Reverend Insanity
1739 Heavenly Court“s Sacrifice
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1739 Heavenly Court“s Sacrifice

Heavenly Court battlefield.

The battle of rank eight Gu Immortals had already become extremely tragic.

"Longevity Heaven! Your performance truly disappoints all of us!"

"Hmph, Heavenly Court's members really like to brag shamelessly, you have become used to being the leader for too long, watch now as I wipe the floor with all of you!"

"You and I both belong to the human race, our internal conflict has actually reached such a state. Northern Plains immortals, you are courageous but you don't have any beliefs."

"You will never understand our beliefs!"

Northern Plains Gu Immortals perished constantly, but the death of every Northern Plains expert was accompanied by the lives of several Heavenly Court Gu Immortals.

"Northern Plains! Longevity Heaven!" Duke Long was extremely furious: "Despite being equally matched, the grand Heavenly Court has actually been forced to such a miserable state… Unforgivable!"


Duke Long suddenly raised his arms, finally breaking the sphere that trapped him.

But Calamity Luck Altar and Seven Extreme Desolation quickly responded, the three tussled continuously; the situation fell into a stalemate.

"Quick, quick!"

"Alright, the refinement path formation has finally been repaired."

"Yuan Qiong Du, it all depends on you now. We will protect you, and unless we die, no one will disturb this refinement path formation!!"

Several Heavenly Court Gu Immortals called out as they defended four directions, forming a firm defensive line.

Because Heavenly Court Gu Immortals defended selflessly, the refinement path formation was repaired and the defensive line was re-established.

Bing Sai Chuan saw this and quickly got away from Duke Long, trying to destroy Heavenly Court.

"Don't even think about it!" Duke Long gave a loud shout as he used all his strength to hold back Calamity Luck Altar and Seven Extreme Desolation without any regards to his injuries.

Bing Sai Chuan was unable to break free so he quickly mobilized his forces.

The Northern Plains immortals attacked once again, the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals suffered heavy casualties, but with Gu Immortals constantly awakening from the immortal graveyard and filling up the gaps, the defensive line instead became more firm than before.

"Good, now is the time! Eh?!" Liu Liu Liu wanted to quietly sneak in, but his expression soon changed as his concealment was gone and his true body was revealed.

A Heavenly Court Gu Immortal, with a large amount of jade pearls floating around him, flew towards him with killing intent: "You are the one? The culprit who is stained with the blood of many of my Heavenly Court friends! Your crimes shall end here."

"Is that Senior Yu Zhu Zi…" Yuan Qiong Du who was just about to enter the formation saw this scene by chance and was extremely happy.

In history, rank eight Gu Immortal Yu Zhu Zi was most proficient at exposing concealment. From the amount of jade pearls floating around him, he no doubt had most of his Immortal Gu. As such, Liu Liu Liu was restrained by him.

"We can win! With so many Heavenly Court seniors here, we can definitely win!"

"No, more accurately saying, victory will inevitably and naturally belong to my Heavenly Court!!"

Yuan Qiong Du's eyes flashed with resolution.

He entered the Gu formation once again and had just taken control of it when he pleasantly discovered this refinement path formation was much superior than the previous one.

"So that's it."

"To restore fate Gu, our seniors have added in so many Immortal Gu…"

Tears appeared in Yuan Qiong Du's eyes.

The more Immortal Gu used in this refinement path formation, the fewer Immortal Gu the Gu Immortals would have, they were more likely to die in the battlefield.

This was their sacrifice!

A willing sacrifice.

"I need to continue repairing fate Gu!" Yuan Qiong Du sat cross-legged, his expression was tranquil, but a fire was burning in his heart.

It was blazing!

A deep memory surfaced within the fire.

His master was standing before him: "Little Du, you are sleeping at the back of the mountain again. It is not good if you are so lazy all the time!"

The young Yuan Qiong Du woke up with a resentful expression: "Master!"

He mumbled and said angrily: "Master, why don't you transfer me back? I like fire path, a true man should choose fire path!"

"But Little Du, your talent in refinement path is extremely shocking, so master made you cultivate refinement path. In comparison, your fire path talent is too ordinary."

"But I like fire path, it looks so cool and awesome in fights…. As for refinement path, I have to constantly stay in a secret room and endlessly refine Gu. Not to mention there is high cost, Gu refinement fails frequently and all the effort will be wasted. More importantly, there is a huge danger in refining Gu just like in battle. Rather than dying from depression from refining Gu, I would rather use fire path and die grandly in the battlefield!"

His master sighed helplessly and said in a serious tone: "Little Du, you have to choose refinement path not because you like it but because it is your responsibility. Our refinement path faction really needs a genius like you to invigorate it! Don't let your temperament get the better of you, Little Du. You are already a man, you should accept your responsibility, understood?"

Young Yuan Qiong Du flung his head back indignantly: "Tsk, understood. If this is master's order, I will obey it."

His master sighed again: "It is not an order, it is your responsibility. Moreover, cultivating refinement path is quite delightful as well, you will feel this delight one day. So, take on the responsibility and refine Gu happily."

"How can that ever happen?!"

"The lazy me has never experienced a moment when such a heavy responsibility weighs down on my shoulders."


"There is also another feeling — joy."

"Hehehehe, hahaha." Yuan Qiong Du curled his lips up as he laughed in his head.

Tears were overflowing on his face.

"Master, I finally understand your words!"

"Your disciple did not disappoint you in the end!"

"There is simply no need to divert my attention to protect myself with these comrades here, I do not need to worry."

