Reverend Insanity
1750 Obtaining Steal Life Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1750 Obtaining Steal Life Immortal Gu

Lang Ya blessed land.

A large group of variant human Gu Immortals were waiting in front of teleportation Gu formation with anticipation.

Suddenly, the immortal formation began to activate and let out a dazzling light.

Standing in front of the variant human Gu Immortals was black haired land spirit who was immediately happy as he shouted: "He is back, he is back!"

Behind him were the snowman, rockman, and inkman Gu Immortals who all had complicated expressions.

Lang Ya blessed land had just been invaded by Heavenly Court, and due to the four races alliance agreement, these three variant human tribes had the responsibility to help the hairy men and protect Lang Ya blessed land from Heavenly Court.

When Lang Ya land spirit requested their help, these three variant human tribes' leaders were unwilling, they were filled with bitterness and regret towards the alliance agreement.

But what use was their regret?

They could not go against the alliance agreement.

Even if they successfully violated the alliance agreement by some way, so what?

At present, humanity was the ruler of the five regions, an undeniable overlord. The survival space for variant human tribes was extremely small, they could only live by allying with each other.

This strategy was not wrong.

It was just that the three variant human tribes had not thought Lang Ya Sect would actually attract Heavenly Court!

What kind of existence was Heavenly Court?!

This was the number one human force, a colossal organization that had existed for millions of years.

Compared to Heavenly Court, the four races alliance was too minuscule and would not even be able to endure any setback.

So when Lang Ya land spirit requested for help, these three races had been unwilling and had been making excuses.

Who could have thought that at this time, Fang Yuan would put Thunder Ghost True Monarch's rib bones for sale in treasure yellow heaven, this result invaded the variant human Gu Immortals' hearts like a hurricane.

They saw hope of resisting Heavenly Court.

But the more important thing was Lang Ya blessed land now possessed rank eight level battle strength!

If they refused Lang Ya land spirit's request, besides having to face the backlash from breaking the alliance agreement, the three races would also have to face Fang Yuan, a Gu Immortal that could fight rank eight.

The balance in their hearts had quickly inclined to one side, the snowmen were the first to change their standpoint, expressing full support for Lang Ya Sect. Following them were the inkmen and rockmen.

"It was truly correct of me to take in Fang Yuan as an external supreme elder!" Lang Ya land spirit was greatly pleased at achieving his objective.

After he got Fang Yuan's message and knew he was returning, he had an inspiration and brought these variant human Gu Immortals to welcome Fang Yuan.

The light dissipated and Fang Yuan's figure appeared in front of everyone.

The variant human Gu Immortals looked on with all sorts of expressions as Lang Ya land spirit greeted Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked around and laughed on the inside: "It is the same scene as my previous life. Lang Ya land spirit really has some political skills, using me to suppress the other allies."

But Fang Yuan did not want to engage in small talk and waste time for no reason. Just like in the previous life, he gave a nod to Xue Er and left.

This small action, however, greatly excited the snowman Gu Immortals, while making the rockmen and inkmen feel envious.

Because of the battle with Thunder Ghost True Monarch, Fang Yuan's status had greatly risen in everyone's hearts, but Fang Yuan's mind was sober at this moment.

After the rebirth, his battle strength was once again back to the peak of rank seven, he was simply nothing when compared to Heavenly Court.

In fact, even in the previous life when he had peak rank eight battle strength, so what?

Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit had a private conversation, Lang Ya land spirit returned Fang Yuan's perceivable dao Immortal Gu and also told Fang Yuan that Heavenly Court had indeed planted some methods and harmful dao marks in Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya land spirit was extremely worried.

Because even after trying with all his strength, he could do nothing to these dao marks.

Fang Yuan was well aware that these dao marks were a portion of Heavenly Court's famous star cast killer move and were intentionally left by Feng Jiu Ge.

In his previous life, when Heavenly Court initiated the second invasion, these dao marks turned into a spiral tunnel that directly transported four rank eight Gu Immortals in.

In this battle, Fang Yuan obtained rank seven Fixed Immortal Travel but exposed his emperor yama killer move as well as his Suan Bu Jin identity, and even lost his ally, Lang Ya Sect.

In the end, Fang Yuan retreated, Heavenly Court also had to retreat while Longevity Heaven became the one who benefited the most.

Fang Yuan played dumb and replied to Lang Ya land spirit: "First supreme elder, don't be too anxious, let me deduce first and plan on how to deal with this situation."

Lang Ya land spirit heaved a sigh: "Alright."

He found it strange, Fang Yuan actually did not mention even a word about the Long Hair true meaning, this did not match Fang Yuan's usual personality.

However, Lang Ya land spirit also would not remind Fang Yuan, after all, although he had agreed to give it to Fang Yuan, he was still extremely unwilling to part with the Long Hair true meaning.

Right now, wisdom Gu was still in Lang Ya blessed land.

Fang Yuan arrived before wisdom Gu and stayed there for three days and three nights, using his time path clone to deduce continuously.

This rebirth was somewhat special compared to the previous ones.

The rebirth period was quite long ago, having traveled years into the past.

But this was reasonable.

Because Fang Yuan's clone already had rank seven cultivation back then and Spring Autumn Cicada had also been advanced to rank seven, he had also used the killer move spring autumn success.

Fang Yuan's main body was killed while the time path clone self-detonated with much deeper foundation than before, Spring Autumn Cicada had more fuel and the rebirth would naturally go back a lot further in time.

As for the first rebirth where Fang Yuan traveled back five hundred years with just rank six cultivation, it was the work of heaven's will, it was a special situation!

"Actually, there is also the killer move spring autumn target in Red Lotus' true inheritance which can go back to a specific time. But this killer move cannot guarantee the success of rebirth, so I chose spring autumn success to remove the possibility of failure."

