Reverend Insanity
1738 Primordial Origin Heavenly Court!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1738 Primordial Origin Heavenly Court!

The atmosphere in the cave became increasingly repressed, a young Gu Immortal gave a forced smile: "Lord Immortal Venerable, you are only a few hundred years old now, you still have thousands of years and even more than ten thousand years of life left. Isn't it too early to consider this?"

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's expression turned solemn, he looked at the young Gu Immortal with a calm gaze, the latter could not even last for a few breaths and quickly lowered his head.

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable spoke with a serious tone: "He who gives no thought to far-flung problems will soon find suffering nearby. If we don't consider this early on and take precautions, after I die, all of our sacrifices will become meaningless. Our hard-earned achievements from countless battles will also crumble and disintegrate."

"Ignoring anything else, once I die, who among you will be able to take on the responsibility as leader once the variant humans retaliate?" Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable asked.

The Gu Immortals looked at each other, no one spoke.

Although humans had risen, they had relied on Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable alone. The others, no matter what ranks they were or even comparing quantity, were far from matching the variant human races.

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable heaved a deep sigh: "Central Continent is too big, how many human Gu Immortals are there, and how many variant human Gu Immortals are there? What about mortals? What is the population of the entire human race and what is the population of the variant humans? Our difference is enormous."

"Even if we can rule Central Continent in our lifetimes and unite this region, what about the other four regions?"

"Currently, my strength has been exposed, variant humans are deeply aware they cannot fight me so they have already gone into hiding. We don't have any effective methods to find their accurate locations. Especially those variant human Gu Immortals' grotto-heavens and blessed lands, if they put them outside, we won't be able to notice them even if we are right in front of them."

The immortals fully understood the intention of Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable now.

Even if the human race rose, it was by relying on Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable alone. And Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's lifespan was limited, he would die one day.

Moreover, even right now when he was still alive, it would be very difficult for the human race to unite Central Continent. Variant humans were too difficult to find, they could hide and still continue to thrive.

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable was invincible but he did not have an effective method to dig out their locations.

A certain elderly man among the Gu Immortals said with a heavy voice: "So, based on Lord Immortal Venerable's words, the way for humanity to rule in the long term is to give up our clan system and establish sects?"

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable nodded solemnly: "Yes."

"How can we win against variant humans and provide a bright future for the whole of humanity? This is not possible with just me alone."

"Variant humans can hide away in the worst case scenario. Even if I am invincible, I can only lead Central Continent's humans to independence and make them gain a stable footing in the world."

"If we truly want humanity to rise, we must rely on ourselves. We must expand our population and also nurture as many Gu Immortals as we can. As long as our human race has stronger and many more Gu Immortals than the variant humans, humanity's future will be bright."

"If we use the clan system, what difference is there from the variant humans? We are already extremely behind, if we keep on using this clan system, we will never be able to surpass them."

"Establishing sects and actively looking and excavating geniuses is the only way. Not worrying about the costs and abandoning prejudices to nurture them, only then will we have the hope of surpassing these variant human races!"

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable words sent the Gu Immortals into silence once again.

Many had already regained their calm, they knew Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's words were reasonable. But there were still some Gu Immortals who frowned, unable to accept this.

A Gu Immortal asked: "Can the sect system allow us to cooperate sincerely? Will we really be able to become meritocratic, does this mean there won't be internal conflict or suppression?"

"Of course not." Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable shook his head: "An organization run by people will definitely have selfishness and conflict over personal gains. A clan bases its foundation on blood or marriage relations, while a sect decides based on abilities and talent, the latter is naturally more open and transparent, the limited cultivation resources will go to the more suitable people, which is more beneficial to the overall situation!"

That person opened his mouth but was unable to criticize the advantage of sects, he could only approach this from another angle: "Does this mean clans are unable to find talents? Clans also have the system of absorbing external talents through marriages or adopting children."

"You are right." Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable nodded: "But how many marriages can you have? Even if you adopt many children, they will probably be ostracized and suppressed when compared to those blood related descendants of the clansmen, right?"

The human Gu Immortals finally had nothing to say.

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable continued in an earnest voice: "I know that the sect system will not truly be accepted at first. We painstakingly seek the way of Gu Immortal cultivation, we paid an immeasurable price to obtain success, it is okay if we leave it to our own descendants, but a sect means that we need to give them to outsiders."

"But the truth is, establishing sects does not mean you are going to casually impart the profundities of your immortal cultivation to others. But you will be choosing geniuses, these geniuses must not only have great innate talent but also have upright moral virtues, and most importantly, they must be loyal to their sect."

