Reverend Insanity
1740 Karma Relocation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1740 Karma Relocation

"Lord Li Huang!!!"

"Oh heavens, how could this happen?"

"Good job!"

In Infallible blessed land battlefield, Li Huang's corpse fell, shocking countless people.

Fang Yuan laughed malevolently as he continued to charge towards Hairy Foot Mountain while projecting his icy voice throughout the whole battlefield: "Anyone who dares to block me will face this ending!"

In an instant, his awe-inspiring demonic might shocked everyone, Central Continent's morale fell greatly, a dark light flashed past Wu Yong's eyes, while Yao Huang's group was greatly stunned.

Chu Du's expression was slightly complicated. Back when Fang Yuan was undergoing tribulation while rank six, he had fought with Fang Yuan.

Who could have thought that in just a few years, Fang Yuan had already become a person whom he had to look up to!

"Counting the first time I used myriad ghost sword dragon, this time's myriad sword ghost dragon usage as well as myriad fusion ghost dragon sword, about ten thousand of my soul path dao marks have been expended!"

Fang Yuan analyzed in his head.

Myriad ghost sword dragon was powerful, but it permanently expended Fang Yuan's soul path dao marks.

One activation of myriad ghost sword dragon expended four thousand soul path dao marks. After killing Li Huang, Fang Yuan's soul path dao marks had been shaved off by ten thousand.

Naturally, Fang Yuan did not have so many soul path dao marks yet, he was substituting them with transformation path dao marks.

In short, myriad fusion ghost dragon sword was a powerful move that could kill Li Huang who possessed verdant sun flame cloak, but the cost was extremely high as well.

The significance of dao marks was obvious to a Gu Immortal.

Permanently expending dao marks was directly reducing one's foundation, it could not be used easily unless absolutely necessary.

Moreover, this move had a flaw, the soul sword's speed was not outstanding and could be dodged easily.

Fang Yuan knew that Li Huang was protecting Hairy Foot Mountain and could not casually dodge the attack, so he used this move.

"Hairy Foot Mountain…"

Looking at Hairy Foot Mountain that was getting closer in his vision, Fang Yuan gave a moved sigh.

Who could have thought the majestic and renowned Infallible blessed land would be on Hairy Foot Mountain. From the outside, this mountain was extremely ordinary, it was like an inconspicuous hill.

But in truth, it was one of the most important areas to Heavenly Court in order to repair fate Gu, and now had become an area to determine victory or defeat in this arduous battle.

"Fang Yuan!!" At the next moment, another figure appeared and blocked Fang Yuan's path.

It was Chen Yi!

"Wu Yong did not kill you, then let me end your life instead." Fang Yuan called out as he prepared myriad fusion ghost dragon sword once again.

Chen Yi's face turned solemn.

Even Li Huang had perished, he did not have any confidence in facing myriad fusion ghost dragon sword.

"Hmm? This is!" At the crucial moment, Chen Yi suddenly felt his chest burning as if a hot iron was pressed on his flesh.

A powerful and mysterious force circulated and permeated his body.

Following the surging of this strength, Chen Yi's clothes were ripped apart, revealing his chest.

There was a painting on his chest, the painting of a tall tree wavering in the wind!

"Ahhh!" Chen Yi cried out in shock: "Isn't this painting the one which was engraved on my body when I inherited Genesis Lotus' true inheritance many years ago?"

At the same time, information was directly transmitted to his mind.

"This is Lord Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's arrangement!"

Chen Yi was surprised and happy, he quickly activated the strongest ability according to this information.

Immortal killer move — Karma Divine Tree!

Immediately, green smoke rose from Chen Yi's body.

The smoke gathered six feet above his head, gradually slowing down to a stop and circulating within itself, forming into the shape of a tree.

The tree was thick and sturdy with dense amounts of branches and lush leaves, and there were dozens of fruits hanging on it. But these fruits were very weird, they were in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. Some were like black peaches, some were pink but large like a basin, some had spikes on them, some had transparent skin, the flesh and core could be seen from the outside.

Karma divine tree formed quickly and the power within the painting transferred to karma divine tree.

Chen Yi seemed to have heard Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's voice: "Look closely, this is the consecutive move built upon karma divine tree — Karma Relocation!"

The killer move activated, as if intense winds were blowing, the green smoke flickered as karma divine tree started to sway and dance in the wind.

Myriad fusion ghost dragon sword attacked like a meteoric thunderbolt.

But just when it neared karma divine tree, with a whoosh, myriad fusion ghost dragon sword suddenly disappeared.

"What?!" Fang Yuan was shocked.

At that instant, he sensed that his connection to his killer move myriad fusion ghost dragon sword became negligible, as if myriad fusion ghost dragon sword was suddenly worlds apart from him!

"What method is this? It seems like instant transportation?" Fang Yuan immediately narrowed his eyes as sharp light flashed past them.

The connection between immortal killer moves and Gu Immortals had a certain limit in range. When it surpassed this limit, the immortal killer move would usually break apart.

Fang Yuan's myriad fusion ghost dragon sword was based on the killer move myriad ghost sword dragon and carried the trait of enslavement path, thus he could still maintain a trace of connection even if it was teleported over ten thousand li away.

But this connection was extremely faint, if it surpassed this distance even a little, the killer move would collapse by itself.