Fang Yuan took a glance at Spring Autumn Cicada.

The current Spring Autumn Cicada was not rank seven like in the previous life, it had returned to rank six.

Moreover, because of the rebirth, its state was not optimal, it looked extremely lethargic and its body was brown like dying leaves. It required time to rest and recover.

"In Red Lotus' true inheritance, there are many killer moves that can hasten the recovery of Spring Autumn Cicada. Spring Autumn Cicada is indeed worthy of being Red Lotus Demon Venerable's vital Immortal Gu, its effect is truly too powerful."

Fang Yuan sighed internally.

He was no longer a mortal Gu Master so there was no danger of Spring Autumn Cicada bursting his aperture.

With the current progress, even without Fang Yuan speeding up Spring Autumn Cicada's recovery, it would recover completely by the time of Central Continent's Refinement Path Convention years later. At that time, Fang Yuan would be able to use spring autumn success once again.

"But Heavenly Court is so strong, even if I can rebirth again and again, it would be no use if I don't find a way to win against Heavenly Court."

Thinking of his previous life, Fang Yuan felt a mountain pressing down on him.

Heavenly Court's foundation was so unfathomable that it shook the world!

Fang Yuan was still unable to see how many Gu Immortals there were in the immortal graveyard.

Duke Long definitely had pseudo-Immortal Venerable battle strength, only Bo Qing might have the strength to contend against him. Fang Yuan himself was killed by Duke Long, Duke Long alone turned their strong invasion into an utter failure!

Naturally, a venerable was an invincible existence, even Duke Long would not be able to compete against any of their killer moves.

But with this, the exchange of moves between venerables across time and space along with their respective plans made the originally chaotic situation even more complicated.

These venerables had arranged countless methods which influenced the whole situation again and again, Fang Yuan felt a headache recalling it.

Besides Duke Long, there was also Fairy Zi Wei, Chen Yi, Li Huang, Qing Ye, Yuan Qiong Du and others.

These Gu Immortals were elites and could not be looked down upon.

Even more terrifying was their sacrificial mindset towards Heavenly Court, they were willing to contribute everything without fearing death.

That kind of fanaticism towards Heavenly Court and humanity made Fang Yuan feel a trace of wariness and trepidation.

"If I can't find a way to win against Heavenly Court, it is useless even if I have the chance to rebirth countless times. To win against Heavenly Court, I have to try my best in this life and not let go of any chance to strengthen myself!"

"I need to plan carefully."

Fang Yuan started to make plans.

There was no doubt that skill and foresight were required to make use of rebirth.

Although Fang Yuan had the advantage of future knowledge, he only had memories. He was no longer the same as before, he was the number one rank seven in the world, his every move had wide-ranging influence.

If he changed many things for minuscule profits, the influence would become even greater and cause reality to experience huge changes, sharply lowering Fang Yuan's rebirth advantage.

But if he was too hesitant to make changes because of this, then he would not improve enough to become Heavenly Court's match when the time comes.

This required a good balance.

There was also another crucial thing, he had to prevent other Gu Immortals from knowing he had been reborn again.

The longer he could preserve this secret, the more beneficial it would be for him.

Fang Yuan spent about sixteen hours to sort everything out, creating an enormous and meticulous plan.

Fang Yuan called Lang Ya land spirit: "How many Immortal Gu do you have? Let me have a look at the list, I thought about it and felt that refinement path true meaning would not be useful to me. If there are suitable Immortal Gu, I might give up on refinement path true meaning and choose those Immortal Gu."

"Ah!" Lang Ya land spirit cried out in shock and joy: "Okay, I will immediately give you the list."

As far as Lang Ya land spirit was concerned, the symbolic meaning of the refinement path true meaning was too huge. It was just like what fate Gu was to Heavenly Court, besides its own power, it had emblematic psychological value as well.

Previously, Lang Ya land spirit had lost Fang Yuan's Dang Hun Mountain and according to the agreement, he had to compensate Fang Yuan with refinement path true meaning, but he had been very unwilling.

Fang Yuan looked at the list and discovered steal life Immortal Gu was actually included!

In his mind, he nodded in satisfaction. He could see from this that Lang Ya land spirit did not hide anything.

In the past, Fang Yuan had used Spectral Soul's true inheritance to exchange for Long Hair true inheritance from Lang Ya land spirit, both sides had held back, not exchanging their trump cards.

Lang Ya Sect had Long Hair refinement path true meaning, Long Hair refinement path formation, omnipresent four seas, refinement water, steal life Immortal Gu, Heavenly Giant Solor, the agreement with Longevity Heaven, and so on, these would not be taken out to exchange with Fang Yuan.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan had obtained refinement path true meaning from Lang Ya land spirit, raising his refinement path attainment level to quasi-supreme grandmaster level!

This choice was not wrong as the refinement path attainment level had provided Fang Yuan with a huge help.

But now that Fang Yuan had been reborn, his attainment level in refinement path was the same as in his previous life, it was still at quasi-supreme grandmaster. So refinement path true meaning was useless to Fang Yuan.

This was because the attainment level of Fang Yuan's main body was always shared with the time path clone.

Unlike Spectral Soul's clones, Fang Yuan's main reason for creating the time path clone was to make the time path clone bathe in the light of wisdom and help him deduce things. How could this work without shared attainment levels?

Now, although it was only the time path clone who had reborn, his attainment level was the same as before, so the attainment levels of Fang Yuan's main body naturally rose as well.

Thus, Fang Yuan made a different choice in this life: "I choose steal life Immortal Gu, and also these… hmm, give me all the time path Immortal Gu."

Lang Ya land spirit was dazed for a moment before quickly agreeing: "Okay!"


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