Reverend Insanity
1735 Giant Sun Versus Star Constellation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1735 Giant Sun Versus Star Constellation

Infallible blessed land battlefield.

"The enemies entered their formation, looks like they want to make full use of the five colored smoke. Li Huang and the others are in trouble." Chen Yi had been paying close attention to the battle situation.

"Should we go reinforce them? We can work together with them, maybe we can destroy the enemy's formation. As long as their formation is destroyed and one or two of the core Immortal Gu are dead, they might have no way left to make a comeback." Bai Cang Shui suggested.

Chen Yi considered before shaking his head: "No need to take a risk, the current situation is very favorable to us. Bring them into the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation."

Chen Yi was not willing to attack and even wanted to pull back Li Huang and others.

He was determined to continue his plan of stalling for time.

Fang Yuan flew out of the formation and began to fight Li Huang's group.

Inside five colored smoke, Li Huang's group was greatly restricted when fighting with Fang Yuan.

After suffering many losses, Li Huang gave the order to retreat and entered the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation.

In an instant, both sides had entered their respective formations, the noisy battlefield was only left with the sounds of unlimited wind.

Wu Yong and Fang Yuan remained outside the formation.

The former carefully controlled unlimited wind to evade five colored smoke and target Heavenly Court's formation.

The latter was hiding in the five colored smoke, slowly approaching Heavenly Court's formation as the five colored smoke spread out further.

"Let's continue to hold on, as long as the battle in Heavenly Court ends, we will win." Inside nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, Chen Yi roused the morale of everyone.

But he had just finished speaking when they heard a loud explosion.

The immortals quickly looked and saw surging five colored smoke, the five regional formation on Fang Yuan's side suddenly exploded. A figure flew out like an arrow from within the dense five colored smoke.

"Prince Feng Xian, what did you do?!"

"Kill him, he is definitely Heavenly Court's spy!"

"Lord Chi Qu You, are you okay? Quick, someone save Lord Chi!"

A change happened suddenly, Southern Border and Northern Plains' Gu Immortals were in chaos.

"Prince Feng Xian, don't even dream about escaping!" Fang Yuan and Wu Yong who were outside turned around and stopped Prince Feng Xian.

Bai Cang Shui was exulted: "So it was Prince Feng Xian who destroyed the enemy formation from inside! Great job!"

Some Gu Immortals who were unaware of the inside information were dumbstruck at this sight.

"Quick, Prince Feng Xian is our Spirit Affinity House's member! Go save him!" A Spirit Affinity House's supreme elder urged.

Even without his words, Chen Yi had already sent the command.

Li Huang, Qing Ye, and Bai Cang Shui flew out of the formation to bring back Prince Feng Xian.

Fang Yuan and Wu Yong were obstructed by these three.

Prince Feng Xian was not weak and with help from the reinforcements, he entered the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation successfully.

Heavenly Court's immortals, however, did not know: this Prince Feng Xian who was brought into their formation was a fake!

"I finally got in." Fang Yuan sneered inwardly with surging killing intent.

Immortal killer move — Familiar Face!

This killer move was given a major modification by Fang Yuan, and adding on the transformation path dao marks he obtained from annexing Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, its might had increased by several times.

Even if Heavenly Court had made preparations, they could not discover Fang Yuan's true identity!

At this moment, the true Prince Feng Xian was actually still inside the five regional formation.

The five regional formation had been modified by Fang Yuan and he had naturally put in another formation inside. This inner formation was a cage to trap Prince Feng Xian and its formation core was being guarded by several rank eight Gu Immortals.

As for the 'Fang Yuan' inside the five colored smoke, it was Yi Hao Fang's disguise.

Southern Border's rank eight Gu Immortal Yi Hao Fang was a transformation path Gu Immortal.

Although he did not have a method like familiar face, he was inside the five colored smoke which protected him from the investigative killer moves of other rank eight Gu Immortals.

As for the five regional formation, it had truly been detonated. Countless mortal Gu died and the Immortal Gu used in the formation also suffered varying severity of damage.

Only by doing this could they deceive Chen Yi's side.

Chen Yi was still in the dark because of another reason as well, Fairy Zi Wei had sent a notification to them.

Chen Yi's group knew Prince Feng Xian's true identity which made them place attention on him constantly during the battle.

Once there was any movement over on Prince Feng Xian's end and he backstabs the enemy, they were to actively cooperate and achieve greater success in the battle.

Right now, Prince Feng Xian had directly destroyed the enemy's formation, this was a huge battle merit!

Chen Yi's group had already been mentally prepared so they immediately accepted Fang Yuan.

"Since the secret that I was reborn has been exposed, Heavenly Court is definitely wary of Prince Feng Xian's identity being exposed as well. Currently, this war pertains to fate Gu, at the crucial moment, Heavenly Court will definitely use Prince Feng Xian to maintain the situation! This is something I can exploit."

Fang Yuan sneered inwardly. He was disguised as Prince Feng Xian with a heavily injured look. Under the expectant gazes of Heavenly Court immortals, he entered the core of nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation confidently.

A Spirit Affinity House supreme elder welcomed him first, she smiled: "Welcome home."

Fang Yuan was ready and prepared to make a move.

