Reverend Insanity
1714 Limitless Takes Action
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1714 Limitless Takes Action

A million years ago!

Olden Antiquity Era

Limitless Demon Venerable attacked Heavenly Court and moved unhindered, even though Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals tried to stop him, they were powerless.

Limitless Demon Venerable moved at a casual speed but none of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals could match him, they suffered huge losses and deaths.

Central Heaven Gate broke into shrapnel, Name Plaque Palace did not even have the time to fly away, in front of Limitless Demon Venerable, Sun Palace and Five Deity Hall were thin as paper, they were simply like a joke.

Eventually, when Limitless Demon Venerable arrived before the Central Great Hall, Heavenly Court shook, Star Constellation's will descended and activated Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's arrangement — nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation.

Limitless Demon Venerable landed in the formation and only managed to escape after destroying a hundred formations.

Below Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Limitless Demon Venerable looked at Star Constellation's will: "Star Constellation, we are both venerables, you spent so much effort to try and restrict me, even though I hate you, I also admire you. Right now, you are dead while I am alive, no matter how many methods you left behind, so what? You want to stop a living Gu Venerable? That is impossible. Rank nine venerables are invincible in this world, only other venerables can deal with them."

Star Constellation's will smiled bitterly, she opened a path to Heaven Overseeing Tower: "Of course I understand what you are saying. But how can I give up without even trying? Please enter."

Limitless Demon Venerable raised his eyebrows: "Not stopping me anymore?"

Star Constellation's will said expressionlessly: "Since I cannot stop you, what's the point? Limitless, since you want to destroy fate Gu, I will accompany you to see it."

Limitless Demon Venerable was stunned for a moment, a slight smile appeared on his flawless face.

"Interesting." He said softly as he walked up Heaven Overseeing Tower alongside Star Constellation's will, when they arrived at the top, they saw fate Gu.

Not long after, Limitless Demon Venerable left the tower, walking out.

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals who were deeply injured became greatly surprised, because Limitless Demon Venerable did not destroy fate Gu. It was still in perfect condition at the top of Heaven Overseeing Tower, nobody knew what happened inside the tower, or what Star Constellation's will and Limitless Demon Venerable talked about.

In the end, Limitless Demon Venerable still had a cold expression, but a slight anger could be felt from his gaze.

He looked around, wherever his gaze landed, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals felt a deep chill, their morale fell to rock bottom.

Finally, Limitless Demon Venerable looked at Star Constellation's will: "Hmph, Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable and Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, you two definitely left many more methods in your lifetimes, are you looking down on me? Use them all, I want to see them myself."

Star Constellation sighed bitterly.

But Limitless Demon Venerable was bent on fighting, she could only entertain him.

Thus, a bloody battle continued.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were sacrificed in Limitless Demon Venerable's hands, countless died.

Wherever Limitless Demon Venerable went, pool of blood and corpses appeared. Star Constellation's will followed behind him, watching calmly as he slaughtered endlessly.

After a while, the water of Forgotten Dao Lake became blood red in color.

Limitless Demon Venerable squinted, the feeling of joy from slaughtering emerged in his heart.

At this moment, he looked at the lake's ripples as he asked: "What lake is this?"

"Forgotten Dao Lake."

"Forgotten Dao Lake? The lake suits the name, it is a good lake. It is too much of a pity if I destroy it." Limitless Demon Venerable suddenly became energetic: "Forgotten Dao, Forgotten Dao, but who can really forget their Dao?"

After some silence, Star Constellation's will said: "Since you already came to Heavenly Court, why don't you take a look around?"

Limitless Demon Venerable looked at Star Constellation's will with deep meaning: "Aren't you afraid that I will destroy Heavenly Court?"

Star Constellation's will was very calm: "You cannot destroy Heavenly Court. Not only will master's supreme methods activate when Heavenly Court faces a fatal crisis, even if you succeed in destroying Heavenly Court, can you destroy fate Gu?"

Saying so, Star Constellation's will showed a solemn expression: "And most importantly, the true Heavenly Court is not here, it is within our hearts. Even if Heavenly Court is destroyed, a new generation will rebuild it. Limitless, you can't live forever right?"

Limitless Demon Venerable stood silently on the spot, staring at Star Constellation's will as his gaze became icy cold.

Star Constellation's will looked straight at him with a calm expression.

A long while later, Limitless Demon Venerable nodded: "As expected of Star Constellation, you are absolutely right."

Star Constellation's will felt no surprise: "Let's continue the tour?"

Limitless Demon Venerable went up Star Zone Mountain, he saw a pavilion at the peak.

It was naturally an Immortal Gu House.

Limitless Demon Venerable stepped into the pavilion, looking down at the whole of Heavenly Court, other than the bloody road that he created through his slaughter until now, the other areas were still grand and elegant.

Limitless Demon Venerable breathed in deeply, he was revitalized: "This is a good pavilion, what is its name?"

"Imperfection Regret Pavilion." Star Constellation's will answered.

Limitless Demon Venerable's eyes shined, this rank eight Immortal Gu House had no secret in front of him, he could understand the profundity and structure of the construct at first glance.

He nodded: "Imperfection Regret Pavilion, it is a good name, it is quite appropriate."

