Reverend Insanity
1732 Calamity Luck Altar“s Counterattack
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1732 Calamity Luck Altar“s Counterattack

Infallible blessed land battlefield.

"What are they trying to do?" Chen Yi and the rest discovered the irregular behavior of Fang Yuan's group.

Feng Jiu Ge was still pale, he sized up the situation and frowned: "They are actually setting up a formation!"

"Formation within a formation?" Bai Cang Shui snorted: "They are simply underestimating us."

Arranging a formation within a formation was very difficult, and this difficulty was further raised when trying to arrange the formation within an enemy's formation.

Different from Immortal Gu Houses, immortal formations had requirements towards their surrounding environment. The surrounding natural dao marks would have a great influence on most immortal formations.

Heavenly Court's side naturally would not let Fang Yuan's group do as they wished. They immediately activated the formation, waves after waves of attacks charged towards the newly created formation base.

"You wish!"

"With us here, you can set up the formation with peace of mind."

Wu Yong, Yao Huang and others guarded the four directions around the formation base, blocking Heavenly Court's offenses.

Within the formation base, Chi Qu You, Black Extremity, and Fang Yuan were setting up a formation with urgency.

"Three hundred and sixty fire crow Gu have been placed!" Black Extremity wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"We are still lacking forty-four rank five sole blade Gu, when are they coming?" Chi Qu You spoke while contacting other Gu Immortals, treasure yellow heaven had become their most effective form of goods transportation.

Fang Yuan's body shook slightly, the Immortal Gu in his hand scattered down like rain that caused splattering noises.

Several breaths later, he let out a breath of air and stopped his movement: "Rank six instant chain Immortal Gu has been placed properly."

Chi Qu You and Black Extremity took a quick glance at him while thinking: "Unbelievable! Fang Yuan's wisdom path and formation path attainment levels are so high. Not only did he deduce a completely new five regional formation in such a short period of time, he is also setting up the immortal formation with such fluid movement."

Fang Yuan's formation path attainment level was at grandmaster which was lower than Chi Qu You's and Black Extremity's, but he had plenty of experience in setting up formations.

Self cleansing formation, Omni-directional Travel ancient battle formation, dragon scale sea's food path immortal formation, coiling thread Gu formation, immemorial year beast fishing formation, flood discharge formation, self will heaven sealing formation, year essence pool, and so on had been personally set up by him.

Thus, although it was his first time setting up the five regional formation, he was not overwhelmed but worked with great proficiency.

"If I had to set up the formation alone, it would take a lot of time. But with Chi Qu You and Black Extremity's help, we can set up five regional formation quickly. We need to finish this quickly!" Fang Yuan was fully focused and made use of every second.

Heavenly Court battlefield.

"Li Huang, Qing Ye, and others have already reached Infallible blessed land. Wu Yong's unlimited wind is suppressed by Wind Sweeping Building. Prince Feng Xian's identity has not been exposed. But I don't understand the intention of Fang Yuan's group in trying to set up a formation within a formation. Additionally, our reinforcements are about to reach Hidden Dragon Cave." Fairy Zi Wei reported the situation to Duke Long.

Duke Long responded while fighting: "Although Prince Feng Xian's identity is not exposed currently, we cannot rule out the case that Fang Yuan knows about it but kept silent. You need to pay attention to this point, let Chen Yi and the rest take note of the situation and be prepared to help out Prince Feng Xian at any time."

Fairy Zi Wei: "Yes."

Knowing that the situation was still in their grasp, Duke Long concentrated on Seven Extreme Desolation again.

"It is time." Duke Long clenched his claws, feeling the vast force within his body.

Immortal killer move — Heavenly Dragon's Last Stand!

After using this killer move, his lifespan could only decrease and could not be increased. At the same time, it would provide Duke Long with increasing battle strength as time passed!

In a short period of time, Duke Long's battle strength had soared once again and reached an astonishing level.


A dragon roar resounded as purple-gold dragon-shaped qi erupted.


Seven Extreme Desolation simply could not react in time, it only saw Duke Long suddenly disappear into thin air, before it flew away like a meteor stuck by boundless force.

Seven Extreme Desolation was sent flying and crashed into the qi wall violently, countless cracks appeared on the giant's body.

"Damn it, his speed increased again!"

"All our investigative killer moves are blocked by Duke Long, we are simply unable to catch his trace."

"We will be caught in a passive state if this goes on."

"If this continues any longer, Duke Long's battle strength will start suppressing us completely."

"In that case, let's use offense as defense, we will be able to hit Duke Long as long as we attack in every direction with our killer moves!"

The Seven Big Dipper Immortals conversed quickly, the Seven Extreme Desolation giant rose and was about to step into the battlefield again.

Duke Long suddenly appeared above the giant.

"Still want to stand up?" Duke Long gave a ferocious smile while slamming his right dragon claw down.


The dragon claw was tiny like an ant compared to the giant Seven Extreme Desolation, but it inflicted an enormous injury on the giant.

As air currents surged, the Seven Extreme Desolation giant's head was smashed into paste. The headless giant was forced down to the ground, creating a human shaped crater.

Dust and stones were sent flying as the surroundings shook.

"Ah…" Duke Long slowly retracted his claw while hovering in the air, letting out a satisfied grunt.

Renewed strength spread throughout Duke Long's body again, his muscles expanded once again and bones grew rapidly. His dragon scales became bigger and tougher, his crown-like dragon horns turned increasingly ferocious as spikes extended everywhere.

Duke Long's whole body, that had already surpassed normal people's height, expanded once again. A thatched hut's ceiling would probably only reach his waist.

