Reverend Insanity
1754 Fang Yuan“s Future Self
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1754 Fang Yuan“s Future Self

Fang Yuan ascended the stone lotus island again.

More accurately speaking, it was the first time this life, he had come here in the previous life.

Once he stepped onto the stone lotus island, Fang Yuan watched the scenes of Red Lotus Demon Venerable's memories.

He had already seen this in the previous life, they were just repeated scenes but Fang Yuan still felt slightly moved.

"Red Lotus Demon Venerable was truly a very unique venerable. He had rank nine cultivation level but used Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth, he abandoned his rank nine venerable position."

"But if he did not, he would not be able to return to the past and change history to make up for his regrets."

"Thus, later on, he created future self, call of the ancient, and support of the future, he used these killer moves…"

The stone lotus island that contained Red Lotus' true inheritance had concealment abilities, Heavenly Court could not find it easily. They had not made much progress all along.

In the previous life, when they were about to obtain it, Fang Yuan ruined their chances and Feng Jiu Ge had no choice but to use assimilation wind song, he destroyed the stone lotus island. From Heavenly Court's perspective, it was quite sad.

Fang Yuan stepped onto this stone lotus island, it had been here for over a million years.

But for some reason, when Fang Yuan arrived this time, looking at the river water outside the island, he had a realization.

"The origin of the River of Time should be the time when the world was created."

"The end of the River of Time is naturally the time when the world is destroyed."

"The vertical movement and length of the River of Time is this entire world's experiences. The horizontal movement and width of the River of Time is represented by everything in this world — the birds, flowers, fish, insects, people, beasts, plants, and others."

"Evidently, the more bountiful the world is and the more things that exist, the wider the River of Time would be. The more desolate and barren this world is, the fewer things that exist, the narrower this river will be."

Fang Yuan had time path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level, his inspiration flashed now and he gained lots of realization and comprehension towards rebirth.

"The essence of my rebirth is just bringing a will from the downstream to the upstream through Spring Autumn Cicada, before it fuses with me from a certain point in time."

"Because of the theory of time in this world, the world is unique and absolute, there are no parallel dimensions. When I rebirth, the downstream remains as it is, after I died, Heavenly Court dominated the world and the four regions were helpless against it."

"But after rebirth, I am like a drop of ink in this clear river water, as I continue to change events and people, some things will exist while others vanish, this ink will spread to a larger amount of water, this entire river will be dyed in a different color."

"When the ink gets to the point where Heavenly Court repairs fate Gu and holds the Refinement Path Convention, many things will change, the future will no longer be the same."

Fang Yuan was a transmigrator from Earth, there was an idea called the butterfly effect.

But now, Fang Yuan understood that in this Gu world, the ink effect was more useful to explain the influences of rebirth.

"Of course, I can easily change things because fate Gu is not complete, and most importantly, because I am an otherworldly demon not bound by fate."

"If Red Lotus Demon Venerable goes back to the past, it is hard for him to change many things, the outcomes of many things will still return to their original route."

"Or rather, otherworldly demons are a huge blob of ink, while native Gu Immortals are just ripples in the water, even though they can cause some disturbances in the short run, under the restraint of fate Gu, everything will return to its original state, there would be no changes."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan's admiration towards Red Lotus Demon Venerable grew.

This special existence had forcefully created the current situation despite not being an otherworldly demon.

The price that he had paid for this and the sacrifices he had made were simply unimaginable!

There were many time path immortal materials left on the stone lotus island, among which were mostly rank eight immortal materials.

Red Lotus' true meaning — it could allow a Gu Immortal's time path attainment to rise to quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level.

There were also all sorts of immortal killer moves that used Spring Autumn Cicada as the core, spring autumn success was one of them.

There was also the method that Red Lotus Demon Venerable specially left behind, it was called future self, it could allow a Gu Immortal to enter his peak rank seven condition in the future.

The only thing lacking was regret Gu.

