Reverend Insanity
1749 Clone“s Rebirth
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1749 Clone“s Rebirth

Surrounded by pitch-black space, there was a boundless river.

It was flowing fast without stopping, its start and end could not be seen.

Secluded Domain of Heaven and Earth — River of Time!

Water of the River of Time was pale white and colorless, but countless ripples were colliding and creating beautiful colors at all times.

Every ripple was a story, an event that occurred in the past.

Innumerable droplets of water splashed and collided, the whole River of Time was like a river of fireworks that shined with dazzling and brilliant lights.

A small Gu worm appeared which was covered in an emerald-green light, it dove into the water of the River of Time.

This Gu worm's head and stomach were brown and yellow, there were tree bark rings like marks on its surface which seemed to be a testament to its long life and dignity.

The wings on its back were huge, they were translucent and resembled two overlapping tree leaves.

The small Gu worm was inconspicuous in the large River of Time, it was smaller than an ant.

After the Gu worm dove into the water, it displayed great determination as it went against the flow, moving upstream.

Treasure yellow heaven.

There was a commotion, Gu Immortals were discussing with each other.

This commotion was caused by three rib bones along with a video of a battle.

"Unimaginable, this demon Fang Yuan already has such battle strength!"

"Sigh, his growth is too fast, he is already a demonic path overlord of this generation."

"Fang Yuan is an otherworldly demon, and has used Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth, he naturally has an enormous advantage in cultivation."

"I recognize her, this is Heavenly Court's Gu Immortal Thunder Ghost True Monarch, who could have thought she would actually be suppressed by Fang Yuan!"

"Thunder Ghost True Monarch Jing Lan, this is an old senior, she is still alive?"

"So much for Central Continent's Heavenly Court being regarded as the number one human force. They have been trying to capture Fang Yuan all along, and even sent a rank eight Gu Immortal, but look at this, Fang Yuan actually beat her up so miserably."

Inside Heavenly Court, Chen Yi's expression looked unsightly and Fairy Zi Wei's body trembled from anger.

"Fang Yuan, this scoundrel is simply too sly!" Fairy Zi Wei said with gritted teeth. This was because the video in treasure yellow heaven only contained the part where Fang Yuan successfully counterattacked and pummeled Jing Lan.

Chen Yi asked with a frown: "Lady Zi Wei, do we report this to Thunder Ghost True Monarch?"

Thunder Ghost True Monarch Jing Lan was the most recently awakened expert of Heavenly Court.

Jing Lan chased after Fang Yuan but a moment of carelessness led to her being counterattacked by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan used myriad dragons and directional confusion fog to delay her while he entered the depths of the regional wall.

When Jing Lan chased after him again, Fang Yuan was already far away from her.

Fairy Zi Wei could not deduce Fang Yuan's exact location so Jing Lan had lost her way in the regional wall.

"Zi Wei! Where is that demon Fang Yuan?" Jing Lan transmitted her voice, she was burning with rage so her tone was very blunt.

What should have been an easy prey actually caused her to land in such an extremely miserable situation with serious injuries, how could the proud Jing Lan accept this fact?

She gritted her teeth, desperately wanting to kill Fang Yuan and erase her shame!

Fairy Zi Wei was silent for a moment before slowly informing Jing Lan.

"What? Even you lost him?!" Jing Lan was furious and discontented.

"Fang Yuan's wisdom path attainment is already no longer the same as before. But he will go to Lang Ya blessed land no matter what. We have already made some arrangements there. Although we failed to capture this scoundrel, we have also made huge gains, not only did we waste a large amount of his immortal essence, we also forced him to reveal many trump cards. How could a Gu Immortal like him be dealt with in one battle?" Fairy Zi Wei gently persuaded Jing Lan.

Jing Lan was silent, standing on the spot.

After a while, she heaved a long sigh, her anger had dissipated.

"I underestimated him, this person is astonishingly talented, he is indeed worthy of being the person chosen by heaven's will and Shadow Sect. Next time we fight, I won't make the same mistake."

"Compared to Fang Yuan, there is an even more troublesome matter…" Fairy Zi Wei tactfully informed Jing Lan of the matter in treasure yellow heaven.

The calm mood Jing Lan had just regained was immediately overthrown by waves of anger: "What? This guy actually dared to sell my rib bones? Outrageous, simply outrageous!"

Jing Lan immediately connected to treasure yellow heaven, and sure enough, saw her own rib bones being put for sale. Anger surged to her head, and her eyes turned bloodshot.