His long purple hair had been soft and elegant, but now each strand was thick and strong and reached until his feet. Purple-gold lightning flickered in between his hair.

His dragon tail grew longer, it had been less than ten feet before but now it was tens of feet long.

"Duke Long, go and die!" A Northern Plains' rank eight suddenly appeared behind Duke Long. He was determined to succeed as he smashed a killer move which he had prepared for a long time at Duke Long's back.


In just an instant, Duke Long's dragon tail whipped and sent this rank eight Gu Immortal flying.


The Northern Plains' Gu Immortal coughed out mouthfuls of blood, his spine was instantly broken and his organs were displaced. The most fatal thing was the backlash from his own immortal killer move which sent him to the verge of death.

At the next moment, three Northern Plains' Gu Immortals made their move at the same time, three killer moves struck Duke Long in succession.

"We hit him!"

But the joy on these three Northern Plains' Gu Immortals' faces froze immediately.

As dust dissipated, Duke Long could be seen standing upright. Purple-gold dragon scales that flickered with metallic luster covered his whole body.

There was not even a scar.


"We had already calculated it, our three killer moves coordinated with each other and increased each other's power!"

"What kind of defense is this!"

The three Northern Plains' Gu Immortals were shaken before they felt uneasy and retreated immediately.

"Are you scratching my back?" Duke Long slowly turned around, his expressionless dragon eyes stared at the three retreating Gu Immortals.

The three Gu Immortals immediately felt alerts ringing in their mind, an intense sense of danger suffocated them as if a mountain was pressing on them!

"Duke Long, don't try to leave, we are your opponent!"

The Seven Extreme Desolation giant had obtained a brief respite and stood up once again. Their smashed head had already mostly recovered.

"Hmph, Seven Big Dipper Immortals, you are no longer able to obstruct me." Duke Long sneered as he gave an indifferent glance to Seven Extreme Desolation before moving his gaze to Calamity Luck Altar.

Red Lotus Demon Venerable's call of the ancient killer move was reliant on Calamity Luck Altar. As long as Calamity Luck Altar was bombarded and dealt a certain amount of damage, call of the ancient would be destroyed.

Without the interference of these past Northern Plains experts, Heavenly Court members would immediately have the advantage in numbers and Longevity Heaven would no longer have strength to retaliate.

Inside Calamity Luck Altar, Bing Sai Chuan's forehead was filled with sweat.

"Damn it, fate Gu has recovered a little again, the Northern Plains experts from call of the ancient are greatly weakened."

"On the contrary, Heavenly Court members are being strengthened by the human path killer move."

"Most importantly, Duke Long cannot be stopped, his battle strength has already greatly surpassed the realm of rank eight, even the human path killer move has no amplification effect on him…"

While Bing Sai Chuan was thinking, Duke Long had once again smashed down on Seven Extreme Desolation.

After getting rid of the hindrance, Duke Long directly charged towards Calamity Luck Altar.

"Huff!" Bing Sai Chuan breathed out heavily as a resolute light shone in his eyes: "This is our final attempt!"


Calamity Luck Altar suddenly erupted with an extremely intense light that resembled the sun.

All the Gu Immortals had no choice but to shut their eyes. Even Duke Long had to squint his eyes.

He was puzzled: "Bing Sai Chuan is activating Calamity Luck Altar's ability so intensely, is he not afraid of affecting call of the ancient?"

Call of the ancient was only attached to Calamity Luck Altar, this time path killer move and Calamity Luck Altar conflicted with each other.

Calamity Luck Altar did not use its powerful abilities so that it could sustain call of the ancient. So it was surprising to see Bing Sai Chuan suddenly activating its ability.

The intense light of luck path temporarily obstructed everyone.

Within the light, Calamity Luck Altar was like a beast let out of its cage as it ferociously smashed towards the refinement path formation.

"Quick, stop him!" Fairy Zi Wei cried out.

"Hmm?" Duke Long discovered to his surprise that call of the ancient was still working.

The River of Time phantom image was already imprinted in the battlefield. Although it was dissipating, its speed of dissipation was extremely slow and could clearly last for a long period of time.

"Red Lotus!" Immediately, Duke Long was surprised and furious.

He realized he had fallen into Red Lotus Demon Venerable's scheme.

His understanding of call of the ancient came from the other half of its set, the killer move support of the future.

Back then, in the battle with Red Lotus Demon Venerable, he had attacked Red Lotus many times and disrupted support of the future.

"Master, you are very perceptive, you actually saw through this move's flaw." In his memories, Red Lotus Demon Venerable was bleeding but still had a smile on his face and radiance in his eyes.

"This defiant disciple, he said it intentionally! There is also this Bing Sai Chuan, he is truly crafty, he could move freely but purposely restrained himself." Duke Long was furious, this had happened too suddenly and caught him off-guard.

Calamity Luck Altar had already prepared the move for a long time so it erupted with shocking might.

The Heavenly Court members were strengthened by heroes among people and were suppressing Northern Plains' immortals, unknowingly, the tight defense line had become dispersed.

Looking at Calamity Luck Altar's charge, several Heavenly Court members activated immortal killer moves without dodging.

But under the intense light of luck path, most of their killer moves failed miserably and they suffered from powerful backlash.

Only a few killer moves activated successfully and struck Calamity Luck Altar, but were not even able to move Calamity Luck Altar.

Calamity Luck Altar kept on charging straight, heavily injuring several Heavenly Court Gu Immortals in its path, it collided with the refinement path formation like a crashing meteor.


The refinement path formation suffered serious damage and was mostly shattered.

Heaven Overseeing Tower's peak was finally exposed to plain sight.


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