This rank eight Immortal Gu was still inside the dragon whale grotto-heaven, it was taken by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan had used Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's arrangements to obtain regret Gu first before being transported to the stone lotus island.

Now, because he knew about the location of the stone lotus island in the River of Time, he came here in advance and took the Red Lotus true inheritance.

This was much earlier than last time.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan entered the River of Time three times. The first time, he was attacked by Heavenly Court's four time path Immortal Gu Houses and was also ambushed by Li Huang, he lost the incomplete Immortal Gu House that he had created after much work, after exposing all his trump cards, he escaped.

The second time, Fang Yuan used Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's method to obtain regret Gu and directly teleported to the stone lotus island to inherit the Red Lotus true inheritance.

The third time, he found a new stone lotus island that Heavenly Court was about to get. By working with Bing Sai Chuan and the rest to deal with Heavenly Court, he fought for the Red Lotus true inheritance. Eventually, Feng Jiu Ge used assimilation wind song to destroy the stone lotus island, neither side could gain anything from it.

All in all, Fang Yuan's experiences in the River of Time could be said to be full of ups and downs, he had experienced success and failure.

This time, using the memories that he had, Fang Yuan first tasted success!

"Regret Gu isn't here but that is fine, the crucial thing now is Heavenly Court's invasion of Lang Ya blessed land, there is still some time until I upgrade and mass refine all of my Immortal Gu."

"I should make use of future self first."

Fang Yuan let out Ying Wu Xie and the rest, letting them cultivate on the stone lotus island to familiarize themselves with future self just like in the previous life.

Different from last time, Fang Yuan's subordinates, Fairy Miao Yin and Lady White Rabbit, were still alive, it raised the usefulness of future self by a large extent.

He himself could use future self too!

In the previous life, he had rank eight cultivation level, future self was useless for him, but now, he only had rank seven cultivation, future self was still effective on him.


"Maybe this is the supposed timing for my arrival on the stone lotus island."

"Back then, Red Lotus Demon Venerable deduced that I would come here with rank seven cultivation level, that's why he left behind future self to help me."

"In the previous life, I thought that Red Lotus had made a wrong deduction…. but now it seems that Red Lotus Demon Venerable had considered the situation after my rebirth?"

"That means, this Red Lotus true inheritance was not left to my previous life's self, but was meant for the current me?!"

Bright light flickered in Fang Yuan's eyes continuously for a while.

He made Ying Wu Xie and the rest stay behind while he left the stone lotus island.

Using a time path killer move, he concealed himself, continuing to swim.

He remembered the third scene of entering the river, towards the other stone lotus island, he had his plans.

His goal was to explore two stone lotus islands in this trip!

After spending a long time and facing some obstacles, Fang Yuan looked for all the spots that the stone lotus island could appear.

But regrettably, he did not find it.

"Stone lotus islands can move on their own, it seems that this stone lotus island is not fixed in position, it is different from the previous one."

Fang Yuan was not dejected even though he could not succeed this time.

It was part of his expectations.

Present and Past Pavilion.

The Four Xunzi encountered a small problem.

An ancient year beast attacked Present and Past Pavilion, it flickered with profound light and remained unmoving.

Soon, with the cooperation of the Four Xunzi, this ancient year beast died.

Xun Guo Zi cheered: "Great, we obtained a huge amount of time path immortal materials!"

"That's right." Zhong Xunzi sighed deeply: "The River of Time is truly the sacred land of cultivation for us time path Gu Immortals, it is just like how Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley are sacred lands to soul path Gu Immortals."

Xia Xunzi added: "That's right, Heavenly Court sent us to guard Present and Past Pavilion, even though we are supposed to defend against the demon Fang Yuan, this is also an extremely good chance for us to cultivate! If we can get more time path immortal materials, our cultivation will be smoother."

Shang Xunzi smiled: "Not just that, within Present and Past Pavilion, we can observe the upstream and downstream, we can see many scenes of the past and future. Looking at the influences of countless beings and their effects across time, it would greatly benefit our comprehension of time path, we can raise our time path attainment levels more easily.

