Reverend Insanity
1717 Call of the Ancien
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1717 Call of the Ancien

"Li Huang, don't tell me this is your full strength!" Fang Yuan roared, his body moved like a flash, rampaging in the battlefield, chasing after Li Huang.

Li Huang retreated as he activated verdant sun flame cloak again and again.

Spring scissors continued to fly around him, cutting up all of the flame cloaks on his back.

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with sharp light, the immortal killer move's aura surged for an instant.

"Damn it!" Li Huang sensed something and became alert, he quickly changed directions.

Fang Yuan's time path killer move did not hit Li Huang, his battle experience was too rich.

"Lord Li Huang, let us help you!" At this moment, Wind Sweeping Building came to reinforce him.

It was surrounded by a wall of wind, it could resist great thief ghost hand to some extent.

Fang Yuan snickered with disdain: "Get lost!"

Immortal killer move — Summer Fan!

Tornadoes swept all over the place, Wind Sweeping Building was forced to a halt. There was no choice, summer fan's wind was just an appearance, the true essence was time path's power. Wind Sweeping Building was a wind path Immortal Gu House, it was not good against such time path killer moves.

Li Huang could only continue to escape.

Fang Yuan's strength had risen absurdly, it was shocking to everyone.

Inside Emperor City, the Gu Masters continued with the final competition. The Gu Immortals guarding Emperor City had already isolated all of the noise outside, these Gu Masters could concentrate on refining Gu.

"To think that even Lord Li Huang is not this demon Fang Yuan's match!"

"This demon is too impressive, he had obtained many venerable inheritances, his demonic might is truly terrifying. But don't worry, even though Emperor City is a mortal Gu House, it contains human path methods, at the crucial moment, immortal killer moves will protect us all."

The Gu Immortals encouraged each other and raised their morale.

Emperor City was the number one city of humanity, it used a vast number of mortal Gu to build. Even though the city had relocated a dozen times and was no longer at its original spot, it had an immensely long history, it could be traced back to the era where humanity rose, this was the first Emperor City built as a result of Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's decision.

"Fang Yuan, don't be too arrogant, face me instead!" Rank eight Gu Immortal Qing Ye saw that the situation was bad, he had to enter the battle.

Li Huang saw the chance and did not escape, he fought alongside Qing Ye.

Fang Yuan shouted loudly, he disregarded the immortal essence expenditure and activated killer moves targeting Emperor City.

Li Huang and Qing Ye blocked Fang Yuan from the front, but after his barrage of attacks, they were forced to move back.

This sight made the Western Desert Gu Immortals go into a daze.

"Fang Yuan is so ferocious!"

"No wonder he could oppose Heavenly Court for so many years and still remain unharmed."

"We will detour around him, try not to provoke this person."

"That's right, we will focus on destroying Emperor City!"

Infallible blessed land battlefield.

"Farewell friend wind! This is actually farewell friend wind!!" Seeing Wu Yong's move succeed against Chen Yi, the Central Continent Gu Immortals defending the immortal formation felt deep fear within them.

This farewell friend wind had an incredible origin, it was created by a peculiar genius.

This peculiar genius was named Daoist Black Heart, he cultivated wind path but gained a lot of insight from reading \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e during his later years. After nearly ten years of closed cultivation, he created farewell friend wind killer move.

This was a wind path method that had the profundities of human path, its power was extraordinary!

After creating this move, Daoist Black Heart started to make friends all over the place, he often sacrificed his own gains for his friends. Initially, the five regions' Gu Immortals did not know the reason, they were very friendly towards Daoist Black Heart who often gave them expensive gifts. Even those who did not want to befriend Daoist Black Heart were unwilling to antagonize him, they pretended to be friendly with him.

But it was all Daoist Black Heart's scheme!

Any killer move had a process of sensing the target.

Like Fang Yuan's lead soul into dream killer move, it needed the sense the enemy's soul. Otherwise, this killer move could not be used.

Even if many Gu Immortals cannot unravel immortal killer moves, they can target this process and defend themselves.

But farewell friend wind was special.

It could only sense friends and target them.

The 'friend' here did not refer to just true friends, even fake friends or superficial friends with ill intentions were detectable.

Using this move, Daoist Black Heart became renowned in the five regions, he was extremely famous and nobody dared to provoke him.

Afterwards, when many people got attacked by it, through the deductions of wisdom path Gu Immortals, the truth behind farewell friend wind was finally exposed.

