Reverend Insanity
1761 Taking Blame Even In Death
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1761 Taking Blame Even In Death

Fixed Immortal Travel was finally regained!

This way, even if Fang Yuan rose to rank eight and lost future self, he did not have to worry about losing Fixed Immortal Travel's movement method.

Fixed Immortal Travel was a powerful movement Immortal Gu that was extremely useful to Fang Yuan.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan deduced a killer move with Fixed Immortal Travel as the core, even as a rank eight, he could travel all over the world and cause great chaos.

With this Immortal Gu, he would have incredibly powerful maneuverability!

But in the previous life, Fang Yuan stole Fixed Immortal Travel with one attempt, this time, it was truly troublesome, he used great thief ghost hand more than ten times, a lot of immortal essence was expended.

The flaw of great thief ghost hand was evident.

Even though it could steal Immortal Gu, it would steal mortal Gu in most cases. Fang Yuan stole tens of thousands of mortal Gu from Feng Jiu Ge, but only three or four Immortal Gu.

"Next is fate armor Immortal Gu." Fang Yuan's cold gaze was fixed on Feng Jiu Ge.

As long as he stole fate armor Immortal Gu, Feng Jiu Ge would be finished.

Feng Jiu Ge continued to escape.

He had never thought that he would end up in such a distressed state!

"Fang Yuan knows me very well! He has been trying to steal my Immortal Gu without attacking much, he is targeting my weakness, he knows the power of fate armor Immortal Gu."

Feng Jiu Ge's heart sank to rock bottom, an intense chill permeated in his body.

The more Immortal Gu he lost, the more his battle strength fell.

"Fang Yuan!" Feng Jiu Ge thought about this name in his mind. Even though he had some estimation towards Fang Yuan's growth, he did not not that he would be forced to escape without a way of fighting back.

Back then, Feng Jiu Ge was chasing after Fang Yuan from Southern Border to Western Desert, it seemed just like yesterday, Feng Jiu Ge could still remember clearly.

But to think that now, their situations were reversed!

"Such immense growth!" Feng Jiu Ge sighed in his heart.

It was not that Feng Jiu Ge was not strong, but Fang Yuan's preparations were simply too plentiful.

He did not expose his secret of rebirth, his advantage was well kept.

The super formation in Lang Ya blessed land was modified by Fang Yuan, it was many times stronger than in the previous life.

One of the reason was that Fang Yuan controlled Lang Ya blessed land, he could mobilize all of its resources to build the immortal formation, he could also transact with the three variant human races.

The second reason was that Fang Yuan was much stronger than in the previous life at this point in time, be it formation path or time path, he was far superior.

This allowed him to create this super formation to trap Feng Jiu Ge and Chen Yi.

At the other end.

Chen Yi's eyes flickered with light, he was moving around in the illusory mazes.

"Damn it! I am still trapped after so long!" Chen Yi was lost in the illusory mazes, even though he moved around quickly and broke many illusions, he still felt like vomiting blood.

This formation constantly refreshed Chen Yi's evaluation towards it.

Fang Yuan arranged almost all the variant human Gu Immortals to control the formation and target Chen Yi.

Even though he had great battle strength with immortal killer moves like ancient tree prison cage, giant tree divine statue, karma divine tree, and others, making it very difficult for Fang Yuan to handle these superb killer moves.

In the previous life, Chen Yi fought against two enemies alone, facing the immemorial rock dragon and Heavenly Giant Solor, his performance was incredible and breathtaking.

But now, Fang Yuan obtained control of Lang Ya Sect entirely, he arranged the immemorial rock dragon and Heavenly Giant Solor to deal with Chen Yi but the two were merely assisting, the main thing dealing with Chen Yi was the super formation.

As Chen Yi struggled in the illusory maze, every time he had hope of breaking out, the immemorial rock dragon or Heavenly Giant Solor would appear to obstruct him and stall for time.

Next, the variant human Gu Immortals would create more layers and mazes, causing Chen Yi to stay trapped indefinitely.

Chen Yi's methods were all unusable as a result.

Fang Yuan targeted him specifically, easily countering him.

Chen Yi was very anxious now, the longer this dragged on, the more uneasy he felt.

Was the Thunder Ghost True Monarch corpse earlier just an illusion?

Chen Yi was not certain!

He wanted to believe that it was an illusion.

The reason was simple, with Thunder Ghost True Monarch's battle strength, how could Fang Yuan possibly kill her immediately?

Were there other possibilities?

If Thunder Ghost True Monarch was still alive, why had she shown no commotion at all after such a long time in this battle?

Right now, he and Feng Jiu Ge were isolated, a long time had passed, how was the situation on his end?

"Unless, the dream realm?" Chen Yi had a flash of inspiration.

He did not know that Fang Yuan possessed rank eight steal life Immortal Gu, but he knew that Fang Yuan was skilled at using the self-detonation of Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies to form dream realms and deal with strong enemies.