Xun Guo Zi gritted her teeth lightly: "It is a pity fate Gu was damaged and is incomplete. Long ago, before fate Gu got damaged, by observing the upstream and downstream of the River of Time, time path great experts could observe the past and peer into the future, they were able to predict many future events accurately."

Xia Xunzi nodded continuously: "That's right, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable did that in the past. Even though she was not a time path Gu Immortal, her wisdom path methods were extraordinary, she could mimic the power of time path and use the tributary of the River of Time to deduce many future events. She predicted that the seven Lui Gui siblings would create the first Immortal Gu House in history, Turtle House, and thus created Star Constellation Chessboard."

The Four Xunzi reminisced about the glorious history of time path before they calmed down, resting and processing the ancient year beast corpse, before continuing their observation of the River of Time.

They did not know that Fang Yuan had secretly entered the River of Time and obtained a Red Lotus true inheritance before leaving.

Fang Yuan went back on the same route, leaving the River of Time and arriving in the tributary, before getting back to Northern Plains.

He left the formation and activated Immortal Gu Fixed Immortal Travel, going towards Southern Border.

Why did Fang Yuan have Fixed Immortal Travel at this point in time?

Immortal Gu were unique, Fixed Immortal Travel was still with Feng Jiu Ge currently.

The reason: Fang Yuan was currently using future self!

This time path killer move was very mystical, it created a human-shaped phantom image in Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture.

The phantom image sat in the air, it was like a lump of water from the River of Time, shining in multicolored lights.

The phantom image's face was exactly the same as Fang Yuan.

The phantom image had a sovereign immortal aperture too, this immortal aperture was Fang Yuan's future immortal aperture, there were many phantom Gu worms inside, for example, Fixed Immortal Travel!

Since rebirth, Fang Yuan has not caused too much of an influence yet, the downstream of the River of Time was not dyed by the ink yet.

Thus, the downstream was still maintaining the events of Fang Yuan's previous life.

Future self was able to allow a Gu Immortal to enter their strongest rank seven condition, in the previous life, Fang Yuan's strongest moment as a rank seven was right before the Five Regional Mountain Range battle.

At that time, Fang Yuan had already captured Xia Cha and the other Southern Border pursuers, he had also extorted all of the Southern Border super forces.

To resist strong enemies and plot against Heavenly Court, so that he could obtain Red Lotus' true inheritances in the River of Time, Fang Yuan annexed Xia Cha's time path immortal aperture and became a rank eight, he faked his tribulation in the five regional mountain range to set a trap for them.

At the start, during the battle of Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan stole Feng Jiu Ge's Fixed Immortal Travel.

After that, he attacked Plunder Shadow Earth Trench and secretly worked with Chi Qu You.

After that, Fang Yuan set the years flow execution formation to capture the Southern Border pursuers and extort the super clans.

After that was the Five Regional Mountain Range battle.

And after that, Fang Yuan entered the River of Time, he did not find the stone lotus island, instead, Heavenly Court hunted him and he barely escaped.

Thus, Fang Yuan's future self was fixed at the moment before he ascended to rank eight through annexing Xia Cha's immortal aperture.

At this time, he already owned Fixed Immortal Travel!

Using future self, Fang Yuan went from Northern Plains to Southern Border.

But he did not go to the Five Regional Mountain Range.

The five regional true inheritance was very useful to him, Fang Yuan knew this. It was not wise to activate the five regional true inheritance now.

Because the five regional true inheritance would cause a huge commotion, the Five Regional Mountain Range had to be destroyed before Tao Zhu's will would awaken and acknowledge him.

Fang Yuan only had rank seven cultivation level now, even though his battle strength had grown, standing up to rank eights was quite difficult.

If he attracted any rank eights or Immortal Gu Houses when activating the five regional true inheritance, it would be awkward.

To play safe, Fang Yuan was going to leave the five regional true inheritance for later.

He came to Southern Border now, it was not for the five regional true inheritance, he came to an ordinary valley instead.


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