Reverend Insanity
1760 Overwhelming Advantage
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1760 Overwhelming Advantage

The killer move star cast might be incredibly powerful and would affect the balance of all five regions, but any killer move had its weaknesses and flaws.

Fang Yuan did not know much about star cast, but he knew one crucial point.

Star cast needed a tracer.

This tracer was the harmful dao marks that Feng Jiu Ge left behind the previous time he invaded Lang Ya blessed land.

In the previous life, these harmful dao marks turned into a dark spiral that transported Chen Yi, Thunder Ghost True Monarch, Feng Jiu Ge, and Fairy Zi Wei in.

Luckily, Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit reacted quickly and destroyed the dark spiral in time, they prevented even more Heavenly Court Gu Immortals from entering.

This time, because of rebirth, Fang Yuan knew the exact location of the dark spiral.

Thus, he modified Lang Ya blessed land's defensive formation actively and covered it using the formation space.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch came in first, she was directly killed by Fang Yuan and the rest, who were well prepared.

Chen Yi was the second to arrive, Fang Yuan did not have much time to use Luo Po seal, so he did not do anything yet.

And third was Feng Jiu Ge.

He was Fang Yuan's main target!

Because rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel was in his hands!

And the fourth person was likely Fairy Zi Wei.

Fairy Zi Wei was a wisdom path Gu Immortal possessing Star Constellation Chessboard. If Duke Long was considered the spiritual leader of Heavenly Court and was the source of morale, Fairy Zi Wei was the brains of Heavenly Court, their tactician.

She was very important, but even if Fang Yuan killed her, there would be little effect.


Because Heavenly Court's immortal graveyard had too many wisdom path Gu Immortals, if Fairy Zi Wei died, the second would replace her. In the past, why did Fairy Zi Wei awaken? It was because Heavenly Court's wisdom path Gu Immortal, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, had died, Fairy Zi Wei had to awaken to take his position.

If Fairy Zi Wei brought Star Constellation Chessboard with her, Fang Yuan might have the incentive to kill her.

But regrettably, Star Constellation Chessboard was needed to maintain star cast, it had to be left inside Heavenly Court.

Fang Yuan had his battle experience from the previous life, he was sure about this secret.

In his position, Fang Yuan should not kill Fairy Zi Wei. Know yourself and your enemy, and you will never be defeated, Fang Yuan was familiar with Fairy Zi Wei, it was advantageous to him. If he killed her, an unfamiliar Heavenly Court wisdom path Gu Immortal would weaken Fang Yuan's post-rebirth advantage.

Of course, there was the most important reason, Fairy Zi Wei had incredible battle strength, even though Fang Yuan surpassed her by the time of Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, right now, he had not reached rank eight yet, he was still far from his peak battle strength in the previous life.

If he let Fairy Zi Wei in, Heavenly Court would have three rank eight battle strengths, Fang Yuan had Heavenly Giant Solor, the super formation, the immemorial rock dragon and himself, the battle would be intense, the situation would be out of control.

And don't forget, Chen Yi had Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's trump card!

Immortal killer move karma relocation played an important role in his previous life, Fang Yuan remembered deeply, he would not ignore it.

Furthermore, Fang Yuan already suppressed Lang Ya land spirit, the whole of Lang Ya blessed land was his property. He wanted to reduce his losses.

Thus, he destroyed the dark spiral earlier than in his previous life.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were all shocked, while inside Lang Ya blessed land, Feng Jiu Ge and Chen Yi looked at each other with dumbfounded looks!

"This is completely different from our plans!"

"Star cast failed, only the few of us are over here."

"Lang Ya blessed land was prepared for us, they reacted too quickly."

"Right now, we can only defend and stall for time until star cast activates again!"

Chen Yi and Feng Jiu Ge quickly conversed.

The two of them floated in the formation space, their backs were facing each other as they tried to defend themselves.

Feng Jiu Ge asked: "That's right, where is Senior Thunder Ghost True Monarch?"

