Reverend Insanity
1762 Zi Wei“s Attack
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1762 Zi Wei“s Attack

"Fang Yuan, you should have a look, those dao marks are changing again!" The moment the battle ended, Lang Ya land spirit transmitted to Fang Yuan.

"What?" Fang Yuan was surprised.

He quickly left the heavily damaged super formation as he arrived at the source of the change.

Feng Jiu Ge had left behind harmful dao marks in many places, but the dark spiral that formed earlier was the densest.

Right now, the other areas with fewer dao marks started to experience a change.

These dao marks gave off pale blue light, they were like stars in the sky, extremely dazzling and bright.

Fang Yuan took a look, his face turned dark.

"It could actually change like this!"

He had wisdom path foundation and star path attainment, he knew what this change was going to do.

"It seems that Feng Jiu Ge went back to Central Continent directly using karma relocation, or he even went back to Fairy Zi Wei directly. Thus, she obtained some information."

"They reacted so quickly!"

Fang Yuan was feeling slight regret.

In the battle earlier, he should not have stalled for time to create a situation where both sides suffered losses.

He should have attacked directly and killed Chen Yi without caring for the immortal essence expenditure.

But the truth was, even if he did that, it would not be much faster. Karma divine tree was too superb, it combined offense and defense, without the variant human Gu Immortals' sacrifice, it was hard to kill Chen Yi in a short time.

Fang Yuan's expression was grim: "The changes in the dao marks should be Heavenly Court's wisdom path great expert trying to locate the precise area of Lang Ya blessed land. We need to get rid of them, it might get very dangerous."

Lang Ya land spirit was very anxious: "The dark spirals are easy to destroy but these harmful shining dao marks are impossible to get rid of. I've already tried!"

"What's going on?" At this time, the remaining variant human Gu Immortals arrived with varying expressions.

Fang Yuan ignored them, thoughts rumbled in his mind as he pondered at the speed of lightning.

"Fairy Zi Wei wants to find the actual location of Lang Ya blessed land, she is giving it one final attempt."

"Heavenly Court lost terribly this time, she is truly infuriated."

"Lang Ya blessed land has already been relocated to Loose Tail Ridge by the land spirit, but Prince Feng Xian is likely nearby, searching for it secretly."

"I cannot let Fairy Zi Wei deduce the true location of Lang Ya blessed land, that would be a terrible situation."

Once the location is exposed, not only would Prince Feng Xian attack, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals will also reinforce him endlessly. Even if Heavenly Court fails, Fang Yuan would not leave unscathed, it would be a painful victory.

Heavenly Court could even go crazy and tell the location of Lang Ya blessed land to everyone.

This hairy man sacred land would attract the greed of countless people.

Longevity Heaven would be the first to attack!

"What should I do?" Fang Yuan processed his thoughts rapidly.

The variant human Gu Immortals beside him were also becoming more anxious.

They got an explanation from Lang Ya land spirit, they learned about the severity of this situation.

"Heavenly Court is too scary, we only killed two rank eight Gu Immortals after all our efforts."

"We are not out of danger yet! If we do not get rid of these dao marks now, Lang Ya blessed land would be exposed, we would not be able to defend this place."

"That's right, at this point, we can only rely on Lord Fang Yuan!"

Even if Lang Ya blessed land could relocate, it could not make such a commotion with so many enemies outside.

Everyone looked at Fang Yuan expectantly.

"Got it!" Fang Yuan's eyes shined brightly as he shouted.

"You found a method?" Lang Ya land spirit asked immediately.

"Quickly activate the refinement path formation, use my method to refine these dao marks." Fang Yuan answered rapidly.

In his previous life, Fang Yuan had obtained the refinement path true meaning, he learned that the way to get rid of these dao marks was to take action when the blessed land was relocating, it could be easily solved.

But thinking about it, that was a trap.

Prince Feng Xian was ambushing them outside, if Lang Ya blessed land moves, the commotion would expose them, Prince Feng Xian and Heavenly Court would attack.

Fang Yuan's method was to use the refinement path immortal formation and a large amount of rank eight immortal materials, as well as refinement water, to forcefully refine these harmful dao marks.

In his previous life, he did not think of this method because he did not know of the refinement path formation or refinement water during his deductions.

By the time he knew, the battle had ended, he stole Fixed Immortal Travel and Longevity Heaven arrived, Fang Yuan had to escape.

Lang Ya land spirit was suppressed by Fang Yuan to begin with, after getting Fang Yuan's method, there was no hesitation, he immediately activated the refinement path formation and targeted these harmful dao marks.

