Reverend Insanity
1743 Final Chance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1743 Final Chance

"It is already too late to retreat now. Everyone, please cooperate to counterattack Heavenly Court! They have already used fate vanquish once, they won't be able to use it again in a short period of time. This is our final chance!" Bing Sai Chuan shouted.

The Gu Immortals immediately reacted as they charged forward with clenched teeth.

Bing Sai Chuan was right, Heaven Overseeing Tower was extremely fast, they would not be able to escape.

Naturally, it was not that some did not think of using other Gu Immortals to stall for time while they escaped.

But the crucial thing was Central Continent was too large while they were now deep in Central Continent, even if each of them escaped in different directions, Heaven Overseeing Tower had enough time to eradicate them.

Every Southern Border and Northern Plains immortal was in a desperate situation and could only stay and fight.

This battle turned all the surroundings into a dark and gloomy state.

The Northern Plains and Southern Border immortals knew how perilous their situation was, none of them held back and used everything they had to fight back.

Heavenly Court's pursuing group had chased with overwhelming momentum, but after contacting the allied forces of Southern Border and Northern Plains, facing their counterattack, they instead fell into disadvantage.

"Fairy Zi Wei, has the news of fate Gu's restoration been announced to the world?" Duke Long sat inside Heaven Overseeing Tower and contacted Fairy Zi Wei.

Shortly afterwards, Fairy Zi Wei responded: "The news has already been disseminated in treasure yellow heaven, not only this, Lord Duke Long, your current battle scenes are being broadcasted everywhere through human path methods."

Since rank nine fate Gu was restored completely, Heavenly Court naturally was going to publicize this news to raise their side's morale and intimidate their enemies.

With this, Heavenly Court could gain the support of the people, even directly persuading those Gu Immortals who were still making chaos and plundering resources in Central Continent to retreat.

Duke Long's previous command had only been to spread the news of fate Gu. But Fairy Zi Wei took it a step further and was broadcasting the battle in Infallible blessed land.

In an instant, countless mortals, Gu Masters, and Gu Immortals learned of the battle.

Heavenly Court's action showed their confidence in winning!

It was also quite clear that Heavenly Court, possessing rank nine fate Gu, had huge dominance in the battlefield.

Fairy Zi Wei wanted to take this chance to showcase Heavenly Court's battle strength by capturing all these elites of Southern Border and Northern Plains in one fell swoop, to raise the prestige of Central Continent and Heavenly Court to an all-time peak!

Duke Long understood Fairy Zi Wei's thoughts but he frowned lightly.

"These Southern and Northern immortals are in a perilous situation, they are like cornered beasts with the will of dying soldiers, that caused our side to be at a disadvantage. Although this is only temporary…"

Duke Long realized Fairy Zi Wei's deeper intentions, although it was slightly abrupt, since she had already done it, he had to actively cooperate.

They had to showcase Heavenly Court's power to the greatest extent, this would not only announce the news of fate Gu's successful restoration, it would also display powerful strength that could cause others to shake in fear and not dare to oppose Heavenly Court.

The other four regions had intervened in this Refinement Path Convention. They wreaked havoc in Central Continent and plundered cultivation resources, greatly harming Heavenly Court's prestige.

Now, to raise their prestige again, Heavenly Court had to display absolute strength by dealing with all these Southern and Northern immortals. They would gain the people's support and make the other four regions fearful of offending them again.

Fate vanquish was no doubt the best choice.

It was a rank nine killer move and because fate Gu was restored completely, its might was even more terrifying and absolute.

But fate vanquish could not be activated frequently and needed some time to be used again.

"Looks like I have to make a move personally. Otherwise, with this battle being broadcasted everywhere and Heavenly Court immortals being suppressed, our performance would not look good."

Duke Long arranged for several Gu Immortals to take control of Heaven Overseeing Tower while he personally floated out.

"Duke Long has come out, be extremely careful of him!" Bing Sai Chuan was deeply aware of Duke Long's terrifying power, quickly reminding the others.

"We will attack together!" Yao Huang shouted, Fang Yuan and others quickly responded.

Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building and other Immortal Gu Houses protected these rank eight Gu Immortals.

Duke Long had just come out when he was besieged by Fang Yuan and the rest's joint attacks.

Several rank eight killer moves were unleashed, shocking the world with their might.

"Be careful!"


"Dodge it!"

All over Central Continent, especially in the ten great ancient sects, a large number of Gu Immortals shouted in shock.

They saw Duke Long being besieged through the video scenes, they were worried and furious.

Bam bam bam…

Loud explosions resounded again and again, causing dust clouds to appear everywhere.

Inside the dust clouds, Duke Long's giant body, however, remained unmoved.

The nine phantom dragons around his body opened their mouths and breathed out strong wind, instantly dispersing the dust clouds.

Duke Long was still hovering at the same place with a calm expression.

His dragon pupils glanced around him indifferently: "Are you trying to scratch my itch with these tricks?"

"Strong! So strong!" Yao Huang and the rest who had fought Duke Long for the first time felt their heart shaken, despite them having already received first hand information about the battle in Heavenly Court.

Bing Sai Chuan gritted his teeth, his eyes slightly dazed: "He is several times stronger than before! We don't have Seven Extreme Desolation now, we can't be his match with just the half-ruined Calamity Luck Altar. What should I do?"

Immortal killer move — Myriad Ghost Sword Dragon!

Immortal killer move — Centipede Scar!

Fang Yuan and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu sent out their killer moves at the same time. On one side, sword qi rampaged and ghost dragons filled the sky, on the other side, countless grayish centipedes flew, seemingly illusion and seemingly real.

