Reverend Insanity
1771 Mature Bamboo Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1771 Mature Bamboo Immortal Gu

Cloud bamboo mountain range.

Fang Yuan floated in the air, an immortal level enslavement path killer move was shot out everywhere.

Pew pew pew!

Cloud foxes and other creatures struggled intensely, they had a painful expression as they growled. But soon, their resistance weakened as they stopped moving, they stayed on the spot and lowered their heads as they became Fang Yuan's enslaved beasts.

Fang Yuan smiled as he opened his immortal aperture's entrance, the cloud foxes went inside obediently.

Not just the cloud foxes, even other lifeforms could not escape from Fang Yuan's demonic claws.

Cloud bamboo mountain range was a huge large sized resource point, it was filled with dense dao marks, it was normal for desolate beasts and plants to grow here, even ancient desolate beasts could grow.

Fang Yuan quickly scavenged the area, with his previous life's memories, he clearly recalled the location of these desolate beasts and plants.

Soon, he obtained seven desolate beast cloud foxes, a total of eleven desolate plants of three species, cloud qi root, white hair root, and spear tip bamboo. The thing that made Fang Yuan the happiest was the quantity of a rank seven immortal material, cloud soil, it was huge.

"I have a lot of time left!" Fang Yuan calculated his time.

In the previous life, he had spent a lot of time just getting these resources. But now, because it was his second time, he obtained everything rapidly and efficiently, he saved a lot of time.

"In the previous life, I only searched through briefly, this mountain range has a lot of untouched places."

Fang Yuan explored the foreign area and soon found a desolate beast cloud fox.

He was about to use an enslavement path killer move to suppress it when Lang Ya land spirit's voice resounded from the immortal aperture: "Master, I have already obtained the name of this new wood path Immortal Gu, it is a rank six Immortal Gu known as Mature Bamboo!"

Gu are the essence of heaven and earth, undeniably, mature bamboo Immortal Gu was the greatest treasure on this cloud bamboo mountain range.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan was obstructed by cloud bamboo mountain range's formation, he could not make it in time. The two Chi clan Gu Immortals defending this place were resolute, while escaping, they destroyed the newly formed wild Immortal Gu.

But now, Fang Yuan noticed this and targeted the formation's weakness immediately, destroying it and gaining control over that newly formed wild Immortal Gu.

The two Chi clan Gu Immortals were stunned, the formation was destroyed too quickly!

This formation could block Fang Yuan for a while in the previous life, but it was fixed and since Fang Yuan already destroyed it once, he understood its concept, he could easily destroy it this time.

After getting it for a while, the wild Immortal Gu that was newly formed was refined by him on the spot.

Immortal Gu Mature Bamboo, it was the size of an average person's thumb. It was long and flat, at the tip of its head was a cylinder that covered its entire head, its eyes were in a hemispherical shape.

Fang Yuan played with it in his hand, its body and wings were very soft, it had six armor plates on its stomach, its tail glowed with a dim green light.

All in all, this mature bamboo Immortal Gu was a firefly that shined with green light.

"Not bad, this Immortal Gu is useful to me." Fang Yuan had a joyful expression.

Fang Yuan killed Chen Yi and obtained his soul, he had been soul searching.

Chen Yi was the first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, in his youth, he had obtained a Genesis Lotus true inheritance — Karma Divine Tree. During the battle in Lang Ya blessed land, he obtained another Genesis Lotus true inheritance — Karma Relocation.

Thus, Fang Yuan had two Genesis Lotus true inheritances now!

But the foundation of karma relocation was karma divine tree.

The core Immortal Gu of these two killer moves, other than the two rule path Immortal Gu Cause and Effect, were some wood path Gu.

Chen Yi died, his phantom aperture vanished, he had already destroyed all his Gu worms, Fang Yuan had to collect these Gu worms if he wanted to cultivate the Genesis Lotus true inheritances.

The mortal Gu were simple, but Immortal Gu needed preparation.

Mature bamboo Immortal Gu was a wood path Gu suitable for his Genesis Lotus true inheritance cultivation.

By the time Chi Qu You arrived at cloud bamboo mountain range using Great Space Temple, Fang Yuan was already gone!

Chi clan's Gu Immortals looked at cloud bamboo mountain range in a daze.

Many people opened their eyes widely, showing deep disbelief: "It is completely barren, this is cloud bamboo mountain range? What happened to our flourishing cloud bamboo mountain range?"

An old Gu Immortal almost coughed blood as he said shakily: "I had once stayed here to develop the mountain range, I spent so much effort but this thief Fang Yuan took it all! Fang Yuan, you demon, I will never let you off!"

Someone thought about it and said solemnly: "We planted normal cloud bamboos here on a huge scale, only specific wood path methods can extract them so quickly. Fang Yuan came totally prepared!"

In the previous life, Fang Yuan lacked wood path methods, eventually, a vast amount of ordinary cloud bamboos were left on the mountain, he could only take the desolate plants.

But this time, with the advantage of rebirth, he came amply prepared.

Fang Yuan had purposely designed a wood path immortal killer move to collect the cloud bamboos!

His wood path attainment level was not high but with the light of wisdom, he could still create a rank six killer move targeting mortal materials very easily.

He annexed Lang Ya blessed land, he obtained several wood path Immortal Gu, they were all useful in this regard.

