Reverend Insanity
1757 Repaying Kindness With Enmity!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1757 Repaying Kindness With Enmity!

"Fang Yuan, you actually dare, you are too ignorant and fearless! You dare to plot against me inside Lang Ya blessed land! I will make sure you understand what severe mistake you are actually making!!"

Lang Ya land spirit screamed with a furious expression, he looked like a volcano about to explode, he was about to erupt with lava and melt Fang Yuan entirely.

But at the next moment, Lang Ya land spirit's movements froze, the anger on his face turned into deep shock instantly.

"Why? Why can't I move, my connection with Lang Ya blessed land is also almost entirely severed!" At once, Lang Ya land spirit became dumbfounded.

Fang Yuan smiled, everything was going according to plan.

Ever since Fang Yuan saw Lang Ya land spirit for the first time, he already had the thought of 'taking down Lang Ya blessed land'.

After many years, this thought finally grew from just a seed to a beautiful blooming flower!

Fang Yuan looked at Lang Ya land spirit plainly but with deep confidence: "It is pointless, you do not know the difference between us after all."

Lang Ya land spirit struggled intensely but he was like an ant, suppressed and unable to move, not to mention regaining control of Lang Ya blessed land.

He tried hard but found that the situation was not improving, instead, his restrictions were becoming more severe!

"This is impossible!" He looked at Fang Yuan with a look of disbelief.

Fang Yuan smiled: "It seems that you have already started to notice the difference between us."

Fang Yuan's refinement path attainment level far exceeded Lang Ya land spirit.

The former had used Long Hair true meaning to reach quasi-supreme grandmaster refinement path attainment level, the latter was just Long Hair Ancestor's land spirit formed from obsession, even though it had extraordinary refinement path attainment, it was very far from reaching quasi-supreme.

Fang Yuan's formation path attainment level also far exceeded Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit had merely ordinary attainment in formation path, while Fang Yuan was a formation path grandmaster.

And most importantly, Fang Yuan was very skilled in the setting of formations. Self cleansing formation, Omni-directional Travel ancient battle formation, dragon scale sea's food path immortal formation, immemorial year beast fishing formation, flood discharge formation, self will heaven sealing formation, wisdom refinement formation… Fang Yuan had designed most of these Gu formations, he had modified them and set them up personally step by step.

"Indeed worthy of you, Fang Yuan! You are truly a publicly recognized demonic path overlord!" Lang Ya land spirit clenched his fists, his eyes were spewing fire and his face was distorted, he stared at Fang Yuan fixedly.

He gritted his teeth as he said: "This was all part of your scheme! Myriad self Immortal Gu's recipe was flawed from the start but I could not notice. The problem was bound to happen during the Gu refinement process, using that chance, you created the formation and tricked me into entering. This formation within a formation takes reference to blood light spirit suppression?"

"This also means that out of the eight main materials of myriad self Immortal Gu recipe, the four blood path materials are used to target me. Only the first four materials are used to refine myriad self Immortal Gu!"

Lang Ya land spirit said with certainty as his emotions became calmer.

Fang Yuan looked at him without speaking, he had a calm expression too.

Lang Ya land spirit started to frown, he could see a faint smile from Fang Yuan's eyes, he seemed to have noticed his intentions!

Panic flashed across Lang Ya land spirit's eyes, but he quickly concealed it.

He thought: "I need to stay calm! I cannot panic! Long Hair refinement path formation is the peak creation of my main body, how can Fang Yuan grasp it so easily in this short period? He set a formation to harm me but this blood path formation is just a formation within a formation. Soon, if the refinement path formation activates, this blood path formation will be destroyed. By then, I will be able to escape."

"As long as I can escape, the whole of Lang Ya blessed land will be in my control. I can spread news of Fang Yuan trying to harm me, the variant human alliance will stand by my side."

"By then, I will make sure Fang Yuan regrets this!"


Lang Ya land spirit suddenly patted his head, he had an ashen expression and deep regret, he wanted to kill himself: "Damn it! Why did I shout out my inner thoughts!"

Fang Yuan smiled: "Don't worry, if even you could think about this flaw, why couldn't I predict it?"

"What, you knew about it already?" Lang Ya land spirit was first shocked before pretending to be calm.

He laughed loudly: "So what if you realized? Can you understand this refinement path formation?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his nose: "My understanding of this formation is deeper than yours. But of course, I am still far from comprehending it fully."

Lang Ya land spirit laughed loudly again: "That's right! Just you wait Fang Yuan, when I get out, I will show you the consequences of betraying my Lang Ya Sect!"

But Lang Ya land spirit waited and nothing happened.

A while later, the blood path formation was still stable as before.

Lang Ya land spirit continued to wait but the Long Hair refinement path formation showed no commotion! Furthermore, his entire body was already dyed in a blood red light.