Many Gu Immortals who learned of farewell friend wind's secret scolded Daoist Black Heart for his vicious heart. Countless people who once called Daoist Black Heart their friend started to shudder in fear and unease.

In this world, there were no invincible killer moves.

Soon, one of farewell friend wind's weaknesses was exposed. To activate it, the user had to directly touch the body of the target Gu Immortal.

Even though farewell friend wind was strong, with these two problems, it became easier to deal with.

Even though Daoist Black Heart became very famous and renowned, he became extremely lonely in his final years, everyone avoided him like the plague. Towards the end of his life, he was all alone, it was a bitter ending.

Wu Yong's possession of farewell friend wind shocked all of the immortals here.

But regardless, Wu Yong succeeded and Chen Yi was hit.

He was going to die!

Everyone realized this.

Bai Cang Shui shrieked as she charged at Wu Yong.

Wu Yong's body flickered as he vanished on the spot.

Bai Cang Shui grabbed onto Chen Yi, even though he was no longer floating, he could not move, even his eyebrows and skin started to erode.

Wu Yong appeared before the Southern Border immortals again.

This time, the Southern Alliance immortals looked at him with a complex gaze, there were wariness, fear, and respect all in their eyes.

"Wu Yong possesses farewell friend wind killer move, it is equivalent to Fang Yuan's reverse flow protection seal. This is a trump card that can change the situation around once it is used."

"Since when did Wu Yong become friends with Chen Yi?"

"How hard can it be? When doing business in treasure yellow heaven, wouldn't everyone call each other friends anyway? Compared to that, I am more worried about Wu Yong's schemes."

Wu Yong still stood in front of the Southern Alliance immortals, he looked at Chen Yi who was far away, praising: "As expected of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortal, the former first supreme elder of Heavenly Lotus Sect. Your defense is incredible, this is the first time I've seen anyone disintegrate so slowly from my farewell friend wind."

He seemed to be praising the enemy but he was also flaunting his own battle strength.

The Southern Alliance Gu Immortals quickly responded.

"That's right, there had never been anyone who survived a hit from farewell friend wind!"

"Chen Yi is dead meat."

"With Lord Wu Yong around, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals are just a disoriented bunch after all."

Heavenly Court battlefield.

Inside the Gu refinement formation.

Two huge battles were underway.

"Spear!" Heavenly Court's rank eight Che Wei shouted.

Immediately, a gigantic black spear that was the size of an ancient tree shot towards Five Elements Grandmaster.

"Arrow." Che Wei shouted again.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Countless arrows appeared out of nowhere, they rained down and enveloped Five Elements Grandmaster.

But Five Elements Grandmaster remained standing, even though he was attacked endlessly, he still had the time to talk: "Impressive, Che Wei, you are about to create a new path, these killer moves are very interesting. But it is useless, you cannot break the protection of my five elements ring."

"Blade." Che Wei ignored Five Elements Grandmaster, he held a large blade and charged up to fight Five Elements Grandmaster in close combat.

At the same time, at another battle.

Bull Demon took the initiative to attack while Heavenly Court's Gu Immortal Cong Yan defended himself.

Bull Demon's attacks were ferocious, each movement created layers of phantom shadows. These shadows were able to attack and by cooperating with Bull Demon, he could often unleash terrifying attacks that were unexpected.

Each time Cong Yan was hit, his body would vibrate.

He cultivated rule path, there were countless blue lines on his skin, resembling tattoos. These lines were either thin or thick, some crisscrossed and formed a web that protected Cong Yan tightly.

"It seems that they can't get past for the time being." Yuan Qiong Du was still refining Gu, his heart eased slightly.

"Longevity Heaven's duo chose close combat, they are purposely restraining their attacks because they fear that they might destroy the refinement path formation and cause my efforts to be in vain."

"It seems that they want to snatch fate Gu, they have a certain requirement towards fate Gu's recovery."

Yuan Qiong Du was made a member of Heavenly Court, he was naturally very shrewd, he quickly analyzed Longevity Heaven's intention.

"Calm down, I must calm down, otherwise, if I make any human mistakes, even the success dao marks cannot help me."


"Gu Immortals are awakening in the immortal graveyard, our battle strength will continue to rise, Longevity Heaven will be forced to despair."

Yuan Qiong Du was thinking about that when suddenly, Bing Sai Chuan smiled coldly: "Do you know why I bought Calamity Luck Altar? Because the killer move of a former Demon Venerable is in it."

