Reverend Insanity
1731 Five Regional Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1731 Five Regional Formation

Infallible blessed land battlefield.

The tornado resembling a heavenly pillar whipped up a storm as it crashed towards Heavenly Court's formation.

Prince Feng Xian and Ba Shi Ba, who were outside, stared at the horizon.

There, two specks of light tore through the sky, the figures of two rank eight Gu Immortals were shown gradually.

They were Li Huang and Qing Ye.

"We finally arrived!"

"Not bad, we were not late."

Li Huang and Qing Ye had finally arrived.

"Where is that scoundrel Fang Yuan?" Li Huang's eyes shined with orange-red light, he tried to investigate.

He was filled with grudge towards Fang Yuan.

Earlier when Fang Yuan retreated, he purposely chose the opposite direction of Infallible blessed land, he made Li Huang and the others go very far away.

After that, Fang Yuan found a chance to use Fixed Immortal Travel and arrived at Infallible blessed land, Li Huang and the rest were left in the dust.

Central Continent's Heavenly Court did not have Beacon Towers, Li Huang and Qing Ye had to rush to Infallible blessed land through a very long distance.

"They should be inside the formation." Qing Ye responded, his gaze swept past the formation and landed on the unlimited wind.

"This killer move is very strong! It is very threatening to our formation, we should get rid of it."

"This Wu Yong has such a killer move and farewell friend wind, if possible, we should try to kill him! If he returns to Southern Border, he will be a huge problem for Heavenly Court in the future!"

Li Huang and Qing Ye discussed before they changed directions, moving towards the unlimited wind killer move.

Prince Feng Xian and Ba Shi Ba had sensed them already, they also rushed there.

"Go." Prince Feng Xian shouted as he waved his sleeves, hundreds of fireballs blew out.

"You're using fire to attack me? Laughable." Li Huang snorted and did not dodge, verdant sun flame cloak was blazing on his back.

Prince Feng Xian's fireballs landed on Li Huang but did not cause any damage, it even increased the power of verdant sun flame cloak.

Prince Feng Xian's expression did not change, he pointed at Li Huang.


The flames on Li Huang turned purple instantly. The purple flames infiltrated the orange-red verdant sun flame cloak as it tried to disintegrate the defensive killer move.

Li Huang's expression changed.

Prince Feng Xian wanted to keep him busy, he charged towards Li Huang.

The two fought in the sky, causing blazing flames to emerge and scorch the earth, the temperature of the battlefield was rising.

Ba Shi Ba watched Prince Feng Xian's battle as he thought: "Hmph, this Prince Feng Xian is still acting, he is really well concealed."

Fang Yuan's side left Prince Feng Xian and Ba Shi Ba outside to guard the formation.

Ba Shi Ba had already been informed of Prince Feng Xian's identity through Wu Yong, but he pretended to not know.

It was like how Wu Yong and Fang Yuan predicted, unless it was necessary, Prince Feng Xian did not want to expose his identity. The truth was, Heavenly Court would rather make some sacrifices than to expose Prince Feng Xian. During the five regions chaotic war, he would have more value.

Prince Feng Xian and Li Huang were fire path rank eights, the two fought in the sky before fighting on the ground, they dyed the sky red, they made rivers dry up, the ground cracked from their attacks, clouds vaporized, countless lifeforms fled for their lives.

Ba Shi Ba and Qing Ye cultivated rule path and dark path respectively. Even though their fight did not cause as much of a commotion as Li Huang and Prince Feng Xian, it was much more ruthless.

Li Huang knew about Prince Feng Xian's true identity, they were just acting even though the commotion was huge.

But Ba Shi Ba and Qing Ye were true enemies.

Ba Shi Ba shrieked in a strange tone as many profound lights stabbed or slashed towards Qing Ye like blades or swords.

Three consecutive hits!

Four consecutive hits!

Five consecutive hits!

Each profound light had moderate power, but when they landed on Qing Ye, the damage accumulated rapidly.

This was the consecutive attack method that Ba Shi Ba trained in his life.

This kind of rule path supplementary killer move could allow a certain killer move to gain a huge boost in power.

The condition was that Ba Shi Ba had to use that killer move and could not change to other methods.

Qing Ye was forced to retreat gradually, sweat appeared on his forehead: "I cannot let him continue, once he reaches eighteen consecutive hits, my defenses will fail."

Qing Ye's activated an immortal killer move, his figure vanished and turned into darkness.

In the sky, it was like a blob of ink had landed in water and expanded endlessly.

Ba Shi Ba saw this and hesitated: "This is likely Qing Ye's signature killer move — Expanding Night Sky."

Both sides had information about each other, Ba Shi Ba and Qing Ye had a certain level of understanding of each other.

Expanding night sky was an immortal battlefield killer move, it was quite special. Normal immortal battlefields were formed after some preparation. Meanwhile, expanding night sky would continue to increase in size and range, this move had no limit in theory.

As long as Qing Ye had enough time, he could even spread this immortal battlefield killer move to cover the whole of white heaven!

Ba Shi Ba flew backwards.

He thought about it and decided to avoid the enemy.

Expanding night sky was an immortal battlefield, if Ba Shi Ba went in, his rule path would be weakened by the dark path environment.

Of course, the bigger reason was Prince Feng Xian.

Ba Shi Ba knew that Prince Feng Xian was a traitor, if he went into the immortal battlefield, he would not be able to see anything outside. Qing Ye might even let Prince Feng Xian and Li Huang into the battlefield to deal with Ba Shi Ba.

