Reverend Insanity
1769 Variant Human Race Inheritances
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1769 Variant Human Race Inheritances

Chi Qu You was so old but he had to manage Chi clan's affairs tirelessly. For the great era, he even had to work hard to nurture his lacking inheritor.

The truth was, Chi Qu You did not have it easy at all, and these rumors were still trying to defame him!

Chi Qu You was very angry and upset, he gritted his teeth as he waited for Fang Yuan to appear again.

As the culprit, Fang Yuan had been living peacefully these last days, he had a very fulfilling time.

He was managing his immortal aperture.

The immortal aperture was the foundation of a Gu Immortal, if the immortal aperture management was poor, no matter how strong a Gu Immortal was, they would achieve nothing much.

Lang Ya blessed land had completely integrated into the sovereign immortal aperture, after its origin core was unsealed, Fang Yuan quickly annexed it.

Fang Yuan let Lang Ya land spirit do the work of changing the variant human Gu Immortals' alliance agreement. The new alliance agreement was strict and had strong binding terms, it ensured that Fang Yuan had the supreme authority and status, all of the variant human Gu Immortals were his subordinates and vassals.

There was a rule, all of the variant humans will contribute their immortal apertures into the sovereign immortal aperture after they die.

Thus, Fang Yuan's grotto-heaven gained many new blessed lands. These blessed lands belonged to the unlucky variant humans who had died at Chen Yi's hands during the battle of Lang Ya blessed land.

The hairy man Gu Immortals were shocked at this but Lang Ya land spirit had great prestige, along with Sixth Hair's cooperation, they quickly accepted the fact.

The other variant human Gu Immortals were unwilling to do so but with Fang Yuan's strength, they could not resist, they could only accept it.

Of course, Fang Yuan was an old schemer, his political manipulation was not worse than Wu Yong.

He also set a rule for himself in the alliance agreement, he would fully nurture the variant humans without any discrimination. When the alliance agreement became effective, he gave these variant human Gu Immortals a lot of benefits immediately.

In fact, he even secretly sent a portion of the variant human Gu Immortals to the stone lotus island secretly, they were able to enjoy the effects of future self and gain greater knowledge.

The variant human Gu Immortals were extremely shocked, they realized now that Fang Yuan was actually backed by the most mysterious venerable in history, Red Lotus Demon Venerable!

As a result, they lost all thoughts of betrayal!

Of course, Xue Er, Bing Zhuo and others were not given the chance to use future self. According to the ink effect, Fang Yuan had already killed them in the previous life, they did not exist in the lower stream of the River of Time, they had no future.

It was easy to deceive them, Fang Yuan said that the stone lotus island had a limit, future self killer move needed time to accumulate and recover.

The alliance agreement stated that they needed to be honest with Fang Yuan, but he could choose to keep secrets from them after all.

Of course, this was not fair.

But with Fang Yuan's use of the carrot and stick, these variant human Gu Immortals could only lower their heads and accept their fate.

The truth was, Fang Yuan indeed wanted to nurture these variant humans.

There were several points.

Firstly, the more variant humans there were, the more lifespan Gu would be produced, while Fang Yuan had no concerns about this now, he could start preparing early.

Secondly, Fang Yuan was starting an attempt to comprehend human path. The more humans or variant humans he raised, the more helpful it would be towards his human path comprehension.

And thirdly, the racial inheritances of the variant humans.

Back then, when the human Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables emerged, suppressing all ten variant human races and slaughtering them, the variant humans had little hope towards the future, it was full of despair. The variant humans realized that this was bad, all of them worked together to create their racial inheritances that contained the most valuable possessions of their own race, hiding them for their future generations, to leave hope for the future.

According to the understanding of the variant humans, fate Gu was part of the Heavenly Dao, it took away surpluses while replenishing deficits, they acknowledged that there was the decree 'humanity is supreme', but this decree would not last forever, right!

The variant humans were not wrong in this regard, but they had not expected Star Constellation Immortal Venerable to be so brazen as to become one with the Dao.

This resulted in the long lasting rule of humanity, the variant humans were stunned, they were suppressed until now.

But this was advantageous to Fang Yuan too.

According to the information that Lang Ya land spirit had:

When the number of variant human mortals and Gu Immortals reach a certain number, their racial inheritances would appear to them, it would help them grow and develop.

In history, the variant humans had never risen up, so these racial inheritances were mostly preserved.

According to Lang Ya land spirit's guess, the racial inheritance of hairy men was the Infallible inheritance!

Infallible blessed land was at Hairy Foot Mountain, even though Heavenly Court found it, they had great difficulty in trying to obtain it. The Heavenly Court which had immense foundation and geniuses were simply without options against Infallible blessed land.

Eventually, they relied on human path methods to try and extract a part of Infallible blessed land's wealth. But no Heavenly Court Gu Immortal had actually managed to enter this secluded blessed land. Nobody knew what the inside of Infallible blessed land looked like.

In the previous life, even though Fang Yuan destroyed Hairy Foot Mountain, Infallible blessed land was still intact.

All these reasons showed how profound and special Infallible blessed land was, this proved that the variant human racial inheritances were extremely extraordinary and mysterious.

This was also why Fang Yuan had not gone to Hairy Foot Mountain yet even though he had Fixed Immortal Travel and its modified killer move.

According to his previous life's memories, at this point in time, Heavenly Court had not set up the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation at Hairy Foot Mountain.

Despite this, even if Fang Yuan tried to launch a sneak attack using Fixed Immortal Travel, he could not do anything to Infallible blessed land.

"Heavenly Court seems to have found a way to destroy Infallible blessed land, but I do not have any for now."

