Reverend Insanity
1730 Situation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1730 Situation

Wu Yong, Yao Huang and the rest were a little lost.

The nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation was created by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable to deal with Limitless Demon Venerable. According to legends, Limitless Demon Venerable had to break a hundred formations before he escaped.

How could they possibly do the same?

And the most unsettling thing was, they needed to fight against time, once fate Gu recovers completely, there would be zero chance of victory.

"What do we do?" Heavenly Lord Bai Zu frowned.

"This is Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's arrangement, no wonder! No wonder!" Black Extremity realized at once.

Chi Qu You was very troubled: "Even if we gather all the formation path Gu Immortals in the world to deduce this formation, I'm afraid the chances of victory are slim. Moreover, we have less and less time now…"

This formation path great expert who had displayed great value in this battle as one of the Southern Alliance's leaders had the intention of backing down.

Wu Yong suddenly laughed loudly.

"Alliance Leader, why are you laughing? Do you have any way to break this formation?" Chi Qu You asked in perplexity.

Wu Yong shook his head: "Even though I have no method to do so, I have already seen through Heavenly Court's facade. Don't worry too much, in my opinion, we are overestimating this difficulty."

"Why? Think about it."

"Back then, the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation was created by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable. It was used by countless Heavenly Court Gu Immortals to resist Limitless Demon Venerable. But it was unable to succeed, Limitless Demon Venerable broke out in the end. Since it was broken before, this nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation had already been damaged once in a brutal manner."

"Even if Heavenly Court had immense foundations and repaired all of the Immortal Gu, in the worst case scenario, we are facing the complete and even modified nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation. But the defending Gu Immortals are not all Heavenly Court members. In fact, there might be few Heavenly Court members here. Li Huang and Qing Ye are at Emperor City, Duke Long, Fairy Zi Wei, Yuan Qiong Du, Che Wei, and Cong Yan are fighting in Heavenly Court. Central Continent is being attacked by all four regions now, they were forced to set this formation here, it shows that they are low in manpower, their members are too sparsely distributed, they can only go on the defensive now."

Wu Yong's eyes were shining with bright light, he displayed overwhelming confidence and great wisdom in his grasp over the situation.

He continued: "And most importantly, they've already shown how weak they are! Earlier, Chen Yi and Bai Cang Shui came to fight us, Chen Yi was nearly beaten to death. Everyone, if this nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation is truly impenetrable, why would Chen Yi and Bai Cang Shui risk their lives? They must be stalling time for more formations to be set up."

"Earlier, our attack caused them to take this huge risk. Right now, we have the help of our Northern Plains friends, this is a great opportunity. Even though this nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation is powerful, it still depends on who is controlling it, and who is attacking!"

"That's right, that's very logical!"

"Haha, indeed, the urgent matter now is to attack quickly. Heavenly Court's defenses are not as strong as they seem."

"I am ashamed, I was actually fear-stricken due to the reputation of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable."

Wu Yong's words raised everyone's morale, their offenses became stronger, they were more determined now.

Wu Yong smiled but he mentally sighed.

Everyone here was an elite, but they were actually intimidated by this nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, it was not because they were stupid, but because they were facing huge pressure.

Bing Sai Chuan notified many people of the situation, they worked together and attacked this formation, desperately holding onto this final hope, but this action had a weakness, it made everyone aware of the urgency of this situation.

If they were careless, they would incur huge losses as Heavenly Court retaliates.

This was Central Continent after all.

They did not have Fixed Immortal Travel's killer move, even if they did, Heavenly Court had methods to counter them.

Thus, it was difficult for the immortals to retreat.

To play safe, now was the time to retreat. The longer they dragged it, the harder it would be to leave Central Continent.

"Eastern Sea's and Western Desert's Gu Immortals are probably already retreating. These two regions are in disunity, they are not like our Southern Border and Northern Plains which can gather the strength of many righteous path forces."

"Now, it will depend on us, whether we can rapidly break the formation and intercept the final batch of success dao marks."

"Sigh! We were still banking on Fang Yuan's dream path methods earlier to deal with this formation. To think that Heavenly Court also had methods to control the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies. Was it because they captured Spectral Soul?"

"I wonder who the person inside this formation that stopped Fang Yuan is?"

Wu Yong continued to guess and evaluate the situation.

Inside the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, Feng Jiu Ge had a pale expression but he smiled warmly.

"Huang Er, good job!" He looked at Feng Jin Huang as he smiled, feeling extremely proud.

The one who stopped Fang Yuan was none other than Feng Jiu Ge's daughter — Feng Jin Huang!

Feng Jin Huang pursed her lips as she said: "Father, I do not dare to claim credit, I could use the Immortal Gu and activate an immortal killer move because of this formation's help."

"Even so, resisting Fang Yuan is an incredible feat, Feng Jin Huang, you have already done an amazing job for Heavenly Court." Bai Cang Shui smiled.

Chen Yi nodded as he looked at Feng Jiu Ge and Feng Jin Huang: "She truly takes after her father."

Feng Jiu Ge saved his life while Feng Jin Huang was shockingly talented, this made Chen Yi feel a sense of gratitude and admiration towards this pair of father and daughter.

Heavenly Court.

A round of ferocious attacks had ended.

Duke Long's rapidly breathing slowed down.

He looked at the Seven Extreme Desolation, which was covered in injuries but remained standing, as he snorted coldly.

