Reverend Insanity
1725 Four Dragon Generals
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1725 Four Dragon Generals

Emperor City battlefield.

After an intense battle while moving around, Fang Yuan started to discover some facts.

Such a powerful killer move like heroes among people was simply heaven defying, but it was not costless.

The white light on Li Huang and Qing Ye had been weakening continuously, it was rapidly expended.

But at the same time, the white light was being replenished.

The white light in the sky was at a vast amount, it seemed limitless as it continued to pour into Li Huang and Qing Ye.

Fang Yuan tried to counter it many times but there was no effect.

"The weakness of this human path killer move is very obvious." Fang Yuan had countless ideas, his mind was like a storm that rapidly produced new thoughts.

"We just need to destroy the white lights in the sky, that's all."

"Without these lights, Li Huang and Qing Ye would not be replenished, as the battle drags on, the amplification will vanish."

"But I do not have a method that targets these lights!"

Fang Yuan tried many times but regrettably, he could not even target these white lights at all.

This required an understanding of human path.

Human path had always existed. In fact, because of \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, it was likely the first existing path of human cultivation history. But Gu Immortals who could truly master human path were few, even throughout history, only those geniuses with unparalleled talent could interpret bits and pieces of it.

These comprehensions were often scattered and meager. In most cases, they were merely a set of killer moves. Like Red Lotus Demon Venerable's call of the ancient and support of the future, or Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's heroes among people and hope of the people.

Fang Yuan did not have such methods, even the Western Desert Gu Immortals present had no such methods.

Throughout this entire Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, Fang Yuan was losing because of the human path aspect.

If it were other paths, with Fang Yuan's deep foundation, he could deal with it. But human path was simply foreign to him.

Not just him, most Gu Immortals in this world were unfamiliar with it.

Thus, once human path methods were used, the effects were tremendous.

For example, Longevity Heaven's call of the ancient, or Heavenly Court's heroes among people.

"It seems that I need to read \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e more often and comprehend the profundities of human path from it. Without human path methods, it is really difficult to deal with Heavenly Court."

"During the five regions chaotic war, all the super forces will at least have some human path methods too."

"My foundation in this aspect is truly lacking."

Fang Yuan realized this.

Fang Yuan's battle strength was very high already, there were many reasons for this, he had always been trying to raise his battle strength through all means possible. In terms of pure battle strength, he was already standing at the top ranks of this Gu Immortal world.

In terms of resources, Fang Yuan acquired them from many means, and because of sovereign immortal aperture's usefulness, he was self-sufficient. He was able to feed his many Immortal Gu and also earn some revenue. But currently, he did not have the finances to refine a rank eight Immortal Gu, he needed time and accumulation.

But Fang Yuan's shortcomings still existed, and there were many of them.

He had quasi-supreme attainment level in refinement path and time path, his theft path was great grandmaster, blood path, strength path, transformation path, wisdom path, star path were also quite good. But in terms of poison path, dream path, space path, sword path, and others, he lacked the foundation in them, these were all weaknesses.

The same went for human path.

Li Huang and Qing Ye were amplified by heroes among people, becoming able to suppress Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not want to give up, he could only go on the defensive.

Heavenly Court's Immortal Gu Houses started to attack, encircling Western Desert's immortals as well as the Immortal Gu House that Bai Ning Bing and the rest were in.

Heavenly Court's Immortal Gu Houses gained a surge in battle strength, they were not afraid of these enemies' Immortal Gu Houses escaping.

Hidden Dragon Cave battlefield.

"Soon." Song Qi Yuan had a heated gaze, he stared at the rank eight Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace as he continued to refine it.

Along with him, there were the other rank eight Gu Immortals of Eastern Sea — Qing Yue An, Hua Cai Yun, Shen Cong Sheng, Zhang Yin, Granny Rong, Shi Miao, and Yang Zi He.

These Gu Immortals cooperated and refined Dragon Palace, trying to make it their own.

Even though Dragon Palace was refined by Duke Long, it was unmanned at the moment, because a portion of its power was used to suppress Di Zang Sheng, it could barely resist the refinement of Eastern Sea's rank eights.

Time passed, Dragon Palace was gradually refined by the Eastern Sea immortals.

Just when they were about to succeed, Eastern Sea's immortals became increasingly alert.

"Be careful, we do not want to fail at the last second!"

"That's right, I have a bad feeling for some reason."

"Indeed, even though we attacked this place, Heavenly Court had not sent a single reinforcement."

"Don't worry, that Heavenly Court is probably busy fending for themselves, they cannot spare any effort here. I'm sure they've already given up on this place."

"Old Slave Bei Feng, go and guard the cave entrance, kill anyone who approaches suspiciously. If Heavenly Court sends reinforcements, you cannot retreat even if you die!" Shen Cong Sheng shouted, he had already enslaved Old Man Bei Feng successfully.

Old Man Bei Feng had lost his freedom, he had to obey Shen Cong Sheng.

He sighed bitterly as he obeyed the orders, leaving with his grandson Feng Chan Zi.

