Reverend Insanity
1741 War Banner of Humanity!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1741 War Banner of Humanity!

Fang Yuan's charge was fatally ferocious and he was using myriad fusion ghost dragon sword, which raised his demonic might to another level.

Chen Yi looked at the sky as Fang Yuan approached with such momentum, his entire body shivered as he felt like the sky itself was falling towards him, it was unstoppable and unavoidable!

"In that case, there is no need to block it or evade it." Chen Yi who was already a spent force, had his chest standing firm as he faced his death nonchalantly.

"Lord Chen Yi!" Bai Cang Shui and other Gu Immortals shouted, wanting to come over to rescue him.

But Chi Qu You, Yi Hao Fang and others followed behind Fang Yuan and quickly blocked these reinforcements.

The enormous soul sword pierced through Chen Yi's body and struck Hairy Foot Mountain with its remaining force.

At the next moment, Hairy Foot Mountain disintegrated while Chen Yi's corpse fell powerlessly.

"Chen Yi is also dead!" The Southern Border and Northern Plains immortals were shaken.

Fang Yuan had successively killed two Heavenly Court experts, his demonic might was now ingrained in people's minds.


"Hairy Foot Mountain is destroyed but Infallible blessed land is still standing!" Fang Yuan frowned as he looked at the pile of mountain rubble under him.

Heavenly Court had detected the precise location of Infallible blessed land but had never invaded it in their countless years of existence, instead they used human path methods to borrow the strength of Infallible blessed land and draw out success dao marks.

At this urgent moment, Fang Yuan was unable to damage Infallible blessed land, let alone destroy it.

Not long after Chen Yi died, another Gu Immortal died in Heavenly Court as well.

Yuan Qiong Du!

He was sitting cross-legged on the ground, dying with a smile on his face.

Following his death, Heaven Overseeing Tower's peak began to let out a vigorous aura.

"This is a rank nine Immortal Gu's aura."

"Fate Gu!!"

"Fried Yuan Qiong Du sacrificed himself…"

"Does this mean?!"

This aura's appearance froze the whole of the Heavenly Court battlefield. Longevity Heaven's members' expression changed greatly while the Heavenly Court immortals' eyes shined brightly and their faces were filled with joy.

"Damn it! We failed?" Bing Sai Chuan clenched his teeth: "Retreat!"

Seven Extreme Desolation remained behind as Calamity Luck Altar began to retreat.

"What's going on? Why do I have this feeling of emptiness?" In Infallible blessed land battlefield, Fang Yuan immediately felt something.

"Hahaha!" Duke Long laughed heartily, he did not obstruct Calamity Luck Altar.

He arrived inside Heaven Overseeing Tower and moved to the peak.

"Fate Gu, fate Gu…" Duke Long mumbled as tears flowed down his eyes.

He was too happy, too excited.

He was personally looking at a complete fate Gu right in front of his very eyes!

Many years of anticipation and desire, many years of longing had finally come to fruition at this moment!

The meaning behind repairing fate Gu was much more important and complicated to Duke Long than the other Heavenly Court members.

Because back then, it was his own disciple who had injured fate Gu!

"Hong Ting, master has atoned for your mistake. I did not let down Heavenly Court, I did not let down humanity! Hahaha, hahaha!"

Duke Long's loud voice resounded in Heavenly Court from the top of Heaven Overseeing Tower — "After over a million years! Heavenly Court has regained a complete rank nine fate Gu once again!"


At the next moment, the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals shouted in joy, some were red from their excitement, some cried, and some passed away in full satisfaction.

Heavenly Court's morale surged to an extreme point, while Longevity Heaven's Bing Sai Chuan and others were pale as they quickly retreated.

The die was cast!

There was nothing they could do now!

Longevity Heaven was decisive in invading Heavenly Court and was also decisive in retreating.

Over three million years ago.

Central Continent, Qi Breath Peak.

This peak was not a mountain, or more accurately speaking, it was only a mountain peak.

The peak contained a dense amount of qi path dao marks, it was extremely mystical. The peak could breathe out air just like the breathing of a human.

Every few decades or centuries, it would fly away and move to other places, continuing to breathe different air and then continuing this cycle.

Qi Breath Peaks were few in number, most had owners, and so did this Qi Breath Peak.

Its owner was Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, but right now, he was only a rank seven Gu Immortal.

Gu Immortal Primordial Origin was cultivating in Qi Breath Peak, using the ability of Qi Breath Peak to breathe in different kinds of qi and comprehend the profundities of qi path.

On this day, he slowly opened his eyes within a secret cave.

A mortal Gu Master had barged into his Qi Breath Peak.

He was slightly surprised.

He was a person who fully concentrated on cultivation, he was free and unrestrained. He only wanted to comprehend the Great Dao and did not want to be disturbed by external affairs. Thus, he had set up many arrangements not only on Qi Breath Peak but also around the surrounding mountains.

Not to mention mortal Gu Masters, even if many Gu Immortals came here, they might not be able to find his existence. They might even turn a blind eye to the mystical Qi Breath Peak.

"A mortal Gu Master has actually barged in today… interesting, interesting."

Primordial Origin felt interested and appeared in front of this Gu Master. But before he even spoke, that mortal Gu Master kowtowed: "Gu Master Yu Ji pays respects to Immortal Primordial Origin!"

"Oh? You actually know my name? Speak, who instructed you and helped you to pass through my obstacles with just a Gu Master's ability?" Primordial Origin immediately turned solemn.

How could a mortal Gu Master possess such an ability, he firmly believed that there was definitely a Gu Immortal helping the Gu Master.