"Furthermore, even if we don't have clans, will that mean your descendants cannot receive your help? Of course not. When these people enter the respective sects, they will naturally receive your care. But I hope you keep these actions quiet and not violate the sect rules openly."

"As long as we defend the sect rules, our descendants, disciples, and children will also actively abide by the sect rules. As long as we create sects and be united, I believe humanity can truly rise up in the future!"

"My influence cannot extend to the four regions far away, but in Central Continent, I hope that everyone will create sects and give up on the clan system. For the sake of humanity, I must emphasize this one point: Every Central Continent Gu Immortal needs to create or join a sect, you cannot establish a clan. Any future Gu Immortal will also follow this rule. If anyone breaks the rule, they will face judgment from me personally as well as the collective force of all other Gu Immortals!"

The human Gu Immortals did not utter a single word, when Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable showed a tough stance, they simply could not go against him.

But what made them thankful was that Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable did not blindly forbid the clan system. The sect system only applied to Gu Immortals, that was to say, mortals and Gu Masters could use the clan system to continue living.

Moreover, even if Gu Immortals established sects, they could still take care of their descendants and friends.

This could be considered as Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's compromise towards reality, but this also showed his wisdom and foresight.

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable continued: "As your leader, I shall set the example! I hereby take an oath that I will create sects and not clans. I will take in disciples and impart my life's learnings to them without holding back anything."

"Moreover, when I die in the future, my immortal aperture will also be contributed to be the foundation of the sect and it will not be left to my bloodline descendants."

"Lord Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable!"


The human Gu Immortals were all shaken.

At this moment, they looked towards Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's calm expression and sensed his resolution to make sacrifices for the sake of the big picture.

If even Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable was doing this, what reason did they have to not follow him?

"Lord Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, you are correct, I will follow your orders!"

"From today onwards, we will create sects and not clans."

"The existence of Lord Immortal Venerable is truly the blessing of humanity!"

"Following lord is definitely the best decision I'll make in my life."

"Lord Immortal Venerable, I still have some things I don't understand about the sect establishment."

"Mm, do speak." Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable said.

"What kind of sect do you want to create, where should we build our sects? What rules does a sect have, what are the key factors in establishing a sect?"

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable took a deep breath: "I have already envisioned the concept of sects for a long time, this plan will involve all the possible aspects we can consider. Take me as an example, first, my sect will be named Heavenly Court…"

A long time passed.

Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable answered the questions of all the immortals.

They no longer had any doubts.

He then looked at the immortals: "Next, it will depend on you. I believe as long as we widely establish sects and progress, even if I die, humanity will become more prosperous, and if variant humans don't make any changes, they will definitely perish!"

"Please have faith in me!"

"Don't think that our sects are merely a concept and not reality."

"I believe as long as we go on with our plan, sects will gradually let out dazzling radiance in the long course of history. Heavenly Court and our sects will become renowned throughout the world, and we will become existences that our enemies fear!"

Three million eight hundred and seventeen thousand six hundred and eighty-seven years later.

Heavenly Court battlefield.

The fierce battle continued, Longevity Heaven, which had obtained Giant Sun's help, occupied the upper hand.

However, Heavenly Court members continued to awaken from the immortal graveyard.

"Who is it? Who has the guts to invade Heavenly Court!"

"This is the fruit of our ancestors' labor, I won't allow you to destroy it."

"Many people have given up their blood and lives, Longevity Heaven, which operates on a mere tribal system, wants to defeat Heavenly Court? Hmph, wishful thinking!"

"Longevity Heaven, you are despicable. For your personal gains, you incited an internal battle among humans?"

"Our Heavenly Court is the sacred land of humanity, the sanctuary of humanity, the rightful leader of humanity!"

"We represent the fighting spirit of humanity, it has not changed since millions of years ago!"

"I will follow Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, and Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, I will defend our Heavenly Court with my life!!"

Loud shouts resounded as old-looking, young-looking, male, and female Gu Immortals walked out of the immortal graveyard to join the battle.

Like what Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable said three million years ago, his Heavenly Court had become an enormous monster that loomed over the world.

His spirit continued to be inherited and had never changed!

Countless geniuses were found and nurtured by sects, following after the first venerable who had died long ago and upholding his spirit and ideology!

The Northern Plains Gu Immortals were incomparably valiant, but the Heavenly Court immortals were showing an aura of madness, even if they did not have their Immortal Gu, even if they perished together with the enemy, their faces did not show perplexity or fear.


Their faces seemed to shine with brightness.

The glory of those who defended their beliefs…

It was so dazzling and brilliant!

"Why? We are clearly stronger, why are we being suppressed by Heavenly Court's momentum?!" Bing Sai Chuan gritted his teeth, his face turned ashen.


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