As he said that, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were already attacking Calamity Luck Altar together.

But soon, a golden light burst out of Calamity Luck Altar.

Next, the sound of waves emerged around the entire battlefield.

The phantom image of a segment of the grand River of Time appeared above Calamity Luck Altar.

Next, the immortal killer move activated as figures walked out of the River of Time.

The first person to emerge saw that Calamity Luck Altar was suppressed by a huge bear, he roared in anger: "Your bear guts are huge, eat my exploding lightning!"


The giant bear that Zhang Fei Xiong transformed into was forced back by five to six steps, his face had suffered the impact of the explosion, his injuries were deep, blood was all over his face!

"Who are you? Report your name!" A Heavenly Court Gu Immortal attacked the person.

The person laughed maniacally: "You do not even know me, Nu Er Bao Xiong? Then let me show you my exploding lightning killer move, I will blow you to bits, remember my name."

Boom boom boom!

The savage power exploded continuously, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were like kites with their strings cut, they flew out uncontrollably.

Before they landed on the ground, they had already lost consciousness, it was unknown if they were still alive.

"To think that I can use this move to come to the future and participate in a huge battle, I am truly fortunate." The second Northern Plains Gu Immortal who walked out of the phantom River of Time smiled.

He pointed his finger at Calamity Luck Altar, dispelling the time path killer move that was used on it as it regained its speed.

"You broke my killer move! Who are you?" Gu Liu Ru who used the killer move had a dark gaze.

The Northern Plains Gu Immortal smiled as he looked at Gu Liu Ru: "What a coincidence, we both cultivate time path, let us fight. As for my name, it is quite common, I am called Hei Fan."

Next, the third person walked out of the phantom River of Time after Hei Fan.

"Wow! What a huge battle, oh my heaven, I better hide somewhere." The third Northern Plains Gu Immortal had a delicate white face, he had a crafty look.

Saying so, he vanished.

One by one, Northern Plains Gu Immortals walked out and joined the battlefield.

Fairy Zi Wei's heart pounded: "Nu Er Bao Xiong, Hei Fan, and that Liu Liu Liu who vanished, they are all rank eight experts of the Northern Plains Huang Jin tribes! What killer move is this, it can actually bring these people out of the past segment of the River of Time and into battle?"

This killer move was simply too unbelievable, Fairy Zi Wei felt like she was dreaming.

Fairy Zi Wei was confused, but Duke Long was not.

Seeing this, Duke Long's expression froze as his memories surfaced once more.

As the dust clouds settled, Red Lotus spit out blood from his severe injuries, while Duke Long remained standing.

"Red Lotus, are you still not attacking? Even though you have future self, after rebirth you only have rank eight cultivation level. Your current future self is also at rank eight, you are still some distance away from regaining your Immortal Venerable battle strength!" Duke Long had a cold expression, his eyes were spewing fire from rage, burning Red Lotus's heart.

"That's right, my future self killer move has some flaws, but even without flaws, how can I attack you master?" Red Lotus smiled bitterly.

"So that is the reason why you have been avoiding me since the start of the battle instead of attacking me?" Duke Long scoffed: "Red Lotus, if you truly respect me as your master, you should stop fooling around. Accept the arrangement of fate and become a Gu Venerable again, we can forget everything and start anew!"

"Master, I understand your intention, but you do not understand mine." Red Lotus sighed.

Duke Long was even more furious now: "Since you do not want to attack me, and yet you want to continue with this, are you forcing me to kill you?!"

"Of course not." Red Lotus shook his head, a faint smile appearing on his flawless face: "Master, after taking hits for such a long time, my killer move is finally ready, please critique it."

Saying so, the phantom image of the River of Time appeared behind him as Gu Immortals walked out one by one.

Duke Long's expression changed: "What killer move is this?"

"I created a pair of killer moves, they are known as 'call of the ancient, support of the future'. This move can summon Gu Immortals closely related to the user from the River of Time to come forward and battle. I am using the latter move, support of the future, now." Red Lotus smiled lightly.

Duke Long's expression was grim, he was shivering from anger: "Your action is defying heaven and earth, you are actually using the River of Time to interfere with the flow of history, your demonic nature is too deeply rooted! What about the first move? Go ahead and use it."

"No master, the first move, 'call of the ancient', will appear before you in the future at a certain timing." Red Lotus smiled as he said.


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