Reverend Insanity
1767 Rank Eight Water Refinement Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1767 Rank Eight Water Refinement Immortal Gu

Lang Ya land spirit sighed, continuing: "Every venerable is an invincible character, they had unthinkable talent and ability, they cannot be looked at with common sense. Underestimating them is our foolishness, it is an insult towards them!"

Fang Yuan nodded, he thought about the battle in the previous life.

Every venerable's action could easily change the entire situation, overturning all of the Gu Immortals' hard work in an instant.

Even though Duke Long was so powerful, against a venerable method, he had absolutely no way to resolve it!

"Purely in terms of dao marks, the difference between rank eight and nine is not that huge. But the truth is, the difference between rank eight and nine is as vast as heaven and earth, it can send someone into despair, this is simply because those are unique individuals."

"Man is the spirit of all living beings, Gu is the essence of heaven and earth. There are no invincible Gu worms or killer moves, there are only invincible people…"

"Look at Limitless Demon Venerable, he had rank eight level dao marks when he was still rank six, when he reached rank nine, how many dao marks would he have?"

Fang Yuan could not estimate it.

Cultivation logic and common sense were not appropriate on venerables.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable could rebirth countless times, Limitless Demon Venerable had such shocking dao mark numbers, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's plot affected heaven and earth, altering history…

All these venerables were unfathomable.

Or at least, for the current Fang Yuan, that was the case.

In fact, in the battle of Lang Ya, Fang Yuan killed Thunder Ghost True Monarch and Chen Yi, he also stole Feng Jiu Ge's Fixed Immortal Travel. But what was his greatest gain?

It was that he had expended one of Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's methods —

Karma relocation!

In the previous life, Chen Yi had relied on this move to defend Infallible blessed land until the end and stalled for a long time, it made Fang Yuan, Wu Yong, and Bing Sai Chuan lose their final opportunity to turn the situation around.

"Even though I expended the killer move karma relocation in advance, who knows how many methods these venerables have left behind!"

"Maybe due to the influence of my rebirth, even more venerable methods might be triggered."

"By just relying on my rebirth advantage, I will become stronger than my previous life through constant accumulation. But that is not assuring enough, who knows when a venerable's method will be triggered at a crucial moment?"

"To destroy fate Gu, I alone am not enough, I need to obtain some venerable methods to play safe."

Fang Yuan analyzed in his mind.

A few days later.

Southern Border, Plunder Shadow Earth Trench.

This was once Shadow Sect's base, Fang Yuan had stayed here for some time. Afterwards, when Southern Border's Gu Immortals attacked and besieged him, Fang Yuan self-detonated a large number of Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies, forming dream realms that stalled them while he escaped successfully.

As a result, a large number of dream realms were left behind, Southern Border's Gu Immortals chose to set up a formation here to observe and research on the dream realms.

Fang Yuan came here silently.

He used a refinement path killer move, a drizzle started on the formation around these Southern Border Gu Immortals.

The formation activated to resist the rain.

"Who is attacking us?"

"Hmph, this formation is impenetrable!"

"That's right, nobody can even dream of breaking through."

The main Gu Immortals defending this place were Yang San Mu, Chi Qiu, and Xia Fan, they immediately became alert after the mysterious attack.

Soon, they found Fang Yuan easily.

He did not conceal himself, in fact, using this immortal killer move would cause his aura to surge and burst out, he could not hide it.

Fang Yuan had only seen one person who could perfectly conceal his killer move's aura, that was Wu Yong.

However, Fang Yuan still used familiar face to change his appearance.

If he used his true appearance, wouldn't these defending Gu Immortals be scared to death?

"It's a rank seven Gu Immortal! We are not sure who, but he has Southern Border aura, he must be a secluded cultivator." Within the formation, Xia Fan could not tell that it was Fang Yuan, he started to guess.

By now, Lang Ya's origin core had been completely unsealed, Fang Yuan annexed it and became a true rank eight Gu Immortal.

But he purposely disguised his aura to be at rank seven.

His familiar face killer move had been modified extensively during the final moments of the previous life, right now, none of Southern Border's Gu Immortals could discover the truth.

In order to prevent an expanding ink effect and to maintain his rebirth advantage, Fang Yuan still chose to do the same thing as in his previous life, he was still going to attack this defensive formation.

At the same, he concealed his rank eight cultivation level, on one hand, he was guarding against Heavenly Court, on the other hand, he was luring out Southern Border's Gu Immortals.

According to his previous life's memories, with this development, Southern Border would organize a group to pursue Fang Yuan. If he exposed his rank eight cultivation level, there would not be just one rank eight Gu Immortal, Xia Cha, coming after him.

It was natural that Fang Yuan pretended to be weak!

The drizzle soon turned into a heavier rain as it penetrated the formation.

Within the formation, Chi Qiu's expression changed: "What refinement path killer move is this? It can actually refine our formation! This cannot go on anymore."

Fang Yuan annexed Lang Ya blessed land, he obtained the Long Hair refinement path true inheritance and a large number of Immortal Gu.

