Reverend Insanity
1755 Wild Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1755 Wild Immortal Gu

Fang Yuan arrived in a valley, he found a cave and set up a mortal Gu House before he entered quiet cultivation.

Ying Wu Xie and the rest were still on the stone lotus island, practising future self.

Due to rebirth, Fang Yuan skipped that step.

Future self's greatest help towards Fang Yuan was not in cultivation level or battle strength, but the use of Fixed Immortal Travel.

With future self, Fang Yuan could use it to travel between the five regions and two heavens.

Of course, he could not enter places like the dragon whale paradise.

Immortal Gu were unique, right now, the real Fixed Immortal Travel was in Feng Jiu Ge's hands, but if Gu Immortals could create killer moves that could mimic the effects of other Gu, they could use it in place of those unattainable Immortal Gu.

This was the profundity of using Gu.

Fang Yuan's time path clone was bathed in the light of wisdom, making deductions continuously.

One of the tasks was to modify yama battlefield and add in time path Immortal Gu so that it could display the advantage of a time path battlefield.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan had too little time, he had to raise his cultivation level while dealing with Heavenly Court and obtaining Red Lotus' true inheritance. Heavenly Court exerted great pressure on him, Fang Yuan had to manage his own immortal aperture while resisting them.

In this situation, Fang Yuan created yama battlefield, Luo Po seal, myriad ghost sword dragon and other killer moves, it was all that he could do.

Gu Immortals usually took three to four years to create an immortal killer move.

Fang Yuan had the light of wisdom along with proficient wisdom path methods and high attainment levels in many paths, this allowed him to create this miracle in his previous life in terms of killer moves.

And now, he brought these gains with him.

Fang Yuan was able to make use of his killer move gains in the previous life now and even further elevate them.

This was a huge advantage.

"Yama battlefield is a battlefield encompassing soul path and enslavement path."

"Enslavement path specializes in attrition battles, there are countless yama children that do not fear death, they can even self-detonate before dying, draining the enemy's resources and battle strength."

"The advantage of soul path is to gain strength from killing, in a normal soul path battlefield, killing one enemy would increase the power of the battlefield itself."

Fang Yuan's yama battlefield had these two traits. But the latter was weaker, the conversion speed of the yama children was not fast, Fang Yuan often had to fight powerful enemies that made this advantage very unlikely to be useful.

"If I add time path Immortal Gu in, yama battlefield would possess the trait of a time path battlefield."

A time path battlefield specialized in changing the speed of time, the most classic example was to extend the time inside the battlefield, one day outside would be a month inside, this would give the user more time to kill the enemy inside the battlefield.

For example, if an enemy was trapped inside a time path battlefield and the allies sensed something wrong, they would come and help. The allies take fifteen minutes to arrive but inside the formation, three days would have passed! The battlefield user would have killed the enemy and left by the time they arrived.

In the previous life, even though Fang Yuan trapped Feng Jiu Ge with yama battlefield and even stole his Fixed Immortal Travel, he did not manage to kill him. The reason was that Feng Jiu Ge had fate armor Immortal Gu to stall for time, Fairy Zi Wei obtained enough time to deduce and break yama battlefield.

If Fang Yuan's yama battlefield had the power of time path, he could extend the battlefield's time to three days and nights, even though Fairy Zi Wei could still break it in the end, she would only receive Feng Jiu Ge's corpse.

Fang Yuan modified yama battlefield, he was quite expectant towards the results.

Especially when he had quasi-supreme time path attainment level, it was not hard to add in time path Immortal Gu.

He cultivated many paths, it became increasingly useful as he got stronger. The killer move myriad ghost sword dragon was the best example.

Against compound killer moves that fused many paths together, Gu Immortals who cultivated just a single path could not deduce or defend against them easily.

Fang Yuan stayed in this nameless valley for four days and five nights, eventually, he found his opportunity.


Daytime, the earth shook, a crack appeared.

The valley collapsed, dust clouds rose, Fang Yuan had to fly into the sky.

The cracks on the ground became larger, the valley was completely devoured, a huge Earth Trench formed right before Fang Yuan's eyes.

The five regional walls were slowly shrinking, the earth veins of the five regions were gradually fusing.

When the earth veins shook, many Earth Trench formed, Southern Border had the densest earth path dao marks, the formation of Earth Trenches was also extremely intense.

Fang Yuan waited patiently, he only descended after the Earth Trench stabilized, he started to search.

A newly formed Earth Trench produced a large amount of Gu materials, lifeforms emerged from the ground as well.

Of course, most were corpses.

As Fang Yuan explored, he found more valuable things.

Not long after, he saw the first desolate beast corpse.

A desolate beast corpse was a bunch of rank six immortal materials, even though it was damaged, it was simply free loot!

Fang Yuan took the desolate beast corpse effortlessly.

What made him happy was that this desolate beast corpse still had a soul in it, this desolate beast soul could be turned into a yama child.

Fang Yuan used his investigative killer move as he searched.

His gains were increasing, but they were just easily collected things. When he met with mildly injured ancient desolate beasts, Fang Yuan avoided them.

