Reverend Insanity
2028 Heaven Path Research Results
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2028 Heaven Path Research Results

After hearing that Qi Sea Ancestor wanted heaven path true meaning, Qin Ding Ling smiled bitterly: "Even though Heavenly Court has deep foundations, we have never seen nor heard of heaven path true meaning."

"Oh? Why is that so?" Qi Sea Ancestor asked.

"Because nobody can cultivate heaven path. If it can be cultivated, why would our Heavenly Court create Heaven Overseeing Tower to make use of fate Gu?" Qin Ding Ling's words were filled with deep emotions.

No Gu Immortal could cultivate heaven path, therefore, heaven path true meaning had never existed!

It was not easy for a Gu Immortal to leave behind true meaning.

To leave behind true meaning, wisdom path and rule path had the greatest ease. As for other paths, they had to reach a certain level of mimicking these paths to leave their true meaning behind. For example, Long Hair Ancestor's refinement path true meaning or Reckless Savage's transformation path true meaning.

After hearing Qin Ding Ling's reply, Fang Yuan did not feel dejected.

He came prepared, his request was actually his probing towards Heavenly Court's foundation, what if they had it after all?

Heavenly Court not having heaven path true meaning was not unexpected.

Qi Sea Ancestor (Fang Yuan) sighed deeply as he transmitted to Qin Ding Ling: "Then there is no hope. I can only come out and fight alongside Heavenly Court to kill these variant humans."

Qin Ding Ling instantly became anxious.

The qi harvest fruit was Heavenly Court's fatal weakness, the reason why they could still maintain a deadlock was because Qi Sea Ancestor made the fruit smaller. Once he lets go and it returns to being mountain size, Heavenly Court would be in a difficult spot, the situation would be hard to turn around.

Qin Ding Ling was facing immense pressure now.

Some of her pressure came from the enemies, but a portion came from within her.

After the fate war, the immortal graveyard was heavily damaged, Heavenly Court's foundation was reduced, Qin Ding Ling had to take on this responsibility and manage all the affairs of Heavenly Court, which was on the brink of destruction.

She worked hard over these days, she had given it her all, she exerted her body and mind for Heavenly Court, trying to restore its former glory.

Similar to the other Heavenly Court members, Qin Ding Ling had an intense feeling of belonging to Heavenly Court.

But now, the enemies were attacking suddenly, they even had the fatal weakness of the qi harvest fruit, Qin Ding Ling sensed a huge danger: "Was Heavenly Court going to be destroyed in this fight? Was it because of her failure to defend it, would she be the biggest sinner of Heavenly Court's history?"


The intense battle continued, Dragon Palace rampaged unhindered.

Qin Ding Ling took charge of the situation, observing the battlefield, while mobilizing the people and communicating with Qi Sea Ancestor.

With both internal and external threats, the pressure was pushing her to make a gamble.

"Qi Sea, do not give up. Even though Heavenly Court does not have heaven path true meaning, we have abundant heaven path research results. I will hand them to you!"

Qin Ding Ling passed an information path Immortal Gu to Qi Sea Ancestor without hesitation.

"My plan succeeded!" Fang Yuan received this information path Immortal Gu, he sighed deeply in his heart as he looked into it immediately.

"Brilliant! Wonderful! Astounding!" Fang Yuan only saw a small portion but his eyes shined with bright light, he praised it continuously in his heart.

For the last three million years, Heavenly Court rose to become the number one human force in the world. These years, they initially followed the will of heaven, before trying to resist it later, followed by altering heaven's will and interfering with the Heavenly Dao.

Their heaven path research results were abundant, they undeniably had the most progress in the world!

Fate Gu was a heaven path Immortal Gu, it could not be used by anyone. But Heavenly Court forcibly created Heaven Overseeing Tower and unleashed a portion of fate Gu's might.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, why did Spectral Soul infiltrate Heavenly Court? A large portion of the reasons were to try obtaining the heaven path research results!

As for why Limitless Demon Venerable decided to make a bet with Star Constellation's will and set up a game of chess, wasn't it because he wanted to use Heavenly Court's heaven path research results to help in his plan within Crazed Demon Cave?

And now, they ended up in Fang Yuan's hands.

Fang Yuan looked into them, his heart shook.

He saw two killer moves.

One was named heaven-human sensation, the other was called human executing heaven's work, they were both created by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable.

Heaven-human sensation allowed a Gu Immortal's will to interact and fuse with heaven's will. Human executing heaven's work was built on the foundation of heaven-human sensation, it allowed a Gu Immortal to replace heaven's will to a certain degree.

Precisely because of these two killer moves, Star Constellation's will could interfere and affect heaven's will, she could even replace heaven's will to control fate Gu and allow Heavenly Court to have a decisive rule for three million years!

"The solution lies in this!" Fang Yuan acutely sensed that these two killer moves were the key to breaking out of his current predicament.

He took a risk to come to Heavenly Court now and deceive Qin Ding Ling, it was to achieve his goals, which were finally reached.

"Qi Sea, I wonder if these research results can help you complete the killer move?" Qin Ding Ling asked while in intense battle.

Fang Yuan coughed: "Your heaven path research results are quite helpful to me. But modifying a killer move right now carries risk, I need you to fight and stall for time, get me as much time as possible."

Qin Ding Ling gritted her teeth: "Ancestor, you need to be fast, we can only do our best. In the worst case, we have to give up Heavenly Court and save the Gu Immortals instead."

