Reverend Insanity
1736 Northern Plains“ Upper Hand
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1736 Northern Plains“ Upper Hand

Heavenly Court battlefield.


Deafening battle roars resounded, the morale of the Northern Plains immortals soared to an unprecedented height!

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had made his move, it had extraordinary meaning, his descendants all felt a huge rise in their morale along with great increase in their strength.

"How can this be?" A Heavenly Court immortal suddenly stiffened in the air, unable to move.

Before him, a famous expert of Northern Plains, wisdom path Gu Immortal Liu Hui, let out a breath of air: "I was almost killed by you, you were really so close, it is such a pity."

Cold sweat dripped down the Heavenly Court Gu Immortal's forehead: "Your killer move was clearly unable to bind me. Hmph, the amazing one is Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, you take no credit in this!"

Liu Hui sneered: "Then what about earlier when our side was suppressed by fate? Moreover, who cares about who the credit belongs to? Life or death, victory or defeat, these are the only important things, go die."

He waved his hand lightly, taking the enemy's life.

His eyes were narrow and his gaze was chilling as he sized up his surroundings with ill intentions: "Who should be next?"

"You cannot break my defense, don't waste your effort." A Heavenly Court Gu Immortal stood steadfast and unmoved, his whole body covered in an extremely tough barrier.

Northern Plains Gu Immortal Yu Yang Zi took in a deep breath, he felt the vast new strength in his body, his dejectedness from earlier vanished as his confidence soared: "The current me is not the same as before. Immortal killer move — Decomposition!"

Yu Yang Zi's original name was Ye Lui Wa and he cultivated rule path. After becoming a Gu Immortal, he achieved remarkable feats repeatedly, but Ye Lui tribe did not give him the treatment he deserved. In a fit of anger, he defected from the tribe and became a demonic path Gu Immortal.

In his later years, Ye Lui tribe was jointly pushed aside and suppressed by many Huang Jin tribes, Ye Lui Wa who had become rank eight was welcomed back to become Ye Lui tribe's first supreme elder in a grand manner and returned to the righteous path.

He relied on his own strength to achieve feats that was unattainable for ordinary Gu Immortals, making the entire tribe lower its head and admit its past mistake.

Ye Lui Wa's life history was painted with legendary tales that stimulated countless future generations. But even after returning to Ye Lui tribe and taking the position of first supreme elder, he did not use his original name and still went by Yu Yang Zi.

"How can this be?!" The Heavenly Court Gu Immortal was pale from shock, the defense that he prided himself on continued to break apart before disintegrating completely.

With the help of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Yu Yang Zi directly reversed the position of the strong and weak.

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortal fighting against him soon died a miserable death.

Chink chink chink!

Three Heavenly Court immortals were fighting Yuan Ben.

Yuan Ben was a rank eight Gu Immortal who primarily cultivated bone path and had shocking battle strength. While he was alive, he was considered the number one battle strength in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world, even the other four regions often heard of his famous name.

His physique was not strong-built, instead he was slightly on the bony side. But his whole body was covered in extremely tough white bone armor. He held a white bone spear in his right hand which created a storm when he waved it, in his left hand, he held a bone sword, the sword light it gave off was cold and dark.

Yuan Ben roared loudly when he received a portion of the yellow light, his armor suddenly shot out countless bone spikes.

One Heavenly Court Gu Immortal who was surrounding him could not dodge in time and died miserably after being pierced by hundreds of spikes.

Yuan Ben took the chance to rush forward and pierced the second Gu Immortal's heart with his spear while slicing off the third Gu Immortal's head with his sword.

But he did not feel any excitement or joy, instead he looked slightly sad: "It is unfortunate you did not have all your Gu worms and could not display your full strength. Furthermore, I obtained ancestor's help, this battle… there is no honor in winning!"


With a loud bang, Duke Long was sent flying like a cannonball.

Dragon roars resounded as Duke Long quickly stabilized himself.

Suddenly, an enormous shadow shrouded over him.

Duke Long quickly raised his head and saw Calamity Luck Altar pressing down like a mountain.

Duke Long gave a cold grunt and clenched his fists with no intention to dodge.

"Lord Duke Long, let me lend you a hand!" Heavenly Court Gu Immortal Wu Shuang activated a killer move against Duke Long.

Immortal killer move — Peerless!

Duke Long took a deep breath and punched at Calamity Luck Altar.

Immortal killer move — Chaotic Dragon Fist!

Peerless — Chaotic Dragon Fist!!

Fist shadows flew and set off a violent gale. Calamity Luck Altar swayed unsteadily as it was struck by tens of millions of fist shadows.

"This Duke Long is still so absurdly strong!" Bing Sai Chuan gritted his teeth.

Calamity Luck Altar had also received Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's amplification, its strength had risen by several times but was still unable to suppress Duke Long.

But right at this time, a giant flew over and joined the battlefield.

It was Seven Extreme Desolation!

"Die, Duke Long!" The Seven Extreme Desolation giant roared as it spat out countless pitch-black needles that shot towards Duke Long.

"Damn it!" Heavenly Court Gu Immortal Wu Shuang stared with a furious expression, he wanted to help but was blocked by other Northern Plains Gu Immortals.

Northern Plains Gu Immortals had rich battle experiences, and these Gu Immortals summoned by call of the ancient were experts of their eras. After fighting for so long, they were already able to tacitly coordinate.

