Reverend Insanity
1759 I“ve Been Waiting!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1759 I“ve Been Waiting!

Thunder Ghost True Monarch felt her world spinning, after a brief moment of chaos, her vision cleared up.

In almost an instant, she vanished from Heavenly Court, arriving in a huge formation space.

"Hmm?!" She focused and looked, seeing that Fang Yuan was standing before her with a killer move that had been prepared already.

"Fang Yuan, good timing!!" Thunder Ghost True Monarch growled loudly with blood red eyes, it was like the meeting of enemies.

Fang Yuan smiled plainly: "Thunder Ghost True Monarch, I've been waiting for you."

Saying so, he pushed with his palm as Luo Po seal shot towards Thunder Ghost True Monarch.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch wanted to dodge subconsciously but the super formation's power was already affecting her.

Even though Thunder Ghost True Monarch could dodge quickly, she needed a lot of time to do so, as a result, the overall result was that she moved very slowly in real time.

Shock and anger was expressed all over Thunder Ghost True Monarch's face.

She could not dodge, she was hit by Fang Yuan's Luo Po seal.

A huge black armor appeared all over Thunder Ghost True Monarch's body. The armor was ferocious and flamboyant, having sharp curved spikes and lightning flashing above it. The chest portion of the armor had a dark-blue opened mouth like that of a giant ghost. And her helmet looked like a monster's head, forming a stark contrast with the girl's delicate and cute appearance.

Luo Po seal landed on Thunder Ghost True Monarch's armor.

At the next moment, countless cracks appeared on Thunder Ghost True Monarch's armor.

Next, with a light pop, the entire armor cracked into pieces, exposing Thunder Ghost True Monarch's main body.

Fang Yuan used Luo Po seal and the super formation to destroy Thunder Ghost True Monarch's strongest defense in one move.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch shouted loudly, instead of dodging, she charged towards Fang Yuan.

This was a wise tactic.

Normally speaking, people would retreat in such circumstances to regain their footing. But doing that in front of Fang Yuan would make them lose initiative, it would be a downward spiral as Fang Yuan gains control of the momentum of the battle.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch did not back down, instead, she went ahead to fight against Fang Yuan.

At this moment, Thunder Ghost True Monarch's rich battle experiences and brave nature was on full display!

She invaded Lang Ya blessed land but got ambushed, landing in a difficult spot. The disparity in situation did not make her lose her cool, instead, her bravery and fighting spirit were ignited.

As expected of the person who once resisted Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, this person did not know what giving up was, there was no way to lower her morale.

Her final killer move, lightning heart explosion, was an actual mutual destruction method. Even if she dies, she would drag her enemies with her, this was her true nature.

Of course, Fang Yuan already knew about Thunder Ghost True Monarch's final method.

Fairy Zi Wei was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, but so was Fang Yuan!

As a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he would make countless arrangements, how could he not predict Thunder Ghost True Monarch's nature and course of action?

Like what Fang Yuan had said earlier, he had been waiting.

Immortal killer move — Steal Life!

After suppressing Lang Ya land spirit, Thieving Heaven true inheritance in Lang Ya Sect became Fang Yuan's. Using steal life Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan unleashed the immortal killer move using Immortal Gu Steal Life as the core.

Even though Fang Yuan did not have rank eight immortal essence, he could make Lang Ya land spirit do it, he had Long Hair's immortal essence after all.

Steal life was not displayed by Fang Yuan, Lang Ya land spirit, which was inside the formation, had used it.

Red light that was as thick as a finger flashed as it landed on Thunder Ghost True Monarch's forehead.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch's movements came to a stop.

She rapidly aged, in the blink of an eye, she turned from a cute little girl to a wrinkled old lady.

She stretched out her thin and dry fingers as she grabbed at Fang Yuan, speaking as her teeth fell off: "How, how did you…"

These were her final words.

She died.

With intense regret and hatred.

She had died of old age, her lifespan was fully consumed.

Even after dying, her eyes were wide open, staring at Fang Yuan fixedly.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly.

Within the super immortal formation, the Gu Immortals of the four races were in a commotion!

"What happened? She died like that?!"

"We killed Thunder Ghost True Monarch!"

"Wasn't that too easy?"

The variant human Gu Immortals were all dumbfounded.

After calming down, they started to analyze.

"It was Lord Fang Yuan's great plan."

"That's right, Thunder Ghost True Monarch fell into our trap, she had no way of retaliating."

"Even though she is a rank eight Gu Immortal, against Lord Fang Yuan, she was completely helpless."

"I finally understand why the human Gu Immortals are bent on going after Lord Fang Yuan…"

The variant human Gu Immortals sighed deeply, their gaze towards Fang Yuan carried wariness, fear, admiration, and reverence.