Chen Yi gulped, he hesitated a little but did not tell Feng Jiu Ge about the scene he saw earlier, instead he said: "I am not sure too, I did not see Thunder Ghost True Monarch after entering."

Feng Jiu Ge nodded: "Senior Thunder Ghost must be too eager to make achievements, she went out and got separated from us. If we can join up with her, that would be best."

Chen Yi was shrouded in a bad feeling, but he could not shake Feng Jiu Ge's morale at this moment, he could only say: "I can see how crafty this Fang Yuan is, he would not let us join up easily. Senior Thunder Ghost True Monarch might be currently busy against the enemies for all we know."

Feng Jiu Ge was more optimistic than Chen Yi, he smiled: "Lord Chen Yi, we have outstanding battle strength ourselves. I can resist rank eight Gu Immortals, I can barely be considered a rank eight battle strength. With you and Senior Thunder Ghost True Monarch, we have three rank eight battle strengths. It will be very difficult for Lang Ya blessed land to defend against us, right? Maybe with just us, we can take down Lang Ya blessed land."

Chen Yi laughed and focused his mind forcefully: "Brother Feng is right, but this situation is truly out of our expectations, you should find a time to escape using Fixed Immortal Travel."

Feng Jiu Ge looked at Chen Yi deeply, thinking that this Chen Yi's emotions were so easily changed.

Feng Jiu Ge had witnessed himself how Chen Yi charged in excitedly trying to make some achievements for himself. But once he got in, he became so dejected and low-spirited all of a sudden?

"Even though Chen Yi is the former first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, due to having an authoritative status for a long time, he has lost his bravery. No wonder he failed his mission in Western Desert and caused us to lose Divine Bean Palace."

Feng Jiu Ge looked down on Chen Yi in his heart. Unknown to him, in the previous life, his relationship with Chen Yi was actually quite good. Especially after he used the incomplete destiny song to save Chen Yi's life.

The two conversed rapidly in almost an instant.

Fang Yuan had already taken action.

But this time, he did not move out personally, he concealed his traces.

The immemorial rock dragon took his place, along with Lang Ya land spirit and a band of hairy man Gu Immortals using Heavenly Giant Solor!

Feng Jiu Ge and Chen Yi worked together.

After a long while, neither side could do anything to the other.

But Chen Yi and Feng Jiu Ge continued to frown deeply.

"The immemorial rock dragon is tough and sturdy, but its threat is the lowest. The Gu Immortals inside Heavenly Giant Solor are not too skilled at fighting either."

"That's right, the key is Fang Yuan. He has not shown up yet, is he fighting against Thunder Ghost True Monarch or hiding to deal with us?"

"Other than them, there is also this formation!"

"We need to destroy this formation, otherwise, being trapped inside this formation space is very dangerous."

Chen Yi and Feng Jiu Ge planned quickly, changing their tactic.

Feng Jiu Ge started to use his killer move while Chen Yi defended him.

Chen Yi blocked the immemorial rock dragon and Heavenly Giant Solor alone while Feng Jiu Ge prepared his killer move successfully, unleashing separation song.

But in the previous life, this song already had no effect, it was even more useless this time around.

How could Fang Yuan forget separation song?

The tactic that Chen Yi and Feng Jiu Ge tried failed and instead gave Fang Yuan an opportunity to suddenly strike and isolate the two of them.

Thereafter, the super formation started to activate as two subspaces were created, isolating Chen Yi and Feng Jiu Ge.

Heavenly Court.

Endless starlight specks gathered again.

Fairy Zi Wei was full of sweat, she worked her hardest to create star cast killer move once again.

However, star cast was not so easily recreated.

This move was incredibly powerful, it was able to transport rank eight Gu Immortals, it was truly a tactical method that could affect wars. Precisely so, the price of using it was huge, not only in immortal essence but also the time needed to prepare it with countless complex steps. Without deep wisdom path attainment, it was unusable.