If that happened, Fang Yuan would suffer the backlash of killer move failure.

Myriad fusion ghost dragon sword was so powerful, its backlash absolutely would not be weak and would definitely make him cough out blood.

"It can forcibly teleport killer moves?" Wu Yong obtained the information from Fang Yuan: "Then let me see how you deal with my farewell friend wind."

Wu Yong sneered.

His figure appeared behind Chen Yi.

Immortal killer move — Farewell Friend Wind!

But Wu Yong had just touched Chen Yi's shoulder when his vision changed.

In an instant, he was teleported away from Infallible blessed land, returning to Southern Border.

"This?!" Wu Yong was dumbfounded as he stood at the peak of the mountain.

Soon afterwards, he came to his senses, his face was extremely dark as he quickly sent the information.

"Even rank eight Gu Immortals can be forcibly sent away?!"

"What killer move is this?"

"Karma divine tree still had such a mysterious ability?"

The Southern Border and Northern Plains immortals were shaken while Central Continent's morale rose again.

"We will continue defending like this!" Chen Yi was exulted but Fang Yuan's voice made him solemn once more.

Fang Yuan shouted: "I found it! His teleportation ability seems to be unstoppable but there is a limit in the amount of times he can use it. Because after using it twice, two fruits were consumed!"

"It was discovered so quickly?" Chen Yi smiled bitterly.

"Let me try!" Heavenly Lord Bai Zu flew over, his body shook slightly as he split into countless clones and charged forward like a giant wave.

This was a classic enslavement path battle tactic, a battle of attrition style.

Karma divine tree swayed with the wind, a fruit suddenly disappeared.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's main body disappeared, Fang Yuan's group received his message shortly afterwards — he was teleported to Eastern Sea!

The immortals were in a clamor.

Fang Yuan sank into deep thought: 'This time, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's main body was directly teleported away, the enslavement path battle tactic has failed. According to conventional reasoning, shouldn't it be teleporting each clone? It actually directly affected the main body?!"

This time, Yao Huang's group charged over.

"Slow down, Brother Chu, you guys attack first." Fang Yuan instructed.

Chu Du attacked, he used a long range attack on Chen Yi but he quickly disappeared on the spot.

He was teleported back to Northern Plains, ending up in the northern icy plain.

Moreover because the distance was too long, he lost connection with the killer move he used, the killer move broke apart and he suffered the backlash.

Several people attacked next but they were all teleported away.

Fang Yuan suddenly came to a realization: "It seems that my main body is not influenced by this killer move because I am a complete otherworldly demon?"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan started a fierce wave of offense.

However, karma divine tree might be unable to influence him but it could affect his killer moves.

Fang Yuan's methods were all teleported away, the range was either far or short, some were teleported to some place in Central Continent, some were sent to other four regions, and some were even teleported to black heaven and white heaven.

Naturally, Chen Yi also did not have a good time.

It did not take long before he began to bleed from his seven orifices and his face was getting increasingly pale.

The burden to sustain such a wondrous killer move was clearly huge.

"Damn it, Hairy Foot Mountain is clearly in front of us, but because of Chen Yi alone…" Yao Huang clenched his teeth in helplessness.

Qing Ye and the rest quickly arrived and fought against the Northern Plains and Southern Border immortals.

Fang Yuan dodged the attack of Wind Sweeping Building and sent many myriad ghost sword dragons to attack Chen Yi.

Karma divine tree was constantly shaking, countless myriad ghost sword dragons disappeared, teleported to random locations.

It was okay for those that were teleported nearby, but those that were teleported far away broke apart immediately, inflicting backlash on Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan felt that this situation was troublesome!

"Weak killer moves cannot expend karma divine tree's fruits even if they are teleported away. A strong killer move can expend one fruit but if it is teleported beyond the distance I can control, I will have to endure the backlash and might even be heavily injured if I am unlucky."

Fang Yuan did not dare to use myriad fusion ghost dragon sword.

He currently did not have winter coat or reverse flow protection seal to rely on, his defensive methods were weaker than Li Huang's. If myriad fusion ghost dragon sword failed, he would be in great trouble from the backlash.

Fang Yuan's luck was quite good as the previous myriad fusion ghost dragon sword did not inflict backlash on him.

"What do I do now?" Fang Yuan was anxious.

Bing Sai Chuan had been transmitting the situation in Heavenly Court to him, Fang Yuan knew that the repair of fate Gu had started again.

"This is a wood path method, I don't have much attainment in this path and won't be able to decipher it within a short period of time."

"Looks like I can only use a crude method, we will compete in a battle of attrition! Bai Ning Bing, you all can go ahead and fight now!"

Fang Yuan's eyes shined sharply as he sent the command resolutely.

Bai Ning Bing and other rank seven Gu Immortals charged towards Hairy Foot Mountain.

Karma divine tree activated, every time it teleported a rank seven Gu Immortal, a fruit was expended.

"Fang Yuan actually found the best countermeasure so quickly." Chen Yi felt anxious, his eyes were filled with blood and he was in a very weak condition.

A large number of rank seven Gu Immortals were teleported away, finally, karma divine tree's fruits were all spent.

Karma divine tree without any fruits faded away with the wind.

Chen Yi lowered his head, his aura had fallen to an extreme point of weakness.

"You dare to block my way, die!" Fang Yuan charged fiercely.


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