There were originally three rank eight Immortal Gu, they were Water Refinement, Forceful Refinement, and Advance Refinement.

All three were refinement path Immortal Gu, when used alone, they had no offensive power, they were all support type.

Among them, forceful refinement Immortal Gu could directly refine the Immortal Gu of others, it was the original core of the Immortal Gu House Refinement Cauldron, but Shadow Sect had stolen it back then. In that battle, rank eight Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus also got damaged, it had fallen to rank seven after that fight.

Rank eight advance refinement Immortal Gu was the core of the Long Hair refinement path formation.

As for rank eight water refinement Immortal Gu, it was hidden within the refinement water. All along, Lang Ya land spirit had been using this Gu and other supplementary Gu worms to form an immortal killer move to convert the refinement path and water path dao marks of Lang Ya blessed land into refinement water.

Lang Ya land spirit's plan was to accumulate the refinement water and after reaching a certain point, it would become the Refinement Sea!

Refinement Sea was a secluded domain of heaven and earth, once it formed, it would replenish itself unceasingly.

This was a grand plan, it consumed an immense amount of refinement path dao marks, wealth, time and energy.

After Fang Yuan annexed Lang Ya blessed land, he wisely halted this plan, he took out the water refinement Immortal Gu within for his own use.

The killer move that Fang Yuan was using now had rank eight water refinement Immortal Gu as the core. Fang Yuan used many Gu worms to suppress the rank eight aura, disguising it as rank seven.

This was also part of his tactic to express weakness.

"No worry, how can this rank seven killer move break our formation." Chi Qiu said with a prideful tone.

This formation was created by Chi clan, as a Chi clan Gu Immortal, Chi Qiu was very prideful, he had absolute confidence in his clan's immortal formation.

"Look, the formation activated, even without us interfering, it can deal with the enemy, this refinement path killer move will end up in failure." Chi Qiu laughed.

But soon, Chi Qiu's smile vanished.

The formation had already undergone several changes but no matter what, it could not deal with the refinement path killer move. The rain that was already heavy became a downpour.

The downpour was unceasing, the formation was corroded to a large extent.

There were Gu Immortal reports constantly, they had anxious tones and expressions, because a large number of mortal Gu were refined by the enemy in the rain.

However, this formation could only work on its own at the early stages, unless there was no choice, Gu Immortals could not control it.

This was the lesson that the Southern Border Gu Immortals learned from the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, to prevent outsiders like Fang Yuan from infiltrating and controlling the immortal formation, it was specially designed like this.

Chi Qiu was helpless, he gritted his teeth and said with a look of disbelief: "How can this be? What kind of refinement path killer move is this, my clan's formation is actually useless against it?!"

Chi Qiu was simply dumbfounded.

Normally speaking, refinement path did not have such a big advantage over formation path.

But Fang Yuan's formation path attainment was very high!

And most importantly, he was very familiar with this defensive formation.

Even though this formation had caused him a lot of trouble in the previous life, Fang Yuan had threatened and lured Chi Qu You into cooperating afterwards, Chi Qu You became the biggest traitor of Southern Border, he gave the information of this formation over to Fang Yuan.

This pitiful Chi Qiu would never imagine that their formation was completely exposed to the enemy. And the traitor was actually their first supreme elder!

Know yourself and your enemy, and you will never be defeated, not to mention that Fang Yuan was using a rank eight killer move.

Not long after, the Southern Border Gu Immortals in the formation became anxious as they started pacing around.

"What do we do? What do we do! The enemy's refinement speed is getting faster!"

"Who is he? Possessing such a killer move, no wonder he attacked so confidently."

"Their Gu worm refinement speed is getting faster, we cannot keep up. At the final moment, even if we can control the formation, it will be too late." Chi Qiu wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Formation path is useless indeed." Xia Fan snorted coldly as Chi Qiu stared fiercely.

Xia Fan did not care, looking at Yang San Mu and saying: "The urgent matter now is to send out Gu Immortals to fight, we will disrupt the enemy's killer move so we can exchange Gu worms in the formation and repair it."

He was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he had the responsibility to come up with a tactic.

Yang San Mu nodded, he was the leader, he had to stand up now: "Then I will go and deal with the enemy."

Even though Fang Yuan was mysterious, Yang San Mu had a lot of confidence in himself.

He was a soul path Gu refinement, a renowned rank seven expert in Southern Border. Meanwhile, refinement path was skilled at refining Gu, it was weaker than other paths in other aspects.

Xia Fan had a joyful expression: "With Brother Yang taking action personally, we will definitely kill the enemy and resolve this problem."

Yang San Mu glanced at him before flying out of the formation.

He approached Fang Yuan: "Come fight!"

"Ugh!" Yang San Mu ended in defeat.

"How can he be this strong?" Yang San Mu was captured.

A moment later, the formation was taken down by Fang Yuan, even though it had a transportation function, Fang Yuan had used a refinement path method to refine it, this method was destroyed from the start.

None of the Gu Immortals guarding the formation escaped, Fang Yuan captured all of them.


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