"Regret, regret, I could not accomplish my goal in this trip, it is truly a great regret. But whose life can be perfect without imperfection or regrets?"

He seemed to be asking Star Constellation's will, but he also looked like he was mumbling to himself, his tone was quite complex.

Star Constellation's will was silent.

Limitless Demon Venerable suddenly laughed as his expression vanished, he became cold and aloof again.

He clapped: "Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, these are truly impressive arrangements. However, my interest is piqued again."

Star Constellation's will had a change of expression.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's arrangement was not just the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, in truth, Forgotten Dao Lake and Imperfection Regret Pavilion were also part of her meticulous set up.

Limitless Demon Venerable was invincible in the world, he could not be blocked, the only way to preserve Heavenly Court was by eliminating his killing intent and fighting spirit.

In this aspect, wisdom path Gu Immortals were the most proficient.

Even though Limitless Demon Venerable was affected by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, his fighting spirit only fell for a moment before it returned.

Limitless Demon Venerable did not attack again, he looked at Star Constellation's will: "I was born in the wrong era, it is a pity that I cannot be part of the great era a million years later. Star Constellation, the same applies for you, in that case, I have a suggestion."

"Please go ahead."

"Why don't we play a game of chess in this pavilion."

"Chess?" Star Constellation's will was stunned: "Sure, both of us need this chessboard after all."

For the next few days, Limitless Demon Venerable stayed inside Imperfection Regret Pavilion as he played chess with Star Constellation's will.

When Limitless Demon Venerable left, Star Constellation's will also vanished within the pavilion. Imperfection Regret Pavilion thus became a forbidden area of Heavenly Court.

During normal times, Imperfection Regret Pavilion would have no commotion. But at times, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals would be able to see two vague figures inside the pavilion.

Regardless of what angle they were at, they could only see the sides of these two people. One was male and the other was female, they resembled Star Constellation Immortal Venerable and Limitless Demon Venerable.

But any Heavenly Court Gu Immortal who saw this sight would usually die days later. The lucky few who survived would feel an absurd increase in their strength.

Years later.

Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable went to Imperfection Regret Pavilion and wanted to get rid of this threat, but in the end, he shook his head as he left Star Zone Mountain.

Many years passed again.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was invited to tour Heavenly Court. He saw Embroidered Tower, he saw the three pieces of bloody skins left by Reckless Savage Demon Venerable, he entered Heaven Overseeing Tower and saw fate Gu. Finally, he came here but did not ascend the mountain, he only took a look at Imperfection Regret Pavilion before he left.

These records flashed by Duke Long's mind in an instant.

"Giant Sun Immortal Venerable is very crafty, he must have noticed something back then. Why is Bing Sai Chuan able to mobilize the power that Limitless Demon Venerable left behind?"

Duke Long thought about it rapidly, he wanted to stop Bing Sai Chuan but he had no method to do so.

He acutely sensed that a profound aura had emerged from Bing Sai Chuan's body before it vanished without a trace.

Far away, at the peak of Star Zone Mountain.

Two shadows that were playing chess appeared on the empty Imperfection Regret Pavilion, along with their chessboard.

Even though only their sides could be seen, it was still possible to see that the female had unparalleled beauty, while the male had a cold expression.

It was the scene of two venerables plotting against each other!

Ripples appeared in the air, the still image of the two venerables started to turn bright.

Star Constellation had a complex gaze, raising her head to look at Limitless: "The person you are waiting for is here?"

Limitless Demon Venerable shook his head, sighing: "He is not here yet, but there is someone from my homeland who has inherited one of my true inheritances, I have to help him."

Saying so, he lifted a chess piece from the board and flicked it.

In the entire process, Limitless Demon Venerable did not even take a look at the battlefield, much less turn around.

The chess piece flew out of Imperfection Regret Pavilion as the image of the two venerables faded away, only an empty Imperfection Regret Pavilion was left.

The chess piece flew at a shocking speed, it landed on Duke Long almost instantly.

Duke Long's body shook intensely, shock expressed all over his face.


At the next moment, Duke Long fell from the air, crashing on the ground.

The power of the chess piece materialized as illusory silver-white chains, tying him up and stabbing into his phantom aperture, sealing all of his Gu worms.

Duke Long's eyes were wide opened, he could breathe normally but could not move an inch.

He found that even though his strength was still around, whenever he tried to break free, the chains would emit similar strength that canceled out all of his effort.

This was a rank nine immortal killer move!

Duke Long was forcefully restrained, the dragon qi he created also dispersed. Calamity Luck Altar and Bing Sai Chuan regained their freedom.

Bing Sai Chuan shouted loudly as he charged at Duke Long, but the strongest killer move that he used was easily blocked by the silvery chains the moment it reached Duke Long.

Duke Long was unharmed.

Bing Sai Chuan's heart sank: "This rank nine killer move restricts Duke Long but also protects him. Because this is a battle between venerables, even though there is Limitless Demon Venerable's strength, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's will is also involved?"

Since he could not kill Duke Long, Bing Sai Chuan gave up that idea immediately.

He jumped into Calamity Luck Altar and at the next moment, Calamity Luck Altar moved and the Central Great Hall was smashed to bits!

Fairy Zi Wei could only bring Old Man Zheng Yuan away as they escaped rapidly.


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