Reverend Insanity
1752 Killing Immortals, Plundering Loo
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1752 Killing Immortals, Plundering Loo

Northern Plains.

Autumn blade plain.

A Gu Immortal walked barefooted on the grassland.

He was tall and well-built, and had a bronze luster to his skin. He was wearing an armored vest that revealed his shoulders. His pants were rolled up, revealing his calves.

Every step he walked, there would be bloody footprints left on the grassland.

He was Meng Tu.

Blade path quasi-great grandmaster, rank seven Gu Immortal with peak rank seven battle strength, he was one of the top three experts among Meng tribe's rank seven elites!

In order to breakthrough in his blade path attainment level, Meng Tu chose to guard autumn blade plain, imitating Ren Zu's actions and almost ignoring the outside world completely.

He was dead silent as he walked step by step in autumn blade plain, his eyes were shut as he concentrated deeply, trying to comprehend the profundity of blade path.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes!

He saw that monsters were emitting shrill shrieks as they attacked him.

These monsters were horrifying in appearance, they had human shapes but had malevolent and terrifying faces, they had knife-like claws, their eyes were filled with blood, their intense killing intent made Meng Tu's hair stand on end.

"What in the world is this?!" Meng Tu was shocked and furious.

After fighting against these monsters, he was shocked to realize that each of them had rank seven battle strength!

Even with his peak rank seven battle strength, against this unceasing wave of monsters, he had no choice but to retreat.

But right when he was about to retreat, the monsters attacking him self-detonated.

This sudden event was out of Meng Tu's expectations, he was truly caught off guard.

Boom boom boom!

The monsters continued to self-detonate with great power, Meng Tu retreated while he spat out blood.

"These monsters are working together in a tight formation, they have great coordination, there must be a Gu Immortal controlling them! I wonder if they are a soul path or enslavement path Gu Immortal?"

Meng Tu was uncertain and worried, he was about to seek help from his tribe when the world suddenly changed colors.

By the time Meng Tu reacted, he was already trapped inside an immortal battlefield.

"This immortal battlefield was set up so quickly?!" Shock flashed across Meng Tu's eyes.

Until this point, he had not even seen the enemy's face yet.

"Sir, who are you, why are you being enemies with my Meng tribe?" Meng Tu shouted.

The mastermind Fang Yuan smiled lightly, he started to prepare Luo Po seal while ignoring him.

Fang Yuan did not have Wu Yong's concealment method, once he started preparing Luo Po seal, intense winds blew, the overwhelming aura permeated the entire yama battlefield.

His location was thus exposed.

Meng Tu's sharp gaze looked over, he saw that Fang Yuan was an ordinary looking Gu Immortal, wearing a gray robe and looking very much like a common passerby.

But Fang Yuan's current aura made Meng Tu incredibly astounded.

In fact, Meng Tu was dazed: "He only has peak rank seven cultivation, how can he use a rank eight killer move?"

In truth, Luo Po seal was only quasi-rank eight, but it had immense aura. Because Fang Yuan did not have rank eight immortal essence yet, the Luo Po seal he activated now had been modified and weakened a little.

Meng Tu gritted his teeth, charging at Fang Yuan.

Northern Plains Gu Immortals were this courageous after all!

Fang Yuan smiled lightly, he was relaxed and calm, as if Meng Tu did not exist.

A large number of human-shaped yama children appeared and blocked Meng Tu with their lives.

The number of yama children sent Meng Tu into despair!

Once Fang Yuan's Luo Po seal was ready, he attacked from afar.

Due to the yama children's obstruction, Meng Tu could not dodge anywhere, he was hit by Luo Po seal.

Instantly, he expression turned pale and ghastly.

He was dead.

His soul dissipated completely, not a trace was left.

Fang Yuan started collecting his loot.

Meng Tu's body was intact, his immortal aperture was also left behind, there were many cultivation resources and three Immortal Gu inside.

In the previous life, Meng Tu self-detonated, Fang Yuan only obtained bladewing Immortal Gu, his gains were much higher now.

After dispelling yama battlefield, Fang Yuan looted the whole of autumn blade plain.

The drinking blade wine that was buried underground was his main goal, Fang Yuan also collected it.

Other than that, there was a vast number of mortal edge Gu.

Forget about immortal level edge Gu, it was in the hands of Southern Border Gu Immortal Tie Qu Zhong.

"Meng Tu self-detonated in my previous life, it was out of my expectations, his blade path dao marks were left in this autumn blade plain, making the potential of this place extraordinary."

"But in this life, Meng Tu was killed by me before he even thought of self-detonating. Now that I plundered everything here, this autumn blade plain is as good as history."