"Even if I do, would Fairy Zi Wei not guard against that? Sneak attacking it is simply too risky!"

After thinking about it deeply, Fang Yuan gave up on attacking Hairy Foot Mountain.

This idea was too risky, it underestimated his enemy's intelligence, it also went against Fang Yuan's vigilant nature.

After annexing Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan's gains were huge.

Let alone anything else, he benefited the most from information.

The variant human racial inheritances were the most obvious example.

Lang Ya blessed land had simply too long of a history, it had existed for over three hundred thousand years.

How long had it been since Fang Yuan became immortal? Even with the five hundred years of his previous life, he had not reached six hundred years.

Lang Ya land spirit knew a lot of historical secrets, before being annexed, he would not tell Fang Yuan everything, but now, he kept no secrets to himself.

Several days later.

Southern Border, above contact heart river bank.

Jade green light flickered weakly, before green bubbles started to appear.

Rank seven killer move aura quickly spread and permeated to the surroundings.

"This aura?" It was a rank six Gu Immortal from Chi clan who defended contact heart river bank, he controlled the formation as he sensed a killer move aura.

Before he acted, these jade green bubbles popped on their own.

Each popping bubble gave off a thick green light, it spread like flowing water.

A large number of bubbles vanished, in their place was a thick lump of jade green light.

The green jade light was extremely bright, it gave off a radiance that could not be looked at intently.

The strong light appeared and faded just as quickly, when the green light vanished entirely, a person appeared in the sky.

He wore a green robe, his complexion was as clear as jade, his nose was tall and he was handsome to the point of looking like a peerless beauty. His skin was white as snow, his eyes were dark like the abyss, he had long luscious blackhair that resembled a waterfall, hanging straight down to his waist.

The rank six Gu Immortal from Chi clan defending this place saw the person's appearance and his mouth opened wide, his heart was pounding as he felt a chill, his body broke out in cold sweat: "Fang, Fang Yuan?!"

Ever since Fang Yuan escaped from Thunder Ghost True Monarch and sold her three rib bones in treasure yellow heaven, his reputation surpassed Feng Jiu Ge, he was publicly recognized as the number one rank seven expert, he had the power to fight rank eight!

After the battle of Lang Ya blessed land, Heavenly Court lost. Even though Fairy Zi Wei concealed Chen Yi's and Thunder Ghost True Monarch's deaths, she took responsibility and announced the failure of Heavenly Court to invade Lang Ya blessed land to the public.

Feng Jiu Ge was pursued by Fang Yuan, half of his Immortal Gu were stolen, she had placed the video of this in treasure yellow heaven.

Thus, everyone knew now that Fang Yuan not only had rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel, he even annexed Lang Ya blessed land and possibly had a method to steal Immortal Gu!

After defeating Feng Jiu Ge, Fang Yuan's reputation stabilized and even improved, he was a common topic among countless Gu Immortals.

Chi clan's rank six Gu Immortal saw the great demon Fang Yuan appear, why would he dare to stay any longer?

"Faster, faster, faster!" He activated the formation, teleporting away for his dear life.

Fang Yuan was still savoring the immortal killer move he used earlier — Jade Flow Pearl.

This killer move used rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel as the core and almost all of Fang Yuan's current space path Immortal Gu, a few refinement path Immortal Gu, and a lot of supplementary mortal Gu to construct.

Fang Yuan annexed Lang Ya blessed land and became rank eight, his dao marks increased immensely, just the rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel alone could not teleport him. Only by creating a killer move and increasing its power could he barely be moved.

In the previous life, he had also created a space path killer move with Fixed Immortal Travel as the core to transport him, when having rank eight cultivation level.

But jade flow pearl was different from the previous life's killer move.

The previous life's Fixed Immortal Travel killer move was a space path killer move, while this current move was a compound killer move of space path and refinement path.

One of the reasons was that the Fixed Immortal Travel killer move in his previous life was created after Fang Yuan extorted Southern Border's righteous path and obtained many specific space path rank seven Immortal Gu. But now, he had not ambushed Xia Cha yet, not to mention the rest of Southern Border's righteous path.

Fang Yuan's space path Immortal Gu mostly came from Lang Ya blessed land's inventory now, most were rank six and they were not very compatible.

Thus, Fang Yuan used refinement path Immortal Gu to modify the killer move intensively.

With the power of refinement path, Fang Yuan's refinement path dao marks were no longer a burden to the teleportation.

This was the advantage of compound killer moves.

But compound killer moves were much harder to deduce, Fang Yuan could deduce it quickly because he had quasi-supreme refinement path attainment level and the light of wisdom.

Fang Yuan put away the thoughts in his mind for now as he looked down.

For a range of hundreds of li, there were mountains and forests. But below him, there was a flat land that was about half a square kilometer large, it was covered in smoke and fog.

Fang Yuan pointed as dragons flew out, roaring with a grand and fierce aura.

It was immortal killer move — Myriad Dragon!

Fang Yuan refined myriad self Immortal Gu successfully, it took very little time to activate myriad dragon now.

The myriad dragons rushed into the fog and smoke, easily destroying the defensive method below.

Similar to the previous life, the defending Chi clan Gu Immortal had already escaped.

Fang Yuan smiled, this was within his expectations, he had purposely exposed his identity for this.

In the previous life, he had learned about the cowardice of this Chi clan Gu Immortal, this time around, he achieved a great effect by doing the same action.

Of course, Fang Yuan had to expose his identity regardless.

Because he used Fixed Immortal Travel, and also because of the killer moves he was using, there was no use in trying to conceal his identity.


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