"Let's make a push for it! When fate Gu is completely repaired, I will have completed my responsibility and will not have let down everyone's expectations. After that… I shall happily embrace death."

Yuan Qiong Du smiled as he activated a forbidden move. Once this move was used, whether the Gu refinement succeeds or fails, his death would be certain.

But so what if that was the case?

Some things were much more important than an individual's life!

Hidden Dragon Cave battlefield.

Four Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were surrounding Dragon Palace and attacking madly.

The Four Dragon Generals were suppressed and could only rely on Dragon Palace to defend themselves.

"It seems that becoming a dragonman is not without a cost!"

"Come out, didn't you want to trap us? Now, you are hiding inside the Immortal Gu House? A bunch of cowards!"

"You really underestimated us."

Song Qi Yuan, Qing Yue An and the rest were furious as they activated powerful killer moves one after the other, firmly suppressing the other side.

Even a kind person gets angry at times, let alone these four Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals. Duke Long's scheme and the betrayal of Zhang Yin's group thoroughly infuriated them, they erupted with an extremely powerful battle strength!

When comparing the temperament of people in the five regions, Eastern Sea was the most gentle and compromising.

But such an unmoving and calm sea also had the side of torrential waves and tsunamis.

When Eastern Sea people were truly angered, their enemies would comprehend what terror truly was.

Suddenly, the attacks of Song Qi Yuan's group slowed down.

"Someone is here!"

"Who is it?"

"It is clearly Heavenly Court's reinforcements!"

Song Qi Yuan's group of four quickly changed their tactics, two continued to attack Dragon Palace while the other two flew out to fight off enemy reinforcements.

"I can only send you all here." An old Heavenly Court Gu Immortal smiled as his body turned into light specks and dissipated.

His lifespan was exhausted.

"Qin Song, you can go peacefully. It is our turn now!" These were a number of Heavenly Court Gu Immortals that were carefully chosen by Fairy Zi Wei.

"Laughable, coming over so eagerly, you old timers want us to observe your deaths?" Hua Cai Yun and Shen Cong Sheng charged forward.

"Eastern Sea scoundrels, don't even dream about getting Dragon Palace!"

"Old timer who has a leg in his coffin already, why don't you just die obediently?!"

Boom boom boom!

Both sides fought immediately.

Infallible blessed land battlefield.


Countless dragon roars resounded throughout the whole battlefield.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Ghost Sword Dragon!

This compound killer move that comprised ancient sword dragon transformation, myriad self, yama child, emperor yama, and familiar face, was activated once again.

"He is Fang Yuan!!"

"Quick, protect the formation, we can't let him succeed."

"Fang Yuan, you have such guts!"

Fang Yuan sneered: "You want to stop me now? Too late!"

Thanks to Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's attack that had attracted the attention of Central Continent's Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan was able to activate his killer move smoothly.

Myriad ghost sword dragon was extraordinary, not only did it have huge power, it was also difficult to get rid of. After all, this move expended Fang Yuan's soul path dao marks, it was similar to Wu Yong's unlimited wind.

The nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation might be powerful but its inner core was still weak, after Fang Yuan's countless ghost dragons wreaked havoc, it was already showing signs of collapsing.

Fang Yuan turned into emperor yama, myriad dragons roared around him and his cold eyes looked at the Central Continent Gu Immortals who were helpless to do anything. The nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation started to crumble at its core, from inside to outside.

The formation's collapse inflicted powerful backlash to the Central Continent Gu Immortals; without Fang Yuan having to attack, many were heavily injured and on the verge of dying.

"Fang Yuan really succeeded." Wu Yong mumbled with a complicated expression.

"Quick, attack them!" Yao Huang shouted, his aged and listless attitude was gone as he led the charge heroically.

"Let me deal with Prince Feng Xian, all of you leave."

Hairy Foot Mountain, the location of Infallible blessed land, was exposed.

"You want to repair fate Gu, hmph, wishful thinking! Although it is a slight pity to destroy Infallible blessed land, let's end this here." Fang Yuan laughed malevolently as he pointed like an emperor, countless sword dragons charged down like his fearless soldiers!

"With me here, don't even think about it, Fang Yuan!" At the crucial moment, a figure appeared and blocked the countless ghost dragons.

Rank eight fire path expert — Li Huang!

Immortal killer move — Verdant Sun Flame Cloak!

Countless ghost dragons were filled with drunkenness before they even neared and combusted spontaneously.

"With me, Li Huang, here, none of you shall move forward!" Li Huang shouted.

"Is that so… then I will let you have a taste of the consecutive move of myriad ghost sword dragon." Fang Yuan's eyes shined with cold light.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Fusion Ghost Dragon Sword!

Within a few breaths of time, countless ghost dragons gathered into one, forming an enormous pitch-black dragon marked soul sword!

The soul sword floated in the air, its tip was pointing towards Li Huang but it did not move.

Immortal killer move — Luo Po Seal!

Fang Yuan struck the soul sword with Luo Po seal.

At the next moment, the soul sword quickly stabbed forward.

Li Huang hesitated for a moment, the soul sword's speed was astonishing but he could still dodge with his speed.

But right now, he could not dodge! He had to face it head-on!

The soul sword quietly pierced through Li Huang.

The flames subsided, Li Huang's face became as pale as a dead man's. His eyes were wide open in disbelief, his body collapsed like a kite with its string cut.

"You dared to face the combined power of both my moves? It was a valiant effort but you could not be any more foolish." Fang Yuan glanced indifferently.

Li Huang was dead.


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