Reverend Insanity
1772 Done In By Himself
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1772 Done In By Himself

Chi Qu You went to Wind Flame Mountain at full speed, when he arrived, he saw that Fang Yuan had already destroyed half the formation.

Fang Yuan was currently uprooting the sunset parasol trees, he stole the countless birds within the parasol forest, including the fire phoenixes, with incredible efficiency!

The Gu Immortal defending this place had not left, he was attacking Fang Yuan fiercely using the remaining formation.

Fang Yuan was able to deal with it easily.

He dealt with the formation while looting resources continuously.

"Stop!" Chi Qu You shouted with startled anger.

"First supreme elder, you are finally here!" The rank seven Gu Immortal defending this place was extremely agitated, he was overcome with tears.

He was at first confident in regards to the defensive formation, but after a while, Fang Yuan easily broke it, he was incredibly scared and desperate, he did not dare to act rashly. Before Chi Qu You came, he had been defending himself, now that the supreme elder was here, he attacked with some flashy methods.

As Chi Qu You had finally arrived, Fang Yuan stopped his actions.

"Fang Yuan, what a great job you've done! Retribution is here!" Chi Qu You's eyes were spewing fire.

Wind Flame Mountain was quite a special resource point.

Other than raising phoenixes, at a certain timing each year, many wild phoenixes would come here and lay eggs. If something happened to Wind Flame Mountain, the wild phoenixes might choose other locations, Chi clan would suffer great losses.

But Fang Yuan was smiling throughout.

Compared to the previous life, Chi Qu You was more angry because Fang Yuan's efficient looting meant that Chi clan suffered even greater losses, Chi Qu You felt pained from this.

"Senior Chi Qu You, I have been waiting for you, this is my move!" Fang Yuan said as he activated yama battlefield.

Chi Qu You hesitated for a moment but did not dodge, he allowed yama battlefield to envelop him as he said: "Let me see what you're made of!"

Yama battlefield formed quickly, a huge yellow-brown lump enveloped both Fang Yuan and Chi Qu You.

Next, yama battlefield shrunk rapidly, condensing from a yellow-brown lump into a tiny spot, it was like an immortal aperture that was placed outside, vanishing entirely without a trace.

"An amazing soul path battlefield." Chi Qu You praised.

Chi Qu You's arms were behind his back as he stood calmly, his attitude had changed tremendously, even though he was trapped in yama battlefield, he did not try to forcefully deduce it, he looked very much at ease.

He was wary internally, to think that Fang Yuan even had a battlefield killer move, there was no information about this at all.

At this point in time, different from the previous life, Fang Yuan's yama battlefield was not exposed.

Last time, he used yama battlefield to trap Feng Jiu Ge, not only did he expose this method, Fairy Zi Wei deduced and broke it successfully.

After the battle in Lang Ya blessed land, Fairy Zi Wei even exposed the profundities of yama battlefield and the method to break it in treasure yellow heaven openly, causing Fang Yuan's yama battlefield to lose its value in battle, the risk of using it was much higher.

And in this life, even though Fang Yuan used yama battlefield multiple times, his targets were Meng Tu, Sleeping Lady, and the diamond head turtle, they were either killed or captured. Against Feng Jiu Ge, he used the super formation space and could not activate yama battlefield. Thus, this method was kept a secret until now.

Now that Fang Yuan used it, it was finally known to the outside world.

Fang Yuan was not going to kill Chi Qu You, information about yama battlefield was definitely going to spread.

Of course, it was not that Fang Yuan could not kill Chi Qu You, but the risks were too high and the reward was minimal. This was the same reason for Chi Qu You, who did not want to face Fang Yuan earlier.

When two tigers fought, one was definitely going to be injured.

Fang Yuan stood at the end of the other side of the battlefield as he assessed Chi Qu You, smiling: "Lord Chi Qu You, you are inside my immortal battlefield now, why are you not attempting to retaliate, instead, you look like you want to talk? Why is that so?"

Chi Qu You snorted coldly: "Stop pretending!"

"Fang Yuan, you went around plundering for the sake of gaining my attention."

"Thinking about it, since you could easily break the defensive formation, why did you not take the lives of my Chi clan's Gu Immortals? This is not hard to achieve, but you did not think of killing a single one of them."

"Furthermore, be it contact heart river bank, cloud bamboo mountain range, or Wind Flame Mountain, even though you looted them clean, you left their foundation behind untouched."

"Both Great Space Temple and I went out at the same time, that was part of your plan. Seeing that we were together, you attacked Wind Flame Mountain and ragged cave at the same time, so that we would have to split up."

"You were merely finding a chance to talk with me, but did not have any special method to do so."

"Tell me, what is it that you want."

Chi Qu You spoke calmly, before splitting up, he had already guessed Fang Yuan's intention, all that anger and hatred was just an act.

Chi Qu You's analysis was mostly right.

In the previous life, when Plunder Shadow Earth Trench was still around, Chi Qu You defended it for some time, only after Fang Yuan attacked Wind Flame Mountain did he show up.

