Reverend Insanity
1727 Killing Fang Yuan to Save the World
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1727 Killing Fang Yuan to Save the World

Fang Yuan's achievements were due to his own hard work and also the help of many predecessors.

Heavenly Court and Central Continent were the same, it was not strange that they could defend against Fang Yuan and Western Desert's immortals. This was their strength and foundation, countless generations of people in Central Continent and Heavenly Court had achieved this.

Their hard work was undeniable be it past or present.

"There is no choice, I need to retreat." Fang Yuan thought.

Li Huang and Qing Ye were trying hard to stall Fang Yuan, but with his methods, he was confident of breaking out.

Fang Yuan no longer had any intention of destroying Emperor City.

At this point, it was useless, furthermore, Central Continent's Gu Immortals were protecting it, it was too hard to destroy it now.

But at this moment, there was a loud sound.

The earth cracked open as a huge Earth Trench emerged from the north to south, devouring all forests or mountains in its path at an extreme speed!

And of all coincidences, Emperor City was right ahead of this expanding Earth Trench.

"Oh no!"

"Protect Emperor City!"

This was out of everyone's expectations.

Central Continent's immortals were busy as they quickly tried to protect Emperor City.

But the might of heaven was unpredictable, Earth Trenches were not normally formed, they were created because the earth veins of the five regions were combining. This was such a grand power of heaven and earth, how could a bunch of Gu Immortals resist it?

Thus, Central Continent's Gu Immortals could only watch as the Earth Trench devoured Emperor City!

Emperor City was unable to fly, it was huge and as the ground cracked, it fell into the Earth Trench, disintegrating continuously.

In this huge city, there were nearly a million people. There were countless Gu Masters, they were all elites gathered from all over the world. Especially when this gathering was meant to resist Fang Yuan's luck, there were many people with strong luck gathered here.

Ye Fan and Hong Yi were part of this group, there were many others similar to them.

"Quickly save them!" Li Huang shouted.

"Hahaha, wishful thinking!" Fang Yuan attacked.

He was in emperor yama form now, it was easy to use soul path killer moves.

Fang Yuan dived into the crowd of a million, he saw Hong Yi and Ye Fan, these two were luck connected to him, it was no wonder that his luck was suppressed all along.

Immortal killer move — Luo Po Seal!

Immortal killer move — Spring Scissors!

Immortal killer move — Summer Fan!

Fang Yuan first used Luo Po seal before turning into the immemorial year monkey and using two time path killer moves.

"No!" Li Huang could not block Fang Yuan's vicious attack in such a rush, he shouted angrily but could only watch as countless lifeforms died in Fang Yuan's hands.

Among them were the elites who took part in the finals of the refinement path competition.

Hong Yi and Ye Fan were not spared.

"Fang Yuan, as a grand rank eight Gu Immortal, you actually slaughtered mortals. You are so vicious and evil, you should die, you deserve death!" Qing Ye's eyes were bloodshot and red, he was incomparably angry as he charged at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's attack caused huge losses to Central Continent!

Qing Ye knew that this Emperor City was an important location of Central Continent, it had human path arrangements that attracted and nurtured generations of elites. With the accumulation over time, there was an abundance of human qi here, it was the greatest breeding ground of Gu Immortals.

Central Continent followed the sect system after all, it was not like the other regions. Emperor City produced many talented people, they were all geniuses with abundant luck. If these people obtained sufficient resources and grew properly, there was a high chance of becoming Gu Immortals!

In the future, during the five regions chaotic war, many Gu Immortals would die, these people were Gu Immortal seeds for Central Continent, so they could produce more immortals in the future.

Fang Yuan's attack almost wiped out people in the city, he killed a good portion of Central Continent's seeds, their potential during the war was greatly lowered.

The losses were too severe, how could Li Huang and Qing Ye not feel enraged, they wanted to tear Fang Yuan to shreds!

After Hong Yi, Ye Fan, and a bunch of talents died, Fang Yuan felt a sensation of relief.

He knew that his luck path was starting to show its advantage.

Taking a final look at the lingering pieces of the descending Emperor City and the corpses that he created, Fang Yuan retreated rapidly.

Li Huang, Qing Ye, and the Immortal Gu Houses started to chase after him relentlessly.

"Demon! Demon!"

"He almost killed everyone in the city, my… my family was inside!"

"Kill him, rid the world of this great harm!"

Central Continent's Gu Immortals were full of rage and killing intent.

Fang Yuan laughed maniacally: "Can you stop me?"

They could not.

While Fang Yuan could not do anything to these Central Continent people, their Immortal Gu Houses and the rank eight Gu Immortals could not blockade Fang Yuan even though they could encircle Western Desert's Immortal Gu Houses.

Unless they used an immortal Gu formation or an immortal battlefield killer move.

But in this short time, how could they set it up?

Even if they could set up an immortal Gu formation or battlefield, unless they could kill Fang Yuan rapidly, with his wisdom path attainment and powerful methods, he could escape.

Zhou Xiong Xin's death was the best evidence.

Not only could they not trap him, Fang Yuan could even retaliate.


With a strong attack, Fang Yuan almost dismantled an Immortal Gu House.

Gu Yue Fang Zheng was inside this house, he was breaking out in cold sweat from fear. This Immortal Gu House quickly moved back to heal, while the other Immortal Gu Houses moved to fill up the gap.

Fang Yuan looked at this house regrettably, even though he did not know that Fang Zheng was inside, his intuition told him that if he destroyed it, he would benefit greatly.

Fang Zheng's existence was a type of restraint and burden on him.

"Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan!" At this time, Bing Sai Chuan contacted him again.