She had already made plans for the worst case scenario.

Fang Yuan continued to read.

Following the two killer moves were the concepts that Star Constellation Immortal Venerable came up with, Fang Yuan looked at them and gained deep enlightenment.

"My will represents heaven's will, heaven's will represents my will… so that's it, so that's it."

Fang Yuan remained stationary as he focused on comprehending this information, he allowed his clone, Wu Shuai, to continue leading the two heavens alliance to fight against Heavenly Court.

Because of Primordial Origin's method, Di Zang Sheng was no longer as strong, Ruan Dan suppressed it. As for Shabi Ninety-five, it had already rejoined the defensive line, to become part of the force that resisted Dragon Palace.

Under Wu Shuai's control, Dragon Palace charged around the battlefield unhindered, Heavenly Court was greatly troubled by its power.

But on the other hand, the Gu Immortals of the two heavens alliance were suppressed, they were not as powerful as each Heavenly Court Gu Immortal.

Compared to the Heavenly Court members, they were lacking in strength. Only two people had equivalent battle strength, they were the two vice alliance leaders, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and Xiao He Jian.

As for Spectral Soul, who was pretending to be Lady Cold Ash, he continued to conceal himself, on the surface, he was desperately fighting and unable to put up strong resistance.

"This is a prime opportunity! Fairy Zi Wei, bring everyone and participate in the battle in Heavenly Court!" Spectral Soul gave instructions: "Fang Yuan is in Heavenly Court, I will kill him, the members of Heavenly Court, and Qi Sea Ancestor."

Fairy Zi Wei received the instructions and asked: "Do we include Longevity Heaven's group? Do we tell them about the situation in Heavenly Court?"

Fairy Zi Wei had only deduced Fang Yuan's location, Bing Sai Chuan knew about it too. But he did not know about Heavenly Court's current situation, he just thought that they were being cautious.

In that case, Bing Sai Chuan would need to conceal the information of Fang Yuan's location. Even though he wanted to let them fight each other as well, if Heavenly Court captures or kills Fang Yuan, they would gain all of his inheritances and Immortal Gu, wouldn't that be benefiting them?

Thus, Bing Sai Chuan's plan was to continue working with Spectral Soul's side and try to attack Heavenly Court together next time.

Spectral Soul recalled the attack from Giant Sun during the fate war and snorted coldly, he did not hesitate: "No need to tell them, hide this from them, your group will come alone!"

Thus, Fairy Zi Wei did not say anything, after leaving Bing Sai Chuan's group, her group headed towards Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court was damaged and the aperture wall was cracked, it became connected to the outside world. Fairy Zi Wei and the rest could get in very quickly.

"Fairy Zi Wei's group cannot turn the situation around, we need to wait until both sides suffer mutual loss before we can exert the maximum impact." Spectral Soul considered.

For him, the best case was for Wu Shuai and Heavenly Court to cripple each other's battle strength. By then, if he took action, he would reap huge gains.

"But why hasn't that scoundrel Fang Yuan done anything?" Spectral Soul observed Dragon Palace while at the same time, an Immortal Gu House from Heavenly Court attacked him.

Spectral Soul withheld his killing intent, he abandoned a group of soul beasts, retreating continuously.

In order to lay low, he decided to wait and endure.

But this Immortal Gu House came for him and used a killer move, a ray of profound light shot out towards Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul's heart shook as he hesitated. He had the ability to dodge this but Lady Cold Ash did not. There was no choice, he abandoned another group of soul beasts to block the Immortal Gu House and stall for time.

"Die!" Che Wei suddenly appeared behind Lady Cold Ash, his body shined in golden light, his aura was sharp as a blade.

"Do you really think I'm easy to bully?" Spectral Soul was deeply enraged but he decided to keep up the act.


Che Wei's attack landed on Lady Cold Ash, she fell towards the ground as she coughed out mouthfuls of blood.

Lady Cold Ash's aura weakened continuously until it was completely still.


"I killed another one."

Che Wei did not sense Spectral Soul, he flew away in the Immortal Gu House, towards the other areas of the battlefield.

Spectral Soul remained on the ground like a corpse, not moving and pretending to be dead.

Boom boom boom!

A while after he landed on the ground, a series of immortal killer moves turned into lightning as they shot down, erupting around Spectral Soul's body.

Lady Cold Ash was turned into char, half of her flesh was cooked and emitted the fragrance of meat.

"I'll endure!" Spectral Soul gritted his teeth.


With a loud sound, Di Zang Sheng also fell, it landed on top of Spectral Soul.

Next, Ruan Dan flew towards Di Zang Sheng and shouted excitedly: "Attack, attack, attack, attack, attack!"

Bam bam bam…

The ground shook intensely, Spectral Soul's bones were almost all crushed: "I'll endure!"

Di Zang Sheng and Ruan Dan flew away, soon, an Immortal Gu House came.

It was Dragon Palace.

Immortal killer move — Dreamy Light Smoke!

Wu Shuai used a dream path killer move and chased after Qin Ding Ling relentlessly.

Qin Ding Ling dodged the attack rapidly, the dreamy smoke killer move could not turn around in time, it was about to land on Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul: "…"

"Enough is enough!" At the next moment, he rose up abruptly, waving his hand, black qi permeated throughout the entire battlefield.

Whoosh, the ground shook, mountains rumbled, all of the Gu Immortals present were blown away by the impact.


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