Looking at Thunder Ghost True Monarch's corpse, Fang Yuan felt no surprise.

As a rank eight expert, her death was not as simple as it looked.

The power of wisdom path Gu Immortals was to make plans before taking action. With sufficient information, they could easily counter their enemies.

Because of rebirth, Fang Yuan knew about Thunder Ghost True Monarch's trump card.

Secondly, Fang Yuan had spent a lot of effort in modifying Lang Ya blessed land's defensive formation, he added a lot of Immortal Gu. Steal life Immortal Gu was one of them.

It was all thanks to Fang Yuan's formation path attainment and the light of wisdom. Ordinary Gu Immortals could not achieve this.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch's two strongest methods were lightning heart explosion and soul armor combat.

Thus, once Fang Yuan saw her, he used Luo Po seal straight away. This move dealt with Thunder Ghost True Monarch's soul armor with incredible effect.

Without her soul armor, after Thunder Ghost True Monarch died, she became suppressed by the formation, she could not activate lightning heart explosion.

And he also used the killer move steal life.

This was not the same as using steal life Immortal Gu, which could not distinguish ally and enemy.

This time, Fang Yuan deduced the killer move steal life, to target only the enemy.

Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had used his method on steal life Immortal Gu, it could only be used thrice, Fang Yuan could not remove that limit.

Even with only three uses, Fang Yuan used it on Thunder Ghost True Monarch without hesitation.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch had great battle strength, the longer she stayed here, the greater the threat to the entirety of Lang Ya blessed land.

If she unleashed lightning heart explosion, his losses would be severe.

Thus, Fang Yuan unleashed his moves instantly, killing her before she could even react!

Heavenly Court.

Looking at the starlight pillar, Chen Yi could not help but say: "I'm going too."

Fairy Zi Wei glanced at him before nodding.

As a wisdom path Gu Immortal who possessed Star Constellation Chessboard, she could more or less understand Chen Yi's intention and thoughts.

After getting permission from Fairy Zi Wei, Chen Yi flew into the starlight pillar anxiously.

"I need to act fast!"

"With Thunder Ghost True Monarch's ferocious battle strength, the later I go in, the less achievements I can make. By now, she might have killed some variant human Gu Immortals already."

"Lang Ya blessed land, here I come!"

Chen Yi entered the starlight pillar with great excitement.

At the next moment, he arrived in Lang Ya blessed land's formation space.

"This is Lang Ya blessed land? Hmm?!" Suddenly, Chen Yi's body froze, his pupil shrunk to pin size.

He saw Thunder Ghost True Monarch's corpse.

Fang Yuan had used the super formation to mimic time path's specialty, slowing the time flow.

But over at Heavenly Court, time was moving normally.

After Thunder Ghost True Monarch entered, Chen Yi went into the starlight pillar almost right after her.

As a result, right after Fang Yuan killed Thunder Ghost True Monarch and captured her remaining remnant soul, Chen Yi appeared.

"You are quite fast." Fang Yuan smiled lightly.

Chen Yi stared at Thunder Ghost True Monarch's corpse, shouting: "Senior?!"

Thunder Ghost True Monarch did not reply.

She was undeniably dead!

"How could this be? This is impossible!" Chen Yi, who had strong battle intent and enthusiasm, felt like cold water was poured all over him.

He had been thinking that Thunder Ghost True Monarch was killing everything in her path, Lang Ya blessed land would be in complete chaos as Fang Yuan defends against her pathetically.

But the truth was, Thunder Ghost True Monarch died, while Fang Yuan smiled towards him with absolutely no injuries!

Who could have expected such a situation!

Chen Yi blinked consecutively before he growled: "Very impressive demon, you made this illusion so convincing that I was almost deceived by you!"

Saying so, Chen Yi flickered with green light, he used his defensive killer move.

He did not attack in a rush, he stood to guard the black spiral behind him.

Thus, at the next moment, Chen Yi sensed something amiss: "Hmm? The power of time path is affecting me!"

His defensive killer move formed very slowly.

Heavenly Court.

Fairy Zi Wei had a calm expression as she said to Feng Jiu Ge: "Go in as well."

Feng Jiu Ge nodded as he entered the starlight pillar.

"With Feng Jiu Ge's strength, he should be able to defend himself. We are mainly relying on his own Dao Guardian luck, Heavenly Court does not have many luck path methods, this is the only way to resist Fang Yuan."

Fairy Zi Wei sighed to herself internally.

After Feng Jiu Ge was transported inside, she was the next person to go.

But right when Fairy Zi Wei was about to move, boom!

The starlight pillar exploded into countless starlight specks in the sky.

Fairy Zi Wei was stunned: "…"

The Heavenly Court immortals behind her: "…"


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