Duke Long was using chaotic dragon fist to block Calamity Luck Altar but suffered from Seven Extreme Desolation's attack at the same time.

These pitch-black needles were extremely powerful and had explosive momentum, Duke Long felt a chilling sensation of pain before they even touched him.

A sharp light flashed past Duke Long's eyes.

Immortal killer move — Clear Dragon Vision.

With the activation of the investigative killer move, he immediately saw through many details of the pitch-black needles and knew this move contained the essence of dark path and was used to counter defensive methods. If he only used his dragon scales or nine dragons protection, he would probably have countless holes in his body and be heavily injured!

"Then let's use offense against offense!" Duke Long opened his mouth and breathed out heavily.

Qi currents surged as they instantly formed an immortal killer move!

Immortal killer move — Qi Current Scissors!

Countless white qi currents charged towards the pitch-black needles.

Qi currents cut through the air like sharp blades, cutting apart all the black needles in their path.

Qi current scissors collided with pitch-black needles, each side dissipated by more than half of their original quantity.

But there were some that escaped the collision and flew towards Duke Long and Seven Extreme Desolation.

Almost at the same time, Duke Long gave a muffled grunt after being pierced by over ten pitch-black needles, while several bones and muscles of Seven Extreme Desolation's body were cut by qi current scissors.

These injuries were shared by the Seven Big Dipper Immortals inside Seven Extreme Desolation.

They endured the pain as they coordinated their efforts in activating Seven Extreme Desolation to directly go after Duke Long.

Duke Long sighed, he could only retreat!

Since the battle started, this was the first time he had retreated on his own initiative.

The enemy's momentum was so strong that Duke Long had no choice but to retreat.

His killer move heavenly dragon's last stand could indeed let him be tyrannical among rank eights, especially during the last moments of his life, he would have complete dominance over rank eight Gu Immortals.

But, in front of a rank nine killer move, heavenly dragon's last stand paled greatly, losing much significance.

Besides the might of the killer move itself, there was also a mysterious and profound change that was occurring.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's attack had been an offensive killer move which originated from Northern Plains and struck Central Continent's Heavenly Court, it crossed two regions without any decrease in its power.

Heavenly Court's own defense was extremely strong but it was not a match against Giant Sun's attack.

Fortunately, during the critical moment, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable made a move and blocked Giant Sun's attack.

But after being blocked, Giant Sun's attack changed its nature and transformed into an amplification method which overturned the whole battle situation.

There were four main kinds of special techniques regarding the usage of killer moves: consecutive moves, variation moves, attached moves, and split moves.

The so-called variation move used a certain killer move as the base and added in new attributes to achieve a different effect. For instance, Fang Yuan's myriad self killer move was the base for strength path giant hand.

But if Fang Yuan activated the killer move, myriad self absolutely would not transform into strength path giant hand, these two had their own differences.

In contrast, Giant Sun's attack seemed to be able to transform at will, one moment, it was an offensive killer move, while immediately after, it became an amplification method.

The attainment that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable possessed in using the variation move technique had already surpassed Duke Long's level of understanding!

"My strength seems to be dissipating."

"Looks like Ancestor Giant Sun's amplification cannot be maintained for long!"

"We need to stop focusing on fighting, and while the amplification still exists, we need to break through the enemy's defense line and seize fate Gu!"

As time passed, the Northern Plains Gu Immortals gradually realized something.

Giant Sun's attack transformed and became a powerful amplification method, but this strength was quickly dissipating.

Giant Sun's attack was much more explosive than heroes among people. But looking at the duration and area of coverage, heroes among people undoubtedly covered a larger area and could last for a longer time.

Duke Long's expression changed.

He was barely able to match both Calamity Luck Altar and Seven Extreme Desolation, now that Northern Plains immortals were all attacking the refinement path formation, he was simply unable to defend it.

Heavenly Court Gu Immortals gathered and formed a defensive line in front of the damaged refinement formation.

But under the berserk rush of the Northern Plains Gu Immortals, the defensive line was on the verge of breaking.

All kinds of immortal killer moves collided, Gu Immortal corpses fell from the sky from time to time.

Both sides staked their lives against each other, Gu Immortal deaths rose steeply around the thin defensive line.

Northern Plains' side was betting it all in this one fight while Heavenly Court members were defending with all their strength.

Both sides gained constant reinforcements.

Gu Immortals awakened from Heavenly Court immortal graveyard and rushed to the battlefield to reinforce the defensive line.

While from the phantom image of the River of Time, Northern Plains experts stepped out and went to fight without saying a word.

The defensive line was teetering on the edge of collapsing, Fairy Zi Wei had already joined the battlefield and was using all her might to resist the Northern Plains immortals' offense.

Suddenly, a faint shadow appeared beside Fairy Zi Wei.

Northern Plains' Gu Immortal expert Liu Liu Liu!

This person was a rank eight expert but did not have a good reputation. When he was alive, he was the only rank eight Gu Immortal in Liu tribe, and according to the customs, he should have inherited the first supreme elder's position.

But from a young age, Liu Liu Liu had never fought openly and only bullied the weak while fearing the strong. All his attacks were usually sneak attacks.

His reputation was so bad that others could not bring themselves to respect or trust him.

If he took the position and became Liu tribe's first supreme elder, it would instead burden the whole of Liu tribe and affect Liu tribe's image and reputation instead.

Liu Liu Liu was an anomaly and a unique existence in the history of Northern Plains. But because of this nature, he was still alive in this battlefield now.


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