"This is impossible! What did you do?!" Suddenly, Lang Ya land spirit screamed at Fang Yuan, he had fallen into complete panic.

Fang Yuan smiled and did not respond.

He had interacted with this Long Hair refinement path formation far longer than Lang Ya land spirit expected.

That happened in his previous life.

Fang Yuan had deep attainment in formation path, refinement path, and wisdom path, he was able to understand the profundity and essence of the Long Hair refinement path formation.

The Long Hair refinement path formation was created by Long Hair Ancestor with all his effort back in the day.

With Fang Yuan's current foundation, it would be very hard to create a refinement path formation that was on par with it, he would need a vast amount of time, energy, and resources.

But looking at this Long Hair refinement path formation was a completely different case, Fang Yuan was not the creator, he was merely appreciating this work of art. It was easier for an artist to critique this piece of work now than to create it himself.

Of course, he was just an observer, he could not understand the profundity of this formation in its entirety.

But that was not a problem, Sixth Hair as the spy had already controlled a certain important area of the formation.

With Sixth Hair's help, Fang Yuan ensured that the Long Hair refinement path formation could not interfere with his blood path formation.

Lang Ya land spirit struggled for a while longer before he realized, due to Fang Yuan's meticulous scheme, he could no longer turn this situation around.

There was no choice, this black haired land spirit that was completely corroded by the blood light had to let the other white haired land spirit appear to try and change the situation.

But regrettably, Fang Yuan knew all about Lang Ya land spirit, how could he miss that potential problem?

The moment white haired land spirit appeared, he was suppressed by the blood path formation, a large amount of blood light went into him.

"You shameless demon!" The white haired land spirit was suppressed and unable to move, he could only speak.

He scolded Fang Yuan intensely: "Fang Yuan, oh Fang Yuan, you unscrupulous and devious scumbag!"

"You were able to get to this stage today, my Lang Ya blessed land provided you the biggest help!"

"Before you became immortal, I helped you, eventually, you were able to destroy Eighty-Eight True Yang Building."

"When you first became an immortal and was completely broke, I made transactions with you and allowed you to earn immortal essence stones through deducing recipes, that was your starting point."

"When you wanted to refine Gu, I helped you countless times! Which hairy man Gu Immortal in the blessed land has not helped you at least once?"

"When your tribulations were too risky, we lent you immortal essence stones and Immortal Gu to pass those difficulties."

"I gave you the immortal tribulation tempering aperture as well as killer moves like triple layered sword wave."

"When you moved Star Form blessed land, we lent you Gu worms and the necessary methods."

"When your Hu Immortal blessed land was attacked, we took a risk and helped you to minimize your losses!"

"I was the one who fed your wisdom Gu, I used up so many lifespan Gu in my blessed land!"

"When your Dang Hun Mountain was taken away, I compensated you according to the agreement, even if we had to give up the refinement path true meaning."

White haired land spirit got more and more angry, he felt extremely grieved, his eyes turned red as he spoke.

Different from the black haired land spirit's rash and strong attitude, the white haired land spirit was calm and enduring, he was only interested in Gu refinement and wanted to avoid problems.

The black haired land spirit was an extremist while the white haired land spirit was a pacifist.

"Oh Fang Yuan, your conscience must have been eaten by dogs!"

"Our Lang Ya blessed land treated you so well, yet you are repaying kindness with enmity, you schemed against me!"

"When you were unable to live outside and all five regions' Gu Immortals went after you, Lang Ya blessed land was the place that sheltered you!"

"You are a human but black hair and I accepted you, we made you a supreme elder and gave you important roles, we treated you as one of us!"

"But this is how you treat us in return?"

"Look at your own conscience, do you feel any bit of guilt at all? Do you feel that you have done us injustice!" The white haired land spirit screamed and cried, he was extremely upset.

Fang Yuan was expressionless: "No."

Lang Ya land spirit: "…"

After a while, he shouted: "You are acting like this to your benefactor, your friends, your family, does your conscience feel no pain?! Do you not feel bad?!"

Fang Yuan dug his ears: "Not really, I am quite excited actually."

Lang Ya land spirit was beyond furious, he wanted to tear Fang Yuan into epices: "Fang Yuan, you demon! You are just too shameless!"

"You are a beast, a bastard! You are a devious scoundrel, you are shameless, as expected of a human! Go ahead and laugh, you will not laugh for very long!"

"People like you will die a terrible death, I was truly blind to have trusted you! Heaven will not let you off!"

"If I was given another chance, I will kill you at first sight, I will incinerate your corpse and mince you into a million pieces!"

"Oh." Fang Yuan smiled as he shook his head calmly: "Too bad you can't do it."

Lang Ya land spirit was speechless, he wanted to rip that smile off Fang Yuan's face.

But he could not move.

He could only curse to vent his anger.

But against someone like Fang Yuan with no shame or morals, his anger was truly pointless and weak.


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