Rank eight immortal materials were tossed in one by one, the variant human Gu Immortals had strange expressions, the hairy man Gu Immortals had twitching faces.

"So many rank eight immortal materials!"

"This is an immense wealth, Lang Ya blessed land's foundation is actually so deep!"

"It is simply like cabbage sold in the market, I cannot believe this…"

Lang Ya land spirit was also feeling pained: "Elder Fang Yuan, Lang Ya blessed land had accumulated this after much effort, your refinement method is too coarse, it can be improved further. Maybe we can wait a bit and improve on this method, we can save a lot of materials."

"No, trust me, we are in grave danger now. Even though we have no enemies here at the moment, we are not safe. We need to fight against time!" Fang Yuan did not mention Prince Feng Xian, this was just part of his conjecture, he had no evidence.

But Lang Ya land spirit was under Fang Yuan's control, he obeyed him without question.

Fang Yuan's words sounded like a suggestion but they were basically an order to him, he had to execute it.

"Alright, I will listen to you!" Lang Ya land spirit's reply was very short.

Fang Yuan's expression was solemn: "Come and refine these harmful dao marks, don't feel pity for the refinement water used. I will enter the secret room and use wisdom path methods to stop Heavenly Court, nobody is to interrupt me. Anyone who disturbs me is a spy of Heavenly Court, I will kill you on the spot!"

Fang Yuan's gaze was filled with killing intent, he looked around as a chill emerged in all the Gu Immortals' hearts.

After a stern warning, he entered his cloud city and went into the secret room.

Heavenly Court, Central Great Hall.

Fairy Zi Wei sat in her usual seat as her eyes were shut, she was radiating with an intense purple light.

The purple light filled the entire hall, it was like rising smoke or rushing tides, the aura was grand and magnificent.

Fang Yuan's defenses were soon noticed by Fairy Zi Wei.

She frowned a little as she laughed coldly: "Want to stop me? Star Constellation Chessboard!"

She immediately summoned Star Constellation Chessboard to assist her.

Not long ago, Feng Jiu Ge had returned to Heavenly Court with grave injuries, but also precious information!

After learning about it, Fairy Zi Wei immediately understood that the dark spirals were exposed, there was little hope in using them. Thus, she changed her plan and decided to expend these dao marks to deduce the exact location of Lang Ya blessed land inside Loose Tail Ridge.

"I have not lost this battle yet!" Fairy Zi Wei held onto her belief.

Chen Yi and Thunder Ghost True Monarch were likely goners, Feng Jiu Ge was heavily injured and had already fallen unconscious. Fairy Zi Wei was responsible for this battle, she wanted to make up for her mistakes.

In the previous life, Longevity Heaven had acted, they were powerful and originated from Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. Even though Heavenly Court lost, Fairy Zi Wei's reaction was not as severe.

But now, she lost to Fang Yuan and the variant human Gu Immortals, either of them made the proud Heavenly Court Gu Immortals unable to accept this humiliating defeat!

Like what Fang Yuan expected, Fairy Zi Wei was truly angry.

She tried her best, disregarding the intense backlash, to turn this situation around!

Star Constellation Chessboard was a wisdom path rank eight Immortal Gu House, it was extremely helpful.

Fairy Zi Wei quickly got the edge on Fang Yuan as her deduction speed rose continuously.

In the previous life, even though Fairy Zi Wei had this method, because Longevity Heaven had taken over Lang Ya blessed land, there was no point even if she tried.

But now, because Fang Yuan won in the absence of Longevity Heaven, Fairy Zi Wei still had hope. Furthermore, Feng Jiu Ge had used Fate Armor earlier, even though it was a short duration, it was an important clue.

Fairy Zi Wei was very confident in deducing Lang Ya blessed land's location and defeating Fang Yuan across space!

"This is bad." Fang Yuan felt a mountain pressing down on him.

The activation of fate armor Immortal Gu gave Fairy Zi Wei an extremely large advantage in deducing Lang Ya blessed land.

Fairy Zi Wei made use of this weakness, Fang Yuan could not see any hope of stopping her.

"Even though I have many wisdom path methods, I lack truly profound ones."

Even though there was rank nine wisdom Gu, Fang Yuan could only use the light of wisdom. As for rank eight wisdom sword Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan did not have rank eight immortal essence yet. He had attitude Gu but how could Fang Yuan deduce a wisdom path method using attitude Gu as the core to defend against Fairy Zi Wei in this short time?

"There is only one final method!" Resolution shined across Fang Yuan's eyes.


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