By then, Ba Shi Ba would have to fight three enemies, it would be dangerous.

The battle of two pairs of rank eights went into a short deadlock.

A moment later, many Immortal Gu Houses appeared on the horizon.

Among them were Frost Dragon Manor and Wind Sweeping Building.

These Immortal Gu Houses were originally protecting Emperor City, now that Emperor City was history, the Immortal Gu Houses carried all their Gu Immortals and arrived here as reinforcements.

Frost Dragon Manor was at the front, it started to shine in a light blue aura.

The light formed into a dragon shape, it was a hornless dragon!

The light blue hornless dragon opened its mouth as countless hailstones shot towards Ba Shi Ba.

Ba Shi Ba's speed fell drastically, he snorted coldly, avoiding Qing Ye as he used his killer move on Frost Dragon Manor.

Boom boom boom!

Frost Dragon Manor continued to take a beating, its walls were cracking, tiles were sent flying.

As it resisted, the second light blue hornless dragon formed, it coiled around the first one before coiling around the entire Frost Dragon Manor.

Frost Dragon Manor's defense surged as a result, while the light blue hornless dragon opened its mouth and shot out a tattered mysterious light.

"This Immortal Gu House has the power to expel my killer move's damage!" Ba Shi Ba's expression sank a little, he could not destroy this Immortal Gu House in a short time, if they continued, expanding night sky would trap him, he had to retreat and pull some distance now.

At this time, Wind Sweeping Building entered the battlefield as well.

It did not assist Qing Ye or Li Huang, instead, it directly entered the unlimited wind killer move reaching towards the sky.

"Good wind, good wind, give me some time, I will be able to make this wind my own!" The current generation Wind Sweeping Building Lord laughed loudly.

Due to Wind Sweeping Building's interference, unlimited wind started to weaken again.

More and more Immortal Gu Houses joined the battlefield, Fang Yuan's side was getting more perilous.

"Hold on, we're coming!"

At the crucial moment, a crack formed in the Heavenly Court formation, many Immortal Gu Houses flew out, there were Southern Border's Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building, Great Space Temple, Bay Pavilion, Unfixed Manor, as well as Northern Plains' Fingerprint Bridge, Demonic Ape Hall, and Minor Sun Building.

With these seven Immortal Gu Houses helping, Ba Shi Ba's pressure fell greatly.

Both sides entered a chaotic battle, Immortal Gu Houses rampaged and exchanged killer moves, intense fireworks that had dazzling colors were created, at once, the battle was stuck in a deadlock yet again.

Within the formation.

Wu Yong and the rest had dark expressions.

Even though they opened a crack in time and sent out the Immortal Gu Houses, stabilizing the situation outside, they had also expended their trump card in advance.

The situation was getting more disadvantageous.

Prince Feng Xian was a problem, Heavenly Court's battlefield was also hopeless, it all depended on whether Fang Yuan and the rest could destroy the formation now.

"At our speed, the chance of victory is becoming increasingly slim." Fang Yuan sighed as he asked: "Is Tao Zhu's five regional true inheritance able to deal with this formation?"

Back then, he had set a trap in the five regional mountain range to target the Southern Border and Heavenly Court Gu Immortals. During the battle, Wu Yong destroyed the entire five regional mountain range and accidentally awakened Tao Zhu's will, he had a chance to inherit the five regional true inheritance.

Fang Yuan had to retreat at that time, so the five regional true inheritance ended up in the hands of the Southern Border Gu Immortals.

According to Fang Yuan's deductions, the five regional true inheritance could mimic the five region's regional walls. Within the regional walls, Gu Immortals would be suppressed, they would face a backlash whenever they used any immortal killer move.

Be it Immortal Gu House or immortal formation, they were immortal killer moves in essence.

Fang Yuan thought about it, if they could use the methods in the five regional true inheritance against Heavenly Court's formation, it might have some effect.

Wu Yong and Chi Qu You looked at each other, Wu Yong said: "I obtained the five regional true inheritance, there is indeed a method to create the five regional walls in the true inheritance, but…"

Chi Qu You added: "But this method uses the earth veins to set up the formation, it is very troublesome and complicated."

Tao Zhu was able to create the five regional mountain range back then because he used the earth vein and a formation.

After Fang Yuan left the battlefield, Wu Yong obtained the five regional true inheritance, but he found that the essence of it was the five regional formation.

Wu clan was not proficient in formation path, Wu Yong thus worked together with Chi Qu You, as the latter also learned about the profundity of the five regional formation.

"Do we really need the earth vein to set up the five regional formation?" Fang Yuan frowned deeply: "Wait, I heard that not long ago, Hou clan's Gu Immortal obtained a wild earth vein Immortal Gu from the Earth Trench? Can we use that Gu in place of the earth vein?"

The immortals heard this as they shook.

Wu Yong and Chi Qu You looked at each other, sighing at Fang Yuan's quick thinking.

Chi Qu You shook his head: "The truth is, I have already obtained earth vein Immortal Gu through a transaction with Hou clan. But to use this earth vein Immortal Gu in place of the actual earth vein, we will need to modify the five regional formation. I have been trying and have made some progress, but I am still far from success."

Often, Gu Immortals took years to modify one immortal killer move.

Even though Chi Qu You had high formation path attainment level, his wisdom path methods were lacking, he could not make rapid progress.

Fang Yuan's eyes flickered with bright light: "This five regional formation is likely our breakthrough chance! Chi Qu You, even though you cannot do it alone, with me and Black Extremity, there is a chance, let's try."


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