Soon after, when Jing Lan saw the projection of the scenes where Fang Yuan pummeled her, she almost crushed her teeth: "Damn that guy… when he ends up in my hands later, I will tear off his skin, pull out his tendons, and grind his bones till they turn to dust!"

Fang Yuan retreated while paying close attention to treasure yellow heaven.

He sneered inwardly.

Although he lost the battle against Jing Lan, being able to achieve such a battle result against a rank eight with his rank seven cultivation was truly a glorious loss.

Three rib bones and that video were actually Fang Yuan's glorious flaunting of his battle strength!

"Victory or defeat is secondary in a battle, the more important thing are the gains and losses. Although I lost this battle, the things I gained are what I need."

Fang Yuan had tried to regain his upper extreme heavenly eagle but was obstructed by Lu Wei Yin.

Feng Jiu Ge had invaded Lang Ya blessed land and discovered wisdom Gu, he even took away Gu Yue Fang Zheng and Dang Hun Mountain.

Fang Yuan detonated Dang Hun Mountain, causing Thunder Ghost True Monarch to awaken. At the same time, Chen Yi's karma divine tree could display its ability, which Fairy Zi Wei used to deduce his location.

Thunder Ghost True Monarch thus accurately ambushed Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan was able to escape due to all kinds of factors.

"Heavenly Court discovered and invaded Lang Ya blessed land, they will absolutely attack again. Lang Ya blessed land is extremely important to me, I cannot lose it."

"I must gather every force that can be used to fight Heavenly Court's next invasion. The four races alliance can be used!"

"My reputation has increased greatly after this battle, I will have even more power to express my opinion in the four races alliance and even be regarded as the hope of fighting rank eight by these variant human Gu Immortals."

While escaping quickly, there were Gu Immortals in treasure yellow heaven who inquired about the price of Thunder Ghost True Monarch's rib bones.

But why would Fang Yuan sell them?

This was the best opportunity to damage Heavenly Court's reputation and it was the opportunity for him to raise his own reputation. He was not going to be greedy over some profits and sell these three rib bones away.

"I must grab every opportunity to damage and weaken Heavenly Court's prestige, while also raising other Gu Immortals' courage. When the crucial moment comes in the future, there will be even more Gu Immortals who will dare to oppose Heavenly Court."

"Furthermore, would there not be Heavenly Court's members among these buyers? There must be. There is even a huge possibility of Thunder Ghost True Monarch being among them. Hehehehe."

Fang Yuan chuckled.

He was being optimistic in these tough times but his mood was still heavy.

Heavenly Court had discovered Lang Ya blessed land, who knew when they would attack again, this made Lang Ya blessed land a dangerous place.

Once Lang Ya blessed land's defense failed, it would be a heavy blow to Fang Yuan.

Since long ago, Fang Yuan had been deepening his cooperation with Lang Ya Sect and had received huge help at many crucial times. Lang Ya blessed land could be considered an immense support to him.

But it was not easy to resist Heavenly Court.

With just him, Lang Ya blessed land and the four races alliance, was there really hope?

"It is not the time to give up yet!"

"When I return to Lang Ya blessed land, I will absorb the Long Hair true meaning. Even if Lang Ya blessed land's defense fails, I will try to extract every possible benefit from Lang Ya Sect."

Just as he was thinking of this, Fang Yuan's body suddenly shook and an immensely shocked expression appeared on his face.

He was a demonic overlord who wore a constant poker face and was extremely shrewd, why would he turn so pale?

Just a moment ago, Fang Yuan's clone had told him extremely valuable information.

"My clone was reborn?"

"Spring Autumn Cicada brought the will of my future clone and returned to my time path clone."

"So my attempt had failed and Heavenly Court still managed to repair fate Gu completely!"

Fang Yuan's expression soon calmed down and the raging waves in his heart were also quickly pacified.

Fang Yuan's gaze was deep and dark like the abyss.

When he gave Spring Autumn Cicada to his time path clone, he had expected a possibility of such a situation. So he was able to quickly accept this fact.

Heavenly Court's strength made him feel like he was pressed down by an entire mountain range!

"But isn't this more interesting?" Fang Yuan's eyes revealed a smile, but it was filled with coldness and mania.


What was that?

Even if he failed ten thousand times, a million times, or hundreds of billions of times, as long as there was a chance, Fang Yuan would never give up!


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