Reverend Insanity
1726 Destiny Song
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1726 Destiny Song

Hua Cai Yun couldn't help but smile bitterly.

It turned out that although they seemed successful, this was just a huge trap meticulously set by Heavenly Court!

"Precisely so." Zhang Yin and the rest smiled calmly.

Qing Yue An and the rest finally reacted.

"In order to assure us, you actually let me enslave Old Man Bei Feng, your schemes are truly deep." Shen Cong Sheng said in a cold tone.

"This was not our intention, it was also not part of Lord Duke Long's plan." Zhang Yin shook his head, as the leader of the group, he said: "Do you know that everything that happened here was already part of Fairy Zi Wei's deductions. She was the one who assigned us this task."

Song Qi Yuan's gaze landed on Dragon Palace again: "So this means that the rank eight Immortal Gu House is actually an enslavement path Immortal Gu House… it can actually enslave rank eight Gu Immortals, and even as many as four! Even after that, it can still continue to suppress and enslave Di Zang Sheng… throughout history, this has to be the number one enslavement path Immortal Gu House!"

Zhang Yin and the rest had a change of expression.

Qing Yue An, Hua Cai Yun, and Shen Cong Sheng looked at Song Qi Yuan for a second, realizing that he had not given up.

Even though there was this accident, Song Qi Yuan and the rest were rank eight Gu Immortals, how could they give up so easily?

Even though they were sneak attacked and got injured, their battle strength was still quite well preserved, if they continued to fight, there was still hope.

It was not easy to sneak attack rank eight Gu Immortals.

Most immortal killer moves would release their aura when activated.

Thus, Zhang Yin and the rest did not use any terrifying killer moves, they had a hard time concealing the aura of their killer moves to begin with.

Methods that could conceal the aura of killer moves were very rare.

Currently, only Southern Border's Wu Yong had such methods. Others, including Heavenly Court's members, did not have any.

Boom boom boom!

Explosions resounded again.

Song Qi Yuan and the rest did not give up, they fought against Zhang Yin and the rest once more.

Infallible blessed land battlefield.

Bai Cang Shui retreated alongside Chen Yi.

Wu Yong and the rest attacked, trying to force her away from the formation behind her, so as to kill these two rank eights from Heavenly Court outside the formation.

Bai Cang Shui moved around in different directions, dodging fatal attacks time and again.

Southern Border's immortals gave her huge pressure, especially Wu Yong, all of his killer moves' auras were concealed before they were unleashed, Bai Cang Shui was very wary of him. Even if Wu Yong did not attack, she had to keep her attention on him at all times.

"Let me down, you should escape!" Chen Yi said.

He was hit by the unorthodox farewell friend wind, he could not move and could only wait for his death.

Right now, his clothes, eyebrows, and hair were vanishing, his limbs were also disappearing, the terrible might of farewell friend wind was about to completely erode his limbs, followed by his body.

Thankfully, farewell friend wind did not spread among people, it only targeted Chen Yi, that gave Bai Cang Shui the courage to protect him.

"You think I want to save you?" Bai Cang Shui transmitted secretly.

Chen Yi was stunned.

He suddenly realized.

As he expected, Bai Cang Shui continued: "I am purposely doing this and pretending that I do not want to give up on you, to put myself in danger and attract the attention of the Southern Border immortals, so that we can stall for time and let the others set up more immortal formations. You are definitely dying, but you can still be useful. I might die too, but we must stall for time. For Heavenly Court, for Central Continent, for the people in this world, so what if we sacrifice ourselves?"

Chen Yi was silent, he suddenly wanted to smile, at this moment, death seemed so insignificant.

Even though he was someone obsessed with authority, he was also someone who upheld humanity's righteousness. He was like Bai Cang Shui, he did not fear sacrifice, if not for this, Fairy Zi Wei would not have made him a member of Heavenly Court.

But Chen Yi could not smile, his face showed even more pain and bitterness, he needed to act, to cooperate with Bai Cang Shui and deceive the Southern Border immortals.

"Let me be useful at the final moment of my life." Chen Yi spoke openly, he was resolved to die.

But at this moment, he heard a song playing by his ears.

In such an intense fight, who would have the mood to sing?

Chen Yi was stunned before his attention was fully drawn to the song.

Bai Cang Shui, Wu Yong, and the rest were in the same situation as him.

The singing voice was illusory and deep, it was filled with conflict and was very unique.

Initially, the song was like a small stream of water in the mountains, flowing slowly. Gradually, the stream turned into flowing lava that expanded the river's width, in the range of mountains, it sounded like a dragon's roaring echo.

At the same time, the river of lava on the mountain turned into a raging tide, swish swish swish, ebb and flow, it continued without stopping.

The lava and waves collided, reacting and creating steam that covered the entire sky.

The steam condensed into clouds that wanted to fly towards the high heavens.

Suddenly, lightning struck and thunder roared, the lightning bolts landed on the clouds as the immortals felt like they had fallen from the sky, they felt a sense of hollowness in their hearts.

Phantom or real, high or low, being proud and confident at times, feeling lost and desperate during disasters. Bending one's back at times, spreading one's words at times…

In the battlefield, all conflict had ceased, everyone was engrossed in the song, they forgot everything else.