This time, Fang Yuan took down Plunder Shadow Earth Trench in advance, but because Chi Qu You and Great Space Temple were together, it was quite troublesome.

Great Space Temple was a space path Immortal Gu House, it countered immortal battlefields. Fang Yuan had fought against it in his previous life, even great thief ghost hand was unable to counter it.

If Fang Yuan wanted to talk to Chi Qu You, the best way was to avoid this house and find a chance to lure Chi Qu You out alone.

This was not hard for Fang Yuan. With his deep wisdom path attainment, he could easily achieve his target with some adjustment in thinking.

But Chi Qu You was wrong about one thing.

Fang Yuan did not leave behind the foundation of the resource points on purpose, but because he had no way of taking them.

Chi Qu You had misunderstood it.

Of course, Fang Yuan would not correct him.

"Clap clap." Fang Yuan started to clap: "It is so easy talking to a smart person. Senior Chi Qu You, take a look at this."

Chi Qu You's eyes flickered with uncertainty, he carefully received the information path mortal Gu that Fang Yuan tossed out.

He seemed at ease now but he was very alert in his mind. Even though Fang Yuan had 'rank seven' cultivation level, Chi Qu You knew how devious this lad was, he was crafty and ruthless, he needed to be guarded against, one could not relax around him.

But soon, Chi Qu You's expression changed.

He started to frown, a cold light flashed in his eyes as his expression turned dark.

The information path mortal Gu that Fang Yuan gave him included the details of Chi clan's defensive formations, as well as Fang Yuan's conjectures and methods of breaking them. Among which was Wind Flame Mountain's formation, Fang Yuan understood it very well. With his understanding, he could easily destroy the defensive formation and take all of the resources within, but he did not do that.

From this point, Chi Qu You could see Fang Yuan's 'sincerity', it confirmed his guesses while also showing that Fang Yuan had shocking formation path attainment!

And the thing that ruined his mood was the latter part of this information path mortal Gu.

These contents were very detailed about Chi clan's information, Chi Qu You felt a chill in his heart.

This was not something he could get from a little investigation, a lot of time was needed to accumulate such a rich pool of information.

And in this information, the emphasis on Chi clan's internal problem, the fact that Chi Qu You had no successor, was the main issue!

This made Chi Qu You's expression change, he was deeply shocked!

Because the information was just too detailed, very clearly, someone in Southern Border was helping Fang Yuan, secretly providing this.

Who was it?

Demonic path Gu Immortals were very unlikely, they were loners and did not have much of a grudge with Chi clan, there was no need to observe Chi clan and waste their own cultivation time.

"Other than those predatory righteous path forces, who else can it be?"

Chi Qu You was filled with shock and rage, Yang clan soon became his biggest suspicion!

Chi Qu You felt deep anger!

If a certain Southern Border righteous path super force was secretly helping Fang Yuan, this situation would become much more passive for him.

"Very likely, my Chi clan has no traitor, it is these vicious righteous path clans that are trying to attack my Chi clan using this sharp blade!"

"These idiots, these fools, these traitors, they are the biggest parasites of Southern Border's righteous path!"

Chi Qu You's anger was like an erupting volcano, the lava was spewing out endlessly.

He was already restraining himself, if Fang Yuan was not here, he might be shaking intensely.

Fang Yuan laughed secretly.

He observed carefully and assessed Chi Qu You's current mood and thoughts, he had a general idea.

This information that he gave out needed a lot of manpower and resources to obtain over a long time.

The truth was, there was no Southern Border righteous path clan helping him, he had obtained the information from the Southern Border immortals when he captured them in the previous life.

Fang Yuan was definitely going to use this hidden card well!

As he had expected, once he used this card, the effect was immediately. Chi Qu You's expression turned dark, his calm attitude was no more.

"I'm sure that right now, Chi Qu You must hate these Southern Border righteous path clans much more than me."

"That is only natural. Throughout history, almost all organizations would hate traitors the most!"

"But the truth is, this was merely one of my gains from the previous life. And I was able to capture those Southern Border immortals because of the dream realms that Chi Qu You had provided to me, the culprit was really just Chi Qu You himself."

Chi Qu You's expression was very ugly, he was emitting an intense air of tragedy.

He was done in by himself, but he could not sense it.

Fang Yuan spoke again: "Lord Chi Qu You has been famous for a long time, you have governed Chi clan for so long, you must be sure of the value of this information. The force that gave this information to me is not just underestimating me, they are also underestimating you, Lord Chi Qu You."

Chi Qu You heard this, he had a thought: "It seems that Fang Yuan does not like being made use of."

Unknowingly, he did not hate Fang Yuan that much anymore.

Fang Yuan continued: "Now, do you believe in my sincerity?"

Chi Qu You thought about Chi clan's losses, he felt pained, he squinted as he sneered at Fang Yuan: "Hehe, does that mean I should thank you for holding back?"

Fang Yuan smiled.


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