"I am not the real Prince Feng Xian, I will be exposed when I converse with them."

"And I don't have Wu Yong's concealing methods, my killer move's aura will definitely leak when I prepare it."

"So the perfect time to make a move is at this moment when I have just entered the formation! Because I was chased, the killer move aura on my body has yet to dissipate."

Fang Yuan was about to make a fatal move when a change occurred!

Everyone in the whole battlefield had a change in their expression.

"What… what is that?"

"Rank nine killer move! It seems to have come from Northern Plains!"

Luck path's aura."

"Its direction… seems like Heavenly Court!"

Both enemies and allies forgot about fighting as they all looked up at the sky.

An enormous beam of light flew through the sky and shot towards Heavenly Court's direction at an extreme speed.

This beam of light was so gigantic, like a large river that spanned across heaven and earth.

Wherever it went, it pushed aside all the air, the light pillar's movement was accompanied by a deafening and majestic sound.

Such a grand and powerful killer move shocked everyone and sent them into a daze.

Chen Yi, Wu Yong, and even Fang Yuan felt how small and insignificant they were at this moment!

Unstoppable! Invincible!

The light pillar started from black heaven above Northern Plains, piercing through the regional wall and directly bombarding Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court shook intensely, the world seemed to tremble as countless Immortal Gu Houses cracked and broke.

"This is?!" Duke Long looked up fiercely. The previous moment, he had been in high spirits and with his awe-inspiring might, he had beaten Seven Extreme Desolation and Calamity Luck Altar to the point where they did not even know their bearings.

But when the light pillar charged towards him, he paled in horror; in an instant, he had become fish on the chopping board.

He could not move, he was locked firmly by the beam like an insect trapped in amber, he could only watch quietly as the pillar of light crashed, even though his current strength could make all other rank eight Gu Immortals feel helpless and lament.

"Rank nine killer move! This is Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's method!"

"Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left behind a backup method after all! No, he is not targeting me, he is going after fate Gu."

Duke Long suddenly realized as his face turned malevolent, he struggled with all his strength, trying to activate his immortal killer moves desperately.

But what he feared still happened, his killer moves did not even activate once. The continuous failure in activating killer moves inflicted heavy backlash on him, his mouth and eyes were both bleeding.

The Heavenly Court immortals were confused and shocked, some who overestimated their own strength tried to obstruct the beam but were all incinerated into ashes!

No rank eight Gu Immortal could block the advancement of the light pillar.

"Lord Ancestor Giant Sun!"


At this moment, Bing Sai Chuan and Mao Li Qiu's eyes shined brightly.

But right as the beam of light was about to strike the refinement path formation, suddenly, everyone heard a deep sigh.

Following that, the image of two venerables playing chess appeared once again in Imperfection Regret Pavilion.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, who was playing chess with Limitless Demon Venerable, grabbed a chess piece and tossed it out.

Instantly, countless starlight specks flickered and gathered, they were so dazzling that they did not lose to the huge yellow beam!

Starlight specks formed a giant web that obstructed the beam's advancement.

The beam of light became slower and thinner, the starlight specks that were surrounding it were absorbing and transferring the strength away.

"Star Constellation Immortal Venerable!"

"This is Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's method!"

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were exulted, they looked at Imperfection Regret Pavilion with reverence and excited emotions.

Duke Long gasped for breath, the beam of light had approached him closely, almost touching his face. But in the end, the beam was completely stopped and trapped by the starlight web.

"Damn it, we were so close." Bing Sai Chuan was very upset.

Duke Long was Heavenly Court's strongest battle strength, he was also their leader and banner. If he died, Heavenly Court's morale would definitely fall greatly while Longevity Heaven, which still had Calamity Luck Altar and Seven Extreme Desolation, would have hope left!

"Star Constellation, this bitch…" Mao Li Qiu clenched its teeth fiercely.

The beam of light suddenly changed abruptly, it started to rotate and got faster and faster, forming circles of whirling currents on its surface.

Inside Imperfection Regret Pavilion, a surprised look appeared on Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's face.

With a loud sound, the beam exploded, splitting into hundreds of enormous yellow qi currents that plunged into Bing Sai Chuan, Mao Li Qiu, and the other Northern Plains' experts.

Mao Li Qiu was dumbfounded.

It had already been prepared for death but after this yellow qi current moved through its limbs and bones, all its injuries were healed and immortal essence was condensing within its immortal aperture out of nowhere.

A golden-white halo appeared on Longevity Heaven's members, giving them a huge amplification.

This amplification was several times stronger than heroes among people!

After the light pillar got obstructed by the starlight web, it transformed into another effect and helped Longevity Heaven's members instead.

"Duke Long, let's fight again!" Bing Sai Chuan shouted, having recovered to his peak condition.

Calamity Luck Altar was also shrouded in a layer of radiance, and under Bing Sai Chuan's control, it flew out.

Duke Long did not dodge but faced Calamity Luck Altar head-on.

Calamity Luck Altar's momentum was blocked but Duke Long was sent flying like a cannonball. He smashed through five to six thick walls before being stopped by the qi wall.


Duke Long's face turned pale as he spat out large mouthfuls of blood.

His chest had caved in and almost all his ribs were broken!


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