During the battle at Yi Tian Mountain, Spectral Soul was captured by Heavenly Court. Afterwards, Fang Yuan was pursued by Wu Yong and Feng Jiu Ge, he used the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies to escape many times.

Without the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies, Fang Yuan would have died on the way already.

Fairy Zi Wei was a wisdom path great expert, before this trip, she had already made deductions. Fang Yuan's dream realms, Reverse Flow River, and others were all in her consideration.

The dark spiral was the tracer for star cast, it had detection abilities. If there were dream realms or Reverse Flow River nearby, Fairy Zi Wei could sense it.

In fact, Fang Yuan could not truly control the dream realm or Reverse Flow River precisely. Once the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies self-detonate, they would create an expanding dream realm that moved on its own, he could also only move Reverse Flow River mildly.

Be it the dream realm or Reverse Flow River, as long as the dark spiral was in contact with them, star cast killer move would become unstable and fail.

Fairy Zi Wei only had to create a slightly larger dark spiral to test if there were dream realms or Reverse Flow River around it.

"It is stupid to only use the dream realms or Reverse Flow River as a trap, but what if Fang Yuan created new dream path killer moves? He has Spring Autumn Cicada, he had been reborn from the future after all!" Chen Yi thought.

But the truth was, Fang Yuan currently had no dream realms with him.

His Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies had all been consumed. (Refer to Chapter 1585.)

Most of the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies were used when Fang Yuan was escaping his pursuers.

This resulted in Fang Yuan going to Southern Border to snatch dream realms after the battle of Lang Ya blessed land.

Later, Fang Yuan made transactions with Chi Qu You secretly, he obtained many dream realms, his Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies became a sizable number.

After that, Fang Yuan ambushed Xia Cha and the rest, these Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies were incredibly useful. It could be said that Chi Qu You was the main contributor, it was because of his secret transactions with Fang Yuan that he could use all these dream realms. If he was just stealing them, the efficiency would be much lower.

Chen Yi made a wrong guess, his heart became heavy.

"No, I must destroy this immortal formation as soon as possible!"

The dangerous situation made Chen Yi resolve to use his trump card killer move — Karma Divine Tree.

The divine tree was lush and green, it was beautiful as a pavilion, green smoke rose slowly as it swayed with the wind.

With karma divine tree above his head, all sorts of illusions and mazes were forced away within a certain area.

Chen Yi could see clearly ahead of him again.

The variant human Gu Immortals gasped.

"This is the karma divine tree killer move that Elder Fang Yuan mentioned?"

"The entire super Gu formation's power is being resisted by this move, the mazes and illusions cannot affect Chen Yi."

"Worthy of Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's killer move."

During the critical moment, the immemorial rock dragon and Heavenly Giant Solor attacked Chen Yi. The other variant human Gu Immortals controlled the formation, trying to find a new way of trapping Chen Yi.

Chen Yi snorted coldly, he did not fight the rock dragon or giant, he flew around, targeting the formation itself.

The immemorial rock dragon and Heavenly Giant Solor attacked Chen Yi but he defended passively.

Karma divine tree displayed incredible defensive power, it blocked all of the attacks perfectly.

The divine tree which was quite sparse earlier started to bear fruits quickly.

These fruits flew out and landed on the immemorial rock dragon and Heavenly Giant Solor, causing them to endure the damage that they dealt themselves.

"Quickly block Chen Yi, don't let him rampage around." Fang Yuan sensed something amiss, he quickly ordered.

But the variant human Gu Immortals were very busy, they could not use the formation's power to trap Chen Yi. As for entering the battle themselves, they would not do it.

Even though they were allies, they treasured their lives. They would hide inside the formation if they could, in the previous life, they only came out after the formation was destroyed.


With an intense explosion, Chen Yi hit a crucial spot, the formation space that was isolated became connected.

Even though Chen Yi cultivated wood path, he was still a rank eight great expert that could mimic other paths, after such a long time inside this super formation, he could notice some of its characteristics.

Chen Yi saw Feng Jiu Ge and quickly shouted loudly: "Hang on, I'm coming!"

It turned out that Feng Jiu Ge was already forced into a corner by Fang Yuan, the situation was dangerous.

"Be careful, the enemy has a way to steal Gu worms." Feng Jiu Ge immediately gave Chen Yi critical information.

Chen Yi's body shook, he immediately thought of the contest over Divine Bean Palace. Western Desert's Gu Immortal Suan Bu Jin was the one who stole legendary immemorial beast Qing Chou's Immortal Gu using theft path.

"They have theft path methods too?!" Chen Yi shook, he frowned deeply.

Now was different from the previous life.

Fang Yuan did not use emperor yama, Chen Yi could not link the two together. There was no evidence supporting the fact that Fang Yuan was Suan Bu Jin.

Theft path was actually spread to an extent in the five regions.

Western Desert's Suan Bu Jin had theft path methods, but Lang Ya blessed land had an even higher possibility of possessing theft path killer moves, after all, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had personally worked with Long Hair Ancestor and refined Gu together.