Fang Yuan took nearly everything, he swept through the area with a cold gaze before he turned around and left.

He did not return to Lang Ya blessed land, because he still had immortal materials to collect.

There were four main immortal materials for refining myriad self Immortal Gu, they were drinking blade wine, edge Gu, front-back divine obstruction needle, and floating life fire.

He had the first two now, only the latter two were left.

Fang Yuan came to Divine Needle Valley.

This was an artificial valley that rank seven Gu Immortal Sleeping Lady purposely created for the divine hedgehog.

Sleeping Lady was a rank seven Northern Plains lone immortal who did not have outstanding battle strength, but she controlled an immemorial desolate beast divine hedgehog that was a sword path immemorial desolate beast.

The divine hedgehog had an ability to shoot out all the spines on its body, which was extremely fast and had terrifying power that could slaughter anyone it hit.

If Sleeping Lady and the divine hedgehog cooperated well, there was a chance of killing Meng Tu.

Precisely so, in the previous life, Meng Zi Zai and Meng Zhao from Meng tribe investigated Meng Tu's death and had actually suspected Sleeping Lady.

Fang Yuan came to Divine Needle Valley but did not enter, he used the same trick as earlier, sending the yama children to attack.

Soon, Sleeping Lady's shocked screams could be heard in the valley: "Such guts! You dare to attack my Divine Needle Valley!"

The yama children exploded one by one as Sleeping Lady fled, cutting a sorry figure.

"Want to join up with the divine hedgehog?" Fang Yuan sneered, he used the remaining force of the yama children's self-detonation to rapidly form yama battlefield, trapping Sleeping Lady inside.

Sleeping Lady had almost the same reaction as Meng Tu: "What immortal battlefield is this? It is so fast!"

Fang Yuan slowly showed up: "Of course it is. But compared to rumor cage, this is still too slow."

Sleeping Lady looked at Fang Yuan with a wary expression: "Sir, who might you be? Do we have any grudges between us? Please let me off, we can negotiate if you need anything."

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "I want your life."

Sleeping Lady's expression turned pale.

The yama children attacked together, Sleeping Lady held on desperately in this situation as she screamed: "Spare me, I will do anything you want! Wait, I will teach you the method to control the divine hedgehog, how about that? I will use this in exchange for my life!"

Fang Yuan looked at her plainly: "Stop acting, how can someone who was able to survive between Murong tribe and Meng tribe be such a coward?"

Seeing that Fang Yuan exposed her, Sleeping Lady roared as she displayed her true battle strength.

Her strength was not low, it was quite different from the outside world's evaluation, she managed to fight a way out of the yama children's encirclement.

But so what?

She could not break out of the yama battlefield, she was still a fish caught in the net.

Fang Yuan started to prepare Luo Po seal.

Sleeping Lady rushed towards him and attempted to stop Fang Yuan from using his move.

But her strength was much lower than Meng Tu, if he could not stop Fang Yuan, how could she?

Sleeping Lady smiled bitterly: "I am just a lone immortal who does not offend anyone, I usually stay home and rarely go out, I just wanted to develop my small business here. To think that trouble would come to me even when I am home. You devil, one day, you will face your retribution! All your evil acts will be repaid to you a hundredfold! You will end up like me!"

She cursed Fang Yuan loudly, venting the anger and fear in her heart.

Fang Yuan's voice was icy cold: "It seems that you do not know your sin yet."

Sleeping Lady stared with wide eyes: "What sin do I have?"

She was extremely angry, not only was Fang Yuan trying to kill her, he was also slandering her.

Sleeping Lady smiled coldly: "You are a demonic path Gu Immortal but you are trying to slander your enemies like a righteous path hypocrite? Hmph, simply ridiculous! You do not even deserve a bit of respect from me."

"You want to know your sin? Your weakness is a sin!" Saying this, Fang Yuan shot out Luo Po seal.

As expected, Sleeping Lady was hit by this move as her defenses broke like thin paper, she died on the spot.

Fang Yuan kept her corpse and immortal aperture, the only downside was that Sleeping Lady had self-detonated all of her Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan dispelled yama battlefield, he disguised himself as Sleeping Lady as he stored all of the front-back divine obstruction needles from the divine hedgehog.

The divine hedgehog's battle strength fell to rock bottom, Fang Yuan directly suppressed it and sent it into his immortal aperture.

As for this Divine Needle Valley, Fang Yuan did not let it off.

He used pulling mountain Immortal Gu to directly take it away, stuffing it into his immortal aperture, nothing was left behind!


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