuan's actions in Southern Border.

But why did Fang Yuan target Chi clan? What motive did he have, was he really just going after those three resource points of Chi clan?

Earlier, the formation in Plunder Shadow Earth Trench got destroyed, was that mysterious Gu Immortal Fang Yuan?

"Or maybe, he wants to refine Gu now after annexing Lang Ya blessed land and gaining a huge foundation."

"Or maybe, he has already used Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth, he is using his rebirth knowledge to obtain all of his potential advantages now!"

Fairy Zi Wei's eyes flickered with uncertainty.

After Fang Yuan's Spring Autumn Cicada got exposed, his enemies would all consider it when they thought about his actions.

Fairy Zi Wei had been paying attention to this all along.

"Once Fang Yuan rebirths, Spring Autumn Cicada would need a lot of time to recover, that would be the best time to kill him."

"At the same time, all the methods that I used already will be known to Fang Yuan, I will need to change my battle tactics."

It was crucial whether Fang Yuan had already used Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth or not!

If he did, Fairy Zi Wei would need to stop all her original plans and start from scratch.

However, even though Fairy Zi Wei deduced with her full strength, even after using Star Constellation Chessboard, she could not confirm if Fang Yuan had been reborn or not.

Fang Yuan destroyed the formation in Plunder Shadow Earth Trench but did not take the dream realms. He was very secretive when dealing with Meng Tu and the rest. Even for great thief ghost hand, Fang Yuan did not use it openly, he used the super formation to conceal it, Heavenly Court could not link him to Suan Bu Jin.

His smoke bomb was just too brilliant, he had successfully confused Fairy Zi Wei.

Fang Yuan's wisdom path attainment was a huge help in this aspect.

This rebirth was very different from the previous ones, against the strong enemy Heavenly Court, he had to consider the ink effect at all times.

"Fang Yuan is crafty and shrewd, he has left too little valuable information for us!"

Fairy Zi Wei thought about it angrily, she turned around and left the Central Great Hall, arriving at the place she held Spectral Soul captive.

Soul search!

Spectral Soul resisted for a while before relenting as waves of memories were extracted.

"The secret of golden dragonfish rearing?" Fairy Zi Wei was first joyful before becoming disappointed.

If it were before, Fairy Zi Wei would be very happy about targeting Fang Yuan's main source of income, but now that he obtained Lang Ya blessed land, all of its businesses were taken over by him.

This method that Fairy Zi Wei obtained was not very useful.

"Even so… I cannot give up on this chance to suppress Fang Yuan." Fairy Zi Wei thought about it as she gritted her teeth and made her decision.

But unknown to her, while she was thinking, in the depths of her eyes, a dark eerie light flashed for an instant.


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