Feng Chan Zi was Old Man Bei Feng's grandson, he only had rank six cultivation level and was insignificant to the Eastern Sea immortals. After Shen Cong Sheng enslaved Old Man Bei Feng, he also enslaved Feng Chan Zi.

"It seems that this time, Brother Shen's gains are the largest." Zhang Yin laughed.

According to the alliance agreement, Dragon Palace was shared among the immortals, but Shen Cong Sheng managed to enslave Old Man Bei Feng and his grandson. Forget about Feng Chan Zi, the key was Old Man Bei Feng, he was a genuine rank eight. The only problem was that his injuries made his battle strength fall drastically.

Shen Cong Sheng was silent, he knew that with his huge gains, even though the others looked calm on the outside, they had other thoughts internally.

Because Shen clan had just gained a new rank eight existence. After Old Man Bei Feng recovers, it would break the balance of the current Eastern Sea!

Thinking of this, Shen Cong Sheng smiled: "What can this Old Man Bei Feng do? He is old and extremely injured, he needs to spend a lot of time and energy in recuperating. It is nothing compared to Dragon Palace!"

He tried to devalue Old Man Bei Feng while diverting the attention of the immortals to Dragon Palace.

"This Dragon Palace is able to suppress and even enslave Di Zang Sheng. With it, when the five regions combine, we will have the power to resist the four other regions." He was trying to alert the other immortals' sense of danger, to remind them that he, Shen Cong Sheng, was their ally, their true enemies were the other four regions including Central Continent.

"Let's observe properly, according to our deductions, Dragon Palace should have a dream path Immortal Gu in it, I hope Duke Long did not take it away!" Shen Cong Sheng added.

The immortals were silent.

Shen Cong Sheng made a lot of sense, his eloquence made his companions feel less envious now.

"Dragon Palace is basically ours now, what are we going to do now?" Granny Rong asked.

"Once we subdue Dragon Palace, we will act together and help it enslave Di Zang Sheng. After that…" Song Qi Yuan pondered.

"Heavenly Court's reinforcements did not show up, it shows that their fight is very intense. Maybe we can help the others a little, even if it is Fang Yuan!"

"That's right, Central Continent is the strongest among the five regions now, we need to weaken it."

"Hehe, who said that Heavenly Court has no reinforcements?"

A change occurred right at this moment!

Zhang Yin, Granny Rong, Shi Miao, and Yang Zi He suddenly attacked, targeting Song Qi Yuan, Qing Yue An, Hua Cai Yun, and Shen Cong Sheng.

How could Song Qi Yuan and the rest expect that their allies would suddenly attack them! They were all hit as they spat out blood and escaped.

Rank eight Gu Immortals had immense foundation, their defenses were extremely thick, even though Zhang Yin and the rest attacked by surprise, they did not kill anyone.

But that was enough.

Song Qi Yuan and the rest were moderately injured as they retreated away.

Zhang Yin and the rest stood at the inner circle, defending Dragon Palace.

Song Qi Yuan and the rest were furious and shocked.

Qing Yue An shouted: "Zhang Yin, are the four of you insane? You want to take Dragon Palace for yourselves?!"

Zhang Yin chuckled: "All four of us are working together, we're not trying to monopolize it."

Shen Cong Sheng had a grim expression: "Don't forget that we set an alliance agreement. You are breaking the agreement now, get ready for the backlash."

Yang Zi He had a plain tone but firm determination: "Even if we die, we will protect Dragon Palace, you will not obtain it."

Hua Cai Yun frowned instantly, saying lightly: "Something is wrong."

Even though Zhang Yin and the rest were lone or demonic rank eight immortals, they were still Eastern Sea people, even though they had some conflicts with Song Qi Yuan and the other super forces' leaders, it was too strange that they would risk their lives and even be willing to die to protect Dragon Palace.

"Why are you doing this?" Song Qi Yuan shouted.

Zhang Yin and the rest started to smile creepily at the same time.

Next, their bodies became taller, their hands and legs became claws, scales appeared on their skin, horns appeared on their forehead as their pupils became vertical-slit pupils.

Their appearances had changed drastically.

Song Qi Yuan and the rest were deeply astounded.

Because these changes were similar to Duke Long's transformation.

Qing Yue An could not contain his anger: "You all gave up your superior statuses as humans to become these inferior variant human dragonmen?!"

"What do you know?"

"Dragonman is the noble race, the future ruler of this heaven and earth!"

"Humans are bound to be exterminated in this world."

Zhang Yin and the rest spoke one by one, at this point, they shouted together: "We are the guardians of Dragon Palace — the Four Dragon Generals!"

Song Qi Yuan and the rest were shocked until they were speechless.

"I get it now!" Hua Cai Yun had a flash of inspiration, cold light shined in her eyes: "The four of them were enslaved by Dragon Palace long ago, they fought against Duke Long earlier in Dragon Palace because that was their responsibility. After Duke Long took away Dragon Palace and refined it, he became their master, but this Duke Long is too crafty,he did not send them away, instead, they stayed by our side. Heavenly Court's reinforcements had arrived long ago, they came with us."


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