The two killer moves drowned Duke Long from all directions.

Countless viewers in Central Continent let out a cry of shock, feeling worried for Duke Long.

From amidst the sea of dragons and centipedes, Duke Long's carefree voice sounded out: "Good moves… but they are not enough!"

Immortal killer move — Qi Current Scissors!


A huge explosion rose a terrifying wave in the sea of dragons and centipedes.

Qi current scissors flew everywhere, cutting apart dragons like paper. The centipedes were in an even more miserable state, they were smashed into fragments that scattered in the air.

Seeing Duke Long safe and sound, the whole of Central Continent rejoiced.

"Mother, that dragon-horned person is our Central Continent's immortal?"

"Duke Long, he is the master of the legendary Red Lotus Demon Venerable! He has such overwhelming strength."

"Heavenly Court has made its move, it is better for me to retreat."

"I have already plundered many resources, I should leave here before deciding anything else."

Just like Duke Long and Fairy Zi Wei predicted, the invading Gu Immortals began to retreat. Central Continent's morale soared continuously, everyone's hearts had merged together.

"Our attrition battle tactic was completely ineffective." Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's face was ashen.

"It's my turn now." Duke Long said lightly, dragon-shaped qi suddenly flashed and he vanished on the spot.

"So fast!"

"Where did he go?"

Yi Hao Fang's mind suddenly let out intense warning signals, he quickly raised his head and saw Duke Long above him.

Dragon claws smashed down, Yi Hao Fang only had the time to raise his hands to block them.


Yi Hao Fang was sent crashing down from the height of five hundred feet, he created a huge pit on the ground.


Yi Hao Fang's expression was filled with terror as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The strike just now had not only broken his defense, it had even inflicted heavy injuries upon him.

Dragon-shaped qi flashed and Duke Long appeared before Yi Hao Fang once again.

But immediately afterwards, Five Elements Grandmaster and Chi Qu You appeared on the left and right of Duke Long.

Although they could not see Duke Long's image and keep up with his speed, they had plentiful battle experiences and had calculated Duke Long would continue attacking Yi Hao Fang.

After all, as the saying goes, injuring all ten of a man's fingers was not as crippling as chopping one off.

"Duke Long, you fell for it!"

"You can stay trapped here!"

Two great formation path Gu Immortals, one southern and one northern, laid out a formation instantly.

"A tiny formation dares to trap me?" Duke Long scoffed, his large body shook as he let out his strength.

The formation shattered like glass, Chi Qu You and Five Elements Grandmaster both let out a muffled grunt from the backlash.

But Duke Long was also stopped for a moment and missed the chance to kill Yi Hao Fang.

Yi Hao Fang had already left the pit and was healing himself while feeling icy cold inside.

Duke Long's power was beyond imagination.

Yi Hao Fang was a famous rank eight expert of the present age Southern Border, he was actually almost killed by Duke Long in less than three moves.

"Such power, probably only a venerable can suppress him."

"Be it defense, offense, or movement, Duke Long is superior in every aspect. Even if we besiege him, he can still retaliate with ease."

"Who can stop such a person?!"

All the Southern and Northern immortals were shaking in fear and many more were at a loss.

Duke Long was unstoppable, not to mention there was still the rank nine Heaven Overseeing Tower with a complete fate Gu.

What should they do?

As if answering the doubts of the immortals, rumbling sounds spread and earth started to crack.

A huge rift spread across the whole battlefield.


At the next moment, the ground burst open and endless soil and stones flew out like a dark tsunami.

A giant dragon that was the size of a mountain flew out from the rift.

The dragon opened its mouth, its mouth was filled with uneven teeth that were sharp like spears and caused people to feel fear.

"Duke Long, I will crush you to pieces!!" The giant dragon roared.

Legendary immemorial desolate beast — Di Zang Sheng!

"Hmm?" A strange expression flashed past Duke Long's face as he snorted and charged head-on without dodging.

An immortal and a beast started fighting but their fight was a stalemate.

"When did Di Zang Sheng become so powerful?" Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were stunned.

"The five regions are merging and the earth veins are uniting, countless lives were sacrificed in this large battle which incited fury of Central Continent's people, all these raised Di Zang Sheng's strength sharply!"

"But… wasn't Di Zang Sheng trapped in Hidden Dragon Cave, how could it suddenly appear here?"

The immortals were shocked and puzzled.

But they all knew that back then Duke Long had personally suppressed Di Zang Sheng, so Di Zang Sheng coming to find trouble with Duke Long personally was also natural.

Just like Duke Long had said in Heavenly Court, Di Zang Sheng's battle strength would rise to become comparable to Duke Long himself.

"If this is not handled properly, Di Zang Sheng will become the strongest legendary immemorial desolate beast of the current world!"

"This is amazing, truly, there is always a way out of predicaments."

"Let's take this chance to quickly retreat."

"We can't retreat!" Fang Yuan however shouted: "This is the perfect opportunity to attack! The arrogant Duke Long is stalled by Di Zang Sheng. Now, we can go to Heaven Overseeing Tower and destroy fate Gu!"

Saying so, Fang Yuan took the lead to charge towards Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Bing Sai Chuan was the first to react. He called out to the Northern Plains immortals and followed closely behind.

The Southern Border immortals also went into a frenzy and attacked furiously a moment later.

"You dare!" Duke Long was anxious but was firmly held back by Di Zang Sheng, he could only look as Fang Yuan and the rest charged forward.


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