"Why have I not found it yet? Are the rumors false?"

"If Luo clan purposely sent out false news, this trip would be a flop."

After another fifteen minutes, Fang Yuan started to get anxious.

This Earth Trench was in the territory of Southern Border's Luo clan, as time passes, Luo clan's Gu Immortals would likely arrive.

And they might bring their Immortal Gu House along.

After all, each Earth Trench formed would represent huge benefits, Luo clan had to be careful with it.

Even though Fang Yuan was not afraid, he did not want trouble, he only wanted to achieve his goals and leave.

By noon, Fang Yuan had not found his target, but his gains accumulated into a pile.

"It is really not here?"

"Did I miss something? Or is my luck so bad it affected this trip?"

Right when Fang Yuan was suspecting himself, his eyes started to shine in a divine light.

"I found something!"

He carefully approached and found an ancient desolate beast diamond head turtle.

This turtle was as large as a boat, it was entirely bright yellow but had a flat shell on top. The most eye-catching thing was its head, it had a huge head that resembled a drill, its sharp mouth pointed outwards with a natural spiral. Half of its head was translucent, resembling a low grade diamond.

The diamond head turtle lived in the deep sea, it could swim very fast in water.

It could also move in the earth, but when it did that, its head would rotate and drill as it loosened the soil ahead of it.

But because of its huge shell, it moved much slower in the soil than in water.

Fang Yuan floated above this diamond head turtle as he used several investigative killer moves.

Fang Yuan's investigative methods were not outstanding, but against the diamond head turtle, it was sufficient.

Soon, joy was shown all over Fang Yuan's face.

He found a wild Immortal Gu on the diamond head turtle!

"That's it!"

This wild Immortal Gu was Fang Yuan's goal for this trip.

Fang Yuan immediately acted, using yama battlefield.

Once Fang Yuan moved, his aura leaked as he got exposed.

The diamond head turtle was just a wild beast without sufficient wisdom but it had keen instincts, it growled at Fang Yuan before trying to retreat.

But Fang Yuan had already arranged several yama children to encircle it.

The yama children and the diamond head turtle fought in a big battle, but because he was afraid of damaging that wild Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan was quite restrained.

Not long after, two yama children were pierced by the diamond head turtle and one had its head bitten off.

Even though the yama children died, they did not self-detonate.

Even though they suffered huge losses, the goal of pestering the diamond head turtle had been achieved.

With the help of the yama children, Fang Yuan activated yama battlefield and trapped the diamond head turtle.

At this point, Fang Yuan let out a breath of air, he relaxed his mind a little.

Yama battlefield was successfully activated, it was hard to detect in the outside world, even if Luo clan's Gu Immortals came here, there was a low chance that they would find this battlefield.

And the diamond head turtle was basically helpless now that it was trapped in yama battlefield. Most rank seven Gu Immortals would be unable to escape if they ended up inside, not to mention this mere ancient desolate beast.

Fang Yuan was neither anxious nor proud, he played safe.

To preserve immortal essence, he did not even use great thief ghost hand.

His current luck was not optimal, he might only steal a large number of mortal Gu using this move.

Eventually, with the help of the yama children, Fang Yuan weakened this diamond head turtle to its limit and captured it alive.

Its wild rank seven Immortal Gu was also obtained by Fang Yuan.

"Very good! With this, I will be able to counter Fixed Immortal Travel." Fang Yuan was very happy, as he stored the diamond head turtle and wild Immortal Gu in his immortal aperture, he dispelled yama battlefield.

Going back to the Earth Trench, Luo clan's Gu Immortals had already arrived, they were furiously scolding now, they had clearly discovered that Fang Yuan had arrived before them.

Looking at the traces, Luo clan's Gu Immortals were feeling pained, a lot of the immortal materials were already taken away.

Luo clan's losses were huge!

Fang Yuan took a look at Luo clan's Immortal Gu House before concealing his traces and leaving quietly.

After leaving for a certain distance, Fang Yuan used future self to go back to Lang Ya blessed land from Southern Border.

Fang Yuan's sudden appearance shocked Lang Ya land spirit immensely.

He moved towards Fang Yuan as he said with surprise and joy: "Fang Yuan, you snatched Fixed Immortal Travel from them?"

If they did not have Fixed Immortal Travel, it would be very hard for Heavenly Court to invade Lang Ya blessed land.

But Fang Yuan shook his head: "This is just a killer move. Are you all ready to refine Myriad Self?"

Lang Ya land spirit was very disappointed in Fang Yuan's answer, but he still replied: "We are almost ready, the hairy men are practising day and night, the other Gu materials are ready, but your eight main materials are needed, have you collected them all already?"

Fang Yuan shook his head: "I only have three, but there is no rush, we still have time."

Lang Ya land spirit was anxious: "Elder Fang Yuan, that's not the right attitude. Heavenly Court might invade any moment now, we already have the weaker hand, if we act so carelessly, we will be in huge trouble!"

"Understood, understood. First supreme elder, don't worry, I know what I am doing."


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