Lang Ya blessed land had a huge inventory, the white haired land spirit had governed the blessed land for hundreds of thousands of years, he had several Immortal Gu of each mainstream path. They were not a complementary group, the land spirit had refined them in preparation for any refinement path research problems.

Fang Yuan had once borrowed wood sprout Immortal Gu to use the killer move light fungus radiance.

Chi Qu You's expression was completely dark, his fists were tightly clenched under his sleeves.

"Fang Yuan…" He gritted his teeth, his illusions were shattered.

Fang Yuan was targeting Chi clan!

But Chi Qu You could not understand why Fang Yuan was targeting him and Chi clan.

When they pursued him back when he was weak, everyone in Southern Border's righteous path was involved. Wu Yong was the person with the deepest enmity with him, why didn't he attack them? If he thought Wu clan was too strong, he could bully the weaker ones like Qiao clan.

Chi clan was not weak, it was upper tier even among Southern Border's righteous path!

Who did they offend, why was he doing this?

What did they do wrong, couldn't he tell them?

Couldn't he just talk nicely?

Communication was the key to human relationships!

These types of people were the worst! Attacking without warning, destroying and plundering without making a single sound!

Why did he do that? He was a true scumbag!

Not just Chi Qu You, all the other Chi clan Gu Immortals felt very upset and wronged.

"Fang Yuan is clearly targeting us, he has made ample preparations. The question is, what is he after?"

"We need to know this, this is the first obstacle for us in dealing with Fang Yuan." Chi Qu You thought about it, he said.

He gave up on his previous mentality, he decided to deal with Fang Yuan with all his strength.

If they did not do anything, Chi Qu You would not be able to account to the clan.

Demonic path Gu Immortals often traveled alone, but the righteous path had to maintain a force, one could not live freely by one's own intentions. Chi Qu You, for example, even though he was rank eight, he had his bloodline descendants to take care of.

And cloud bamboo mountain range was not just a large resource point for Chi clan.

Back when Chi clan was still in its infancy period, Chi clan's ancestors had scrimped and saved when they were weak to slowly develop it.

Cloud bamboo mountain range had provided a stable source of income for Chi clan's development.

Cloud bamboo mountain range was the glorious history of Chi clan, it was a form of mental encouragement to Chi clan's members.

Fang Yuan plundered cloud bamboo mountain range, he was trampling on the pride and history of Chi clan's Gu Immortals.

Right at this moment, Chi Qu You and the rest received requests for reinforcements from Chi clan's Gu Immortals again.

"Report—! Fang Yuan has appeared at Wind Flame Mountain, he is currently using the killer move myriad dragon to attack the formation."

"Report—! Fang Yuan has appeared outside ragged cave, he was obstructed by the formation and has mysteriously vanished."

Different from earlier, Fang Yuan suddenly appeared at two locations.

Chi clan's Gu Immortals were very shocked and suspicious, how could there be two Fang Yuan?

"One is a fake and one is his true body?"

"Or maybe it is Fang Yuan's clone? That's possible too."

"No, according to the timing, Fang Yuan first appeared at ragged cave before he used Fixed Immortal Travel to arrive at Wind Flame Mountain." Chi Qu You analyzed calmly.

"That means Fang Yuan is still at Wind Flame Mountain? We need to reinforce it immediately!"

"But why did he teleport to ragged cave then? Isn't that unnecessary?"

"Maybe he felt that ragged cave's defensive formation was too strong so he chose the easier Wind Flame Mountain?"

"No, these are both giant resource points, their defensive formation are equally strong, there is no weaker one." Chi Qu You thought about it before a thought flashed in his mind.

He said plainly: "Split up and help them."

"That is the only way! If the giant resource point is looted by Fang Yuan too, our Chi clan will lose too much."

"But is this Fang Yuan's scheme, he wants to divert us away?"

"Fang Yuan's current strength is far beyond the time when he chased after all. Even someone like Feng Jiu Ge lost so terribly to him…"

Chi clan's Gu Immortals were hesitant, they were very wary towards Fang Yuan.

"Should we seek reinforcements?" Suddenly, a Gu Immortal asked.

The whole of Great Space Temple sank into silence.

This was something that most of the Gu Immortals were thinking, but did not dare to say.

Amidst the silence, the immortals looked towards Chi Qu You.

Chi Qu You had a dark expression as he shouted: "He is just a rank seven Gu Immortal! Our clan has only lost two resource points and you are all frantic already, you want to seek outside reinforcements? We cannot afford to lose our reputation like this! Did anyone die? Are we only left with the old and weak? Seeking reinforcements without even fighting against Fang Yuan once? Where is your courage? Where is your bravery? Where are your pride and glory as Chi clan members?"

The immortals lowered their heads in silence, they took Chi Qu You's fierce scolding.

After Chi Qu You scolded them, he gave orders: "Do as I say! I am going to Wind Flame Mountain now, you all will travel in Great Space Temple and go to help ragged cave. Act quickly and do not panic, the defensive formation of a giant resource point is not so fragile. Keep in touch at all times!"

"Yes, lord!"

Nobody disagreed with his order.

With their current location, Wind Flame Mountain was closer while ragged cave was further. Thus, the space path Immortal Gu House Great Space Temple would go to ragged cave while Chi Qu You, who was slower, would go to help Wind Flame Mountain.


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