Chen Yi attacked while Fang Yuan snickered, he charged forward too.

He activated reverse flow protection seal while preparing Luo Po seal.

Fang Yuan's aura surged.

"Two rank eight killer moves?!" Chen Yi was deeply shocked, his pupils shrunk: "One for offense and one for defense, they are complementary! Damn it!"

Fang Yuan and Chen Yi fought while the immemorial rock dragon and Heavenly Giant Solor approached Feng Jiu Ge.

Feng Jiu Ge only had rank seven cultivation level now while a few of his Immortal Gu were stolen by Fang Yuan, his battle strength had fallen greatly. Facing the attack of two rank eight battle strengths, he was quickly injured and fate armor Immortal Gu got activated.

Over at Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei's expression changed: "Oh no! Fate Armor was activated, Feng Jiu Ge is in great danger, what should we do?"

In the previous life, Fairy Zi Wei and Feng Jiu Ge were separated by only yama battlefield, she quickly broke the battlefield killer move and saved him.

But now, Fairy Zi Wei and Feng Jiu Ge were apart by a vast distance.

Star cast was only half prepared.

She could not let Feng Jiu Ge die, he was a Dao Guardian!

Chen Yi also knew the importance of Feng Jiu Ge but he was helpless, Fang Yuan was harassing him at all times. Even though karma divine tree was powerful and had both offense and defense, Fang Yuan was also attacking him with two rank eight killer moves.

As time passed, fate armor Immortal Gu became dimmer and dimmer.

Once the light completely faded, Feng Jiu Ge would die.

"What do I do now?!" Chen Yi was panicking, at this moment, he heard Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's voice in his head: "Look closely, this is the consecutive move built upon karma divine tree — Karma Relocation!"

The killer move activated, as if intense winds were blowing, the green smoke flickered as karma divine tree started to sway and dance in the wind.

Fang Yuan quickly stopped his killer move, he let out a sigh of relief as this killer move was finally forced out.

With karma relocation, Chen Yi could rampage in the battlefield, Fang Yuan could only avoid him.

Chen Yi and Feng Jiu Ge quickly gathered: "Go back, these are my Immortal Gu, remember to tell the situation here to Lady Zi Wei, take revenge for me!"

Chen Yi passed all the other Immortal Gu that he had to Feng Jiu Ge.

At the next moment, karma relocation activated as Feng Jiu Ge was transported away. Even with the super formation and Lang Ya blessed land's aperture walls, it could not block Feng Jiu Ge from leaving.

Karma relocation was a rank nine killer move after all!

"Feng Jiu Ge, you managed to escape this time, but next time will be different." Fang Yuan had a plain expression.

He knew about karma relocation, he knew there was no way to block it.

Earlier, he separated Feng Jiu Ge and Chen Yi because he considered this killer move, it was a pity he did not succeed.

Chen Yi and Feng Jiu Ge were very brilliant, they had abundant battle experiences.

"Since Feng Jiu Ge escaped, you shall stay here and accompany Thunder Ghost True Monarch in the afterlife." Fang Yuan smiled ruthlessly.

Chen Yi smiled plainly: "Senior Thunder Ghost True Monarch was really killed by all of you. Come, even if I die, I will not go down easily."

Chen Yi knew he was going to die, he completely relaxed.

Even though he loved authority and status, he was still a member of Heavenly Court.

Any member of Heavenly Court would not fear sacrifice or death!

The process of killing Chen Yi was not easy, it was difficult and a deadlock occurred many times.

But eventually, Chen Yi succumbed and Fang Yuan took his life.

He did not leave behind any Immortal Gu, but his remnant soul could not escape from Fang Yuan's demonic claws.

The variant human Gu Immortals cheered loudly in victory but they also cried out in pain.

They had severe losses.

Chen Yi killed many of their companions.

Fang Yuan looked at Chen Yi's corpse as he sighed deeply: "As expected of Chen Yi, as expected of a Heavenly Court Gu Immortal!"

Next, he consoled the variant human Gu Immortals, showing deep sincerity and sadness: "Your sacrifices were worth it, this is a glorious victory. Even a rank eight Gu Immortal died at your hands, this result will shock the world."

There were only a few variant human Gu Immortals left, they were all heavily injured.

"Oh heavens, our losses were just too severe this time."

"Lang Ya blessed land suffered the least losses, they were all inside the formation, they were safe inside Heavenly Giant Solor."

"Strange… why did several layers of the formation break all of a sudden, without it, we would not have lost so many people!"

Fang Yuan nodded: "That must be Chen Yi's method, he is truly formidable, I did not even notice anything!"

The variant human Gu Immortals heard this, their eyes turned red and they gritted their teeth: "That's right, this old scoundrel!"

"Killing him was simply not enough!"

"He deserves more than death!"

The pitiful Chen Yi had no idea that even after dying in battle, he had to take the blame for Fang Yuan.


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