"Bing Sai Chuan, you still have the face to contact me? Today's loss was because of you!" Fang Yuan showed an angry expression.

The truth was, even though Central Continent's Heavenly Court had deep foundation, it was still at a disadvantage against all four other regions.

However, Central Continent's people's united hearts made them a collective force, while the other four regions had their own agendas, even though they were strong, they could not work together.

And in fact, all four regions preserved their strength. For example, even though Eastern Sea attacked with many rank eights, they did not mobilize many rank seven Gu Immortals or Immortal Gu Houses. Western Desert sent rank six and seven Gu Immortals as well as Immortal Gu Houses but did not send rank eight Gu Immortals. Many experts like Xi clan's first supreme elder did not join the battle, they were staying in Western Desert.

Bing Sai Chuan sighed bitterly: "I cannot hold on much longer, we suffered huge losses but there is still a chance! That is Infallible blessed land!"

Originally, Heavenly Court used human path methods to host the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, its goal was to use the countless refinement failures to create the success dao marks in Infallible blessed land.

Right now, fate Gu had not fully recovered, it still lacked the final batch of success dao marks.

Even though the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention was completed, the final batch of success dao marks was still being produced, it was going to take some time before it was transported to Heavenly Court.

This was because Infallible blessed land was surrounded in immortal formations now.

Even though these immortal formations stopped the attacks of Southern Border's immortals, it also created problems for the transportation of success dao marks.

After hearing Bing Sai Chuan's explanation, Fang Yuan's mood brightened up: "It seems that Infallible blessed land is our last hope!"

Fang Yuan did not hesitate, he turned around and went towards Infallible blessed land instead.

Behind him, Li Huang and the rest including the Immortal Gu Houses chased with determination.

Infallible blessed land battlefield.

Unlimited wind was like a tall pillar sweeping everything in its path, it tried to destroy Heavenly Court's immortal formation with an unstoppable advancement.

The immortal formation shot out with golden light, resisting it fully.

Wu Yong and the rest had solemn expressions.

Rank eight Gu Immortal Chi Qu You said in a low tone: "Unbelievable, their immortal Gu formations were also amplified! What kind of human path methods actually created these countless white lights?"

Immortal formations were immortal killer moves in essence, they were manipulated by Gu Immortals.

Since Gu Immortals were boosted by heroes among people, immortal formations were naturally powered up too.

Wu Yong expended his own foundation to create the powerful killer move, unlimited wind, even though he still had the advantage now, his gains were smaller than before.

"It seems that we need to cooperate with the outside if we want to destroy the formation. We'll leave the outside to unlimited wind, we need to find the weak point from the inside." Yi Hao Fang said with deep concentration.

Ba Shi Ba pondered: "Times are different now, earlier we attacked by surprise and caught them off-guard. But a long time has passed already, we need to be wary of Heavenly Court's reinforcements. Thus, we need some people to stay outside the formation."

Everyone agreed with Ba Shi Ba's words.

Even though unlimited wind was powerful, it was just a killer move.

Killer moves were fixed, but people could think.

Wu Yong had a heavy heart.

Because they could not destroy the formation rapidly, their sneak attack failed, they had to use brute force now.

Even though Heavenly Court lost many formations in the meantime, they might have lost Immortal Gu but their foundation was untouched.

Chen Yi was meant to die, but Feng Jiu Ge actually managed to save him.

Wu Yong knew that the longer this went on, the more disadvantageous it was for them. They needed to split up now, a group would enter while the rest stayed outside. Of course, that would mean that they could not work together, their efficiency in destroying the formation would be much lower. If Heavenly Court's reinforcements arrive, they would also face greater pressure.

Wu Yong sighed to himself, even though there were great problems in splitting up, they had to do it.

"If only we had more people with us, even though I became the Southern Alliance Leader, I cannot mobilize too many people. With the three rank eights that we have, this is already the best outcome."

Wu Yong breathed in deeply, he started to make arrangements.

Chi Qu You had the highest formation path attainment, he naturally had to go inside. Wu Yong had the number one battle strength, he also had to go into the formation, to protect Chi Qu You and also to fight against strong enemies inside.

Meanwhile, Yi Hao Fang and Ba Shi Ba cultivated transformation path and rule path respectively, they could stay outside. After all, Heavenly Court's reinforcements might be powerful, letting two rank eights stay outside was safer.

Right when Southern Border's Gu Immortals discussed their next action, there was a commotion.

Wu Yong's expression changed, he looked towards the north, saying softly: "Someone's coming."

There were quite a lot of people!

They were led by three rank eights.

An old man carrying a walking cane, he had a kind aura and was the former first supreme elder of Northern Plains' Yao tribe, and the current South Desolation Immortal of Longevity Heaven — Yao Huang.

The second person wore a white robe, he had thick hair, a long and tall body, he was the first supreme elder of Northern Plains' Bai Zu tribe — Heavenly Lord Bai Zu.

The third wore a tall crown and golden cape, he had incredible disposition, it was Gong tribe's external supreme elder — Prince Feng Xian.

Those after them were all elites among immortals.

There were Domination Immortal Chu Du, Toad Fiend Immortal Nu Er Qian, Spear Deity Yuan Rang Zun, Wealth Devouring Boy Nian Er Fu, and others.

Northern Plains' Gu Immortals gathered towards the Southern Border immortals.

"Friends from Northern Plains, what do you want?" Wu Yong asked loudly.

Yao Huang chuckled as he said: "The enemy is before us, we would like to work together with you and attack Heavenly Court!"

Wu Yong laughed loudly, Heavenly Court's reinforcements did not come, instead, he gained some new allies.


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