"If we can succeed and regain wisdom Gu this time, activating star cast would be an easy feat, we will not encounter so much trouble!" Fairy Zi Wei sighed.

A Gu Immortal beside her smiled: "Lady Zi Wei, even if we do not go, with those three, they have the power to take down Lang Ya blessed land."

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals had calm expressions, the situation was very relaxed.

But Fairy Zi Wei frowned deeply, she felt that something was wrong.

"That's right, Feng Jiu Ge has incredible talent, he can resist rank eight as a rank seven. He already has experience in invading Lang Ya blessed land, it will only be easier this time. Even if he fails and gets attacked by Lang Ya blessed land's full power, he has fate armor Immortal Gu, he can definitely defend himself." A Heavenly Court Gu Immortal beside Fairy Zi Wei analyzed.

Lang Ya blessed land.


Feng Jiu Ge's body shook as he spat out a mouthful of blood, he escaped in distress inside the formation space.

Fang Yuan chased after him with a sinister laugh.

Feng Jiu Ge still had shock all over his face: "My Gu worms are vanishing mysteriously! How can this be? This should be a theft path method. Is it Fang Yuan's method or this super formation's?"

He had already used great thief ghost hand many times, but this time around, the results were different.

Fang Yuan only stole a large number of mortal Gu and one sound path Immortal Gu.

"Compared to my previous life, my luck is very low now." Fang Yuan also felt a little helpless.

The higher his cultivation level, the more power Spring Autumn Cicada's rebirth would require, and the deeper his backlash would be.

Before this battle, Fang Yuan had already used methods like burning soul bursting luck, but he was still not reaching his previous life's luck.

"Even though I gained Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's self luck true inheritance, and this true inheritance has a comprehensive amount of killer moves and Immortal Gu recipes, there are only a few luck path Immortal Gu currently. Thus, I have not stolen Fixed Immortal Travel yet."

Fang Yuan sighed in regret while Feng Jiu Ge had a solemn expression.

"He has the power to steal Immortal Gu! The situation is too severe! Even if I have fate armor Immortal Gu, he can steal it."

"Should I use Fixed Immortal Travel to return? Do I abandon Chen Yi…"

Feng Jiu Ge was hesitant.

At the other end.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortal added: "Compared to Feng Jiu Ge, Lord Chen Yi is a true rank eight Gu Immortal. He is the former first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect, he has abundant battle experiences in his life. He is also the current generation Genesis Lotus inheritor, he has powerful wood path methods. Lord Chen Yi is old and wise, he is reliable and dependable, he can definitely control the battle situation."

Lang Ya blessed land, super formation.

Chen Yi was full of sweat, the anxiety on his face could not be concealed.

"Damn it!" He cursed in his heart, the super formation isolated him and Feng Jiu Ge, his enemies also vanished completely.

The formation activated as layers of mazes were formed, countless illusions trapped Chen Yi.

Chen Yi continued to investigate and break the illusions but there was an endless number of mazes and illusions.

"Faster, faster!"

"I need to get out of here and join with Feng Jiu Ge."

"How did this happen! Why did it end up like this?!"

Chen Yi cultivated wood path, his formation path attainment was not deep.

Chen Yi's battle style was also not specialized in offense but in sustainability. Be it ancient tree prison cage or karma divine tree, they had the same style.

In the previous life, Chen Yi stayed in the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, he caused trouble for Wu Yong and Fang Yuan, but this time, he was the one tormented by Fang Yuan's super immortal formation.

This was the tactic Fang Yuan used after familiarizing himself with Chen Yi.

Heavenly Court.

"I know you are right, but somehow, the unease in my heart is getting more intense." Fairy Zi Wei sighed.

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortal beside her pondered: "That shouldn't be. Even if Feng Jiu Ge and Chen Yi face trouble, Senior Thunder Ghost True Monarch is a true expert! She was a legend that caused problems for Spectral Soul Demon Venerable! Last time, Fang Yuan escaped because of the regional wall. This time in Lang Ya blessed land, she can use her true power! Hehehe, perhaps more than ten Gu Immortals have already died in her hands by now. So what if Fang Yuan is there? He will only run around like a dog after being chased by Thunder Ghost True Monarch!"