But Gu Master Yu Ji shook his head: "Immortal Primordial Origin, I did not receive any Gu Immortal's help, but relied on the guidance of fate Gu."

"Fate Gu? Hmph, don't talk nonsense. This Gu is a rank nine Gu, it is protected in the Rockman Imperial Court and is watched by multiple rank eight rockman Gu Immortals all year round, you…" Primordial Origin had yet to finish speaking when his eyes suddenly opened wide.

The mortal Gu Master Yu Ji presented a Gu worm with both hands.

Rank nine aura overflowed, what else could it be but fate Gu?

Primordial Origin was instantly taken aback, his tranquil heart was greatly disturbed. He forced himself to remain calm: "Yu Ji, stand up, how did you steal this fate Gu and how did you bring this Gu here from such a faraway place?"

"Also, you said you received fate Gu's guidance? But according to what I know, no Gu Immortal can use fate Gu, only the Heavenly Dao can use this Gu. How can you have the ability to use fate Gu?"

Yu Ji spoke in detail: "I am a slave of the beloved grandson of the first supreme elder in the rockman tribe. I had been secretly working in place of master to clean the Rockman Sacred Hall and maintain the cleanliness of fate Gu's surroundings. I forgot which day it was, but I discovered that as long as I got near to fate Gu, I could sense fate's arrangements and the path of every living being's life."

"I received fate Gu's guidance like this and learned of many future events and also realized my mission. Afterwards, when featherman Gu Immortals infiltrated Rockman Sacred Hall and were discovered, I took fate Gu away amidst the chaos, I escaped using a hidden tunnel in the Rockman Sacred Hall."

"I had fate Gu but it restrained its aura by its own will. Although there were many dangers in my journey, be they Gu Immortals or any methods that obstructed me, I had ample time to prepare and successfully escape after receiving fate Gu's premonitions. Thus, there were dangerous situations in my journey but never fatal threats, eventually, I made my way here."

Primordial Origin could not help but evaluate Gu Master Yu Ji internally after hearing all this.

Yu Ji spoke lightly but looking at his scars, it was clear he had faced a lot of difficulties and suffering on this journey.

"You don't need to be modest, although you had the help of fate Gu, it is your bravery and planning that allowed you to achieve all these as a mortal Gu Master!" Primordial Origin praised, his expression became warm.

He asked again: "So why did you steal fate Gu and travel so far to bring it to me?"

Yu Ji said: "It was not I who stole fate Gu but fate Gu itself wanted to be brought to you. Lord immortal, you are fate Gu's master, I have already seen it through fate Gu. Not only this, lord immortal, you are… hmm, you should experience this personally."

Yu Ji then lowered his head while raising his hands, offering fate Gu to Primordial Origin.

Primordial Origin was not fully convinced, but the moment he held fate Gu, countless images flashed past his eyes and endless information was transmitted to his mind.

He immediately understood, everything was clear now!

"So it was not Yu Ji who could use fate Gu, but fate Gu itself let him see the changes in the world and the path of all beings' lives."

"According to fate, variant human races, who have been dominating the five regions, will decline. Humanity will replace them to become the leading figures of the world, we will trample on every variant human race and become the new overlord of the world!"

"Humanity will reign supreme!"

"And myself, as well as this Gu Master Yu Ji, will lead the rise of the human race, we will be the crucial characters to take on the challenges of variant human experts and suppress the situation."

After understanding everything, Primordial Origin was shaken as well as happy.

He could not help but feel happiness!

Because he was a member of the human race.

Although he had become a Gu Immortal, the status of humans was very low. Most humans were slaves sold and bought wantonly by variant humans, they were humiliated and oppressed.

Not only human mortals and Gu Masters, even human Gu Immortals had low status in the Gu Immortal world. Many human Gu Immortals were even slaves of variant humans!

Human Gu Immortals like Primordial Origin who lived freely might be besieged by many variant human Gu Immortals any day. If they were unlucky enough to be taken as a prisoner, they might become slaves of the variant humans!

"I really wanted to resist them but even after becoming a rank seven Gu Immortal, I cannot match the battle strength of many variant human Gu Immortals. That's why I had been cultivating endlessly and wanted to create a path that belonged solely to us humans."

"Now that fate Gu has shown me the way, the future belongs to us humans. I will even become the leader of the human Gu Immortals in the future, I will create qi path and lead humanity to prosperity!"

"Humanity will reign supreme!"

"This is heaven's will! This is the trend of the future! This is the heart of the people!"

Primordial Origin was extremely excited as he laughed loudly while holding fate Gu.

He was so happy that tears fell.

Yu Ji also grinned happily, he was also a human after all.

Humanity had been oppressed and suffered under the hands of variant human races for too long!

After taking a long breath, Primordial Origin calmed his feelings and took a deep look at fate Gu: "Yu Ji, you are a hero of our human race! A great hero!"

"You brought fate Gu to me, even though we cannot activate it at will, this is the greatest banner we can hold. I won't hide it from you, I already had thoughts of resisting the variant humans, but there are too few of us human Gu Immortals, and even more troubling is that many human Gu Immortals are slaves, they are treated like ants with not even a bit of respect and they also do not dare to offend their masters. Because they know how tiny they are when compared to the variant humans, they know how weak we humans are!"

"But now, with this fate Gu, we can show the world, we can let every human Gu Immortal know — The future belongs to us, humanity will reign supreme!!"

"Fate Gu will summon their lost courage, ignite their hope, and spur on their fighting spirit to resist! Moreover, we can unite all of the humans with this."

"This is a banner!"

"This is the war banner of humanity to rise and rule the world!"


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