But suddenly, the song stopped, everyone woke up immediately.

Chi Qu You had a solemn expression: "What song is this? It is terrifying, it actually made all of us so engrossed in it without resistance!"

Qiao Zhi Cai had a pale face as he said with lingering fear: "Thankfully it stopped, otherwise, none of us would have gotten free, we would have been hit badly."

"What song is this?" Yi Hao Fang asked.

A rank eight Gu Immortal walked out of the formation, he wore a red and white robe, he had extreme elegance as he smiled: "This is my newly created destiny song."

It was Feng Jiu Ge!

"Hmph, destiny? You talk big." Ba Shi Ba snored coldly.

"Unbelievable! This destiny song actually saved my life." Chen Yi cheered, he only had his body and head left, but farewell friend wind had stopped. Even though his injuries were severe, Chen Yi's life was not over.

The Southern Border immortals were dazed.

Wu Yong's farewell friend wind was rank eight. Feng Jiu Ge's destiny song used Fate Armor as the core, it was also rank eight!

"You again!" Wu Yong stared at Feng Jiu Ge with deep anger.

Last time, he wanted to kill Fang Yuan but Feng Jiu Ge saved him.

This time, he wanted to kill Chen Yi but Feng Jiu Ge stopped him yet again.

Twice, Feng Jiu Ge had ruined Wu Yong's plans twice!

And these were two crucial timings.

Even with Wu Yong's supreme disposition and ability to endure any circumstance, he could not help but become very angry.

"Feng Jiu Ge, you are truly an unrivaled genius." Wu Yong squinted his eyes, his voice was cold as a blizzard, it could send a chill down someone's spine: "Come, show me everything you've got, I'll take you on myself."

Saying so, an intense wind blew.

This was Wu Yong's unlimited wind, it had been ravaging the battlefield, like a huge pillar supporting heaven and earth.

This move expended ten thousand of Wu Yong's wind path dao marks!

Unlimited wind was unceasing and grand, it approached Feng Jiu Ge and the rest with divine might.

Feng Jiu Ge smiled bitterly: "Lord Wu Yong is truly powerful, I have no choice but to avoid you."

Bai Cang Shui grabbed Chen Yi: "It is time, let's go!"

Behind the three, the formation expanded, they were successful in retreating back into the formation.

Once they were inside the formation, Feng Jiu Ge spit out a mouthful of blood, his face was pale as paper, he was standing shakily.

"What happened?" Bai Cang Shui quickly supported him.

Feng Jiu Ge smiled with an ugly expression, his breathing was very weak: "My destiny song was only created in a rush, I have not even finished half my song. Because I had no choice but to use it this time, I suffered heavy injuries as a result."

"Brother Feng risked your life to save me, I will never forget this debt of gratitude!" Chen Yi sighed.

"Right now, Central Continent is in chaos, Southern Border's immortals are here with vengeance, I save you for the sake of Central Continent." Feng Jiu Ge shook his head.

Chen Yi looked at Feng Jiu Ge and Bai Cang Shui, thinking of their relentless actions, he laughed with heroism: "No matter how dangerous it is, with people like us that do not fear sacrifice or death, Central Continent will definitely win, Heavenly Court will emerge victorious!"

Heavenly Court.

Fairy Zi Wei who had been observing Infallible blessed land let out a breath of air as she smiled.

"Truly incredible, Feng Jiu Ge and destiny song!"

Fairy Zi Wei knew about Heavenly Court's plan for destiny Gu. Longevity Heaven was also ambitious towards it. Earlier, Heavenly Court wanted to obtain fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu, while now, Longevity Heaven was after fate Gu, they were all trying to obtain destiny Gu.

However, the one who took a big step in this direction was not the two supreme forces, but a lone Gu Immortal.

"Feng Jiu Ge!" Fairy Zi Wei muttered.

Even though she had always thought highly of his talent and ability, she realized now that she had vastly underestimated him.

Chen Yi's sacrifice was certain in Fairy Zi Wei's perspective. Because farewell friend wind could not be undone, unless they had defended against it beforehand.

To think that this rule was overwritten by Feng Jiu Ge today.

In history, there had never been any case of farewell friend wind being broken. Undeniably, after assimilation wind song, Feng Jiu Ge has written history once again!

Emperor City battlefield.

A wave of cheers resounded in Emperor City.

The final competition of Central Continent's Refinement Path Convention had ended.

This meant that this was no longer Heavenly Court's weakness.

The Western Desert Gu Immortals who sensed this quickly retreated, they wanted to escape.

They did not manage to destroy Emperor City or the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention.

"Everything has ended."

"Sigh, Heavenly Court succeeded in the end."

Western Desert's Gu Immortals were dejected, it was not easy to retreat now, Central Continent was supported with heroes among people, they could not escape so easily.

Fang Yuan had a heavy heart.

He had tried his best but there was no helping it.

Heavenly Court's methods were truly out of his expectations, he could not handle them.

In the end, Heavenly Court's foundation was too deep, Fang Yuan was not their match.

Even though he had obtained many venerable inheritances, through plunder his strength also grew rapidly at an unprecedented speed, Heavenly Court and Central Continent had gone through three million years of accumulation, it was nurtured by the efforts of countless generations of elites!


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