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortal said this with overwhelming confidence and certainty.

Lang Ya blessed land, formation space.

Fang Yuan chased after Feng Jiu Ge while soul searching Thunder Ghost True Monarch.

He was multitasking!

His advantage was too large after all.

After using great thief ghost hand multiple times, even though he could not take Fixed Immortal Travel, he had already obtained three of Feng Jiu Ge's sound path Immortal Gu.

Feng Jiu Ge's strength fell drastically but he was not too injured now.

Fang Yuan was using great thief ghost hand primarily, his other offenses were trivial and merely maintained his current advantage.

He did not use moves like Luo Po seal.

Because he was afraid that fate armor Immortal Gu would activate after he injured Feng Jiu Ge.

Once fate armor Immortal Gu was activated, Fairy Zi Wei would be able to sense his exact location.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan suffered a loss from this!

After fate armor Immortal Gu activated, Fairy Zi Wei was able to rapidly deduce and break yama battlefield.

This time around, how could Fang Yuan commit the same mistakes?

"Oh? There are really many Gu Immortals trying to invade Lang Ya blessed land."

Fang Yuan gained a lot of information from soul searching.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch's cultivation information was valuable but Fang Yuan cast it aside, Heavenly Court's situation was much more important to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had countless wisdom path methods, he quickly deduced: "This means that star cast can be used again, I need to hurry up and end the battle here."

"There is no choice! If this drags on, Fixed Immortal Travel, Fate Armor, and the other Immortal Gu would get stolen by Fang Yuan." Feng Jiu Ge had a solemn expression, he finally made his decision to use Fixed Immortal Travel.

"Wishful thinking!" Fang Yuan smiled coldly, activating Immortal Gu Suppress Space.

Suppress space Immortal Gu!

This Immortal Gu was obtained from the diamond head turtle when he specially went to Southern Border's Earth Trench.

There were many methods to counter Fixed Immortal Travel, but after rebirth, Fang Yuan had two most likely choices.

One was fixed space Immortal Gu, the other was suppress space Immortal Gu.

Fixed space Immortal Gu was in the hands of Heavenly Court Gu Immortal Liu Hao, in the previous life, Fang Yuan ambushed Southern Border's pursuers including Xia Cha, Liu Hao was also captured.

It was a pity that fixed space Immortal Gu self-detonated in Liu Hao's body, Fang Yuan did not obtain it.

As for suppress space Immortal Gu, a Luo clan Gu Immortal, Luo Ran, obtained it.

In the previous life, Wu Yong led the Southern Alliance Gu Immortals to attack the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, Luo Ran had used it and achieved great success.

It was too difficult for Fang Yuan to obtain fixed space Immortal Gu now, it was still too early, he was still inside Northern Plains' Lang Ya blessed land, he had not traveled in Southern Border and attracted everyone's rage, Xia Cha and the rest had not pursued him yet. Without Wu Yong seeking help from Fairy Zi Wei, Liu Hao would not get involved.

But suppress space Immortal Gu was easily obtainable according to information from Fang Yuan's previous life.

Fixed space Immortal Gu could fix a location, even if Fixed Immortal Travel activated, the Gu Immortal would only be transported to the fixed location that was chosen.

Meanwhile, suppress space Immortal Gu could prevent the use of any space path methods within a certain area.

As suppress space Immortal Gu was also rank seven, it countered the rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel.

Feng Jiu Ge was shocked by this, to think that Fang Yuan's preparations were so comprehensive.

At the next moment, Feng Jiu Ge's expression paled.

Immortal killer move — Great Thief Ghost Hand!

Fang Yuan laughed heartily, sighing inwardly: "It was not easy, I finally stole Fixed Immortal Travel."


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