"I did not destroy it after all. Is it because of my injuries…"

Normally speaking, Duke Long with the support of heavenly dragon's last stand had incredible power, he could definitely defeat the Seven Extreme Desolation. Even if this ancient battle formation was in its strongest form in history.

But Duke Long was restrained by his injuries.

These were mostly old injuries that were sustained earlier when Duke Long snatched Dragon Palace, he was hurt by the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals.

"Without these injuries, I would have destroyed the Seven Extreme Desolation already. My estimations were slightly off, but as time passes, it will not obstruct me anymore!"

Duke Long snorted coldly in his mind.

Earlier, he ignored his own injuries to fight, but now, he had to face the Seven Extreme Desolation.

The contest between experts usually depended on minor details like this.

Even though Duke Long could suppress the Seven Extreme Desolation, he was initially stuck at a passive spot, but even now, he could not gather enough strength to destroy it.

After an intense eruption of attacks, Duke Long's offenses became weaker, he started to move around.

Bing Sai Chuan and the rest found some relief, Duke Long was giving them too much pressure.

Fairy Zi Wei and the rest had complex expressions. More and more Heavenly Court members learned that Duke Long's time was almost up. This was the final battle of his life! He was like a firework, he could only shine right before he fades away for good, after this battle, Heavenly Court would lose this legendary great expert!

Suddenly, Fairy Zi Wei received Duke Long's transmission.

"Fairy Zi Wei, how is the situation?"

Fairy Zi Wei quickly answered.

"Emperor City was destroyed, countless mortals died… Li Huang and Qing Ye are rushing to Infallible blessed land… over at Hidden Dragon Cave, the Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals are fighting intensely as well…"

Duke Long muttered to himself for a while before he said to Fairy Zi Wei: "Very good, I was not wrong about you. Thanks to your arrangements and planning, we managed to secure all three locations. Emperor City was destroyed by a natural disaster, it was not your fault."

Duke Long did not stint on his praise towards Fairy Zi Wei. He knew that although he was putting up an incredible fight now, it was thanks to Fairy Zi Wei who kept control of the situation from the background.

Fairy Zi Wei felt even more admiration towards Duke Long, she said sincerely: "This was all thanks to Lord Duke Long, you obtained Dragon Palace. Who would think that Dragon Palace actually contains the rank eight dream path Immortal Gu — Dream Token, it allows Dream Token to enslave rank eight Gu Immortals! With Zhang Yin and the rest, our weakness in manpower was eliminated. Lord Duke Long even sustained huge injuries to conceal the identities of Zhang Yin, Granny Rong, and the rest. This allowed our plan in Eastern Sea to succeed, otherwise, if these Eastern Sea rank eights joined any of the three battlefields, we would be in trouble."

Duke Long: "That's right, I was also surprised by the existence of Dream Token."

He thought back to the battle in Eastern Sea.

Zhang Yin and the rest appeared together, it was a surprise to Duke Long. They were either lone immortals or demonic cultivators, they were lofty and proud rank eight existences, to think that they would be working together despite having no relationship in usual times.

Duke Long became more suspicious at the later parts of the battle.

Zhang Yin and the other immortals trusted each other deeply during the fight!

And what truly made Duke Long confident of his guess was that after Duke Long defeated the four Gu Immortals, Dragon Palace flew away. The four returned and did not chase after Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace, instead, they continued to attack Duke Long.

If they all had their own intentions and wanted Dragon Palace, how could they stay to deal with Duke Long in such a manner?

Normally speaking, with Duke Long's battle strength, these four would chase after Dragon Palace. After all, Dragon Palace had flown away with great commotion, there were possibly other Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals too. By fighting Duke Long, it seemed like they were helping Dragon Palace stall for time. (Refer to Chapter 1689)

Duke Long had sensed acutely that these four Gu Immortals were related to Dragon Palace. After he obtained Dragon Palace and refined it, his guesses were confirmed.

Because he was prepared for it, he did not let Zhang Yin and the rest get exposed. If they were exposed then, the other Eastern Sea Gu Immortals might not die anyway, the main matter for Heavenly Court now was to repair fate Gu.

Thinking about it, Duke Long instructed Fairy Zi Wei: "Pay more attention to Hidden Dragon Cave, we cannot be careless. The five regional walls are vanishing, the regions are becoming one, by then, there will be chaos and huge battles, Di Zang Sheng's battle strength will reach a terrifying level, he will be on par with me."

Towards Di Zang Sheng, Duke Long had a clearer understanding than Fairy Zi Wei.

Fairy Zi Wei immediately understood Duke Long's intent.

The situation was turning more stable now, Infallible blessed land, Heavenly Court, and Hidden Dragon Cave were under Heavenly Court's control.

Li Huang, Qing Ye, and the Immortal Gu Houses were about to reach Infallible blessed land.

The only possible problem was Hidden Dragon Cave.

Duke Long was not afraid of Dragon Palace changing owners, he placed Dragon Palace there as a trap to begin with. The design of Dragon Palace was such that only dragonmen could control it. It was impossible to work around this limitation, unless they took apart Dragon Palace. Even most transformation path methods were not effective.

Duke Long was afraid that Dragon Palace would destabilize and release Di Zang Sheng.

Di Zang Sheng hated Heavenly Court and Duke Long immensely. With a boost in strength, it would definitely take revenge.

Duke Long was going to die soon but Di Zang Sheng was virtually undying.

If Fang Yuan and the rest made use of this battle strength, there would be huge problems!


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